Top Ten Worst SpongeBob Episodes From Seasons 1, 2 and 3

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41 Pranks a Lot

This episode was at best, OK. But the ending just MURDERED it. Showing SpongeBob and Patrick naked in front of the WHOLE KRUSTY KRAB is just mean spirited and perverted.

Initially liked this one at first, but the ending is cruel and awful.

Another bad ending I hate everyone at the krusty krab there is nothing funny about being naked. NOTHING

The ending was really funny

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42 The Bully

I like all of these episodes except for Party Pooper Pants, Ugh, Dumped, and I'm with stupid. And I was a teenage Gary. This list is truly pathetic.

Then you've never seen "The Great Snail Race" or "The Chaperone" but yes I'm With Stupid sucks butt. - Goatworlds

Ha ha, unnesscessary cruelty is funny because... Wait I almost forget it isn't. Why must we 11 minutes of mental torture to SpongeBob? Why is the plot so contrived? Why was there a "slap-in-the-face" ending? I really wonder why this episode isn't hated more. Score: this episode doesn't deserve one. Sign, LuxrayVision.

At the end Mr. Puff says

Mrs puff I can't believe you beat up a new student I'm going to kick your butt!

The ending of the episode should look more like that

Mrs puff was such a ass at the end what a bitch

43 Sleepy Time

That was my favorite season 1 episode


44 Squid's Day Off

More Squidward Torture Porn

What is this list doing?! - Bobby792003

45 Sailor Mouth

This ones a classic! - matty925

46 Can You Spare a Dime?

Oh hey look, more Squidward Torture Porn.

One of the most hilarious episodes of the series! The greatest plot of all time! I love this episode

47 Jellyfish Jam

Aka Squidward Torture Porn #2

Whoever put this list should go in John Cena arena

48 Missing Identity
49 Scaredy Pants

Ok this is the Most Forgettable Spongebob Special in my opinion

Y'know, my friend thinks this episode is the worst of the series.

50 Mid-Life Crustacean

Because of the ending that should be banned

Why isn't this number 1? this is a terrible episode. I refuse to watch it just because of the ending. Its funny at times, but the ending just ruins it.

Mama Krabs did punished mr Krabs for the rest of the night so still not a stupid and being grounded for the rest of the night is not too bad although it should be banned

What Mr Krabs did in the end was perverted... - Goatworlds

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51 Squeaky Boots
52 The Secret Box

Stop! This Episode is Hilarious to the Roof!

53 Doing Time

It's great episode, just no one knows it

It's really confusing

It deserves to

54 Pizza Delivery

Best one of the season

Uh, WHAT?!?! seriously? - ChiefMudkip

55 Hall Monitor
56 As Seen on TV
57 Rock Bottom
58 Help Wanted

The show wouldn't exist if it weren't for this episode. This is the pilot.

Why do you think it should be banned I love that episode

It's the first episode

Bruh, this is the first episode...

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59 Rock-a-Bye Bivalve

Oh man, I love this one! It was really funny. I like the clever jokes hidden in it. - Garythesnail

The episode wasn't originally called "How Sex Doesn't Work", it was just a joke made in the "Squidward's Suicide" creepypasta.

Fun fact: this episode was originally called "how does sex not work" because seriously, pat and sponge's relationship in this episode was... Disturbing, especially at the end when pat said "let's have another" also pat is a dirtbag because he does NOTHING! Score: disturbing and cruel. Sign, LuxrayVision.

WHO THE HECK PUT THIS HERE!? I love this episode.

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60 Neptune's Spatula

I just feel the plot is weak and not interesting

I don't like how patricks face was put back on his head at the end

boring. - Goatworlds

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