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1 I'm With Stupid

This episode was still better than pretty much any episode from SpongeBob's dark era (Seasons 6-9A), it really wasn't that bad. Still, it can easily be called the worst pre-movie episode (tied with Party Pooper Pants) because of how unkind Patrick is to SpongeBob compared to other episodes, and with Party Pooper Pants, it's the opposite: SpongeBob is being unkind to Patrick.

Truthfully its really hard to vote on this list but everyone trashed this episode. I really don't like the way Patrick treats SpongeBob but its still really funny. My favorite is "But don't geniuses live in a lamp? " and "Look you got this note (shows music note) and you got a letter (shows actual letter B)! And I got this message from my parents! "

The fact this episode is surrounded by so much good (season 2) make this worse.
Patrick was a lovable friend in most of the season, spongebob was more mature, endings were never much of a problem then (except for the paper, that was really sad).
Speaking of which, WHAT IS WITH THE ENDING! If patrick's "parents" are able to write a letter and try to tutor their "son," how can they forget they don't have one? I have no idea why pieguyrulz called this a good episode.

It's one of my least favorites, but Dumped was worse.

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2 Dumped

Talk About An Episode That Does Everything Wrong I'm Very Surprised Most People Don't Hate This Episode There Is Nothing To Like The Plot Is Terrible Just The Same Old Losing A Pet Episode We Seen A Million Times Already In fact A Plot They Would Do A Lot Better In Have You Seen This Snail, Patrick's A Jerk Always Being So Smug About Getting Gary And Not Even Caring When His Best Friend Is Crying Right In front Of Him And That Brings Me To The Biggest Problem With The Episode The Tone It Is Just Way To Depressing Now I Don't Have A Problem With Spongebob Being Depressing It's Done It Well In Episodes Like Have You Seen This Snail Or New Leaf But When It Is This Depressing It No Longer Feel Like A Spongebob Episode It Feel Like A Really Depressing Tragic Drama Now I Consider This The Worst Because Not Only Is It Incredibly Boring But It's The Only Episode I Can Put Up There With Some Of The Worst In The Show's History.

Who gives a damn how patrick acts? It's a made up show without real characters, it exists to entertain people. If it doesn't entertain you it isn't a good episode, if it does it has reached its goal and it's a good episode. Its irrational to vote off of how the characters act because its funny when patricks an ass anyway and if you really feel that much empathy to an entity you know doesn't actually exist (SpongeBob) and want him treated fairly to the point where you loathe an episode where he isn't, I'm very sorry but get a life...

I honestly don't like it because I found it really overemotional. - IcetailofWishClan

Tied with I'm With Stupid (which PieGuyRulz inexplicably rated as "good"), this is the absolute worst, least memorable, least funny, and most needlessly melodramatic episode of all of the first 3 seasons. Hell, even 70-80% of the episodes from Seasons 4 and 5 individually were better than this sorry excuse for an episode! The only thing remotely likable about this episode was Jerry, and I really think it's a shame that he never appeared in the show again.

Should be #1. - IcetailofWishClan

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3 The Sponge Who Could Fly

This special could have been great. The laugh out loud moments, the patchy segments, but what ruins it is how mean the Bikini Bottomites were. At first they make fun of him and start yelling at him. Right before he flies, Joe mama makes a rude phone call about him. But when he DOES fly, the towns people were shocked. At first they start to think of him as a hero after changing the light bulb in the light house for Old Man Jankins so he doesn't Drown. Remeber what I just said about Old Man Jankins. But right after that, the Bikini Bottomites think Hero means MAID SERVANT. I'm serious. The requests were just mean spirited. One guy made Spongebob give a head massage, and Mr Krabs made him organize his garage. Spongebob finally told them he was gonna fly to jellyfish fields to do what he wanted in the FIRST PLACE and goes away and says they can't get him. But then OLD MAN JANKINS decides to cannonball straight towards him and make him fall. Spongebob then dropped dead with deflated pants. ...more

This episode in my opinion would probably be in my top 10 favorite episodes. The songs are really good and even though the Bikini Bottom citizens are pretty mean-spirited, I still like Sponge's determination. Plus there are some good laugh-out-loud moments (like SpongeBob's walk cycle). This and Christmas Who? Had a really good Patchy sequences too. I just love this episode but that's my opinion.

Voting this up the list. Party Pooper Pants is still my least favorite, but The Sponge Who Could Fly is still worse than Dumped and I'm with Stupid in my opinion. Besides the poor behavior and hypocrisy of the townspeople, it's just not a very interesting episode. It's one of the more forgettable ones of Season 3, and indeed, pre movie SpongeBob as a whole.

