The Boys of Bummer


Even if this episode was trying to be satirical, because in real life people can be this stupid believe it or not, it still doesn't feel right. I get it, satires are meant to be over the top, sarcastic and show people what's wrong with them.

But I mostly feel like this episode simply had no purpose. Even for a satire, its too unbelievable, even for the Simpsons world.

Even if the point of it was to make fun of people who behave in the way Springfield behaved here, it doesn't deliver it right. In the end people feel bad about their douchebaggery, but it looks like they mostly felt bad about Bart failing, and the ending then made it look like if it was a satire but for making fun of the whole "trophy for trying" idea. If that was the intention, then this episode backfired completely.

I admit that Lisa Goes Gaga is terrible but it's not so mean-spirited and cruel as this episode. Even though Bart can be really unlikeable sometimes, even he doesn't deserve getting so much hate just because he lost a baseball game. He is a 10 year old kid. Which people start a witch hunt just because a kid did something wrong? The whole town is bullying Bart until he suffers from a mental breakdown and begins spray painting "I hate Bart" just to end this torment. And then he tries to commit suicide. A 10 YEAR OLD BOY COMMITS SUICIDE BECAUSE THE WHOLE TOWN MADE HIS LIFE A LIVING HELL FOR LOSING ONE BASEBALL GAME! This is the most disgusting, darkest and most disturbing episode and I think Lisa Goes Gaga is overhated. The plot is stupid, yes. But this rotten egg is crossing the line.

This is the most horrible disgusting episode I've ever seen! Who created this monstrosity!?! In the episode the ENTIRE TOWN is mad at Bart and hates Bart just because he didn't catch a ball in little league. Then everyone humiliates Bart and throws food at him. Then the town keeps on humiliating and ostracizing him until he goes insane and tries to KILL HIMSELF! What the hell! This is the most mean-spirited, horrendous disgusting episode ever!

This is my most hated Simpsons episode. It was made in the worst year of my life (2007) and as for the harassment Bart receives from the town, I should know. I got called this name in 1993 that I hated so much nearly a quarter of the city I live in was calling me that, even random strangers. I hate how Moe's always the ring leader whenever the people form a mob. This episode brings back such bad memories for me

This episode was disgusting! Not in the literal sence but the characters attitude and hatred towards Bart is just horrible! All he did was drop a ball in a little-league game and now everybody is out to kill him! Terrible story, terrible character behaviours, absolutely terrible episode! Number one for sure!

You would expect low jokes like this from Family Guy and South Park but The Simpsons we all know is way better than making jokes about Bart being bullied because he dropped a fly ball at a baseball game. Just a very ugly episode

I dislike this episode on so many levels. Not only is it boring and a pain to sit through but the harassment towards Bart is terrible. HE EVEN ATTEMPTS SUICIDE. I don't know how much worse this could be

The town hated Bart for poor performance on baseball, and it drove Bart to attempt suicide. They hated him for being a bad baseball player, instead of hating someone for very bad serious deeds such as destroying the town.

Dear god! I hate this episode! Let me get this straight, so, Bart accidentally drops a ball during the championship game and the whole town starts harassing him. That's just cruelty abuse in it's finest. Then, when he attempts suicide, the townspeople abhorringly encourage him to die. Especially the damn chief?! I'm sorry, I must leave.

Haven't seen it, but you just described it. Sounds like the One Coarse Meal (SpongeBob) of The Simpsons. - Garythesnail

I wont be surprised if this actually happened in real life though. I hate this episode because I feel sorry for bart. - Harri666

The only reason I'm voting here is to tell you all: I don't think that the darker moments were supposed to be found funny. You know, The Simpsons doesn't always have to be funny. Bart snapping could have been funny, but with how shocking that someone was painting I Hate Bart Simpson was played, I don't think that it was.

Suicide attempts by Bart, a 10 year old, simply because he MISSED A CATCH, and no-one cares... yeah... not the best way to go

This episode is really depressing but in the hateful way. Why? because its about the town hating Bart just because he missed a catch in a baseball game. SERIOUSLY OUT OF ANYTHING IT HAD TO BE THAT and it even gets darker where he attempts suicide it looks like something out of ren and stimpy - HazzaInHisMazda

Have not watched this episode, but have seen a few clips of it. They throw beer at him, the abuse Homer for creating him, and paint I hate Bart Simpson. They do it so much the soon, Bart attempts suicide. Even after he attempted suicide they still continue to harass him

Bart attempts suicide in this episode. Oh come on, Simpsons! You're better than that!

If everybody threw beer at me in a game I'd throw it back at the audience

This episode pissed me off so damn much

My summary

Bart loses a baseball game, the whole town HATES and HURRASES him, driving him to insanity and make him try to commit SUICIDE, they still HATE him and Marge has to guilt them to realize their error!

This episode sucks. I've always related to Bart were 10 year old 4th graders that hate school are mischievous and are annoyed by a jerk sister. and seeing Springfield harass and torture him till he commits suicide is just sad. it makes me feel like there doing it to me and why do you ask the town is treating him so poorly... BECAUSE OF A STUPID BASEBALL GAME!

Bart failed to catch a ball and literally EVERYONE HATES HIM FOR IT!
Oh he's commiting suicide. That's really funny, isn't it? The police actually tell him to kill himself as well. I stopped watching simpsons for about a year after watching this disgraceful episode. What the hell were they thinking?

This episode sucked why make it

This episode is just sin worthy

Depressing, maybe because he knew Obama would become president a year later.

Also, That Announcer Should Have Just Shut His Mouth.