Worst Spongebob Pre Movie Episodes


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1 I'm With Stupid

Truthfully its really hard to vote on this list but everyone trashed this episode. I really don't like the way Patrick treats SpongeBob but its still really funny. My favorite is "But don't geniuses live in a lamp? " and "Look you got this note (shows music note) and you got a letter (shows actual letter B)! And I got this message from my parents! "

Definitely deserves to be high on the list for being the first Patjerk episode and torturing SpongeBob for trying to help Patrick, this episode is absolutely horrible and doesn't deserve to be called a pre-movie episode - JThrill

My god, I hate this episode. Pat's a prick, SpongeBob is tortured for no reason, and Pat's parents kind of creep me out. Good god. - TomKellyCartooning

Patrick may be a bad prick this episode.
SpongeBob's attitude in Snail Race was worse. - BlueBobYT

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2 I Was a Teenage Gary

This is a great episode. This should be at the bottom! In fact this list shouldn't exist! Please somebody get this off of here. The only bad episodes are I'm with stupid and the great snail race

I wasn't expecting a Season 1 episode to be bad. Anyway, this is my 100th least favourite SpongeBob episode, my least favourite in Season 1 and my third least favourite pre-movie episode. I don't like this episode and the only other bad episodes are Party Pooper Pants and The Great Snail Race, both are worse and from Season 3. - SamHalls2015

This is #2 worst?! This is my #17 best episode, it was great, get off it from this top 10! - Chuck123456

I liked this episode even though it's confusing and creepy. - BlueBobYT

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3 The Great Snail Race

Seriously this episode is overhated the Gary abuse was very minor and unlike it's successor A Pal for Gary, SpongeBob apologizes for it and it has a really sweet ending and it makes up for the abuse because it's extremely rewarding, Not to mention this episode is packed with great humour, It definitely doesn't deserve the hate it gets.

This is the worst pre-movie episode in my opinion. It has the same mean spirit I Was A Teenage Gary, but worse. In this episode, Gary crashes into a wall. This may be the first Gary Torture Porn in the series. The next one isn't until Whatever Happened to SpongeBob? Which is a Season 5 episode. - SamHalls2015

I'm a man who likes shock humor crude humor and dirty humor. SpongeBob gets what he's deserves in this episode

Spongebob is so unlikeable in this episode

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4 Dumped

Talk About An Episode That Does Everything Wrong I'm Very Surprised Most People Don't Hate This Episode There Is Nothing To Like The Plot Is Terrible Just The Same Old Losing A Pet Episode We Seen A Million Times Already In fact A Plot They Would Do A Lot Better In Have You Seen This Snail, Patrick's A Jerk Always Being So Smug About Getting Gary And Not Even Caring When His Best Friend Is Crying Right In front Of Him And That Brings Me To The Biggest Problem With The Episode The Tone It Is Just Way To Depressing Now I Don't Have A Problem With Spongebob Being Depressing It's Done It Well In Episodes Like Have You Seen This Snail Or New Leaf But When It Is This Depressing It No Longer Feel Like A Spongebob Episode It Feel Like A Really Depressing Tragic Drama Now I Consider This The Worst Because Not Only Is It Incredibly Boring But It's The Only Episode I Can Put Up There With Some Of The Worst In The Show's History.

Who gives a damn how patrick acts? It's a made up show without real characters, it exists to entertain people. If it doesn't entertain you it isn't a good episode, if it does it has reached its goal and it's a good episode. Its irrational to vote off of how the characters act because its funny when patricks an ass anyway and if you really feel that much empathy to an entity you know doesn't actually exist (SpongeBob) and want him treated fairly to the point where you loathe an episode where he isn't, I'm very sorry but get a life...

Tied with I'm With Stupid (which PieGuyRulz inexplicably rated as "good"), this is the absolute worst, least memorable, least funny, and most needlessly melodramatic episode of all of the first 3 seasons. Hell, even 70-80% of the episodes from Seasons 4 and 5 individually were better than this sorry excuse for an episode! The only thing remotely likable about this episode was Jerry, and I really think it's a shame that he never appeared in the show again.

Hard to watch, the episode consists of mostly depression. - BlueBobYT

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5 Party Pooper Pants

It's not too bad but it's still a pretty gimmicky episode. SpongeBob's behavior gets really grating too, and there's not enough good jokes. It's my least favorite pre-movie episode, but I still like watching it for some reason and it does have that season 3 charm. I also liked that bit where Patchy's invitation gets ruined underwater, that was hilarious.

SpongeBob is unlikable in this episode. He acts like a jerk, and he also got arrested for trying to break into his own home wearing a bunny costume. Although this isn't as bad as The Great Snail Race, it is still slightly worse than I Was A Teenage Gary. - SamHalls2015

I just hate how Spongebob gets locked out of his house and the cops arrested him because he didn't invite them which is 100% legal

Wouldn't recommend this episode at all, I hate this episode. - BlueBobYT

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6 The Sponge Who Could Fly

This episode in my opinion would probably be in my top 10 favorite episodes. The songs are really good and even though the Bikini Bottom citizens are pretty mean-spirited, I still like Sponge's determination. Plus there are some good laugh-out-loud moments (like SpongeBob's walk cycle). This and Christmas Who? Had a really good Patchy sequences too. I just love this episode but that's my opinion.

Voting this up the list. Party Pooper Pants is still my least favorite, but The Sponge Who Could Fly is still worse than Dumped and I'm with Stupid in my opinion. Besides the poor behavior and hypocrisy of the townspeople, it's just not a very interesting episode. It's one of the more forgettable ones of Season 3, and indeed, pre movie SpongeBob as a whole.