In my opinion, there are no bad pre movie episodes and the only meh ones are this and Squeaky Boots. I don't care for this one that much because it's really forgettable and the plot feels uninteresting. I do like the Patchy parts though - NostalgiaMonkey

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4 Party Pooper Pants

It's not too bad but it's still a pretty gimmicky episode. SpongeBob's behavior gets really grating too, and there's not enough good jokes. It's my least favorite pre-movie episode, but I still like watching it for some reason and it does have that season 3 charm. I also liked that bit where Patchy's invitation gets ruined underwater, that was hilarious.

SpongeBob is unlikable in this episode. He acts like a jerk, and he also got arrested for trying to break into his own home wearing a bunny costume. Although this isn't as bad as The Great Snail Race, it is still slightly worse than I Was A Teenage Gary. - SamHalls2015

I just watched this. I hardly remember it and I can see why. It's easily among the worst if not the worst pre movie episode. There was a fair amount of decent jokes, but the characters were robotic and Spongebob was unbearable. The majority of the patchy segments were also cringe inducing.

Wouldn't recommend this episode at all, I hate this episode. - BlueBobYT

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5 The Great Snail Race

All the other episodes on here have a redeeming quality to them. I'm With Stupid is extremely comedic, as well as showing Patrick as more of a pathetic person than a mean person in my opinion. Party Pooper Pants had some great visual jokes, as well as a decent story, and even My Life as a Teenage Gary had some entertaining moments. However, this episode is atrocious in every sense of the word. It is unfunny, cruel, gross, confusing, and includes the suffering of a character who cannot defend themselves. I feel revolted and annoyed anytime I see this episode, and I personally think it can be included as one of the worst Spongebob episodes of all time.

Seriously this episode is overhated the Gary abuse was very minor and unlike it's successor A Pal for Gary, SpongeBob apologizes for it and it has a really sweet ending and it makes up for the abuse because it's extremely rewarding, Not to mention this episode is packed with great humour, It definitely doesn't deserve the hate it gets.

This is the worst pre-movie episode in my opinion. It has the same mean spirit I Was A Teenage Gary, but worse. In this episode, Gary crashes into a wall. This may be the first Gary Torture Porn in the series. The next one isn't until Whatever Happened to SpongeBob? Which is a Season 5 episode. - SamHalls2015

This episode is funny - NostalgiaMonkey

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6 I Was a Teenage Gary

This is a great episode. This should be at the bottom! In fact this list shouldn't exist! Please somebody get this off of here. The only bad episodes are I'm with stupid and the great snail race

I wasn't expecting a Season 1 episode to be bad. Anyway, this is my 100th least favourite SpongeBob episode, my least favourite in Season 1 and my third least favourite pre-movie episode. I don't like this episode and the only other bad episodes are Party Pooper Pants and The Great Snail Race, both are worse and from Season 3. - SamHalls2015

For those of you who like this episode, this episode is just grotesque and the ending is just... What!? - TomKellyCartooning

I liked this episode even though it's confusing and creepy. - BlueBobYT

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7 Ugh

Watched it yesterday. It's not bad. Just kinda boring

I'm not really a fan of Cavemen. - Datguyisweird666

It's okay, I guess...? - Powerfulgirl10

Many good memes were based on this and SB-129 so I'll give it credit. - BlueBobYT

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8 Grandma's Kisses

The only thing I don't like about this episode was the ending where Squidward and all the Bikini Bottomites were laughing at SpongeBob outside his grandma's house. I mean, don't they got anything else to do other than ruin a heartwarming message about loving your grandparents? I honestly felt the ending would have been better if Squidward's grandma came and she hit him with a cane as karma for harassing poor SpongeBob. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Spongebob Torture Porn at it's finest

SpongeBob, can't you just ask Grandma to feed you cookies and stuff and omit JUST the kissing? - BlueBobYT

Awful episode. Immensely boring and the Bikini Bottomites are big jerks.

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9 Krabby Land

This is literally the only Pre-Movie episode that feels like it's from the SpongeBob Dark-age. You may think that I'm With Stupid or even The Great Snail Race is worse, but no. They really aren't. Mr Krabs does get his comeuppance at the end though, but he does in a few of the really bad Dark-Age episodes too. So, there is no excuse. I bet all my Goofy Goober Tokens and Golden Spatula's that this was co-written by Zeus or Casey.

