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101 How Munched Is That Birdie In the Window?
102 You Kent Always Say What You Want

Why don't we ever SEE the swear, I mean they could of done something like ****

Kent Brockman gets fired for cursing. The shark-jumping inches 0.839 centimeters higher.

103 Gone Maggie Gone
104 Rosebud V 1 Comment
105 The Book Job
106 Eeny Teeny Maya Moe

I like this one! It gives a good message.

107 Homer of Seville
108 Lost Our Lisa
109 Double Double Boy in Trouble

WHAATT?! This episode is so AWESOME! How come the 2000's episodes get so much hate?!

110 Pygmoelian
111 Krusty Gets Busted
112 The Great Louse Detective
113 Moaning Lisa

Underrated. I loved this episode when I was little I had it on video. While everyone else worships Last Exit To Springfield, it has a Facebook page.

Besides the prank call, horrible lame episode.

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114 Bart vs. Thanksgiving

I love this episode why the hell is this on here

Funny part Bart destroy lisa thanksgiving she has made something

This is pretty much Bart from the modern Simpsons episodes

115 My Big Fat Geek Wedding
116 Class Struggle in Springfield

Nothing memorable about this one it's just so boring and bland. - STANCAKE

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117 Moe'N'a Lisa

It was put together like a bad shipfic, spent the first ten minutes forcing two characters with no connection together, wrote Lisa vaguely out of character but not enough to make me less ashamed of liking her, and the conclusion was utterly pointless.

At very least Lisa got what she deserved for being so innocent. Come on, I expect that from stupid characters like SpongeBob, but Lisa's IQ is in the 150 something's. Smarten up, you sheltered brat.

Lisa, the reason Moe didn't give you credit is because he would get kicked out of the word loaf

118 Pay Pal

This episode just destroys Marge and everything she stands for. On this episode she is definitely stupider than Homer and pays this girl which she barely knows to be Lisa's friend? WAAAH? She said she doesn't care about having a friend! Marge, stop forcing your beliefs onto Lisa! You did this back in Season 1 with Moaning Lisa but here you just go way past that line!

This episode is just plain awful whichever way you want to cut it. - Cazaam

I've always hated Marge. She is one of my most hated characters of all time, including benson From regular show and every character on family guy (except for Meg)

The shark is jumped so high that Fox is obviously forced to order more seasons instead of killing it off.

Oh no! Marge lost her character

119 New Kids on the Blecch

My favourite episode but Lisa did my head in - TheRealSilverlay

Er no Lisa was actually quite smart to the others.
Could you please stop slagging off female characters, just because you think women are objects or should still be housewives with no career.

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120 Pranks and Greens

I hate this episode so much.

The story had potential. Bart finds there is a master of pranks that once went to his school who did a huge prank on Skinner. Sounds exciting enough, but once he finds him, Bart suddenly decides he needs to change him. I can't even beging to explain how stupid this is. Basically the prankster is 19 and pretty much acts like any regular 19 year old. Except that he's more obsessed with pranks. This somehow upsets Bart as he now thinks he's a loser.
So in the end the prankster gets a job and ages some 20 extra years, and Bart is happy.

And then there's the boring and forgettable substory about Marge and greens and Maggie. I kind of forgot what happened in it, which is a shame since this episode needed a good substory to distract from the terrible main story.

This episode was boring and infuriating.

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