Top Ten Worst Sonic Fans

Here's a list of the top ten worst Sonic fans to ever come out of existence. These people are the reason that Sonic fans are given a bad name.

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21 ver2k0

He should watch omegamario89's sonic videos.

Strange? no rants about this guy.

He's still a sega sonic fanboy & become & sonic boom fanboy & Last but not least he still a Stupid Archie sonic & sonic satam hater I bet meltingman234 is displease with this guy

This sonamy fanbrat is similar to the sonally fanbrat Sonicteam765.

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22 Mixedfan8643

He's a insult to mature Archie sonic fans.

I use to like his reviews but when I look at his sonic satam review. Then I stopped watching him.

He's a rabid hater of everything he hates! he can't deal with different opinions.

Almost Worser than mrenter

23 Hunter The Hedgehog

An 06 white knight(naturally), a social reject, and a hypocrite all around. He accuses many people of "sock accounts", just because they're calling facts on the many many flaws of Sonic 06. He then precedes to calling people, "social rejects" just because of terrible 06 is. Right.

Verbal psychopath, just like Darksonic180 and Al Jerico/Aurtis/Cybernik The Hedgehog/Mischievous Yroo.

24 Darksonic180

SonicTeam765's YouTube/Google+ account. He's just as much an annoying, stubborn, idiotic, and deluded jackass there as he is on DeviantArt. Seriously, this guy needs leave the internet and get some mental help.

This guy is just so stubborn! He's just like Al Jerico. - SpyderSoup

25 The Cunning Condor

This guy is somewhat mentally messed up, and spent the majority of his time making fun of other people's artwork when he got banned.

26 Ryannumber1gamer
27 The Shadow Imperator

A complete idiot and bully

The dude is quite hot headed and angry. He also has a bias against penders fans, and well, so does his fans...

28 Xcalibur64
29 Shdowhunt60

A rabid tails fan that calls anyone who draws shipping fanart of his favorite character a pedophile. Also thinks people who watch anime are pedophiles. He managed to get himself banned on sega forums numerous times due to stupid autistic rage fits he would have after having his opinion challenged. He's also a furry loser that holds a minimum wage job at Mcdonald's. Just an all around petty bitch.

30 Screwattack!

They kill your favorite characters.

31 cobanermani456

His videos are horrible and his voice is annoying! Why does he have a million subscribers? He deserves to have zero! - SonicFan4Life

32 AkaiDalia

I'm surprised to AkaiDalia/CobaltPie isn't on this list - 1pink2red

33 NicOfDoom2

Really cringeworthy, acts like a pre-schooler and obsessed with cross fiction, just look at either his DA profile and twitter and you will see a flood of cringe

34 VortexFunnel

He's form deviant art

35 Mario_Sonic_Megaman

Not only is he a Sonic fanboy, but he's also a Nintendo fanboy as well! He's so annoying and takes things too seriously!

36 Megapi Central
37 MegaPi

All his content is just old Sonic fangames that nobody likes and he doesn't even edit his videos anymore. What a waste of good time that could be spent wanking off to Tails to be honest. He ruins Sanic for us all.

38 Tails' Channel
39 DaggerBark

One of the biggest crybaby who was ever a sonamy fan

Stupid narrow minded brony with stupid friends.

40 jacobsonic84
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