Is anyone shocked that this episodes came from Season 3 and from Season 6 or 7 because I forgot that this was a pre movie episodes

When I was little I thought this was a post movie episode because it sucked and it was mean

The ending was satisfying enough to keep this from being the worst, though.

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10 MuscleBob BuffPants MuscleBob BuffPants MuscleBob BuffPants is an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants season 1. In the episode, SpongeBob buys a pair of fake muscle arms to impress Sandy.

This list is stupid.

Spongebob Torture Porn

This episode is just weird... - BlueBobYT

Spongebob running with big muscles is just gold

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11 The Secret Box

Who's responsible for adding this here?! - Powerfulgirl10

Well there's like no bad episodes from pre movie Spongebob people need to add the good episode on here - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

Are you kidding? I love this episode!

"The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma" Have you forgotten this quote? That quote made me laugh.

This is Patrick being a jerk pulled off correctly. I kind of understand why this is here, yet it’s a bit of an enigma to understand why it’s here at the same time. To those that have never seen the episode (HOW?!?! ) before, it’s about SpongeBob desperately wanting to see what’s inside of Patrick’s secret box. He takes any measure to see what inside of it, and Patrick denies him every time. In the end, he reveals to SpongeBob a part of it, which was a string. The thing about the string is that it would pull up a picture of SpongeBob during Christmas, so it might be understandable why Patrick didn’t want to show anyone, especially SpongeBob what was inside the box.

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12 Welcome to the Chum Bucket

I thought it was a depressing episode, but not a bad episode. - anonygirl

Kind of pointless if you ask me

What where they thinking with the end mabye it would be to short if I said yes or mabye they wanted to try a pal for gary in season 2 with the end why do people like this episode I always hated this episode even as a kid but not as bad as your mine and mine or gone

Spongebob here, to me, feels like an unlikeable jerk.

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13 Gary Takes a Bath

A Classic Episode! This Episode Had A Lot Of Jokes That Were Very Funny Including The Dropping The Soap Joke

Maybe it's the girl why this guy put it here. - Datguyisweird666

First, SpongeBob's a complete prick to Gary. Also, the "don't drop the soap" joke is really bad.

Who put this here?

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14 Neptune's Spatula

That's a DAMN good episode!

It's ok.

15 Bossy Boots

I'm only saying this because it's just bland. Not bad, but bland. No spongebob episode outside of the two movies in S 1-3 can manage that.

16 Reef Blower

Ugh...people this was literally the first episode outside the pilot, and their sound equipment wasn't working...please just cut them some slack...

No dialogue. Plus it was the first Squidward Torture Porn.

This episode was boring

It was silent because the sound equipment was broken, that’s why it had no dialogue - AliciaMae

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17 New Student Starfish

I LOVE this episode, Patrick framing SpongeBob this episode was hilarious unlike I'm With Stupid. - BlueBobYT

Patrick framing SpongeBob?

Patrick was a dick here.

Please don’t remove my comment but I absolutely hate this episode Patrick framing spongebob is not funny this episode should be higher and it needs to stay on the list

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18 Pranks a Lot

This and Krusty Krab Training Video are the worst of pre movie Spongebob. The fake vomit scene scared me to death and it still does.

Feels like a post movie episode

Well it was the last episode before the Movie - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

It's boring. - IcetailofWishClan

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19 Survival of the Idiots

This is the worst list ever, this is one of the best spongebob episodes ever created!


20 Fools in April

Actually, I find it underrated. - IcetailofWishClan

21 Bubble Buddy

Mixed feelings.Cruelty vs good jokes = meh

22 Jellyfishing

Boring and unfunny is my biggest issue, and I feel like it went a bit too far. - IcetailofWishClan

First Squidward torture porn.

This is the first ever Squidward Karma Trip.The octopus got what he deserved.


23 Nature Pants

There are just 3 pre - movie episodes that suck: Nature Pants, Dumped and Club SpongeBob. And MAYBE Sandy's Rocket. However, this isn't just the worst pre - movie episode, this is the worst SpongeBob episode of all time. That shows pre - movie SpongeBob has bad episodes. Now I'm gonna review the hated episodes that shouldn't be on here:

I'm With Stupid - yeah, it's a Patrick's a prick episode, yeah, it's kinda mean - spirited, but it's also very funny.

