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61 Monica Culpepper - Runner Up - Survivor: Blood vs Water

She should have taken Katie & garvese. Everyone else would have beat her. Although she is a challenge beast, gave up reward for her tribe, but no one wanted to play with her. After her first experience she needed to feel a part of it. If Brad hadn't gotten it so badly, I think she would have done better. I don't feel like the jury is gonna give a housewife of a multimillion ex nfl, current lawyer a million-- regardless of her game. U have to go in a girls alliance, sex kitten or against goats to win as a female. Men don't want to be beat by girls & women are even worse to girls the don't like.

She would have had a way bigger chance of winning if she had went with Sierra. In the final counsel she was crying so fake. She never stood a chance with Tyson or Jervase, they clearly played a better game then her. She was like Woo in Survivor Cagayan, a dog, when ever Tyson told her to sit, she sat.

She is not bad, she's a challenge beast, and everyone at final tribal just wanted her to admit she's a loser.

Have you guys never met a neat lady?

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62 Ciera Eastin - 5th Place - Survivor: Blood vs Water

I hate that she's considered an All Star or a Game Changer. She flip flops in order to appear as a strong player but her flips never make any strategic sense. She voted out her mom for no reason and then coined it as her "big move". Even the people who wanted to vote her mom out offered Ciera an out and said they understood if she couldn't vote for her mom (they didn't even need Ciera's vote anyways). Not an all star, not strategic, not a game changer. It was immensely satisfying to see her voted out first in 34.

One of the absolute worst. Bratty, terrible attitude, sucked at challenges, rode coat tails, voted out her own mother when she didn't even have to, acted like it was a brave and strong move, uh no, you voted out your own mother. You suck. Plus, got pregnant at 16 like her dumb mother who is equally as stupid, then tried to use that as a crutch another excuse for her being a strong independent woman. I hate her more than any other contestant. Absolutely useless and not the least bit likable. Hopefully she's grow up a bit.

It pains me that she was on this season at all, she wasn't a game changer at all. She flipped all the time when she shouldn't have and yapped about making "big moves" all of those got her voted out. She voted out her mom and tried to make that seem big even though it wasn't at all and they didn't even need her vote, all around a weak player. I was ecstatic when she was the first one voted off.

SHE VOTED OUT HER MOM! - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

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63 Mike Halloway - Winner - Worlds Apart

Who put him on here? Just cause he talks dumb doesn't mean he is- he was a GENIUS! His mistake at the auction I'll admit was stupid, but he was just trying to show how brave and risk-taking he is.

The only stupid move he made was aligning himself with the bottom

Predictable winner. - naFrovivuS

Best Player ever

64 Figgy Figueroa - 15th Place - Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X

She's pathetic

65 Susie Smith - 2nd Place - Gabon
66 Colby Donaldson - Runner Up - Survivor: The Australian Outback Colby Donaldson - Runner Up - Survivor: The Australian Outback

His Heroes vs Villains performance was one of the most feeble I ever saw. A guy with a busted leg (James) beat him in challenges. He had no strategy, was horrible at challenges, and just gave zero effort. He floated along because he was no threat of any sort.

I'm sure it was a strategy that's what got him to be the last Heros left.

67 James Clement - 7th Place - Survivor: China James Clement - 7th Place - Survivor: China

James has the exact same gameplay as Ozzy only he can't stick around long enough to win an individual challenge. He may get a lot of respect from most players but he is sort of a pitiful player strategically

Biggest ass ever. I have no idea how he was put on the heroes tribe after being a jerk countless amounts of times to other contestants. And the way he talks is retarded

And he calls other people bad luck and curses them how can he be a Hero? He doesn't even know how to speak to people.

This guy is a dumb tool and I was laughing when he went home with 2 idols. Dingus

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68 Kim Spradin - 1st Place - Survivor: One World

Ya, she won every immunity challenge almost. When she didn't they should of voted her out! That simple.

She was the smartest person her season. She went on an immunity challenge win streak, played a good social game and great strategic game, and basically steamrolled her fellow castaways througout the season. Her game was nearly flawless.

Of course she's gonna win in a season with Colton, Kat, and other useless contestants! - Turkeyasylum

winner - JJS32503

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69 Jonathan Libby - 20th place - Survivor: Palau

He shouldn't be on this list especially if he never got to play.

He did get to play. He was out because of someone who was playing harder than him. I don't think he deserves to be this high though because from what we saw he wasn't one of the worst.

