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1 Lisa Goes Gaga

Worst. Episode. Ever. Now I am not a fan of Lady Gaga but I'm willing to admit that her performance wasn't too bad. My main problem with this episode was the terrible plot and execution of said terrible, terrible plot. They spend way too much of the episode pretty much focused on and basically worshiping her. They of course have to go all out and include her ridiculous outfits and "props". Of course they could've gotten a worse guest star, but they also could've gotten a way better one. - FirearmsKill

I remember watching this episode. It made me take my T.V outside, pour gasoline on it, then I lit it with a match, because my T.V was tainted with the awfulness of this episode. It's that bad. Shame on you, Matt Groening, we want the Simpsons, not lady gaga - Megalink

Just terrible. Did someone get paid off? Did she have final say on what could be in it. It was unfunny. Whenever the Simpsons get a "special guest star voice" like this it frequently goes off the rails but this is the worst because the whole episode was tailored to suck up to her. I guess it's just one of hundreds of episodes so it's easy to ignore and avoid.

Not much of an episode, but an ad

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2 The Boys of Bummer

Oh dear GOD this episode is bad-no, one of the worst! You know the basic plot by now, Bart is constantly bullied and harassed by the whole town for losing a damn Little League game of all things, because, THAT'S SUCH A DAMN SIN. And then the abuse gets worse and worse to the point where Bart in what I assume is some sort of mental breakdown, begins spray painting "I HATE BART" all over the town to try to regain their approval and then, to their encouragement, when he's spray painting the water tower, he lets go of the rope in an attempted suicide.

Let that sink in, Bart Simpson, a TEN year old, is bullied and harassed by the whole town for costing his team the Championship, something that would already invoke an incredible amount of guilt and harassment from his teammates, and has a mental breakdown because of it, causing him to, with the town's ENCOURAGEMENT attempts suicide.

That is so incredibly disturbing, hideous, abhorrent, and depressing that I'm ...more - regularshowman

For such it's long run, this show has built a reputation around having characters, and, heck, most of the town, full of jackassery and idiocy,
But this... This isn't crossing the line. It's crossing the line, then giving it the middle finger whilst taunting it with vulgar slurs and stamping on it.

Basic plot summary:
Bart gets taunted and hated by the townspeople for... Not pulling a prank on them that seriously injures many of them, nor offending them in anyway.
Wait, it gets even worse, after Lisa tries, but fails, to get Bart's hopes up, he jumps off the water tower.
Not as a prank, HE ACTUALLY TRIES COMMITTING SUICIDE. And then the Chief, of all others, tells him to jump.
After that, they still boo him for what happened, until Marge has to guilt them into apologising.
Writers, if your characters have to be TOLD OFF to have them finally realising their error, then those ...more

Okay, this is one of the worst episodes I've seen because it goes over the limit of 'mean-spiritually'. This episode is so damn unpleasant. I haven't seen an episode where the townsfolk hate Bart ever since the Jebidah's head ep, where the latter makes sense because that's their founder. Here, they all hate him just because he just lost a Little League game. Seriously! One.. Baseball. Game. They all hate Bart and bully and harass him throughout the entire episode. Even the bullies, who I thought were hilarious, do something that I actually thought was too low, by singing that they hate Bart.

Oh, it gets worse. Someone sprayed that they hate Bart on every house and it turns out to be who-else, BART. The boy went into a mental state where he couldn't live being hated by everybody so he expressed this by stating he hates himself...

He commits suicide. Yep, a little boy attempts suicide. Even for Simpsons standards, that's too low. What makes it even more worse was that when ...more

I know Lisa Goes Gaga is far worse the "abysmal". But I think Boys of Bummer is definitely the worst of The Simpsons by for! Bart Simpson is my 2nd favorite character of the show so of course I'm gonna put this episode at number 1 worst. The entire town of Springfield seresly throw beer cans at Bart for just missing a single catch in baseball and Chief Wiggum actually comes into the field with his car and gets Bart in there at then open up the car top so Springfield can still throw beer at him and bart cries and cries and everyone hates on Homer and says "Hay that's the man created Bart. LET GET HIM! "
And then the next morning Lisa sees on every single thing in Springfield spary painted "I HATE BART SIMPSON! ". Then Lisa goes inside and tells Marge what she shaw and she runs to the window to show her but what is...

