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141 Shawn Cohen - 12th Place - Survivor: Pearl Islands

I mean he was ok at first but then he got annoying on Day 12 (No this is not Jon or Burton or any other survivor contestant, just the guy who posted the Osten and Clarence (Or it should be on there)) posts. I mean huge back-stabbed Burton, Michelle, and kinda back-stabbed Trish. He and Jon got in fights all the time. If it wasn't for the outcasts, he would've went to Morgan and then the season we love so much would've been really crappy. So thank god for the outcasts. (Yes I'm a Catholic. ) so if he does get in another season I wish him good luck then.

Even though its against the rules I think he should have knocked Jon out

142 Michelle Chase - Survivor:Gabon - 18th place

I wish she would have stayed longer, I liked her!

She was so hard to deal with around camp that they ended up voting her out over the Grandma Thora look-alike Gillian

143 Wes Nale - 9th place - Survivor:San Juan Del Sur

The only things he did on his season were eating chicken fingers and tacos and talking about a Two and A Half Men. It sucks because I thought he was going to be the strategic mastermind and that Jeremy and Jon would be getting the invisible edit.

Did nothing at all in the game, not to mention he dropped out of the immunity challenge for chicken wings, instead of trying to stay safe for another day.

Not to mention one of the ugliest survivors in the history of this show

144 Grant Mattos - 8th place - Survivor: Redemption Island

Horrible Player. Only got as far as he did due to Rob using him with their fake friendship (when in reality he had closer friendships and alliances both with at least 5 of the other cast members). Rob then wouldn't take him to the end despite that he was easiest to beat, due to having way closer friendships to people like Natalie and even Philip.

Horrible Player. Relied on his fake friendship with Rob (who in reality had both closer friendship and alliances with at least 5 of the other cast) to take to where he got. Rob still wouldn't take him to the end, despite that he would have been the easiest to beat.

He sucks and his dreads smell bad.

He is boring and ugly.

145 So Kim - 18th Place - Survivor: Worlds Apart

At least she tried at the game and respected others, unlike RODNEY or WILL. - Turkeyasylum

She made the mistake of making an alliance and lying to her tribe way too early

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146 Artis Silvester - 9th place - Survivor: Philippines

He was the most grumpiest person to ever play Survivor! He rarely talked to anybody other than Abi and Pete.

147 Vince Sly - 17th place - Survivor: Worlds Apart

Are you sure he's a coconut vendor? He was downright creepy with Jenn and was confrontational with Joe.

He was downright creepy and he was weird with Jenn. No wonder he went so early. - DGKay

He just played the game way too hard and way too early

A "coconut vendor." That's the absurdest job I've heard anyone on a Survivor say. - naFrovivuS

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148 Aaron Reisberger - 12th place - Survivor: China

If he would've been smarter he would've noticed that Jaime, Peih-Gee and Erik were all throwing the challenge to get rid of him. - DGKay

149 Sierra Dawn Thomas - Survivor: Worlds Apart

Sierra was an all out idiot. She keeps playing the game too safe and wouldn't flip when she KNEW she didn't like her tribe. If I were in that situation, I would've flipped in a heartbeat! - Turkeyasylum

Sorry who is she again? She was too chicken to make moves and was dragged to the final five

I guess that Legacy Advantage gave her a boost. - naFrovivuS

150 Jeremiah Wood - 8th place - Survivor: Cagayan

Never understood a single thing this guy said. Also he he should've went with Morgan and Brice.

151 Brook Geraghty - 18th place - Survivor: Vanuatu

Completely arrogant along with the other 3 guys. Thought he was going to go far because he was one of the strongest... Guess that didn't work well for him.

Chris might've cost his tribe the challenge, but Brook was voted off for being just plain annoying. - naFrovivuS

152 Ashlee Ashby - 17th place - Survivor:Palau

Weak in challenges and considered quitting. The asset she had were her boobs

153 Baylor Wilson - 5th Place - Survivor: San Juan del Sur

This chick was so annoying to listen to! She sounds like a 12 year old in all of her confessionals and she was almost unbearable to listen to. I agree with Reed

154 Laura Alexander - 16th place - Survivor: Caramoan

People with smart mouths never usually end up winning Survivor(unless your Sophie). This chick literally proved that

155 Joaquin Solliaerbae - 13th Place - Survivor Worlds Apart

His bromance is what screwed up his game.

156 Brad Virata - 12th place - Survivor: Cook Islands

What kind of moron tells his tribe that he doesn't trust any of them? Seriously? Pathetic player, plus we barely saw him

157 Wanda Shirk - 19th Place - Survivor: Palau

She didn't even get a chance to play

Justice for Wanda!

158 Kyle Jason - 6th place - Survivor: Kaoh Rong

The social game of Russell Hantz combined to the strategic successfulness of Eddie Fox. Was not voted out at the final 7 despite being in the minority only because an 18 years old dumb blond girl looked more threatening than him, which is meaningful.

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159 Dan Lembo - 5th Place - Survivor: Nicaragua

He really didn't do anything except talk.

160 Joe del Campo - 5th Place - Survivor: Kaôh Rōng

He was medically evacuated from the game. No way Aubry prevents that.

In a perfect world, aubry would have taken him to finale night and smoked him.

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