Top 10 Worst School Lessons

We all hate school bad, but nothing says bad like crap lessons.

The Top Ten

1 P.E.

Lol who hates P.E? why the hell is it number 1? jesus probably all these obese and depressed kids voting for this.

I am annoyed that a lot of my school and classmates prefer P.E. over Computers. I find it a chore having to do this. I hate that lockers are stall free, and I also do not like the mile run. We want better stuff than childish games of football. I loathe football naturally, I strongly dislike losing, and there are more enjoyable sports like bowling, Wii Sports, Water Balloon fights. I knew something was wrong with P.E. naturally when they only enjoy the non-field game activities.P.E. will not impact our future. No wonder my classmates were such brainless poop heads.

Computers are way better than P.E. I mean, computers can get you into an IT school and there are a bunch of majors in college that need computers but I don't see how P.E. can get you into a good university, unless you're applying into the sports major - MLPFan

This subject is so gay if PE was a person I would kill him and bury him in hell

Its poitless to learn how toplay football and other sports

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2 Maths


Wanna become video game designers? Welp good luck without knowing your 1 2 3s

It is just boring

This should be first, P.E. is easy. - 4Noobs

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3 RE

This is only in private schools. Why is this here anyway? Just because you are an atheist doesn't mean you have to constantly hate on religion. I'd say it gives you a better hope than just eternal dead!

You guys have it easy. Here in Turkey, its mandatory - bstrz04

They should teach science, art and history at school, not brainwashing.

Religious education? That can make you racist! Not just skin color is race, religion is also race.

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4 English

Greek mythology and the Odyssey were the only 2 that I liked.

We can already read and write (just like the person below me said), but why learn this extra crap and do worthless novel studies and projects? I don't care what Shakespeare wrote several centuries ago!

We know how to read and write and spell, why do we need all this extra stuff? - Alpha101

We know how to talk read Wright spell besides in my English class right now we are learning Greek mythology or as me and my friends say that we are pretty much learning a different religion how does that have to do with English

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5 Art

It would be good if they let us get creative. But of course, they don't. - 4Noobs

Bad its not expressing creativity like they claim its hitting your paper with dots and drawing your name twenty thousand times and then doing a bad painting (at least in my expirence) - TheGreat98Summithin

You can't paint or draw whatever you like, because it's still a class, and classes have assignments and projects. Still, if you have art at my school you need a journal that you write "art history" in. Yeah, WRITTEN WORK in an ART CLASS. Even the actual art we do isn't that creative.

Why is this here? I like art. In my high school, after completing assignments, the teacher allows students to draw and make whatever they want.

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6 Drama

Drama is the best subject. It's easy to pass and 90% of the time we don't have to write anything. - notveryswoleboi

It isn't that I don't like acting. I love to act. It's just that being forced to do Romeo and Juliet in school is a perfect way to ruin half the school year! I got the part of Juliet in my class, and guess how everyone responded? I can't go within ten feet of the person who got Romeo without being taunted! Worse, the kids in my class will shout or wolf whistle at us if we get paired for anything IN THE MIDDLE OF CLASS and our teacher does NOTHING! AND our drama teacher is making us do all these things to "improve our compatibility" or something. I don't know. It doesn't help that the video we watched to "learn the language of Shakespeare" had a lot of... worse than kissing. You can have a drama class in school, but please DON'T DO ROMEO AND JULIET. - pandagirl

I love drama! My drama teacher is the best! She lets us talk during class and play on our phones! And she lets us sit where ever we want and lets us choose the activity we're gonna play! We play games all the time! And she is super funny!

The worst thing about school, my teacher ordered me and said that I'm going to play the character of ophelia! - Ananya

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7 Geography

It starts off good when you start high school, but then it gets really really boring like what it was at primary school - Liam31idents

Worst subject ever!
And I have a teacher that doesn't let us whisper, talk or make any kind of noise! Shes crazy! - BlackDeathCode

What geography is the best subject in the world

God Geography is the most crappist subject ever!

