Top 10 Worst School Lessons

We all hate school bad, but nothing says bad like crap lessons.
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1 P.E.

I HATE P.E.! why? because:
1. I'm bad at running
2. I'm bad at push ups
3. they make us do star jumps and heart beats which are very hard to do! (search it up if you don't know what thoose are)
4. you don't need to be good at this if you want to go to a good school!
5. you don't have to exercise regurally to be healthy you can be bad at sports but be very very healthy.

Apparently, if you hate PE online you're an obese kid. I'm literally the shortest and lightest kid in my class.
And apparently, everyone likes football so they make you play it one of your 2 lessons a week (unless you have swimming).
If you get hurt, they'll still make you play the game.

I am annoyed that a lot of my school and classmates prefer P.E. over Computers. I find it a chore having to do this. I hate that lockers are stall free, and I also do not like the mile run. We want better stuff than childish games of football. I loathe football naturally, I strongly dislike losing, and there are more enjoyable sports like bowling, Wii Sports, Water Balloon fights. I knew something was wrong with P.E. naturally when they only enjoy the non-field game activities.P.E. will not impact our future. No wonder my classmates were such brainless poop heads.

God how is this not number 1i go to middle school and took p.e for a semester and hated it 1st you have to dress in a shirt and shorts which means that you have to show your underwear in a locker room one time someone broke into my locker and stole my shorts in told my coach he said it should have locked it is said it did he says that it didn't when he's totally aware that a lot of the kids are vandalized because on our first day half the lockers were broken or couldn't lock / unlock so it got in trouble and everyday would ask where my shorts were in eventually gave up and became a smart Alec 2nd everyone picked on me third every coach was mean

2 Maths

I've always hated Algebra II. Here is a story. I took a quiz over something that we just done. The results came back that I missed every single one, and you might think that you can just study and take it again right? NO. This Algebra II teacher that I had gives you back the test, makes you pull out a piece of paper and makes you go over all of the incorrect answers and makes you do them again and you have to get it right. Math is probably the worst subject.

I use elementary school math all the time in my life, but I don't think I will ever have to prove a triangle congruent after I graduate from college. Why do they teach us this garbage? I went for 12 years no knowing how to factor a quadratic equation, and I don't know any adults who know what a quadratic equation is other than my math teacher. IT just gets very pointless. Also I just hate math. It's so boring! I hate numbers, epecially when they're next to letters.

I'm a straight As student, except in math. I get As in language, sociology, history, ecology, civics, biology, chemistry and even in Physics (which is my favourite subject, to be honest). But somehow, I just fail to understand at anything in math. Be it: arithmetics, algebra, geometry and that made me get C- in math, ruining my image as a straight As student. In other words, math makes me feel AND seem stupider than I actually am

I once couldn't solve a math problem because the book didn't show a step by step, worked out answer. I freak out when I have to divide by a certain number, because it's hard, and it doesn't show a step by step, worked out answer. I also had stupid classmates. One was a HALO N00B, one was a spoiled princess, and a lot were fun ruining chatterboxes. Sheesh, Middle School gives me a nightmare.

3 RE

I'm not religouse and I don't believe in god but I respect people for their believes, but for churchs to say that "oh your going to hell for not believeing in god!" or "you are a sinner because your not religouse!" is just down right messed up bro

This is only in private schools. Why is this here anyway? Just because you are an atheist doesn't mean you have to constantly hate on religion. I'd say it gives you a better hope than just eternal dead!

I am an athiest and I have had many arguments with my R. E teacher who is a strong Christian, still she is off her nut so you can listen to headphones.

Religious education? That can make you racist! Not just skin color is race, religion is also race.

4 English

ok lets be real now, we know how to read and write we know most of the words in the dictionary why is this even a class in like 5th to 12th grade?

We can already read and write (just like the person below me said), but why learn this extra crap and do worthless novel studies and projects? I don't care what Shakespeare wrote several centuries ago!

The whole point of this is to learn how to make sentences make sense. I find it ironic that some terms they use (past participle, present perfect) make no sense.

Will we ever have to identify past perfect and past participle? No. We are only going to speak and sometimes write English.

5 Art

Teacher: This is about creativity.
Me: So drawing fruit and shapes is creative? Can't I just draw something interesting?
Teacher: NO. We are drawing fruit today!

