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1 Lisa Goes Gaga

I am actually very interested in seeing Lady Gaga's take on all this. So would she regret even going on the show? I guess not. - ParasN2000

You can't even deny it, the plot just relies on Lady Gaga instead of working with her.

The ending is confusing - ElSherlock

Lady Gaga isn't even relevant anymore, this episode aged terribly despite only being out for 8 years. - KalloFox34

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2 The Boys of Bummer

Oh dear GOD this episode is bad-no, one of the worst! You know the basic plot by now, Bart is constantly bullied and harassed by the whole town for losing a damn Little League game of all things, because, THAT'S SUCH A DAMN SIN. And then the abuse gets worse and worse to the point where Bart in what I assume is some sort of mental breakdown, begins spray painting "I HATE BART" all over the town to try to regain their approval and then, to their encouragement, when he's spray painting the water tower, he lets go of the rope in an attempted suicide.

Let that sink in, Bart Simpson, a TEN year old, is bullied and harassed by the whole town for costing his team the Championship, something that would already invoke an incredible amount of guilt and harassment from his teammates, and has a mental breakdown because of it, causing him to, with the town's ENCOURAGEMENT attempts suicide.

That is so incredibly disturbing, hideous, abhorrent, and depressing that I'm ...more - regularshowman

For such it's long run, this show has built a reputation around having characters, and, heck, most of the town, full of jackassery and idiocy,
But this... This isn't crossing the line. It's crossing the line, then giving it the middle finger whilst taunting it with vulgar slurs and stamping on it.

Basic plot summary:
Bart gets taunted and hated by the townspeople for... Not pulling a prank on them that seriously injures many of them, nor offending them in anyway.
Wait, it gets even worse, after Lisa tries, but fails, to get Bart's hopes up, he jumps off the water tower.
Not as a prank, HE ACTUALLY TRIES COMMITTING SUICIDE. And then the Chief, of all others, tells him to jump.
After that, they still boo him for what happened, until Marge has to guilt them into apologising.
Writers, if your characters have to be TOLD OFF to have them finally realising their error, then those ...more

The main plot was super mean spirited, but it had lots of funny moments. And I'm not exaggerating, the mattress subplot is probably the best subplot in the series since Season 14 - 445956

This episode is depressing! Everyone hates Bart just because he lost a stinking Little League game! I mean, come on! Bart is only ten and was driven to kill himself? That's messed up. I haven't seen Lisa Goes Gaga yet, but I will have to watch it! (I'm a HUGE Lady Gaga fan.)

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3 All Singing, All Dancing

Lazy - Maddox121

Here's when things get bad for this episode: so the Simpsons get the movie Paint Your Wagon. I am really on homer and bart's side but when the cowboys paint the wagon the characters were singing. Then the drunk and violent guy comes he said "you missed a spot" then the cow boys say well come on in then the singing resumes and when lisa started singing it turns out everybody in Springfield started singing then it continued for the rest of the episode. It's stupid it's crappy and again shame on you matt groening

Laziest episode ever. It's like they were running out of plots and needed to make a singing clip show

I remember when I saw this in the nineties, , I regret seeing this piece of crap its just so horrendous that it felt like that it wasn't even the simpsons at all - nickbrowning

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4 Love Is a Many Strangled Thing

I saw this on a Worst Simpsons Episodes list on YouTube and vowed to never watch it and to avoid it at all costs. The list had this in the Number 2 spot, and Lisa Goes Gaga in the Number 1 spot, by the way. But after seeing what it's about on the list, that's when I vowed never to watch it. Homer is my favorite Simpsons character, and to me it seems that the writers probably thought in their sick, twisted minds while writing the episode that it'd be funny to have Homer suffer. I mean, the Worst Episodes list even mentioned that Homer actually suffers from PTSD after the treatment he gets, and the list even said that Bart becomes a bad kid or something without his father strangling him! So if his father didn't strangle him in the show, his behavior would be bad! And people say they hate Homer for strangling Bart, even though it's a running gag in the show and something that KEEPS BART'S BEHAVIOR IN CHECK! - April96

They made an episode where Homer suffers through PTSD and attempts suicide, and it's played for laughs? And the writers have Bart take advantage of Homer's condition and make him apathetic when Homer (his own father) attempts suicide?

