Ten Worst Religions

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41 Ismaili Islam
42 Rastafarianism

Many people just assume this religion to be peaceful due to the popular image of marijuana smoking and Bob Marley/Reggae music. A lot of people have latched onto this religion for those reasons alone. But there are extreme beliefs that, while not all, but a good amount follow. The true devout believers do not all smoke marijuana. There are a lot of hipsters with dreads here in the US that preach this nonsense and goto reggae clubs/events and self-righteous and preachy about a religion that they don't even fully understand as well as the overplayed music (some of which is good but it isn't the best). When you look further into it, there is a lot of sexism, homophobia, and even racism that lies within this system of beliefs. Not all of them have the most extreme approach to their religion, but some have black supremacist theories/beliefs that are not only ignorant but outright ridiculous. The main branch (that some do not recognize) which is full of racism is "Mansions of ...more

Demonstrates what too much marijuana does to your brain.

43 Seventh-day Adventist

METHodists and rule makers, dependent on bible studies and overall verification of religious arts and embodiment... #jamesbonds

44 Russian Orthodox

Christianity is the worst

45 Bahai

I'm confused. Are you saying that Judaism is a ripoff? Cause if you are, then keep in mind that Christianity was based off of Judaism, not the other way around. I'm not being mean or mad or anything, I'm just telling the truth. And if it comes off as rude or something, then I'm sorry and I didn't mean it that way. But if you're saying that Christianity was a ripoff of Judaism, then (and I don't want this to sound rude either) you're right. - username34

Judaism has not rip off any religion if any religion died it world be Christianity & Islam

A rip off cult, they believe is a rip off of other religions like Islam and judaism.

46 Jainism

Good religion. It gives solution to every problem in our lives. It's a first religion whose founder has given equal rights women. Jain people are most wealthy people of India. This religion is as old as Hinduism. It can give solution to every problem which world is facing nowadays.

Jain is always top best.. Truth

We are the best

Jainism beat religions in the world the icon of Peace and tolerance...

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47 Non-Believers

You can't box non-believers into one group because they don't have a specific set of rules that they live by like religious people. Plus, non-believing isn't a religion.

Not believing is not a religion, period.

This isn't a religion. And also, don't stereotype. I'm an Atheist but I'm not going to attack you if you believe in a religion. I might say that I don't like Christianity, that DOES NOT mean that I hate you if you are a Christian. It's my opinion. - RaccoonCartoon

As an Atheist I have learned to respect others for their religion, I don't see why not believing in a higher being is harmful, but I think that some religions have obsolete rules, As long as a religion doesn't inforce hatred, violence, immoral acts, and discrimination and teaches against these things I don't have a problem with it

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