Top Ten Worst Survivor Players

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1 Colton Cumbie - 13th Place - Survivor: One World

I am re-watching the seasons now and I have never come across a worse human being in my life. The way he personally attacked everyone being voted off was appalling. You would think that being a part of the LGBTQ community her would have had been more tolerant than that. He was a racist bigot who attacked everyone just to be mean. It was sickening. I have never been happier than when he left the game. Not in the way it happened but because he was gone for good. Was really surprised they ever let him back in the game. Horrible, horrible human being.

Francesca didn't do anything that stupid, Phillip just had an insane vendetta against her and somehow managed to unite people against her. Colton was a terrible strategist, useless in challenges, and a social catastrophe, but that doesn't even begin to describe why he is the worst player ever.
The show was nearly unwatchable while he was on it. He was so absurdly dramatic that it felt like watching a soap opera. He also managed to make gay people look bad, by playing up stereotypes. Guys like Rafe Judkins and Richard Hatch (say what you will about either of them, they were good players) worked hard to change the way people saw homosexuality on the show. And Colton completely undermined all of that progress.
He's not just the worst player, but also the most unlikeable person ever on Survivor.

The reason I vote Colton is because he simply has no respect for the game. Say what you want about Francesca or Erik making blatantly stupid moves, Colton QUIT. TWICE.

He begged to come back only to leave on equally shameful terms. I don't know what's worse, faking an illness and lying to quit Survivor (and taking the Hidden Immunity Idol with you as a souvenir) or being honest about how terrible you are and then quitting Survivor AGAIN.

Both are equally pathetic and he doesn't deserve a place in the venerated history of this show.

It was kind of funny how he got voted out. because the first episode we all knew he wasnt gonna last. And than stupid show brings him back. I can't believe russell is on the list. He was just on a brink people starting to respect backstabbing players. How is he any different than tony? They gave a million to tony, they hated russel because he was that good

2 Francesca Hogi - 1st person voted out, Survivor Redmption Island - 1st person voted out, Survivor Caramoan

How? I mean come on. On the first season you said Redemption Island was useless to you because you didn't "put yourself in the position of being voted out. You piss off a swing vote in your alliance which sends you home. You blow a 2-0 lead in a challenge to 3 and then unlocking and stepping through a door. You form an alliance of 4 against an alliance of 6 and get voted out first. TWICE.

Wow. Francesca was first boot in his initial season. He lost the duel, so he was first boot! I don't know why they asked him to return for Survivor: Caramoan. If he was first boot he can't be a so-called All Star, and he didn't get far enough. If anyone should've returned for Caramoan from Redemption Island, the person who should return is Rob.

She had the odds stacked against her from day 1, got put on the same tribe with Phillip, the crazy ass who got her voted out the first time. She was screwed by casting the second she came back, they show just thought it would be funny to watch him get voted out by Crazy Phillip on Day 3 a second time and it'd make good T.V.. She shouldn't be this high on the list.

No argument here. 1st player to be voted out first twice! Awful players. Numbers are everything in survivor, she went against the GOAT in Boston Rob, lost, then she went against the numbers again, lost.

3 Naonka Mixon - 9th Place - Survivor: Nicaragua

When you have stupid and mean together that is the worse combo. She didn't make any sense she attacked people and no one voted her out. I guess the people in her tribe were even stupider for not doing so.

Nasty & loud! She tackled a handicap tribe mate, stole: food, supplies & personal items, never took blame, quite, wouldn't skip a movie & popcorn to give tribe food- when she new she was quiting, yelled at everyone, had vile confessionals, full of herself: without reason & thought she could win. If she made it to the end- there would be NO votes for her, she denied Sash's Aferican roots, because he wasn't black enough for her (most African American have less then 80% African DNA & that comes from multiple countries, a little less then 20% European {mostly UK} & around 2% Asian/ Native American). I don't think quitters should get a jury vote or any money! Her mother stood up for her actions at the reunion: Apple landed right by that tree...

Oh! This one makes my skin crawl. This slimebag dissed a girl with a prosthetic leg, verbally attacked and belittled almost everyone in the tribe at some point, stole and hid food and clothing, and didn't have the decency to admit she was wrong even when she was caught. If it came down to her and Abbi Gomes in a final tribal, it would be an historical moment in Survivor history as the one season without a winner.