BART ON THE SPRINGFIELD WATERTOWER AND SPRAYING "I HATE BART SIMPSON! " and everyone comes to the bottom of the tower and Bart says "You see I ...more

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3 All Singing, All Dancing

Here's when things get bad for this episode: so the Simpsons get the movie Paint Your Wagon. I am really on homer and bart's side but when the cowboys paint the wagon the characters were singing. Then the drunk and violent guy comes he said "you missed a spot" then the cow boys say well come on in then the singing resumes and when lisa started singing it turns out everybody in Springfield started singing then it continued for the rest of the episode. It's stupid it's crappy and again shame on you matt groening

I remember when I saw this in the nineties, , I regret seeing this piece of crap its just so horrendous that it felt like that it wasn't even the simpsons at all - nickbrowning

Singing.. and old clips *clap clap* BRAVO!

Laziest episode ever. It's like they were running out of plots and needed to make a singing clip show

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4 Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase

Total turd. Troy McClure couldn't have done worse. The gaga episode was cringe worthy but the clip rehash show was unforgivable.

See this in the T.V. guide and avoid the channel at all costs; I saw it once and I will never see it again unless I am forced to do so.

Absolute random crap that make the show look dumb

They keep repeating this on Sky One.

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5 Brother's Little Helper

Season 11 was good but this ruined it for me.

The worst episode of anything ever!

So unfunny and boring.

Bart was so unlikable in this episode! - ShaunFan04

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6 Love Is a Many Strangled Thing

The post movie Simpsons are mostly unwatchable (though Seasons 20, 27, and as such are decent). By Season 11, The Simpsons have entered the Silver Age. The characters changed as well, but they changed further after the movie, specifically approximately Season 18 or 19. But regardless of the evolution, The Simpsons are still the greatest.

I really hate Bart. Because this kid is just evil. He pulls pranks on many pranks on his Dad. So I think this should be the top 2.

Almost as bad as the boys of bummer this episodes is like a less depressing version of that and this time it aims at homer not bart - HazzaInHisMazda

Awful episode and awful season. (Season 22).

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7 Bart-Mangled Banner

Because Springfield has hating Simpsons

I liked this episode, but I live in Australia, so...

This is one of the weakest

I love this episode! Marge always makes every problems much worse, bit that's the first time she had made it funny! Homer singing at a church as well as eating a sandwich in an interview is also very funny! 😂

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8 The Devil Wears Nada

This is terrible episode

Number 2 at least - Gangem

So bad!

9 That '90s Show

I don't call it a terrible episode. Yes originally Marge and Homer got together in the 1970s and Bart and Lisa were born in the 1980s and Maggie I think she was born in 1990. BUT I know its only a cartoons BUT the kids and the parents never age. Homer and Marge are still in their 30s, Bart is still 10, Lisa is still 8, Maggie is still 1 and sometimes they have birthday episodes like they are a year younger. I don't really care if they made an episode based on the 2000s. I know it's a cartoon but its been running for many years, no one ages.

This episode just makes me sick. I don't care about "floating timelines" or whatever excuses people have for this episode. It was just terrible. Marge and Homer are youths from the 70s/early 80s and should always be like that.

Also the Simpsons did a much better job at commenting on 90s pop culture and current events, while the 90s were actually happening. So this episode is extremely unnecessary.

The only thing more terrible than this spectacle of craptastic proportions, is how its not on the top ten of worst episodes.

I don't get how Matt Groening could get so upset Principal and the Pauper (not that I'm defending it either), but let this terrible episode slide.

It takes a dump on the show's continuity and its fans.

Great, just ruined the original depiction.

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10 Miracle On Evergreen Terrace

I hate this episode because not are a happy end, seriously all people ends hate the simpsons and in the other episode don't hate them? That is stupid

How could everyone rob the family of everything but a WASHCLOTH after they had gone through rough times?!

The heartless ending leaves a horrid taste in the mouth, and everything leading up to it is also mostly unfunny. One of the worst.

This episode, along with "Lisa the Simpson", and "The Principal and the Pauper", made Season 9 such a bad season. If it wasn't for this episodes, Season 9 could've been better.