So let me get this straight: the townspeople ridicule SpongeBob without remorse after it's revealed that he's trying to fly. And then when he can fly, suddenly he's obligated to do random favors for those same townspeople. So pretty much everyone who was insulting SpongeBob for trying to live out his dream suddenly feels the need to take advantage of this for their own personal gain? And they never get called out for this?!

Tl;dr. This episode is terrible. It's bad and you should feel bad while watching it.

Okay, so that last part was just a joke. If you like it, then enjoy. But I still assert that this episode sucks.

This is meh to me. - BlueBobYT

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7 Krabby Land

When I was little I thought this was a post movie episode because it sucked and it was mean

I liked the episode, but Krabs is a big fat jerk this episode. - BlueBobYT

If the animation and voices were different, I might have mistaken this for an early Season 6 episode. There are still some good parts to the episode (like the kids' reactions to "Krabby the Clown" and the ep being an analogy to greedy corps that market towards kids with cheap uninspired products, like Viacom) but it's pretty mediocre by season 3 standards.


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8 Ugh

Watched it yesterday. It's not bad. Just kinda boring

It's okay, I guess...? - Powerfulgirl10

Ehhh. #8 on pre movie = Not so bad

Many good memes were based on this and SB-129 so I'll give it credit. - BlueBobYT

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9 Grandma's Kisses

SpongeBob, can't you just ask Grandma to feed you cookies and stuff and omit JUST the kissing? - BlueBobYT

Spongebob Torture Porn at it's finest

Fish stick anyone

Definitely my least fave pre movie episode it's SO BORING AND CRUEL TO SB it's 1 of the most boring episodes in SB history my top five worst premovie episodes R.
5. Missing identity
4. Krabby land
3.i was a teenage Gary
2. Party pooper pants
1. Grandmas kisses

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10 MuscleBob BuffPants MuscleBob BuffPants

This list is stupid.

This episode is just weird... - BlueBobYT

What? This episode is good.

Spongebob Torture Porn

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11 Wormy

I wouldn't call it that great, but it certainly isn't one of the worst. My least favorite pre movie episodes are Squeaky Boots, Dumped, The Great Snail Race, and maybe Party Pooper Pants, and even those episodes are pretty good.

For The Longest Time, This Was Actually My Worst Episode, I HATED The Butterfly Close Up, It Scared the Heck Outta Me, Now My Worst Episode is One Coarse Meal - ChiefMudkip

I like this episode. In fact, it's one of my favorites! Oh well, opinion are opinions. Oh yeah, this is the Internet.

I like this episode, but screw that closeup. - BlueBobYT

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12 Reef Blower

No dialogue. Plus it was the first Squidward Torture Porn.

This episode was boring

Ugh...people this was literally the first episode outside the pilot, and their sound equipment wasn't working...please just cut them some slack...

This isn't even a 'Torture Porn'. You don't see someone get raped while they are getting tortured.

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13 Survival of the Idiots

This is the worst list ever, this is one of the best spongebob episodes ever created!


14 Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost

This list is garbage.

Who didn't like patrick dropping a watermalon on squidward?

Why? Who put this on the list?

I liek tis list

15 The Secret Box

Who's responsible for adding this here?! - Powerfulgirl10

Are you kidding? I love this episode!

It's a waste of 11 minutes - Maddox121

Spongebob torture and Patjerk

16 Gary Takes a Bath

A Classic Episode! This Episode Had A Lot Of Jokes That Were Very Funny Including The Dropping The Soap Joke

First, SpongeBob's a complete prick to Gary. Also, the "don't drop the soap" joke is really bad.

Why is this on here.

Who put this here?

17 Nature Pants

There are just 3 pre - movie episodes that suck: Nature Pants, Dumped and Club SpongeBob. And MAYBE Sandy's Rocket. However, this isn't just the worst pre - movie episode, this is the worst SpongeBob episode of all time. That shows pre - movie SpongeBob has bad episodes. Now I'm gonna review the hated episodes that shouldn't be on here:

I'm With Stupid - yeah, it's a Patrick's a prick episode, yeah, it's kinda mean - spirited, but it's also very funny.

The Great Snail Race - Gary tormen't isn't shown too long in the episode, it has great jokes, SpongeBob actually feels sorry for Gary and tells him he can stop racing, Gary is happy at the end because he falls in love, it's one of my favorite season 3 episodes (12th or 13th)

I Was A Teenage Gary - a really funny and unique episode, which shouldn't be hated at all. I think it's only hated because of SpongeBob's snail transformation that may have creeped out some kids (not me).

The Sponge Who Could Fly - a good ...more

Put this at #1 almost all pre movie episodes are good except this, Club Spongebob, Dumped, and maybe 2 or 3 others. This is the worst SPONGEBOB not PRE MOVIE episode ever, so put this at #1. All episodes that are higher than this are good except Dumped. So, put this at #1.

Yeah, I was never too fond of this episode to begin with. Especially the parts that show just how much Patrick missed Spongebob. It was just not something many people really wanted to see. Including me. So I don't recommend this episode at all.

How this isn't #1? This and Club Spongebob are the only bad pre - movie episodes. But this was WAY worse.

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18 Bubble Buddy V 1 Comment
19 Neptune's Spatula V 2 Comments
20 New Student Starfish

I LOVE this episode, Patrick framing SpongeBob this episode was hilarious unlike I'm With Stupid. - BlueBobYT

Patrick framing SpongeBob?

This was awesome!

Patrick was a dick here.

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