Worst SpongeBob SquarePants Specials

Never watch these. Paul Tibbitt is the worst T.V. show creator in history.

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1 A SquarePants Family Vacation

No this is a good special and I like the great patty caper, frozen face off, truth or square and Atlantis squarepantis

Its bad but you should've picked sponge Bob your fored

Road, road, road, OK PATRICK WE HAD ENOUGH YOU ARE THE WORST. - TopTenJackson

2 Mr. Krabs Takes A Vacation

This episode is the most boring. - TopTenJackson

This isn't a special - NostalgiaMonkey

3 The Great Patty Capper

This is episode is REALLY disgusting. - TopTenJackson

It's also really pointless.

4 Frozen Face Off

I personally have no problems with this episode, except for one thing: the whole cast is using Gary, the equivalent of a house cat, as a sled dog. - Garythesnail

The worst character in this episode was Patrick. - TopTenJackson

Screw you I like this episode

Come on! This is a coool episode!

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5 Atlantis SquarePantis

This episode could've been amazing. SpongeBob and his friends going to Atlantis? How does that sound like a bad episode? What makes this idea so bad? Well... filler. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

The lord royal highness is more like Lord stupid jerk. - TopTenJackson

Such a boring episode

HOW IS THIS NUMBER 7? - onellhawil

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6 Truth or Square

I love frozen face off it's a sponge bob Xmas Christmas who and this special friend or foe dunces and dragons

Very boring episode. It has a decent story, but the Patchy scenes drag on way too long.

I liked this one - PatrickStar

This episode is overrated. People don't hate it enough.

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7 Welcome To The Bikini Bottom Triangle

The name sounds like an underwater Illuminati... plus this episode was boring.

That's it? That's the triangle? Paul Tibbitt we expect better from you. - TopTenJackson

8 The Curse of The Hex

The hex is disgusting and creepy. - TopTenJackson

9 SpongeBob, You're Fired!

I actually enjoyed a squarepants family vacation, but this episode is terrible! Why is this #10 and a squarepants family vacation #1?

This episode is Terrible. If you never seen it, don't

This should be called spongebob your filler.

Probably the most boring episode

10 The Monster Who Came To Bikini Bottom

The whole Legends of Bikini Bottom special was just a let down.

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11 What Ever Happened To SpongeBob (WhoBob WhatPants)

Why does Patrick call SpongeBob idiot boy when He knows he is stupid and remember not until 4 from I had a accident

I think the "face" scene is the worst part of this episode.

What the Heck is with this list LOL

Why do they even call it who bob what pants its not like the people who called him cheesehead called him that patchy is completey pointless

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12 Party Pooper Pants

I hate this episode

13 Mooncation

What I love this episode - Jdb_98

This episode stunk so bad. - TopTenJackson

14 The Clash Of Triton

Arguably the biggest false advertising in television history.

Biggest ratings trap in the world!

15 The Sponge Who Could Fly

Two words: WALK CYCLES!

16 The Battle for Bikini Bottom

Dude but it was a fan made even though has the original animation but it was still awesome

There was an episode based on this I reccomnd it it's my 2nd or third favorite episode trust me.

17 SpongeBob vs the Patty Gadget

This was supposed to be a 30-minute special, but the writer was so lazy that he made it 2 minutes.

This was supposed to be a special but geebus... A 2-MINUTE SPECIAL?

18 Ugh

The only thing I don't like about this special was the Patchy segment.

I can not stand this episode! - PatrickStar

19 SpongeBob vs. The Big One: Beach Party Cook-Off


20 Ghoul Fools
21 Dunces and Dragons Dunces and Dragons

I liked the story, but boy... I DESPISE THE SONGS IN THIS EPISODE!

I liked the story, but boy... I DESPISE THE SONGS IN THIS EPISODE!

22 SpongeBob's Last Stand

This was the last great special

23 Goo Lagoon
24 SpongeBob Heropants
25 Pest of the West

My only REAL problem with this episode is this: Everyone in town is terrified of Dead Eye (Old-Western Plankton) Because he’s done such horrible things to them. But here’s when the problem kicks in: He’s practically only 2 INCHES tall and had not one weapon to speak of. I mean in Real Spongebob episodes that aren’t flashbacks (AKA episodes that aren’t Dunces and Dragons or this) everyone feared Plankton because he had gadgets and was an evil scientist with lots of power and the joke was he’s so small. This episode was trying to parody an old western the same way Dunces and Dragons was trying to paraody a medieval movie. What they forgot was what made the villains in westerns so scary: Guns and Gangs. I understand there can’t be guns in a kid friendly show like Spongebob, but come on, at least give Dead Eye a gang. Other than that, This special is good. Not amazing but not bad. Good song about Dead Eye and a slightly below average song called Idiot Friends. Tried to be as ...more

26 Have You Seen This Snail? Have You Seen This Snail?
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