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41 Ian Rosenberger- 3rd place- Survivor: Palau

He made a final three deal, and a final two deal with each of the two in the final three deal, and promised to take katie on any reward he's win, and promised Tom not to take him so they could make sure no plotting was going on around camp. When he won a reward, he took Tom. Then he made a promise to vote out Tom, before the immunity challenge. Obviously, if Tom won, the others would tell him about the deal, which they did. Ian won the tie breaker, but then basically quit in the top three, and was sent home. That whole tribe was full of bad players. Ulong had the only two players in the game, which made the second half of the season awful.

Stupidest of them ALL. Erik unknowingly gave up his immunity in the final 5. Ian basically quit in the final 3!

He didn't get voted out he quit on DAY 38 THAT DAMN IDIOT JUMPED OUT OF AN 11 HOUR CHALLENGE TO FIX A FRIENDSHIP? Think about yourself especially on the 38 th day

He thought the friendship was worth more the a million dollars, it's not /that/ stupid. He knew what he was doing.

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42 Sabrina Thompson - 2nd Place - Survivor: One World

I'm surprised she got 2 jury votes because of her I suck at challenges, no strategy, coattail riding strategy

Her strategy was to throw all the challenges (she said this at the final tribal) do no work around camp, and make no moves whatsoever.

She invented a very unique strategy: Give up in all the challenges, make no strategic moves, and do no work at camp.

43 Peter Harkey - 16th Place - Survivor: Marquesas

Kind of a funny first boot. Also he looks like he could be Josh Groban's father.

44 Osten Taylor - 11th place - Survivor: Pearl Islands

No offense to him but he kinda rubbed my elbow the wrong way. One he couldn't swim, two he freaked out about every little bug and animal (and if you guys think I'm wrong then I hope you don't forget the moment with the pelican), three the way he quit wasn't really quitting and so if they would've just voted then he probably most likely would have gone either way or. So once again if you read this Osten, I think every survivor has his or her perks and falls but whose to say you can't come back to survivor to finish what you've done? Who knows maybe you can do better!

Like everyone he put in 110% but he made many mishaps, in the third immunity challenge he couldn't keep himself up and I get it it was two hours, but really, he also couldn't swim, he was the first to quit too. If you read this I'm sry, and I hope you don't feel too bad about this!

I just get irritated thinking about everything he did that was stupid.
-The Pelican
-Intentionally almost drowning
-Giving up your clothes (Although it was for a good cause he should've at least kept his shirt)
Which all led to
-Him Quitting
Sry bro.

45 Twila Tanner - 2nd Place - Survivor: Vanuatu

Chris outwitted her big time told her to be proud and honored that she voted all the jury out when Chris was forgiving

She's a fantastic character, but there was practically nobody in the jury she could have beaten.

46 Liz Kim - 12th place - Survivor: Samoa

She was so invisible for most of the time she was on. Then she got voted off

47 Denise Martin - 4th place - Survivor: China

She refused to ever take part in anything strategic, she just rode Amanda and Todd's coattails to the end. She was given a chance to join P.G. to eliminate the leaders and take control of her position in the game, but for whatever reason she refused it.

I will never understand why she would take 4th place when she could have gone for 3rd. She just didn't want to make any strategic decisions even though it was completely obvious she was on the outs of her alliance.

Basically a block of driftwood till the end

48 Malcolm Freberg - 4th Place - Survivor Philippines Malcolm Freberg - 4th Place - Survivor Philippines

How is Malcolm on this list? He's not the best player but he's not the worst either. I mean he screwed up only once at the last immunity challenge. Same thing happened with Darrah, it happened with Ozzy the second time around, it happened with Brett! I mean seriously people.

The only reason he is on this list is because he is a threat, and threats are really good players that would probably win the game. Correction would definitely win the game.

THE most threatening player to ever play. Earns no place on this list. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

How is he up here? yes, giving eddie the idol was stupid, but everything else was great - JJS32503

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49 Sugar Kiper - 20th place - Survivor: Heroes vs Villains

She didn't belong on survivor and was a waste of time. She was flimsy, useless, pathetic and hollow between the ears. If I had to see her cry one more time I was going to shatter my television. She should be sent to some farm somewhere where they can let her out in the pasture a few times a week, keep her oats bucket full and occasionally let her sleep in the barn. She can't handle more than that emotionally or cognitively, and it seems the most humane thing to do.

Corinne couldn't have said worse. She brought up her dead father.

So annoying, Corinne couldn't have said it better

Corrine's jury speech says it all. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

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50 Joel Anderson - 16th place - Survivor: Micronesia

Bullied everyone on the tribe, and blindsided his stronger, potential allies, instead of the weaker players, who blindsided him after the tribe switch.

Thought to much of himself. He should have kept his mouth shut and just played the game without calling people out

Not only is he a terrible strategist but he comes off as a real scumbag too.

51 Katie Gallagher - 2nd Place - Survivor Palau

Survivor is a social game, and Katie's social game was the worst ever. She picked fights with everyone that season, including those in her own alliance. Katie actually came up with a two good strategic ideas, but was easily talked out of using them by Ian. She was an absolutely horrible challenge performer too. 56-year old Willard could swing on a rope better than Katie. Then he had to show her how to do it.

Katie made herself the most hated player very early on, and Tom and Ian dragged her to the end as an easily-beaten goat.

Nobody played worse than Katie -- not even anyone who quit the game.