Nasty, repugnant little beast who was as ignorant as she was foul. I cannot fathom anyone wanting to be around her in life, much less how those poor people endured her ghetto beligerance for as long as they did. She was completely delusional and disgusting- I would rather lick Russell Hantz' armpit rash than know she is somewhere on the planet voting and procreating.

4 Erik Reichenbach- 5th place- Survivor: Micronesia

He started out making all the wrong deals and trusting all the wrong people. He's been a possibilty to be sent home every time he was at tribal council at one point, and towards the end he made a final two with every single girl in the top five. When he won immunity at five, it seemed a like a terrible, undeserving player would outlast a strategic, deserving player, and that thought was repulsive to think. Then, Cirie decidedto try to get him to give up his immunity in exchange for Cirie and Natalie to agree to take him to the final three. He fell for that plan, and he gave up immunity, and was voted out unanimously.

Most definitely the most idiotic player ever.

Obviously, Micronesia comes to mind. But you expect that he would learn something when he got another chance after 5 years.

But on Survivor Caramoan- season 26, He didn't had a single thought of his own. His brain was like dough that everyone can curve to their own interest with only few empty words. I guess you can't learn when it is empty insides.

It's a shame that brainless idiots like that given a chance on Survivor.

Made the most idiotic move of giving the immunity to Natalie, even though IT WAS COMPLETELY CLEAR he was on the bottom, and was a crybaby and follower near the end of Caramoan.

He is the most idiotic person on survivor ever. He gave away his individual immunity to Natalie and got tricked by 4 girls. He got himself voted out

5 J'Tia Taylor - 15th Place - Survivor: Cagayan

I don't how this woman is a nuclear engineer and I m really scared that she is. Dumb, lazy, reacts like a child with no brains or physical strength.

From the moment she arrived on the island, she was instantly the worst player amongst the entire cast that season. Lousy communication, horrible if not the WORST at challenges, and scary temper dumping the rice out on the entire team. I hope she gets help. She needs it in many areas.

To discover this woman to apparently be a nuclear engineer was absolutely terrifying. She showed herself to be ignorant and utterly repugnant- I wouldn't trust her with box of crayons, much less anything associate with the word "nuclear". She was among other things, useless, lazy, cruel, malignant, vindictive, stupid, and completely pathetic. Yes, she dumped the rice like a small child who has to ruin things for others when she doesn't get her way. Yes, she should have been the first to go. Yes, she was if course lazy and good for nothing. In all of this however, the worst was that she wasn't even a decent human being. She wasn't strategic, intelligent, capable or worth anything, and in the process made sure to handle it like a spoiled toddler sired by voldemort. Wouldn't be sad to find out she decided to retire from civilization and live out her next 30 years in the jungle before being eaten in her sleep by jaguars.

I just want to say that personally I don't know why everyone's hating on j'tia I don't think she was that bad. No I'm kidding of course, j'tia I'm sorry if you're reading this but most of the brains immunity challenges were lost primarily because of her. Swim+cage+pizzle challenge? She couldn't swim and then lost the puzzle a. With a lead and b. With a massive lead to a dink like LJ! Then the buoy grab/basketball challenge she swam backstroke like a Sunday afternoon and then swatted the ball to Spencer rather than throwing it properly. This is without including her utter laziness around camp and oh yeah HER DUMPING OUT THE FOOD SUPPLY. like how big of a jerk does someone have to be to do that. That's my bit, piece

6 Shamar Thomas - 17th place - Survivor: Caramoan

This worthless, lazy, useless fat turd was a dishonor to the game. In my view he is the human equivalent of an old scrotum. Just hanging around, getting in everyone's way, accomplishing nothing until it gets cancer and destroys the whole body. This just happens to be a particularly filthy old set, inflicted with rash and pestilence. Hope that casting director was fired!

He got a grain of sand in his eye because he poked it. He was lazy and while this makes sense I some situations, if you want to stay around, you need to give your team a reason to keep you. Honestly, the only reason he wasn' out first was because Reynold's group wouldn't know how to play well if they got a lesson from every winner.

I think Reynold put it best: " I don't think not quitting a game that thousands want to play is all that heroic... " part of what makes Shamar the true jerk that he is, was his hateful nature, no less in the vicinity of possibly the most likeable cast ever to air on survivor. Shamar is a bully, nothing more.