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? Treehouse of Horror XXVIII

Ok! This is an episode that has stepped over the line; it is really mind boggling and stomach turning that this episode shows graphic scenes of Homer eating himself for pleasure, I mean; when he turned into a doughnut-head in earlier ToH, it was pretty funny but this episode is actually scary and cringey (by cringey, I mean a weak feeling when you're disgusted)! The jokes are also not well-done and forgettable. Please, no more episodes as it has gone downhill like Spongebob Squarepants. We have quite a lot of episodes; or shall I say "too much". - Million

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11 Regarding Margie

This one is way too low. This episode tortures Homer for no reason, has Marge at her worst, Is completely mean spirited, Has an overused plot, and the worst part is the ending, Marge doesn't remember Homer because of all of his love but him saying beer. Screw this episode so much. It is way worse than the Boys of Bummer because Springfield was seen as the antagonist, Marge is supposed to be the hero of the story... This episode needs to die.

I agree. This episode sucks a lot!

Even though Season 17 was great, this episode was out of shape.

12 Homer vs. Dignity

Geez, I hated this episode. Why does fox consider this a Christmas episode? It has nothing to do with Christmas at all! I watched this episode when I was 9, and I never watched another episode of the simpsons for an entire month! I thought Mr. Burns was an okay character... UNTIL THIS PIECE OF GARBAGE! Homer abuses his friends, humiliates himself, all just for fat stacks of cash! And to top it all off he dumps rotten fish on the town, and that's it! Homer learns no leason! We just have to watch the town get attacked by seagulls! Now this should be the reason he got counsoling in Love Is A Many Strangled Thing.

What? This is my favorite episode! - ShaunFan04

This one's not bad at all.

No evidence Homer was raped by a panda, it was Mr Burns who was throwing fish at everyone.

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13 Kill the Alligator and Run

This abomination takes two views to realise its terribleness, the plot is over the place, the voice acting is weak ass water and the overall view on the depressed was a stereotype and made me rather annoyed, it's stupid and definitely worth a skip.

Kill Gil might be a little less unredeemable, but this episode really made me angry. The whole plot is stupid and all over the place. - truespongebobfan

This episode was not really that bad. It had the montage with the "I like it" lady, and that was really awesome.

Kill the Alligator and Run > Bart to the Future/Days of Future Future

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14 Saturdays of Thunder
15 Large Marge

Marge is not sexy people

This was funny!

Large Marge was an OK episode, if you ignore the sexist jokes, its kind of funny. Quite underrated too - RickyReeves

Haw haw

16 Girls Just Want to Have Sums

This was the nadir of the 'bullies always come off best' episodes. All through it I was longing for the Nazis to suddenly conquer America and get the gas chambers up and running again, but this time filling them with those who deserved it.

This is the most sexist episode I ever watched

Aren't you happy that the school is back to normal? I love this episode after reading the plot. So do not call this episode the worst or I'll turn you into Mitochondrial Eve. - MeeMeeCandy777

Oh, come on now. It may have been sexist, but its still a decent episode. Plus, Season 17 was a great season

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17 The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed

The bit where everyone claims to be the messiah somehow reminds me of family guy. - Harri666

It's just disgusting that this is so low on the list, monstrously bad

It ripped off family Guy.

At least, it's better to watch this episode than watch that puke show Family Guy. Family Guy will "", or it will be cancelled.

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18 Kill Gil, Volumes I & II

I personally disliked this episode though the part with Homer and the Grinch like character was funny the episode centers around Gill the lovable loser who's fired after he gives a away a gift intended for his bosses daughter The Simpsons feeling bad for him invite him to satay with them but Gill quickly overstays his welcome and begins annoying everyone and Marge is to much of a pushover to kick him out months pass by and Marge is still unable to kick him out then she finally reaches her boiling point and decides to go threw with it but surprise Gill's already left and has become surprisingly successful however Marge still needing to voice her anger at him drives up to his workplace and completely tears him apart by voicing her outrage embarrassing him in front of his co workers and results in him getting fired again a complete waste of an episode. - egnomac

I really hated Gill. He's annoying, whiny and serves no purpose to anything at all. The only time I laughed was with the grinch. Terrible episode.