Honestly, this class is boring for me, especially when you have to paint or do realistic drawings, because I like cartoony styles better.

I like drawing with pencil best, but the teacher wanted me to use paint most of the time and I just hate using paint. I'm not good at it and I don't want to be. A classmate was moved to a higher art level because of her painting skills which irritated me a lot, so I now moved into Movie Making.

You can't paint or draw whatever you like, because it's still a class, and classes have assignments and projects. Still, if you have art at my school you need a journal that you write "art history" in. Yeah, WRITTEN WORK in an ART CLASS. Even the actual art we do isn't that creative.

I love art and think it's absolutely amazing, but when it's taught in school IT isn't EVEN ART! Art is all about self expression but when your being told what to draw and how to draw it...Well, it completely defeats the point

6 Drama

Drama is really stressful for introverts like me. In my drama class, we had to do improv everyday in front of the class and it was the worst.

It isn't that I don't like acting. I love to act. It's just that being forced to do Romeo and Juliet in school is a perfect way to ruin half the school year! I got the part of Juliet in my class, and guess how everyone responded? I can't go within ten feet of the person who got Romeo without being taunted! Worse, the kids in my class will shout or wolf whistle at us if we get paired for anything IN THE MIDDLE OF CLASS and our teacher does NOTHING! AND our drama teacher is making us do all these things to "improve our compatibility" or something. I don't know. It doesn't help that the video we watched to "learn the language of Shakespeare" had a lot of... worse than kissing. You can have a drama class in school, but please DON'T DO ROMEO AND JULIET.

For an introvert like me, this subject is a nightmare, we have to do improv and we have to make up something on the spot - I like having at least 5 minutes to plan out something

I love drama! My drama teacher is the best! She lets us talk during class and play on our phones! And she lets us sit where ever we want and lets us choose the activity we're gonna play! We play games all the time! And she is super funny!

7 Geography

ok lets be honest now, THIS IS THE MOST STUPID AND USELESS SUBJECT ON THE PLANET! like we already know that the earth is round we don't need all this extra sugar coated info down our throats people!

Worst subject ever!
And I have a teacher that doesn't let us whisper, talk or make any kind of noise! Shes crazy!

I just hate it. It can be ok but it depends on what we learn. And I don't like what we learn

What geography is the best subject in the world

8 Food

to be honest with you food is delisouse to eat but I'm not that good at cooking stuff I would rather EAT food than COOK food because I always overcook the microwave food and I don't mix the cake batter hard enogh I'm just bad at cooking I would rather draw and eat food than cook food.

I think they meant to say culinary or chef class. Anyways, how is this a useless subject? It's about cooking. Because, someday, if you're living on your own, then who's gonna cook for you? Nobody, so you might as well figure out how to do it yourself.

Love it! Why is this even on the top ten classes!?

I think they mean culinary class

9 History

IT IS THE WORST! why do we even have to learn about this stuff? sure its nice to know where humans came from but that's ALL! I don't wanna learn about the egyptians or the muslims or anything else really and another reason why I hate history its because I'm bad at it! no matter how hard I try or how much I practice I ALWAYS WILL BE BAD AT IT AND I HATEIT!

I don't believe that knowing about history have anything to do with be coming a historian, Its good to learn about what happened in the past and if you did something important you wouldn't want to be forgotten, would you? History is a very good subject and if you feel that its worthless, you is a very selfish person because you wouldn't have a land to live on if the native American's didn't discover it.

History has always been my favorite subject. My history teacher is awesome he's 24 and he's nice and jokes with the class. I'm in 7th grade so we learn about the most interesting stuff in history like World War 1 and World War 2.

History is not that bad for me to be honest. It's good to learn about what happened in the past and stuff, because if you do not study history at all, you're doomed to live the past (or in other words, repeat it)

10 Science

So, you know, the period ends and people are rushing to get to the next class, and you forget to push in your chair. But my teacher will HUNT you down to push in your chair! And if it goes into the next period, she will tell the kid to not sit in the seat until she finally finds you. Plus, she used to force you to sing if you fell asleep in class, but thankfully she stopped that.

Some science subjects are disgusting, some are inappropriate for children, and I loathe binder check. If you find science boring, then it's not the subject itself. It's the way it's taught. We don't want to learn the same stuff in the next grade, we know learning the same stuff is a waste of time. Why was science mandatory anyway? It's not your fault you had to go through this.