A big lazy bully that was refereed to as "a Phillip" or a dumb person to take to the end to get you more votes. Quits cause he gets sand in his eye.

7 Natalie Tenerelli - 3rd Place - Redemption Island

Biggest goat of all time. Just plain sucks. couldn't even get a single jury vote off Phillip and Rob, two of the most hated people ever on Survivor. People like Grant and Ashley who are mediocre players and not even that likeable would have almost swept the votes over Rob and Phillip just due to how disliked they were, and Natalie couldn't even get 1. Terrible in all of the social, physical, and strategic areas.

Rewatching some of that awful season and Nat Ten was a big part of why it was so awful. Just the most mindless sheep. No wonder Rob wanted her at the end.

Way underranked on this list. Terrible player, and absolutely no self awareness which means it would be impossible for her to win the game even if she were good at strategy and at the actual game. So essentialy she is a Russell Hantz minus all the strategy and game wise.

Nice enough person, but just not good at the game. Perfect pawn and goat to drag to the end. Voted out her own best friend for a huge enemy she fought with all game, for no strategic purpose at all.

8 Phillip Sheppard - 2nd Place - Survivor: South Pacific Phillip Sheppard is a United States Army veteran and the chief executive officer of a software company, who is best known for his appearances on the U.S.

If phillip's malignant, delusional ass walked off a cliff... I would carefully set up a chair, a small table of vectuals, take out my camera in advance and gleefully watch him fall to his death. I didn't know hate until I watched this completely deranged idiot ruin something I really enjoyed. If the scenario was real, and there was no votes and nonsense- his fellow cast aways would have collectively hit him over the head, gutted him and used his flesh as bait for capturing food. The second day. No one would have even been hungry yet, and they would have killed him simply to achieve silence and justice for mankind. He would never win at survivor or at anything else, because he needs to be in a padded room drooling on a coloring book somewhere. He's not a character or a villain- he's sad, pathetic, crazy and stupid, and made a joke out of the game.

Hands down the strangest individual to play Survivor. His fellow castmates were right... he is CRAZY. He would deflect their verbal assaults by bragging about his accomplishments or whatever but if he truely wasnt crazy, he wouldn't brag about those accomplishments becuase bragging about your life is not something normal people do. He was clueless. In over his head in every way. And by no means deserved a second chance

Up against huge goats Boston Rob and Natalie Tenerelli, a dream scenario for any respectable somewhat liked player, managed a grand 1 vote. enough said. Easily one of the biggest goats and worst players in history (along with one of the downright worst ever people on the show as a human being).

Biggest moron and most delusional player in Survivor history. He even makes Coach look like a genius. If he ever worked for the CIA it was as a janitor cleaning the building.

9 Sean Kenniff- 5th place- Survivor: Borneo

He never made any deals or any alliances with anyone. He just voted randomly at first. Then he decided to vote based on what letter the contestants' parents decided to start their kids' names with. He actually told everyone about his alphabetical strategy, which opened up the door for a three person alliance to vote for who they knew Sean would vote for, because of the order, and that sent the person home. Shortly after, Sean was out.

The dumb look on his face and the fact that he has a nipple ring are just the begining of his stupidity. He was used like a pawn. Voting for no reason for anything no matter what it is shows lack of character and lack of backbone.

Vote members of the other tribe randomly. That's Sean's game in a nutshell.

Why is Sean on the list he was actually pretty good

10 Matt Elrod - 7th place - Survivor: Redemption Island

Before Micronesia it was Lex (and the rest of his tribe) for keeping Amber in All-Stars. After Micronesia it was Erick, and his retarded immunity giveaway. After HvV it was JT (and the rest of his tribe) for giving the hidden idol to another tribe without any knowledge of what it was going on there. BUT, those are isolated stupid moves, stupid enough to make someone "the worst ever", but isolated nonetheless. Than comes this guy, and gets his ass voted out not once, but twice for trusting the same people who blindsided him the first time. It's stupidity at its finest. In a season where almost all new players were nothing but a bunch of sheep, or simply had no idea how to play the game, this guy is the king of dumb players.