I hate this episode! Nothing too redeemable whatsoever. - truespongebobfan

Not that bad

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19 How I Wet Your Mother

Homer pees the bed... perfect plot

This one was kind of funny. - RalphBob

And so, when the raging jerk of Homer strangles Bart within his chair's arms, he then reveals his true nature when he said "¡Why you little bastard! ¡Nothing will stop me from strangling you! ".

20 It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge

I hate this episode

I love this episode because it's a Marge torture porn

This episode is great! - toptenzen

Crazy Marge was hilarious

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21 Simpsons Bible Stories
22 Love is a Many-Splintered Thing
23 My Sister, My Sitter

This is by far one of the worst episodes. Lisa, my favorite Simpsons, is tortured by Bart, my least favorite Simpson. Bart isn't original or anything. He just starts acting like a toddler wanting to be in charge. When I made a Top 10 Worst Simpsons episodes list last year, this was #3. It's THAT bad.

Bart Has two frames of mind; a normal, likeable 10 year old, and a bratty, idiotic nimrod. CHoose your pick in this episode!

Wow this is a mean episode!

Hooray, 23 minutes of lisa being tortured by bart. how nice

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24 Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy

Lisa made her own Barbie parody doll because Malibu Stacey was going stale. They introduced a new hat for the latest edition, not caring that an 8 year old made the doll. Malibu Stacey sucks.

Lisa the is why no one like you

Simpsons genwunners (A term I made up ) say that Lisa used to be smart and now she is a sjw, but she was a sjw in this episode, gotcha, old timers >

The hate for Lisa is really annoying, oh its because she's a girl like Marge is a woman. If Maggie starts school oh no.

Because all female things suck and women are treated like objects.

25 The Principal and the Pauper

It just messed up the whole thing with Principal Skinner. The fact that you knew his story but then apparently it was all a lie is ridiculous. It's much funnier that Agnes is his real mother than that she's some other guy's mother. A waste of Martin Sheen. - Doulou

This episode IS non canon. Meaning that whatever have happened in this episode was rather a spoof. Sgt. Skinner IS the fake Skinner. Principal Skinner IS the real Skinner.

Even though him being an imposter was stupid, it was still a funny episode except for that bit.

Oh, where can one start with this?

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26 Homer's Night Out

Marge was so unlikable in this episode! I mean come on marge! Homer only danced with another Women! is that so much to ask? - ShaunFan04

No that episode was fine I'm young so I don't know the jokes

I hate this episode, Marge,grow up.Homer was dancing NEXT to a very talented women - TheRealSilverlay

This episode is why Marge is y least favroit simpsons chariter

27 Milhouse of Sand and Fog
28 Bye Bye Nerdie (Season 12)

The hate this episode is getting from the voters is very annoying. No, Lisa was NOT bullied for the entire episode; the people who said that are just Lisa whiteknights. Plus, it had me laughing more than any episode in Season 12. Unfortunately people are too worried about their precious little Lisa getting insulted and/or hurt to realize how great this episode is. Just because your favourite character(s) were insulted or hurt in an episode, does NOT mean it's bad, unless it's a torture porn like Lisa Goes Gaga or The Boys Of Bummer

Not a bad episode. Had some moments that were over the edge but also moments that were hilarious.

I literally hate this episode, this episode is just Lisa getting bullied! I did NOT laugh once! - ShaunFan04


29 At Long Last Leave

Why do they kick ALL the Simpsons out? Lisa, Maggie and Marge don't do any harm I can only think of one instance when they have.Homer and Bart do the most damage, and its definitely NOT legal to just outcast people that's against state law. Also the ending was weird its like they never go back to Springfield, Usually a episode ends with then going back but no. Then the next episode they were back, it's like Bart-Mangled Banner they moved back from France and were going to another town then next episode they were back in Springfield what?

The show's 500th episode, and everybody is mean to the Simpsons. Come on! We waited 500 episodes for that? That everybody secretly hated the Simpsons? Worst episode yet and should be higher on the list.

Thanks Obama, Thanks Bieber, and Thanks Annoying Orange!

Stupid. Just stupid. - SamKoffsky

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30 Behind the Laughter

How could you guys like this episode? No plot. Just BEHIND the laughter. No laughter, but BEHIND it.