The Great Snail Race - Gary tormen't isn't shown too long in the episode, it has great jokes, SpongeBob actually feels sorry for Gary and tells him he can stop racing, Gary is happy at the end because he falls in love, it's one of my favorite season 3 episodes (12th or 13th)

I Was A Teenage Gary - a really funny and unique episode, which shouldn't be hated at all. I think it's only hated because of SpongeBob's snail transformation that may have creeped out some kids (not me).

The Sponge Who Could Fly - a good ...more

Put this at #1 almost all pre movie episodes are good except this, Club Spongebob, Dumped, and maybe 2 or 3 others. This is the worst SPONGEBOB not PRE MOVIE episode ever, so put this at #1. All episodes that are higher than this are good except Dumped. So, put this at #1.

Yeah, I was never too fond of this episode to begin with. Especially the parts that show just how much Patrick missed Spongebob. It was just not something many people really wanted to see. Including me. So I don't recommend this episode at all.

This episode is my worst pre - movie episode, it's very underhated. Same with Club Spongebob.

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24 Jellyfish Hunter

My favorite Season 2 episode, - Alien51

25 Wormy

The development of Wormy and Patrick/Spongebob as friends is very abrupt and forced.
Butterfly larvae don't pupate, metamorphose, and emerge in the time given.
The terrene lepidopteran would drown to death in ten seconds.
Krabs and Squidward vanish without any further mention or appearance.
The entire town is all but decimated in the chaos that the protagonists cause.
Sandy is oblivious to the turmoil and even wants to leave town more often, and cause more problems.

A large amount of people apparently hate it for seeing a horsefly closeup, but I think I would really love to see a pegasus!

I wouldn't call it that great, but it certainly isn't one of the worst. My least favorite pre movie episodes are Squeaky Boots, Dumped, The Great Snail Race, and maybe Party Pooper Pants, and even those episodes are pretty good.

For The Longest Time, This Was Actually My Worst Episode, I HATED The Butterfly Close Up, It Scared the Heck Outta Me, Now My Worst Episode is One Coarse Meal - ChiefMudkip

Really great episode, I don't know why somebody would hate a whole episode all because of one scary part - NostalgiaMonkey

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26 The Smoking Peanut
27 Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost

This list is garbage.

Who didn't like patrick dropping a watermalon on squidward?

Why? Who put this on the list?

I liek tis list

28 Your Shoe's Untied

This one wasn't too memorable, but it wasn't bad.

29 Nasty Patty

I like this episode. - Jodan111

Spongebob and Mr. Krabs should be arrested for attempted murder.

This is one of my favorite episodes! I get that there aren’t many bad episodes of pre movie SB, but this plot is so different and entertaining to watch!

30 The Paper

This is a REALLY good episode. - Powerfulgirl10

This episode is decent.It's boring,but this episode has a plot that we can all relate to.IMAGINATION!

31 Procrastination

Even though it had 1 or 2 good laugh and the message I think is really good (even though it becomes a big cop out In the end) I think this episode doesn't work because of the sketchy and dark animation, strangely out of character... Well Characters, and the fact that the episode in my opinion is so depressing and just flat out Uncomfortable

This episode is OKAY. Not horrible either, where Spongebob does his homework, some kind of funny or off-putting parts when he does. Some good jokes are the car crash, "Did you hear that? 800 words! " Some bad jokes are some objects talking, and this scares the crap outta me. Overall this is an OKAY episode. I give this 6/10.

This episode scared the crap out of me when I was little.

I loved this episode that chair was so creepy

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32 Doing Time


Pretty good.

This episode is so mediocore and Boring Mr. puff is Just really annoying in my opinion This is a Bad episode for Sure

I honestly think it sould be number one, it's so abysmal, nothing funny at all, just a plain ms. Puff touture episode! And I think it's really overrated. But you don't have to hate it.

33 The Chaperone

This episode shouldn't be on this list.

34 Born Again Krabs

This should be much higher on the list. - JThrill

Mr Krabs kills spongebob!

35 Squid On Strike

Worst pre-movie episode. It has disturbing close-ups of the insides of SpongeBob, Krabs is a jerk, and the episode is uninteresting

You'd better like this one, or I will OFF WITH YOUR HEAD! (I've talked like the Queen of Hearts)

This episode was good.

36 As Seen on TV As Seen on TV

Another one of my favorite episodes of all time - NostalgiaMonkey

Here's why this is on the list. SpongeBob becomes incredibly selfish, just because he was on T.V.. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

I find it incredibly boring. - IcetailofWishClan

37 Clams

No way! This episode is awesome! My favorite part was "Not a sandwich...THE sandwich" that never gets old

All he does is bawl his head off over his 1,000,000th dollar. It had some decent jokes here and there, but I's not really all that funny. But I don't dislike it. - Mariomaster63

Are you kidding me? This episode is hilarious!