What. Were. The. Writers. THINKING?

This is worse than Plankton attempting suicide and Mr. Krabs laughing about Plankton's suicide attempt in "One Coarse Meal"! As bad as Mr. Krabs's actions are, at least Plankton and Mr. Krabs are established enemies! Homer and Bart are father and son!

News Flash: A character going through realistic trauma and attempting suicide with others treating them in mean-spirited ways is not funny! It's depressing and just plain mean. It would be like watching a documentary about kids bullying a kid, and the victim committing suicide as a result.

The post movie Simpsons are mostly unwatchable (though Seasons 20, 27, and as such are decent). By Season 11, The Simpsons have entered the Silver Age. The characters changed as well, but they changed further after the movie, specifically approximately Season 18 or 19. But regardless of the evolution, The Simpsons are still the greatest.

Awful episode and awful season. (Season 22).

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5 Brother's Little Helper

Gosh all the people think this episode sucks because one person said it is the worst episode. Its actually one of the better Season 11 episodes if you watch the whole season. - 445956

Season 11 was good but this ruined it for me.

The worst episode of anything ever!

So unfunny and boring.

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6 Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase

This is worse than later episodes.
The silly cheerleader Lisa.
It should've been an episode of just Chief Wiggum, P.I.

The last 2 acts were meant to be cheesy, and the first act was just good. - 445956

Sure it's a cheesy episode and all but I have to admit I kinda enjoyed, not good but its more of a guilty pleasure for me

Total turd. Troy McClure couldn't have done worse. The gaga episode was cringe worthy but the clip rehash show was unforgivable.

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7 The Devil Wears Nada

This episode is actually pretty decent minus the stuff with Ned and Marge. - 445956

This is terrible episode

Number 2 at least - Gangem

So bad!

8 Regarding Margie

This is the most pointless Simpsons episode of all time. It's just really boring and I even fell asleep, it's that bad - Peppapigsucks

Even though Season 17 was great, this episode was out of shape.

This one is way too low. This episode tortures Homer for no reason, has Marge at her worst, Is completely mean spirited, Has an overused plot, and the worst part is the ending, Marge doesn't remember Homer because of all of his love but him saying beer. Screw this episode so much. It is way worse than the Boys of Bummer because Springfield was seen as the antagonist, Marge is supposed to be the hero of the story... This episode needs to die.

I agree. This episode sucks a lot!

9 Girls Just Want to Have Sums

This one was great. - 445956

Oh, come on now. It may have been sexist, but its still a decent episode. Plus, Season 17 was a great season

This is the most sexist episode I ever watched

Another Boys vs Girls episode and a pretty awful one at that. - egnomac

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10 Miracle On Evergreen Terrace

This episode, along with "Lisa the Simpson", and "The Principal and the Pauper", made Season 9 such a bad season. If it wasn't for this episodes, Season 9 could've been better.

How could everyone rob the family of everything but a WASHCLOTH after they had gone through rough times?!

I hate this episode because not are a happy end, seriously all people ends hate the simpsons and in the other episode don't hate them? That is stupid

The heartless ending leaves a horrid taste in the mouth, and everything leading up to it is also mostly unfunny. One of the worst.

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11 Saturdays of Thunder
12 Large Marge

Marge is not sexy people

This was funny!

Large Marge was an OK episode, if you ignore the sexist jokes, its kind of funny. Quite underrated too - RickyReeves

Haw haw

13 Bart-Mangled Banner

This is the episode I really hate, and I don't usually hate Simpsons episodes. The Simpsons are billed as "The family that hates america" because a goat ripped Bart's pants off when he put a carrot in his back pocket right before the flag dropped. He was temporarily deaf because of Hibbert's defective vaccine!