The most unaware naive uncertain survivor player ever. He would go on and on talking about his relationship with god but does not care one bit about relationships with people around him. That's why he got voted out the first time. Then completely insanely ratted out himself and his closest ally Andrea to boston Rob.
He gives every one a sense of uncertainty unsure about what he wants to do. Even Andrea feels lost and then she listens to the determined boston Rob to, again, vote this religious guy out.

When he was sent to redemption island he stated that he wanted to graduate himself as the most naive survivor player to play. Graduation granted

He sucks but he doesn't belong this high. How on earth is he over Natalie and Phillip from his season for instance.

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11 Abi-Maria Gomes - 5th Place - Survivor: Philippines

Awful human being. Have zero idea why she has any fans when all she does is be evil and Dan Spilo is the only person who she can beat in a final two

I don't think she's the worst player but I think she's just very unaware of how her actions affect others. She lets her paranoia get the better of her and she literally pisses a lot of people on her tribe. I say her fatal flaw her first time was her extreme paranoia that annoyed many people and the same mistake the second time but she flipped on an alliance on and Kor that would have at least helped her get further in the game. As much as Peih Gee and Woo didn't like her, they needed her for numbers and she could have rode on that and got a solid final 3 when the merge came.

In a second chance season I like to see people that can actually win the game. I think Carolyn is the 3rd best non-winner we have ever seen, and you have T-Bird coming all the way back from Africa to do this again and she was a really good player and Cesternino said himself she should've been on All-Stars. But NO!, The public chooses Abi someone who is an irrational strategist, socially uncompromising, and probably the most lippy person ever to come on the show. She gets buy in the game simply by the fact that she has no chance with a jury.

She was so dumb that at first I thought this must be scripted no one can be this stupid every possible mistake that she could make you could count on her to make it and just when I thought it was all an act they did the game with the flipping it over the drums she didn't even understand a game what are the only mistake that you could actually make is turning over your own color I would love to play here in a game of Othello.

12 Russell Hantz - 2nd place - Survivor: Samoa Russell Hantz is an oil company owner and former contestant of the reality show Survivor. He played 3 seasons, and never finished higher than 2nd.

I don't hate how he played the game, very smart player. What triggers me is how in his season he got all the attention. I remember watching Survivor Samoa and all it was was Russell Russell Russell. In each preview of the upcoming episode it was always like "What is Russell going to do next?" Also, every tribal council he was asked a question even if he had nothing to do with the conversation. On another point, it is very obvious that this guy is an actor. The way he acts is just so fake and I don't think it's a coincidence that he's already a millionaire. Clearly he joined on for the fame and knew going in he wouldn't win. I'm pretty sure the producers were behind him the whole time because there is no way he just happened to find 3 hidden immunity idols without a clue. I can go on and on about how much I hated watching Russell but let me just say that this was clearly a stunt pulled by the producers.

Most overrated garbage to ever play this game. I will say he did play a great strategic game to make it as far as he did, but Survivor is more than just strategy as people also need at least some social awareness to win. He deliberately lied, called other tribemates names and expected to receive their votes. The most underrated GOAT of all time.

Russell is probably one of the rudest people of survivor. the way he walks is just insane. I will give him credit for his game but going to the finale twice and not getting any votes because you stabbed people in the back and was just plain RUDE is not the way that you want to be remembered.!

Being the "worst" play must mean that you fail to 'Outwit, Outlast, and Outplay. ' All of this is true in one simple perspective: he's a pawn. The only reason he made it to the end twice and eventually lost (Outlasted) is that other folks were able to read into his position (having idols, being awful at jury management) and using him as a pawn to win. Furthermore, he's ignorant to seeing the reality of people using him (Outplayed) to win in the final three, despite the fact that jury members and other contestants tell him directly. Finally, players who he describes as weaker have consistently represented themselves in the final council, where he lost (Outwitted).