This episode is AWFUL! Uh! I need 32423 bleach bottles. It's not funny!

Overrated episode from a bad season.

Its fine but it's a bunch of lies

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31 Sweets and Sour Marge

Any episode with Marge in it is dead on arrival

Marge should be kicked off the show. She's always complaining

32 Co-Dependent's Day
33 A Star Is Born Again
34 Elementary School Musical

That's one of the episodes in south park Lol I'm a big south park fan and I love the Simpsons except the treehouse of horror episodes because there plain weird in my opinion Hey I love that episode too

I Hate this Episode So Much that I Stopped Watching Simpsons For 3 Weeks After That. This Is Why People Hate The New Simpsons

This episode is just boring! - rishal21

. I love this episode! How could you call it bad? Its hard to sing while playing... guitars.

35 Lisa's Rival


36 Eight Misbehavin'

The mindless defensive comments are doing nada to change my mind on this one

This was great!

It was funny

This episode is great! whoever put it on the list is a phantomstrider fanboy - ShaunFan04

37 The Fool Monty
38 Moe Goes From Rags To Riches

Why Did That Rag's Backstory Have to Involve The Simpsons! And Why Would a Rag Formerly Be a Quilt?


39 Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass

Who wants to bring faith to the Super Bowl and make respected sports players do insulting victory moves?!

40 Mona Leaves-a

Sad episode oh and who ever said the shark jumped far more than last time. Shut up.

The most sad episode ever - TrueWolf99

Homer's mother dies. The shark gets jumped far more than last time.

41 Simpson Safari

Very very poor episode. Has very weak humor and is not very interesting. - ThatEpicDude

A very bad episode with a weak plot and bad humor. - ThatEpicDude

42 On A Clear Day I Can't See My Sister

The fact that this episode I this low on the list is just, shocking. This is perhaps my least favorite Simpsons episode, and yes while episodes like Boys of Bummer and Principal and the Pauper are arguably worse. The abuse to Bart in this episode is bar none just as bad as Boys of Bummer. Lisa getting a restraining order against Bart could lead to some interesting possibilities, like maybe Bart turns out to be much happier away from Lisa and Lisa is miserable without him, or maybe both of them hate being away from each other which would actually be a sweet twist. But no, the writers think that instead it would be funny to have Lisa take the restraining order conflict way too far by constantly abusing Bart with some rod Homer idiotically made for her, and a lovely little montage in which we see the effects of the restraining order beginning to weigh on Bart with special mention on how he has to eat his pizza out in the freezing rain, and then we see the cheese and pepperoni on his ...more

This episode is trash. Despite the things Bart did to torment Lisa in the beginning of the episode I honestly feel bad for Bart with the crap Lisa put's him through. The part where Bart is forced to sleep outside and the rest of the family doing fun things without him actively angered me. The episode might've been funnier if at one point Homer gave the pointing stick to Bart in which he gets revenge on what Lisa did to him in the first half. This episode can figuratively die in hole.

I liked it cause it showed that Lisa would do something if Bart went too far with his "jokes" its good to see her not being a pushover but I don't like the fact she got a RESTRAINING ORDER against him, that's extreme.

Jeez, - Bertie11

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43 A Totally Fun Thing That Bart Will Never Do Again

This is my favorite episode because the message relates to my life

This episode was annoying and pointless

Don't Just Sing "Enjoy it While You Can" You Idiot!

This was not that bad.

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44 The Musk Who Fell To Earth

I actually liked the ending part.
RIP Bowie. - Drewsky1211

45 Homer Simpson in: Kidney Trouble
46 The Great Simpsina

The Only Parts I Liked Were When Nelson's Mom Packed Him a Dead Fish For Lunch and When Lisa Turned Bart into Milhouse.

The Only Parts I Liked Was When Nelson's Mom Packed Him a Dead Fish For Lunch and When Lisa Turned Bart into Milhouse.

47 Funeral for a Fiend
48 A Hunka Hunka Burns In Love

I would like this episode so much if it was just more appropriate. I mean, who wants to see girls shaking their butts in front of everybody?

I srooy nut robot burns is to,evil,to,love

49 Saddlesore Galactica

Quite possibly one of the worst

It's a very funny episode

What?! I love ths!

50 Little Big Girl
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