This just goes to show that the Springfielders didn't' consider calling the person who's really after they told them about the vaccine (which may or may not be present) to confirm the issue because of what they saw (which apparently was more important that what they hear). And did anyone even see Bart holding the carrot?! No! They were too busy waiting for the flag to come down! Not even Skinner saw him horsing around! (no pun intended)

No. Just No.

Season 15 may have been great, but this episode was the bad seed.

If I needed to hate a episode that wasnt Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie, this Would be perfect for my hate list
I mean COME ON this is only a polítical propraganda like is a bad showing of freedom
Freedom doesn't work In that way

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14 That '90s Show

While the fact that there were 90s references all over the place didn't help, seeing how some of it came before the year the episode was set, it violates continuity. - KalloFox34

This episode just makes me sick. I don't care about "floating timelines" or whatever excuses people have for this episode. It was just terrible. Marge and Homer are youths from the 70s/early 80s and should always be like that.

Also the Simpsons did a much better job at commenting on 90s pop culture and current events, while the 90s were actually happening. So this episode is extremely unnecessary.

I don't call it a terrible episode. Yes originally Marge and Homer got together in the 1970s and Bart and Lisa were born in the 1980s and Maggie I think she was born in 1990. BUT I know its only a cartoons BUT the kids and the parents never age. Homer and Marge are still in their 30s, Bart is still 10, Lisa is still 8, Maggie is still 1 and sometimes they have birthday episodes like they are a year younger. I don't really care if they made an episode based on the 2000s. I know it's a cartoon but its been running for many years, no one ages.

Great, just ruined the original depiction.

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15 Kill Gil, Volumes I & II

I personally disliked this episode though the part with Homer and the Grinch like character was funny the episode centers around Gill the lovable loser who's fired after he gives a away a gift intended for his bosses daughter The Simpsons feeling bad for him invite him to satay with them but Gill quickly overstays his welcome and begins annoying everyone and Marge is to much of a pushover to kick him out months pass by and Marge is still unable to kick him out then she finally reaches her boiling point and decides to go threw with it but surprise Gill's already left and has become surprisingly successful however Marge still needing to voice her anger at him drives up to his workplace and completely tears him apart by voicing her outrage embarrassing him in front of his co workers and results in him getting fired again a complete waste of an episode. - egnomac

I really hated Gill. He's annoying, whiny and serves no purpose to anything at all. The only time I laughed was with the grinch. Terrible episode.

I hate this episode! Nothing too redeemable whatsoever. - truespongebobfan

Gil might be an annoying character but I liked this episode and it's my opinion not yours.

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16 It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge

This is a classic, "SHUT UP NICKY! " - Peppapigsucks

I hate this episode

I love this episode because it's a Marge torture porn

This episode is great! - toptenzen

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17 Kill the Alligator and Run

Kill the Alligator and Run > Bart to the Future/Days of Future Future

This episode, along with Bart to the Future, are among the worst episodes.

This abomination takes two views to realise its terribleness, the plot is over the place, the voice acting is weak ass water and the overall view on the depressed was a stereotype and made me rather annoyed, it's stupid and definitely worth a skip.

Kill Gil might be a little less unredeemable, but this episode really made me angry. The whole plot is stupid and all over the place. - truespongebobfan

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18 My Sister, My Sitter

Oh poor Lisa

This is by far one of the worst episodes. Lisa, my favorite Simpsons, is tortured by Bart, my least favorite Simpson. Bart isn't original or anything. He just starts acting like a toddler wanting to be in charge. When I made a Top 10 Worst Simpsons episodes list last year, this was #3. It's THAT bad.

Bart Has two frames of mind; a normal, likeable 10 year old, and a bratty, idiotic nimrod. CHoose your pick in this episode!

Wow this is a mean episode!

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19 Simpsons Bible Stories
20 Love is a Many-Splintered Thing
21 The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed

I may had not seen the Family Guy episode "If I'm Dyin, I'm Lyin" but this SImpsons episode was like an "half and half" episode because I'm such a mythophile, and I almost respect the satire of such main religions like the three sacred ones: Christanity, Judaism and Islamism.