13 Brandon Hantz - 6th Place - Survivor: South Pacific

Everything about this man is wrong. He has set out to "Correct" his family name, but in all reality, he was even worse than Russel. What this kid needs to learn is that this is NOTHING MORE THAN A GAME. Do you hear that jury members? Do you have to brute and brute about how you were wronged by someone who wasn't too brain dead to make a strategic move? Back on topic, the only possible thing people give him kudos for over Russel is not being mean, which, to way too many jury members meant not playing the game. But, he was worse in that aspect too. He singled out and excluded Mikayla for no discernible reason. He was made uncomfortable by "something about her". He's basically saying that, from no fighting, from no strategic or physical game, she should be voted off. Cochran? He was UNBEARABLY hypocritical about how Cochran was treated. 8th tribal council, Keith is voted out. Jim, being the disgusting person that he is, calls Cochran a coward for making a bold move. Brandon says "That's ...more

Some people are naive, some dillusional, some can't control emotions, some need to be told what to do, some have no social skills, and some are just flat out garbage, scum of the earth, trash. Brandon Hantz is all of the above.
By far the worst player, and sorest loser to ever play the game. He would have been of more use swallowed by his mother. Maybe help her digestive system, or at least a little protein for the woman.
This guy shows us that a bipolar pathetic psychopath can sneak his way onto the show, not once but twice. I would have loved to see him and old man Phillup go a few rounds, hat them both... To even put Brandon in the same category as some of the favorites to play the game is a disgrace to the players and every person that ever watched the show.

Brandon hantz is sooooooooo stupid! he yells at people for nothing and is a big peice of trash. and let me just say hiding that you are a hantz ia not a smart move. yes people DESPISE Russell but hiuding that will not gain peoples trust. I also hate the way he walks too. MAKE SOME ACCTUAL STRATIGEC MOVES STUPID!

I didn’t like his behaviour. He went mad against Dawn and Philip. He threatened to urinate the food supply and burn the shelter. If this happen early on, this will result in disqualification. When he argued with Philip about getting voted out, he started to go crazy. He dumped all of the rice and beans. His whole team went against him. As a result, his team decided to forfeit the challenge and eliminate Brandon. Brandon threatened to have a fist fight against Philip. He scared Andrea and Brenda as a result. This incident reminds me of Joseph trying to fight against Gordon Ramsay back in Hell’s Kitchen. Once he’s eliminated at an unscripted tribal council, the games continues with the flow.

14 Ben Browning - 18th Place - Survivor: Samoa

This guy was so obnoxious. Constantly insulting everyone, and he wasn't even playing the game. I'm shocked that nobody wanted to take him to the end. Russell should have kept him and used him as a shield. In my opinion, Ben would have been more hated than Russell if he lasted longer.

When someone like Russell Hantz has to vote you out so early just because your social game is so weak that he finds you insufferable so quickly, that means a lot about how weak of a player you are.

Natalie White and Mick Trimming were not able to deal with Ben for 8 days. And when you know that these people were able to deal with Russell Hantz for 39 days, that's really an impressive fact.

Him and Shannon from Survivor:Nicaragua must be best buds. Considering they're both bigots

15 Lex Van Der Berghe- 9th place- Survivor: All-Stars

He played a good game the first time, but then the second time, he voted out some of the strong people, and had an opportunity to vote out Amber, and completely change the game, by giving himself the upper hand, going to the merge 5 against 4, and one of the 5 being Lex's friend Tom, an easy person to flip. Instead he votes out an ally, keeps Rob's ally, and Rob betrays him at the very next tribal council.

He played a great game in Africa, but All-Stars was different. He back stabbed a resourceful ally, Colby, an ally from his first season, Ethan, and an ally that would give his tribe an extra number, Jerri. And then he had the guts to go all crybaby when Boston Rob back stabbed him. He was the biggest hypocrite of the season and possibly the biggest hypocrite in all of Survivor!

What a dumbass. He could've voted out the ally from the other tribe so he could have an opportunity to flip but NO! He votes out one of his allies because someone who isn't even his ally to begin with told him to, then the person he made a promise to flips back, taking the enemy Lex didn't vote out. Lex is definitely one of the biggest idiots on Survivor.

He should not be this high up, honestly. He would have won season 3 if the lady hadn't chosen Ethan. It was either him or Ethan who was gonna win season 3, and the lady who won immunity knew it. If she hadn't, she'd have picked Lex and he'd be the sole survivor right now.

16 Chet Welch - 14th Place - Survivor: Micronesia

Just watching this season again and I am pissed off. This guy gets a small blister on his foot and calls it quits while Jonathan penner was in tears that he had to leave due to a deadly infection on his knee. Not only that but he was given the chance to make the biggest move in survivor history which was to blindside ozzy. But nooo there was too much going on for Chet and he couldn't hold on for just two more days. So I'll put it to you bluntly. Chet was the weakest, least motivated, and least strategical of all survivor players and the only reason he held on for longer then the first vote was because everyone wanted to use him as a pawn. PATHETIC!