Science is a waste of time, not once in my adult life have I needed to know what osmosis was. The only time I've seen science being used for something is when my mother (the physics teacher) blabbers on about why it's important. It's a convocation starter at the very most

1. I hate it
2. I hate the mixing and gas, liquid and solid topic
3. I hate perdition s
5. This may be very long, so please keep going, and you'll be the best person in the world. :D
6. I don't like it
7. We all know how 2 use a stupid sieve

The Contenders
11 Writing

Whenever I write a lot of notes, it takes forever and my hand gets tired from them

Yes I agree one time my writing was bad when I tried my best and I got shouted at

I love to write

12 Health

I am still in grade 6 and I asked a fellow grade 7 what it was like -shiver- nope.

But when you have to talk about it with your teachers... Hell NO

(Shivers) The puberty... It burns my eyes...

Oh health is the worst!

13 Music

Playing drums is awesome. I'm actually a really good drummer. However, I will admit there was a reason I chose drums: it was the most accessible. You have to admit, playing specific notes is painful, except bass and keyboards, with some guitar.

Worst subject ever, like what? Music is the reason I got such bad grades back in school. I sucked at playing the drums

I had to play the recorder in elementary school and the keyboard in middle school. It was so hard!

If you can't play the drums, then quit, not that hard! and it's not the worst subject ever, I play the flute thank you

14 Business Studies

It's kind of a shame how you have to take this subject to have a chance at being a millionaire.

It's awful. We have a pigeon who teaches it.

Not bad.I've seen worse,at least it can get your more jobs then algebra.

This is so boring like its just maths in words
What is the point the boss will just give us our money and we leave

15 Languages

You should feel lucky that you don't have to do Arabic...

Not all languages are hard. Just take Sign Language.

German, Mandarin, and French was the worst

@Ilovestephanie-sign language is hard!

16 Visual Arts

Today, I brought my homework for visual arts in, guess what?

They wouldn't put the picture in there collab, all that work done for nothing!

So, it's still fun! You get to be creative for something not for nothing. plus, just try your best, it doesn't need to go in the collab

17 French

I Live in Turkey. In my school, There are 2 lancuages you can lears other than English. German and French. I Willed to learn German but my parents forced me to learn French because it's a "Common language"

If you live in Canada you will know this is the worst subject of all time

My French teacher has a Scottish accent and is trying to do a French one. it's SO annoying!

I'm terrible the teacher hates me there's to much to remember why do we do french argh.

18 Media Studies
19 German

Our teacher said German was the easiest language to learn. She's from Germany, so of course it wasn't the easiest.

My history teacher lived in Germany, so he says a lot of German words

This lesson is harder than Japanese.

20 Biology
21 Sex Education

In my opinion nobody should learn this subject until college because sex is too inappropriate.

Everyone is so immature in this subject. Everyone laughs when the teacher says "penis" or "condom"

Like, why do we even need to? Put on a condom before sex. There. The whole course done for ya.

It's too inappropriate if you have the mind of a three year old.

22 Common Core

Common core is the key to our future. Not. It's the complete opposite. Of course I'm not one of those believers supporting or promoting common whore math. It's an abomination to the school system and no good teacher or parent would favor this teaching method over the old-fashioned way which is much more easy and efficient. Parents in their mid-forties or older should know better. The government needs to stop shoving education down our throats. As a matter of fact, according to one website I recently viewed, roughly 62 percent of parents are against it. Needless to say, parents who can't stand the new customs they forced on their kids should home school their children. But society in general has gone down the crapper and no one cares. The bottom line is that we can't depend or rely on the government to provide us with the substantial care that we so desperately needs. Screw you Bush! He opposed everything we stood for and caused our country to financially collapse, cut deficits, and ...more

You should see the math book in California for 6th grade. They make you use bar diagrams and number lines and counters and a whole bunch of other dumb stuff. Also, the standards are just dumb.

Dumbing down of America, they're brainwashing us and killing us. This is the biggest reason why people with a low GPA tend to be the most inventive and successful.

Common Core Math has to be the dumbest, most useless subject ever invented. I mean, the person who thought up with it must've been drunk.

23 Resistant Materials
24 Graphics
25 Personal, Social and Health Education

Worst lesson learning about politics and racism it's just so boring

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