The bit where everyone claims to be the messiah somehow reminds me of family guy. - Harri666

It's just disgusting that this is so low on the list, monstrously bad

It ripped off family Guy.

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22 Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy

I hate Lisa but I still think this is a good episode - 445956

The episode is SO boring. - KalloFox34

Lisa made her own Barbie parody doll because Malibu Stacey was going stale. They introduced a new hat for the latest edition, not caring that an 8 year old made the doll. Malibu Stacey sucks.

Lisa the is why no one like you

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23 Homer vs. Dignity

The ending is terrible - ElSherlock

Geez, I hated this episode. Why does fox consider this a Christmas episode? It has nothing to do with Christmas at all! I watched this episode when I was 9, and I never watched another episode of the simpsons for an entire month! I thought Mr. Burns was an okay character... UNTIL THIS PIECE OF GARBAGE! Homer abuses his friends, humiliates himself, all just for fat stacks of cash! And to top it all off he dumps rotten fish on the town, and that's it! Homer learns no leason! We just have to watch the town get attacked by seagulls! Now this should be the reason he got counsoling in Love Is A Many Strangled Thing.

I agree with you, seeing the writers had hit a new low. - Sprightly - Sprightly

This one's not bad at all.

What? This is my favorite episode! - ShaunFan04

I agree. While it's not my favorite, I'll admit this episode was hilarious. - KalloFox34

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24 Homer's Night Out

Marge was so unlikable in this episode! I mean come on marge! Homer only danced with another Women! is that so much to ask? - ShaunFan04

No that episode was fine I'm young so I don't know the jokes

The problem is not the risque dancer, but Marge's reaction to when "Homie" dances next to said dancer. - Maddox121

I hate this episode, Marge,grow up.Homer was dancing NEXT to a very talented women - TheRealSilverlay

This episode is why Marge is y least favroit simpsons chariter

25 Milhouse of Sand and Fog
26 The Principal and the Pauper

Dare I say it, this episode isn't bad. Yes, the idea of Skinner being an imposter did mark the show's shark jump, but episodes like Curse of the Flying Hellfish (where Skinner's father sounds and looks just like Tamzarian) and Boy Meets Curl (where the fetus inside Agnes Skinner resembles a fetus version of Tamzarian) prove that this episode is non-canon. And it had lots of funny moments, like watching Agnes treat "Skinner" like a small child, Ralph Wiggum and Lisa's Presentation, the "America Balls" and "Up yours, children" - 445956

Oh, where can one start with this?

This episode IS non canon. Meaning that whatever have happened in this episode was rather a spoof. Sgt. Skinner IS the fake Skinner. Principal Skinner IS the real Skinner.


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27 Co-Dependent's Day
28 Bye Bye Nerdie (Season 12)

The hate this episode is getting from the voters is very annoying. No, Lisa was NOT bullied for the entire episode; the people who said that are just Lisa whiteknights. Plus, it had me laughing more than any episode in Season 12. Unfortunately people are too worried about their precious little Lisa getting insulted and/or hurt to realize how great this episode is. Just because your favourite character(s) were insulted or hurt in an episode, does NOT mean it's bad, unless it's a torture porn like Lisa Goes Gaga or The Boys Of Bummer

I literally hate this episode, this episode is just Lisa getting bullied! I did NOT laugh once! - ShaunFan04

Not a bad episode. Had some moments that were over the edge but also moments that were hilarious.


29 Alone Again, Natura-Diddily

Another crap episode from a frustrating season. I've seen people trying to justify this saying that it doesn't matter because Maude was not a fun or interesting character. Maybe she was not the best, but that doesn't change the fact that the Flanders family had a better and a funnier dynamic when she was alive. What made Homer hating Flanders funny was the fact that Ned was a constant source of Homer's unhappiness. With Maude's death, Ned stopped being an object of envy and became an object of pity, someone Homer has to help instead of hate, that is boring.
Now Homer hates Ned only because is Homer and that's the thing he is supposed to do... the dynamic between those characters is no longer funny.
Also killing Maude because the actress quit was a demostration from the show that they now care more about business instead of good storytelling and creativity.
So that's why I believe this episode deserves a place in the top ten.

