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61 Tony Vlachos - Survivor: Cagayan

Although I hated tony as he found heaps of immunity idols and I was rooting for Spencer pretty much the whole game after re watching what he did now (its like a year or so since I first saw his season) I've got to admit he's quite genius. Yes he manipulated people and lied and coasted through on immunity idols BUT he was also smart, strong, played a good social game, and thought ahead. Remember, he made the spy shacks to hear crucial information, he found three immunity idols, he thought it would be safer to not reveal he was a cop (which I think was terrifically smart) because he thought it would jepoardise his game. I think that he deserves to be credited with at least top 20 players

We'll he did play a good game. But I wouldn't of ever swore on my sibling, or family member. I wouldn't kill anyone for a million dollars for that matter. I don't see why Woo didn't get him out, Woo would of won if he didn't.

Tony was an absolute GENIUS! He ran the show in a style nobody ever saw, dominated the game strategically, and found THREE IDOLS! What idiot put him on the "10 Worst Players List" anyway? He belongs on the top ten BEST players list.

I actually like Tony but he took out Spencer so I vote for him.

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62 Shirin Oskooi - 8th Place - Survivor: Worlds Apart

She was the most annoying player of all-time. Who talks about monkey sex at camp? Sure, Will said some harsh things to her but he got defensive because you accused him of smuggling food and questioned his integrity! Had no physical or social game, with limited strategy. - alexcousins

Shirin was OK in the first episode, and the she did so many things wrong, committed nudity, talked monkey reproduction, called birds, isolating herself along with Max, and of course singing at sunrise. I started to like her in the end because of Will's comments, but she took the that way too seriously and has yet forgiven him. Yes, his comments were wrong but not accepting his apology is just plain classless

So if someone openly chastises you for your past experiences with something as bad as domestic violence, it's alright if they just apologize?

Played a terrible game TWICE

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63 Figgy Figueroa - 15th Place - Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X

She's pathetic

64 Lisi Linares - 11th Place - Survivor: Fiji
65 Stephenie LaGrossa - 2nd Place - Survivor: Guatemala

She managed to blindside every single ally she had a chance to beat at the final tribal council, which turned them against her at the final tribal council, only to keep someone she was not allied with and who was appreciated. Voting out Lydia instead of Danni at the Final 4 was especially no sense. Furthermore she had a terrible social game. She completely deserved her loss.

66 James Clement - 7th Place - Survivor: China James Clement - 7th Place - Survivor: China

James has the exact same gameplay as Ozzy only he can't stick around long enough to win an individual challenge. He may get a lot of respect from most players but he is sort of a pitiful player strategically

Biggest ass ever. I have no idea how he was put on the heroes tribe after being a jerk countless amounts of times to other contestants. And the way he talks is retarded

And he calls other people bad luck and curses them how can he be a Hero? He doesn't even know how to speak to people.

This guy is a dumb tool and I was laughing when he went home with 2 idols. Dingus

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67 Monica Culpepper - Runner Up - Survivor: Blood vs Water

She should have taken Katie & garvese. Everyone else would have beat her. Although she is a challenge beast, gave up reward for her tribe, but no one wanted to play with her. After her first experience she needed to feel a part of it. If Brad hadn't gotten it so badly, I think she would have done better. I don't feel like the jury is gonna give a housewife of a multimillion ex nfl, current lawyer a million-- regardless of her game. U have to go in a girls alliance, sex kitten or against goats to win as a female. Men don't want to be beat by girls & women are even worse to girls the don't like.

She would have had a way bigger chance of winning if she had went with Sierra. In the final counsel she was crying so fake. She never stood a chance with Tyson or Jervase, they clearly played a better game then her. She was like Woo in Survivor Cagayan, a dog, when ever Tyson told her to sit, she sat.

She is not bad, she's a challenge beast, and everyone at final tribal just wanted her to admit she's a loser.

Have you guys never met a neat lady?

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68 Mike Halloway - Winner - Worlds Apart

Who put him on here? Just cause he talks dumb doesn't mean he is- he was a GENIUS! His mistake at the auction I'll admit was stupid, but he was just trying to show how brave and risk-taking he is.

The only stupid move he made was aligning himself with the bottom

Predictable winner. - naFrovivuS

Best Player ever

69 Susie Smith - 2nd Place - Gabon
70 Colby Donaldson - Runner Up - Survivor: The Australian Outback Colby Donaldson - Runner Up - Survivor: The Australian Outback

His Heroes vs Villains performance was one of the most feeble I ever saw. A guy with a busted leg (James) beat him in challenges. He had no strategy, was horrible at challenges, and just gave zero effort. He floated along because he was no threat of any sort.

I'm sure it was a strategy that's what got him to be the last Heros left.

71 Kim Spradin - 1st Place - Survivor: One World

Ya, she won every immunity challenge almost. When she didn't they should of voted her out! That simple.

She was the smartest person her season. She went on an immunity challenge win streak, played a good social game and great strategic game, and basically steamrolled her fellow castaways througout the season. Her game was nearly flawless.

Of course she's gonna win in a season with Colton, Kat, and other useless contestants! - Turkeyasylum

winner - JJS32503

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72 Jonathan Libby - 20th place - Survivor: Palau

He shouldn't be on this list especially if he never got to play.

He did get to play. He was out because of someone who was playing harder than him. I don't think he deserves to be this high though because from what we saw he wasn't one of the worst.

He has a point there.

73 Jean Robert Bellande - 9th Place - Survivor: China

All he did was piss people off at camp.

Laziest contestant ever. All I got to say.

74 Jason Siska - Micronesia

Erik looks like Richard Hatch compared to this chump. Thought a stick was an idol, gave up immunity when he should've realized he needed it, and didn't play an idol when he should've known he'd need it. MORON!

Eliza should have made him give her the immunity necklace and have him play the stick

He should have listened to Eliza.

75 Dan Foley - 6th place - Survivor: Worlds Apart

This guy is a complete nut form what I saw. The entire time I did not see an ounce of good gameplay from him. Mike brought in Dan into the alliances, just made a monster out of Dan, a very chauvinistic one

Four words to sum him up with: Fat, Lazy, Stupid and Ass

Completely crazy. - naFrovivuS

Complete dud. Should be in Top 10...RUSSELL HANTZ IS RANKED HIGH THAN THIS DILDO

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76 Rodney Lavoie Jr. - 4th Place - Survivor: Worlds Apart

Rodney absolutely sucked at Survivor. He could not win at challenges, he never orchestrated anything and he constantly kept whining on his birthday that he didn't go on reward. To me, playing Survivor on my birthday, even though I would not go on reward, just being on the island and playing would already be the best birthday I would ever have

Rodney may see himself as a social beast, but really he was a big crybaby. That episode where he didn't go on reward ON HIS BIRTHDAY is just annoying and childish. GROW UP

Annoying and bullied Lindsey

Was only kept safe by openly being mysogynistic, and hence, a goat. Would have been annihilated by female jury members.

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77 Kat Edorsson - 7th place - Survivor: One World

Kat is one of the most naive players that has ever played the game of Survivor and I was so shocked she was not yet on this list. She stupidly thought that she wasn't on the bottom of her alliance and that she could make big girl choices. She was weak and only made it as far as she did because she was an easy vote. What an Idiot...

78 Kyle Jason - 6th place - Survivor: Kaoh Rong

Awful. Sabotaged camp but made it obvious

Absolute dickhead sabotaged camp at least Nick was sporting about the blindside

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79 Joel Klug - 11th Place - Survivor: Borneo

Joel really didn't do much. - naFrovivuS

80 Sue Hawk - 4th place - Survivor Borneo
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