Top 10 Worst School Lessons

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21 Sex Education

In my opinion nobody should learn this subject until college because sex is too inappropriate.

22 Common Core

The dumbing down of America, the enemy to good teachers and smart students, and the worst thing ever made. COMMON CORE WILL KILL US ALL. PLEASE GET RID OF IT NOW OBAMA.

You should see the math book in California for 6th grade. They make you use bar diagrams and number lines and counters and a whole bunch of other dumb stuff. Also, the standards are just dumb. - TheYoshiOverlord

Common Core Math has to be the dumbest, most useless subject ever invented. I mean, the person who thought up with it must've been drunk.

They have also screwed over English - Frouze

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23 Resistant Materials
24 Graphics
25 Personal, Social and Health Education

Worst lesson learning about politics and racism it's just so boring

26 System Controls
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28 Textiles

Teacher: 1 min late : DETENTION

Teacher lost my homework so I get a detention.

I do not do this subject anymore but when I did I wanted ww3 to happen so I didn't have to suffer with this crap!

Boring and useless, WORST SUBJECT EVER.

29 Chemistry

So much math. God damn I hate this subject.

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30 Irish

It is hard and the language always somehow changes, depending on the verb you're using

It is harder then French.

31 Swimming Swimming Swimming is an individual or team sport and activity. Competitive swimming is one of the most popular Olympic sports, with events in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.

The girls can see you half naked if they aren't playing volleyball while you swim - Captaincrunch2015

I suck at swimming. I don't know how to a back stroke

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32 Assembly Practice
33 Computer Programming

Its only the future if people think it is. I think it's a waste of time.

34 Technology

I suck at Technology laugh out loud.
But the teacher makes you take home a little wood thing missing 5 screws that was made in a week. And it takes 1000 years to saw a little piece of wood that is still too long and then I have to saw it again! I hate Technology!

My hand hurts from sawing a crappy cd rack I don't even want, the table's made out of wood and has splinters in. And just one thing before I go:


Like sending an email with lots of naughty words will do you any good in school. That is why I am sad I live on Earth -- because texting and emailing have become, sadly enough, part of the curriculum. "Common Core" hits us the hardest.

HOW on Earth is technology number 5! I can even sand, never-mind frill! I get it for an hour a week! I am slowly dying in that class!

35 Info Tech
36 Home and Careers
37 Indonesian

At my school we have Indonesia lessons but we just call Indonesia Indo sometimes its fun but most of the time it sucks!

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38 Spelling
39 Linear Control Systems
40 Speech

The worst class ever. All you do is write bad speeches on stupid topics. Especially horrible if you hate public speaking.

I think it means speech therapy but you made a good example too - Ihateschool

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