Tell me again who liked Maude? This episode wasn't that bad, the song is really catchy too - 445956

The ending is dull - ElSherlock

Should be much higher

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30 Behind the Laughter

Overrated episode from a bad season.

How could you guys like this episode? No plot. Just BEHIND the laughter. No laughter, but BEHIND it.

This episode is AWFUL! Uh! I need 32423 bleach bottles. It's not funny!

Its fine but it's a bunch of lies

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31 Sweets and Sour Marge

Marge should be kicked off the show. She's always complaining

Any episode with Marge in it is dead on arrival

32 How I Wet Your Mother

And so, when the raging jerk of Homer strangles Bart within his chair's arms, he then reveals his true nature when he said "¡Why you little bastard! ¡Nothing will stop me from strangling you! ".

Homer pees the bed... perfect plot

This one was kind of funny. - RalphBob

33 A Star Is Born Again
34 Elementary School Musical

I Hate this Episode So Much that I Stopped Watching Simpsons For 3 Weeks After That. This Is Why People Hate The New Simpsons

That's one of the episodes in south park Lol I'm a big south park fan and I love the Simpsons except the treehouse of horror episodes because there plain weird in my opinion Hey I love that episode too

This episode is just boring! - rishal21

. I love this episode! How could you call it bad? Its hard to sing while playing... guitars.

35 Lisa's Rival


36 At Long Last Leave

Why do they kick ALL the Simpsons out? Lisa, Maggie and Marge don't do any harm I can only think of one instance when they have.Homer and Bart do the most damage, and its definitely NOT legal to just outcast people that's against state law. Also the ending was weird its like they never go back to Springfield, Usually a episode ends with then going back but no. Then the next episode they were back, it's like Bart-Mangled Banner they moved back from France and were going to another town then next episode they were back in Springfield what?

The show's 500th episode, and everybody is mean to the Simpsons. Come on! We waited 500 episodes for that? That everybody secretly hated the Simpsons? Worst episode yet and should be higher on the list.

Thanks Obama, Thanks Bieber, and Thanks Annoying Orange!

Stupid. Just stupid. - SamKoffsky

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37 The Fool Monty
38 Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass

Who wants to bring faith to the Super Bowl and make respected sports players do insulting victory moves?!

39 Eight Misbehavin'

The mindless defensive comments are doing nada to change my mind on this one

This was great!

This episode is great! whoever put it on the list is a phantomstrider fanboy - ShaunFan04

It was funny

40 Moe Goes From Rags To Riches

Why Did That Rag's Backstory Have to Involve The Simpsons! And Why Would a Rag Formerly Be a Quilt?


41 Homer Simpson in: Kidney Trouble

Homer is so unlikable in this episode. - 445956

42 Simpson Safari

Very very poor episode. Has very weak humor and is not very interesting. - ThatEpicDude

A very bad episode with a weak plot and bad humor. - ThatEpicDude

43 My Big Fat Geek Wedding

Mean spirited and another episode that further butchers skinner for no reason

44 The Musk Who Fell To Earth

I actually liked the ending part.
RIP Bowie. - Drewsky1211

45 Mona Leaves-a

Sad episode oh and who ever said the shark jumped far more than last time. Shut up.

The most sad episode ever - TrueWolf99

Homer's mother dies. The shark gets jumped far more than last time.

46 Little Big Girl
47 A Hunka Hunka Burns In Love

I would like this episode so much if it was just more appropriate. I mean, who wants to see girls shaking their butts in front of everybody?

I srooy nut robot burns is to,evil,to,love

48 Saddlesore Galactica

Even if it was meant as satire, the episode is still totally out of place on the show. - KalloFox34

Quite possibly one of the worst

It's a very funny episode

What?! I love ths!

49 Funeral for a Fiend
50 Treehouse of Horror XII

Literally the most boring episode of all time

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