Shut up it doesn't suck

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38 Squeaky Boots

It's good but it might be my least favorite of Season 1. I honestly don't know my least favorite of pre-movie because I've seen and like all of them. - NostalgiaMonkey

The secret box is 16 but this is 20? the secret box is my #12 favorite!

I think that this is one of the two pre movie episodes that are meh. The other one is The Sponge Who Could Fly, no bad pre movie episodes in my opinion. I don't care for this one because the squeaking really irritates me and the plot is bland and boring. - NostalgiaMonkey

This is a good episode, and I love the Telltale Heart reference.

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39 Club SpongeBob

The plot seems to be barely anything more than a chain of contrived events. If you reject this, please direct focus on the story, starting with the misleading title. The onomastic origins come from the club SB and Patrick are in at the beginning of the episode, but the club isn't reentered once the characters are thrown into the forest, and SB telling the others to 'Remember, we're a club! ' is [ironically] the point where the motif is forgotten about. The episode title is often expected to be about the most important part of the episode, and said part is abandoned in the first half of the episode. Also, by that time, there were too many plot-holes present; no explanation was provided to how Patrick and SB could live in their crate for three days, or why the club was ever created, or what danger they were in when they were trapped in the forest. But SB and Patrick adopt confidence, because they want to parody Lord of the Flies with their decision-making Magic Conch, which gives out ...more

The first Squidward Torture porn ever created. The Magic conch proceeded to starve Squidward even though he was in the right. And the ending has everyone lost forever to starve. Ouch.

Can I be... second... to point out that this is NOT a Squidward Torture Porn? Just because Squidward gets "tortured" does not mean it is a Squidward Torture Porn. If you think so, you are not a true Spongebob fan, go away. - Bobby792003

I love this episode and Squidward got his karma for being mean to SpongeBob and Patrick. Why does everyone have to be so sensitive about something bad happening to Squidward? - NostalgiaMonkey

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40 Squilliam Returns

This episode was amazing.

41 Squirrel Jokes
42 Arrgh!
43 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV

Spongebob is completely unlikable in this episode. The wumbo scene with patrick would have been funny if I wasn't busy wanting to punch spongebob in the face. - Gods-Judgement

44 The Bully

I understand why people like this episode. But the reasons why they like it are the same reasons why I HATE IT. Flats is a jerk just because, it's a Spongebob torture and it's a pre-movie One Course Meal


45 Something Smells
46 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy
47 Artist Unknown

I really don't know why this episode doesn't get any hate. Squidward is like, Little Yellow Book unlivable, if not more. He is so selfish and an obnoxious jerk. He really can't treat SpongeBob with some respect? He made him lose all his creative talent. ALL of it. It leaves a bad feeling, and the only reason Squidward tried to help him was for his own purposes of getting fame and fortune (and hair). I also didn't like the critic. His design is really off, he speaks so strangely, and he gets the story nowhere. And just the ending is really awful. Squidward acts up like in Are You Happy Now? And it's really uncomfortable to watch, and then the janitor is the one to get the fame and fortune. That just made the episode pointless and end on a weird note. I just didn't understand how compressed rubble can make a sculpture. And still no apology. Not any sort of remorse. And the episode is not funny. Except for three jokes, most of them either fall flat, are disguised by how unlikeable ...more - charlesjrosenbaum

I didn't get this piece of garboil episode one bit. I don't know what it is trying to tell me at all. It's not even funny.

Are you kidding me?! This episode is good! - Powerfulgirl10

This episode is so bold and brand

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48 Hooky

The ending of this episode was very mean-spirited. It would have been a much better episode if SpongeBob's humiliation was a moment where he imagines "what could happen" and changes his mind rather than being humiliated in front of Mr Krabs and others. - OC96

Still better than Dumped or Pranks a Lot. - IcetailofWishClan

Squidward: "Good job on getting SpongeBob learning his lesson Mr. Krabs. How are you planning on getting him back to prevent what happened when he was on break earlier in the episode? "
Krabs: "Now that I think about it, that prank was a bit too far for the guy who already promised".

A much more fitting ending.

This is a funny episode - NostalgiaMonkey

49 Squidville

Just look at the racism, people.


50 Employee of the Month

Squidward Torture Porn

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