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8 Food

I think they meant to say culinary or chef class. Anyways, how is this a useless subject? It's about cooking. Because, someday, if you're living on your own, then who's gonna cook for you? Nobody, so you might as well figure out how to do it yourself. - Stazemar000

I loved cooking 🍳 class

1) it’s called culinary class
2) this doesn’t belong here

This is not a subject

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9 History

History is not that bad for me to be honest. It's good to learn about what happened in the past and stuff, because if you do not study history at all, you're doomed to live the past (or in other words, repeat it) - Stazemar000

History is an easy A+. - 4Noobs

I don't believe that knowing about history have anything to do with be coming a historian, Its good to learn about what happened in the past and if you did something important you wouldn't want to be forgotten, would you? History is a very good subject and if you feel that its worthless, you is a very selfish person because you wouldn't have a land to live on if the native American's didn't discover it.

Best subject. all these

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10 Science

My biology teacher was very very mean

Science is not a waste of time. It's the only class that really gets you engaged. - 4Noobs

Some science subjects are disgusting, some are inappropriate for children, and I loathe binder check. If you find science boring, then it's not the subject itself. It's the way it's taught. We don't want to learn the same stuff in the next grade, we know learning the same stuff is a waste of time. Why was science mandatory anyway? It's not your fault you had to go through this.

Science is a waste of time, not once in my adult life have I needed to know what osmosis was. The only time I've seen science being used for something is when my mother (the physics teacher) blabbers on about why it's important. It's a convocation starter at the very most

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11 Writing

Yes I agree one time my writing was bad when I tried my best and I got shouted at


Whenever I write a lot of notes, it takes forever and my hand gets tired from them

I love to write

12 Business Studies

It's kind of a shame how you have to take this subject to have a chance at being a millionaire. - notveryswoleboi

It's awful. We have a pigeon who teaches it.

Not bad.I've seen worse,at least it can get your more jobs then algebra.

This is so boring like its just maths in words
What is the point the boss will just give us our money and we leave

13 Health

(Shivers) The puberty... It burns my eyes...

I am still in grade 6 and I asked a fellow grade 7 what it was like -shiver- nope. - Captaincrunch2015

*shivers* We had to take a health class in 5th grade... It gave me nightmares.

Oh health is the worst!

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14 Music

Music sucks. The ony good part about music is singing.

I had to play the recorder in elementary school and the keyboard in middle school. It was so hard!

Worst subject ever, like what? Music is the reason I got such bad grades back in school. I sucked at playing the drums

It is the worst thing ever

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15 Languages

Not all languages are hard. Just take Sign Language. - Ilovestephanie

German, Mandarin, and French was the worst

Too hard

True - Jjjjjjjjj

16 French

I took this in middle school and it was so hard!

If you live in Canada you will know this is the worst subject of all time

I Live in Turkey. In my school, There are 2 lancuages you can lears other than English. German and French. I Willed to learn German but my parents forced me to learn French because it's a "Common language"

Now let me shove a bunch of homework in your butt

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17 Visual Arts

Today, I brought my homework for visual arts in, guess what?

They wouldn't put the picture in there collab, all that work done for nothing!

So, it's still fun! You get to be creative for something not for nothing. plus, just try your best, it doesn't need to go in the collab

18 Media Studies
19 German

Our teacher said German was the easiest language to learn. She's from Germany, so of course it wasn't the easiest. - 4Noobs

My history teacher lived in Germany, so he says a lot of German words

This lesson is harder than Japanese.

20 Biology
21 Sex Education

Everyone is so immature in this subject. Everyone laughs when the teacher says "penis" or "condom"


Like, why do we even need to? Put on a condom before sex. There. The whole course done for ya. - notveryswoleboi

It's too inappropriate if you have the mind of a three year old. - 4Noobs

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22 Common Core

Dumbing down of America, they're brainwashing us and killing us. This is the biggest reason why people with a low GPA tend to be the most inventive and successful. - 4Noobs

The dumbing down of America, the enemy to good teachers and smart students, and the worst thing ever made. COMMON CORE WILL KILL US ALL. PLEASE GET RID OF IT NOW OBAMA.

You should see the math book in California for 6th grade. They make you use bar diagrams and number lines and counters and a whole bunch of other dumb stuff. Also, the standards are just dumb. - TheYoshiOverlord

Common Core Math has to be the dumbest, most useless subject ever invented. I mean, the person who thought up with it must've been drunk.