All 3 parts he fail. Strategically: it was true that he didn't want to be there so he sat around camp all day only talking to Kathy and Tracy Competitively: He failed at every challenge he competed gave absolutely no heart. And Socially: People commented on his weakness add all that and you got the worst player ever

Season: 16 Jonathan almost loses his leg and doe not want to leave. Chet is so wimpy he gets dragged by Joel in immunity challenge. AND he gets a little scrape and wants to go home. It also doesn't help the fact that he is A Pageant coach AND! He is gay. He literally says he is gay


17 Jenna Lewis - 8th place - Borneo

Did Jenna think that treating her tribemates like crap would help her out in the game? She barely survived every tribal in Outback (only because of her allies) and only needed to attend two in season 8. Flirting was another idiotic downfall of hers.

She shouldn't be nearly this high. She is annoying but was 1 immunity win from easily winning All Stars.

I seriously wonder if she can go a minute without her mouth opening

Annoying, but could've won had she made it to the end in All Stars.

18 Kelly Shinn - 8th Place - Nicaragua

She is pathetic, and she had the nerve to call Chase a goat when she was the biggest goat in the game by a huge margin.

Probably the worse survivor player. She was a pawn and spineless and not interesting at all. She is also a quitter.

Seriously, what did she even do? She barely existed in Nicaragua and then quit from too much rain.

Useless, lazy, and quit despite sucking and having no chance to win. Why was she even on the show.

19 Tina Wesson - 1st place - Survivor: The Australia Outback

People fail to realize when someone sucks. On this long list we see the most overrated survivor winner, Tina, sitting next to Parvati and Jordan from Big Brother.

She did well in Australian Outback and could've done well in All Stars had she made it farther. Her Blood vs Water game, though? Eh...

This is worst survivor player how the hell is a winner and someone who got 4th place top/bottom 20?

Most overrated winner? stfu, nobody even talks about tina. Boston Rob and Parvati are the most overrated

20 Dreamz Herd - Runner Up - Survivor: Fiji

I was pulling for dreamz in the beginning. I was all, "wouldn't it bee cool if this pathetic kid won". Then he turned out to be a greedy, incredibly stupid, loathsome ghetto nugget by thinking for an instant that he had a chance in hell after he deceived one of the games most beloved players. You pity him, then immediately see him for the opportunistic, greedy little turd he is. He should have given the truck back at the very least. He didn't even get to keep it anyways- so incredibly pathetic. Zero strategy, and then tried to act in TC as if he never intended to give up immunity and it was all his plan- absolute tosh. It was like watching a kid who stole something from a retail store swear to the cops he didn't- even after they show him a security tape of him doing it. Those big doe eyes and adamant denial. Ignorant jackass.

In Fiji, he started out simply annoying. Then, he turned into an idiot. He flipped on his alliance PURELY for the fact that he wasn't shown Mookie's idol yet, making him already a big goat. Then, he took Yau-Man's offer for when, if Yau-Man gave Dreamz the car, Dreamz would take him to the final three. And what does he do? He takes the car, then at the final three, doesn't give immunity to Yau-Man and votes him out. So, not only is he a horrible survivor player, but also a selfish, greedy, horrible person. To me, he's the biggest goat of all time. Even more than Phillip!

Absolutely disgusting person. Wouldn't be surprised if he taught the kids he was helping howto do drugs, I'm not surprised Earl got all of the damn votes.

Yau-Man gave Dreamz possibly the most generous offer in the HISTORY of Survivor: A TRUCK just for a CHANCE at being in the final three. He also asked him, if he didn't honor the agreement to just not vote for him. And what does Dreamz do? Wins immunity and keeps it, and then votes out Yau-Man. He is a horrible, greedy person. He kept Yau-Man from a Truck and a million dollars just so he could get third place instead of fourth. Pathetic and selfish.

21 Jeff Varner - 10th Place - Survivor: The Australian Outback

He kind of looks and sounds like Frank Underwood from House of Cards. I think that's his only appeal. People assume he's a lot more intelligent and socially aware than he is because of that resemblance. We've had vicious survivor players and we've had idiot survivor players but Jeff Varner is the quintessential vicious idiot. Lost control of his tribe to Tasha for him spilling the beans in a challenge during his second bout and then he spent all his time online bashing her for being "40 and childless" and now in his third bout he seemed to think transphobia could have saved him from being voted out and thought of as a bad but likable survivor player but now he won't have to worry about that last part.