Never got a chance to really prove his worth. I can see why Probst never used the team pick twist like he did in Palau after that. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

He has a point there.

70 Rodney Lavoie Jr. - 4th Place - Survivor: Worlds Apart

Rodney absolutely sucked at Survivor. He could not win at challenges, he never orchestrated anything and he constantly kept whining on his birthday that he didn't go on reward. To me, playing Survivor on my birthday, even though I would not go on reward, just being on the island and playing would already be the best birthday I would ever have

Rodney may see himself as a social beast, but really he was a big crybaby. That episode where he didn't go on reward ON HIS BIRTHDAY is just annoying and childish. GROW UP

Annoying and bullied Lindsey

Was only kept safe by openly being mysogynistic, and hence, a goat. Would have been annihilated by female jury members.

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71 Kat Edorsson - 7th place - Survivor: One World

Kat is one of the most naive players that has ever played the game of Survivor and I was so shocked she was not yet on this list. She stupidly thought that she wasn't on the bottom of her alliance and that she could make big girl choices. She was weak and only made it as far as she did because she was an easy vote. What an Idiot...

72 Kyle Jason - 6th place - Survivor: Kaoh Rong

Awful. Sabotaged camp but made it obvious

Absolute dickhead sabotaged camp at least Nick was sporting about the blindside

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73 Sue Hawk - 4th place - Survivor Borneo
74 Gervase Peterson - 3rd Place - Survivor: Blood vs. Water
75 Denise Stapley - 1st Place - Survivor Philippines

She was so rude for Abi even when Abi clearly was upset. Her social game was talking about Abi behind her back like... last 10 days in the game. That was not fair even for Abi

She was good at challenges, stated out of drama (besides Abu bashing: team sport) & survived ever tribal. She even cut out Malcolm at right time

Abi was asking for it with her loud mouth, Denise is a goddess who fortunately wasn't robbed.

won - JJS32503

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76 Richard Hatch - 1st Place - Survivor: Borneo

He is the best player to ever play this game! How dare you put him on this list?!?

This is madness, putting the person that literally MADE SURVIVOR on this list.

If the guy who invented how Survivor would be played is on the list, then there's no such thing as a good player. - naFrovivuS

no - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

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77 Sherri Biethman - 3rd Place - Survivor: Caramoan

Sherri was a huge letdown for me. On the old fans tribe she was controlling the anti Cool Kids alliance. However, by Day 18 she just shut up and let Cochran and Dawn take her to the finale. So congratulations you donkey

She's an idiot self confident old lady who thinks that she's the strongest person in the caramoan islands.

She WAS one of the strongest players in Caramoan. Remember the pre-merge part.

Its not like she COULD do anything post-merge

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78 Courtney Yates - Runner Up - Survivor: China

Courtney is one of the most entertaining people to ever play. - naFrovivuS

One of the worst physical competitors to ever participate in Survivor.

79 Fabio Birza - Winner - Survivor: Nicaragua

He didn't make enemies and cruised under the radar to the end, he wasn't even bad.

Goofy with no strategy. Plus he got arrested after the show.

Fabio is just a stereotypical dumb blonde. - naFrovivuS

He didn't do anything, he just sat around and acted like an idiot. - TheRankerman

80 John Cochran - 8th Place - Survivor: South Pacific John Cochran - 8th Place - Survivor: South Pacific

Terrible social game: Was hated by his whole tribe and really lucky not be voted out pre-merge as he should have been.
Terrible strategic game: Switching at the merge to be voted out in 7th place, when drawing rocks would have given his tribe a 71.4% chance to have the numbers, and when Jim would have picked him and Dawn to face the jury if Savaii had had the numbers, as Jim thought he would have had more chance to beat them than to beat Ozzy, Keith or Whitney.
Terrible physical game: Really sucked at challenges, was a liability to his tribe in those challenges and had no chance to make an immunity run once he betrayed his tribe (nor had he chance to win a redemption island dual), which he would have needed.

HUGE improvement in Caramoan. Anyone who fails to see that is still riding low on the Ozzy 4th place finish in South Pacific. Though he was dominant in Caramoan, he was not in South Pacific. He was one of the worst players there, which sucked because he was also the most entertaining.

Every immunity he won he had to over-celebrate. Even David Wright could keep his cool. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

Winner, though his south pacific he was pathetic - JJS32503

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