Worst Starter Pokemon

The worst starters in the main series, the six off of the list are the best.

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21 Mudkip Mudkip Mudkip, known in Japan as Mizugorou, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Sorry if I offended you, but I just hate mudkip!

Mudkip is the best starter of ALL TIME. Really.

No offense but mudkip sucks - legendary

Mudkip's a cute Pokémon. It's evoloutions have great stats for what it's good at, and it has good stab coverage. What's wrong with mudkip!

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22 Greninja Greninja Greninja is a Water/Dark type Pokemon introduced in Gen 6. It is the evolved form of Frogadier and the final evolve form of the water starter Froakie. Aside from the usual Torrent ability all Water starters have (Which raises the power of its Water moves), it also the the ability Protean, which changes ...read more.

STUPID OVERRATED FROG! I just wished my chesaught murdered you, my jolteon wild charged your butt, my haxorus slice your toungue off and my blaziken kick your ugly face! LOL!



Hidden power ground
Ice beam

Movepool is huge

Only problem that it is overrated

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23 Squirtle Squirtle Squirtle, known as Zenigame in Japan, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. It was originally conceived by Game Freak's character development team and finalized by Chaniah Pantry. It is a squirrel-turtle hybrid .

Pure type bad Pokemon to use - Hspencer

Here... TWICE?!

24 Cyndaquil Cyndaquil Cyndaquil is a Fire-type Pokémon introduced in Generation II. ...read more.
25 Arceus Arceus Arceus is a legendary Pokémon from the Pókemon series. He first appeared in the 18th Pokémon movie alongside other Legendary Pokémon.

Why is it not number one is beyond me. Seriously, why would you ever want to use this thing?

I wish this were a starter.

I wish its is a starter

Gee, if onlt he was a starter.

26 Litten Litten
27 Weedle Weedle Weedle is a worm-like Pokémon in the Pokémon series. It evolves to Kakuna, which evolves to Beedrill. Its name may come from "worm" and "needle", or "weed" and "needle", referencing that it chews weeds, helping gardeners.

Not a starter - InklingSethO

Mega beedrill is overrated weedle evolves
to it quickly

28 Chesnaught Chesnaught
29 Meganium Meganium
30 Golbat Golbat
31 Delphox Delphox

Most Pokémon fans are male. This is feminine

32 Gible Gible

Not a starter

33 Frogadier Frogadier
34 Infernape Infernape
35 Poliwag Poliwag

Not a starter - Pipluplover

Has very limited attacks on it's evelution. terrible.

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