This man has played 3 times, and each time making stupider moves. He has never made the jury in his survivor career and honestly is a terrible person in general.

This man decided to:
-sacrifice his whole game to eat peanut butter despite knowing he had votes cast against him, and that the numbers were tied
-Took out vytas, one of the biggest challenge threats on his team, right off the bat, leading to repetitive loss for his team
-Decided "hey you know what? I'll call out Zeke for being transgender and that will DEFINITELY save my game"

Jeff Varner is the only player to play the game 3 times and to never make the merge. I don't know why the fans brought him back and CBS brought him back. He step out of a challenge in the Outback for peanut butter, and then getting voted out that same tribal. He was talking to the opposing tribe during a challenge his second time around and made the tribe think he was a rat. And his third time... well you know how it went

What were producers thinking about bringing him back? He never made it to the merge and become a jury. He made a lot of dumb moves; I heard he made an offensive remark to a guy who’s actually born female.

No matter the circumstances, I don’t want to see him again on television. Reality television always have bad contestants. I think he was brought back because of ratings.

What I don’t like about reality television is some bad contestants return for wrong reasons. For Jeff, I don’t even want to see him participating in a cooking competition show called Masterchef. Gordon Ramsay would call him a total disgrace.

22 Christina Cha - 4th Place - Survivor: One World

She had Sooo many chances to switch it up, but wanted so bad to be friends with the mean girls! At swap should have told Troy & leaf that her and Monica were stronger then the Latina & that the Latina was in main 5 person all girl alliance. That Monica & she would stay loyal to Troy & Lief. Let them bring in Tarzan & vote against: lazy, mean & rude: Colton & Latina special Ed teacher. They could then chop away at both 5girls & alpha males until they were left-- plus so many other times she let them walk over her & didn't try to win. Like she new she couldn't & just was happy making 4th

Arguably the hottest Asian to ever play Survivor. Undoubtedly the dumbest Asian to ever play Survivor

No strategic moves, horrible in challenges, and gave up when she realized she was going to be voted out.

I don't know how she's not more up there in this list. She literally didn't even play the damn game.

23 Dave Cruser- 13th place- Survivor: China

He goes right along the same lines as Hunter. He bossed everyone around, had an ally go home instead of who he wanted, and still tried to call the shots rather than try to save himself.

He was a bad player but not a bad person. He was the only one to stand up to Ashley and Sherea's selfish, snobby, pretentious attitudes and that's admirable.

I hate him. He created so many reasons for a lost

Everything Ashley said about him is true

24 Drew Christy - 15th place - Survivor: San Juan Del Sur

He insisted that the women were aligned and that they needed to vote out a girl even though there were more men than women on the tribe.

He insisted that Kelley be voted out when no one else wanted Kelley out (the other guys he talked to wanted to vote for Julie).

He threw a challenge only to get voted out at that very tribal council.

Enough said.

He preached who he wanted out in front of everyone, including the person who he wanted out, wouldn't let anyone talk, threw a challenge, and expected people to treat him like he was the 2nd Jesus Christ! How stupid or ignorant can you be?!?!?

Jed Hildebrand 2.0! Lazy, no social game, disrespectful to women and threw a challenge ONLY TO GET VOTED OFF! As Red Forman would say "I wanna put my foot up your ass"

At least Russell could get into a good alliance. Drew could never get anyone on board with his plans.

25 Trish Dunn - 13th place - Survivor: Pearl Islands

I actually liked her as a castaway until she went paranoid after Rupert got "kidnapped" by the Morgan tribe and then the next time they went she then tried to vote him off. She just overreacted a little too much and so if you read this Trisha you still did good and you may or may not get that call to come back but if you do get that call, say yes 100%, because everybody likes a returning castaway who comes back to finish what they started and prove themselves, like Rob, Parvati, Cirie, Lillian, Rupert, etc.

She promised to go to the final two with everyone, and then tried to get Rupert's strongest ally to blindside him.

She was over-paranoid about Rupert. One night won't change everything!

You never ask a person's strongest ally to blindside them

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