All she did was show the value of riding the coattail of people who play the game like Tom and Ian not to mention that she was mean, bossy, and useless during challenges

They should have took steps offer. For the female alliance would of made it a better sesaon.

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52 Debbie Wanner - 9th Place - Survivor: Kaoh Rong

Most deluded player of all time - dilkay97

Debbie had a meltdown because she thought Hali cost them a reward by "d! cking around for 10 minutes" while she "zoomed through the balance beam in 30 seconds."
Other way around, ma'am.
At the merge feast, she pretended to be drunk to make everyone laugh, began twerking, mooned Tai, and made herself look like a bigger fool by stating in a confessional, "she was fine."
Crazy. - naFrovivuS

53 Zeke Smith - 9th Place - Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X

So I didn't like this guy for him being a terrible leader. But in Game Changers, well, he's still a terrible leader. But I do respect him for not taking Varner's outburst too personally. - naFrovivuS

An apparent "game changer" - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

Zeke logic = flipping allies just cause

54 Brendan Synnott - 9th Place - Survivor: Tocantins - The Brazilian Highlands

I think the only thing he could've done is that he should've went with his alliance with Taj, Sierra, & Stephen because then he probably would've made it farther

Why is he on this list? He and Sierra were the only smart people in the game at the moment, other than maybe Taj and that 3rd place girl.

Proof that looks aren't everything. - naFrovivuS

55 Ozzy Lusth - 4th Place - Survivor: South Pacific Ozzy Lusth - 4th Place - Survivor: South Pacific Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth is a reality star, well known for playing on the his reality show "Survivor." He played in the seasons "Cook Islands," "Micronesia," "South Pacific," and "Game Changers."

A very poor social game in all 3 seasons. Only relies on the challenges than the strategy and getting along with everyone. And also he got voted out with a hidden immunity idol in his possession back in Micronesia.

He was amazing in challenges and the first time around he acted wonderful. But the second time I think he was a little too bitter and made him look like a whiner, and the third time he was too arrogant and made him look like a jerk

And the title of most overrated survivor player goes to... OZZY LUSTH! So overrated I don't even know who the second most overrated is.

Good in Cook Islands with his Aitu 4 alliance. Micronesia and South Pacific were dark day for him. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

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56 Jason Briska - 8th Place - Survivor: Micronesia

Why would you listen to the black widow alliance and not play your idol. Jason your a bonehead. - jhunk

That is obviously a fake idol, falling for ozzys shanagains (duh)

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57 Tony Vlachos - Survivor: Cagayan

Although I hated tony as he found heaps of immunity idols and I was rooting for Spencer pretty much the whole game after re watching what he did now (its like a year or so since I first saw his season) I've got to admit he's quite genius. Yes he manipulated people and lied and coasted through on immunity idols BUT he was also smart, strong, played a good social game, and thought ahead. Remember, he made the spy shacks to hear crucial information, he found three immunity idols, he thought it would be safer to not reveal he was a cop (which I think was terrifically smart) because he thought it would jepoardise his game. I think that he deserves to be credited with at least top 20 players

Tony was an absolute GENIUS! He ran the show in a style nobody ever saw, dominated the game strategically, and found THREE IDOLS! What idiot put him on the "10 Worst Players List" anyway? He belongs on the top ten BEST players list.

We'll he did play a good game. But I wouldn't of ever swore on my sibling, or family member. I wouldn't kill anyone for a million dollars for that matter. I don't see why Woo didn't get him out, Woo would of won if he didn't.

In Cagayan, he played a crazy game, and brought most of the entertainment to the season. In Game Changers, he cost his own game by doing what David did in MvGX. Over-strategizing. Unlike David, he couldn't talk people out of voting him off, and built a spy bunker on Day 4. - naFrovivuS

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58 Shirin Oskooi - 8th Place - Survivor: Worlds Apart

She was the most annoying player of all-time. Who talks about monkey sex at camp? Sure, Will said some harsh things to her but he got defensive because you accused him of smuggling food and questioned his integrity! Had no physical or social game, with limited strategy. - alexcousins

Shirin was OK in the first episode, and the she did so many things wrong, committed nudity, talked monkey reproduction, called birds, isolating herself along with Max, and of course singing at sunrise. I started to like her in the end because of Will's comments, but she took the that way too seriously and has yet forgiven him. Yes, his comments were wrong but not accepting his apology is just plain classless

The only reason I was rooting for her the episode she got voted out in was because she's an avid fan of the show, and if she had a MUCH better social game, she would've been a hugh threat. - Turkeyasylum

So if someone openly chastises you for your past experiences with something as bad as domestic violence, it's alright if they just apologize?

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59 Ken McNickle - Co-Runner Up - Millennials vs. Gen X

Ken respected everyone, but no one respected him back. He just floated for 38 days, won a single challenge for his tribe (even David did more in challenges than him), and talked so much about honor and integrity..Come Day 38, he cost his own game by voting off David. I doubt he'll ever return. - naFrovivuS

Relied too much on honor and integrity to get far, and out of nowhere flipped on David in hope of getting a good place in the Final Three. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

60 Stephenie LaGrossa - 2nd Place - Survivor: Guatemala

She managed to blindside every single ally she had a chance to beat at the final tribal council, which turned them against her at the final tribal council, only to keep someone she was not allied with and who was appreciated. Voting out Lydia instead of Danni at the Final 4 was especially no sense. Furthermore she had a terrible social game. She completely deserved her loss.

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