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23 Resistant Materials
24 Graphics
25 Personal, Social and Health Education

Worst lesson learning about politics and racism it's just so boring

26 System Controls
27 Computer Programming

This class is harder than I thought it would be

Now I feel bad for wanting to take this class. - 4Noobs

It's pointless busywork that no one needs to know about.

Its only the future if people think it is. I think it's a waste of time.

28 Spanish

Racist, now let's all agree every country is cool

He's not racist. He's just stating his opinion that Spanish isn't his type of language to learn. If he wants to learn Japanese, let him learn Japanese mate. - 4Noobs

Spanish SUCKS! I LIKE Japanese!

29 Textiles

Teacher: 1 min late : DETENTION

Teacher lost my homework so I get a detention.

I do not do this subject anymore but when I did I wanted ww3 to happen so I didn't have to suffer with this crap!

Boring and useless, WORST SUBJECT EVER.

30 Chemistry

So much math. God damn I hate this subject.

Chemistry is cool

31 Irish

Why do we even need to learn Irish? It's boring, the abair beir bi etc. is confusing as in the duirt rug bhi and all that, and last but not least, NOBODY EVEN SPEAKS IRISH! - Mii24

It is hard and the language always somehow changes, depending on the verb you're using

It is harder then French.

32 Speech

I was told that when I was a kid I had to take speech therapy when I was in elementary school. WHY THE HELL DID I HAVE TO TAKE THIS?

1) I already know how to speak! I've been speaking since I was like 1 or 2!
2) I knew how to READ in preschool! I'm too smart for this trash! I'm not stupid!

It was a pointless class, and it wasted my time for NOTHING. SCREW SPEECH THERAPY! >:(

The worst class ever. All you do is write bad speeches on stupid topics. Especially horrible if you hate public speaking.

I think it means speech therapy but you made a good example too - Ihateschool

33 Assembly Practice

Why do we even have school assemblies every morning?! I just wanna go to class to get the whole school day over with! - MLPFan

In my old school I had assembly in the afternoon😩😩😩


34 Ancient Greek

I like how this lesson in mandatory in Greece. NO ONE SPEAKS IT

Who even takes ancient greek. I take latin and its amazing

Thos is the lesson where you may die of boredom

35 Home and Careers
36 Indonesian

I don't know how to speak Indonesian, so all I hear is: BIM CHIN DURKL LURK - 4Noobs

I like reading, so I enjoyed this lesson because my Indonesian class book has a lot of stories and texts in it - MLPFan

It would be easy for me. I speak Indonesian.

At my school we have Indonesia lessons but we just call Indonesia Indo sometimes its fun but most of the time it sucks!

37 Swimming Swimming Swimming is an individual or team sport and activity. Competitive swimming is one of the most popular Olympic sports, with events in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.

Wish we had swimming at our school. - 4Noobs

The girls can see you half naked if they aren't playing volleyball while you swim - Captaincrunch2015

I suck at swimming. I don't know how to a back stroke

Swimming is the worst thing ever especialy if you have exma

38 Mandarin Chinese

I took this as a kid and it was so hard that I QUIT!

39 Reading Comprehension

My teacher is so mean to us and extremely negative and discouraged.

Bitch 👋 across the face

40 Technology

I suck at Technology laugh out loud.
But the teacher makes you take home a little wood thing missing 5 screws that was made in a week. And it takes 1000 years to saw a little piece of wood that is still too long and then I have to saw it again! I hate Technology!

My hand hurts from sawing a crappy cd rack I don't even want, the table's made out of wood and has splinters in. And just one thing before I go:


Like sending an email with lots of naughty words will do you any good in school. That is why I am sad I live on Earth -- because texting and emailing have become, sadly enough, part of the curriculum. "Common Core" hits us the hardest.

HOW on Earth is technology number 5! I can even sand, never-mind frill! I get it for an hour a week! I am slowly dying in that class!

41 Info Tech
42 Spelling
43 Linear Control Systems

Linear control system..It freaks me..all stability criteria and formulas.oh god..

44 Information and Communications Technology
45 Algebra

Once for our Egyptian topic, we had Algebra in Hyroglyphics for a treat. it was not a treat at all...

46 Statistics


47 Functional math

I had to take this in high school. It was basically stuff that I learned when I was in KINDERGARTEN AND FIRST GRADE, such as counting coins and telling time. Stupid, pointless, and boring! >:(

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