Top Ten Worst Things About Atheists

The Top Ten Worst Things About Atheists

1 They think a giant explosion from everywhere creating everything sounds more logical than God

The big bang theory is not the only theory to the creation of the universe, don't generalize us.

Who knows The Big Bang theory could be correct, but only if God made the Big bang happen. Perhaps the Big Bang was when God created the Earth, Perhaps God made A Big Bang and that's Earth was created, But ONLY If God made it happen. Things do not happen just for no reason, they happen because they need to happen, something causes them to happen. So Maybe God caused the Big bang to happen.

When Stephen Hawking said " That something can come from nothing " he only meant that the laws of biology are reduced to chemicals and that in return the laws of chemicals can be reduced to physics. Meaning that life and everything physic is created from chemicals. Chemicals are created ( meaning born ) because of electro-magnetic alternate forces ( that is a proven theory ). Besides S. Hawking is not the only one who is working in the science field. Roger Penrose for instance who has worked together with Hawking on Space-Time singularity has developed another view on creation. Every scientist is making a contribution to understand and to prove how everything started. We come closer ( with exact proof ) to scientific explainations. So, yes, science has always be more logical than religion.

There are more theories than the big bang theory. Atheists believe that science will explain the origin of the universe whatever theory that may be. Science has Always be more logical than religion.

2 They say God isn't real but have no proof against God's existence

The bible provides enough proof with all of the contradictions and the, basically, plot holes.

It's the " eternal " argument? The major axiom of logic that you cannot prove a negative? First of all, the existence of god isn't a major axiom of logic. A major axiom of logic is based on observations and not suppositions ( the existence of god is not even a proposition of facts based on observation. It's a supposition ). Only when we actually can have verification about the supposed god-theory ( Theorema means speculative knowledge ) then only we can work on the logical axiom of proof / disprove. Learn your philosophy right ( and not your theology ) before you say that atheists " need " to " prove " the god-theory. Maybe you can learn something about exact ( logical axioms for instance ) science afterwards!

In this eternal argument, one must first accept that major axiom of logic: that you cannot prove a negative.
Atheists need not, therefore, "prove" that God doesn't exist.
They DO, however, need logically explain (which they cannot) how "something can come from nothing," as one of their icons, Hawking (an overrated intellect if ever there was one) foolishly stated a few years back,
When arguing with idiots, rely upon a stunning simplicity, against which there is no logical defense: Which came first, the chicken, or the egg?

This is why agnostics always say that "you cannot prove nor disprove God's existence". But to stop some pointless conflict, I somewhat agree with that statement. Many atheists have forced this "disproving" down Christians' throats and many Christians force the "proving" down Atheists' throats while they cannot gather strong evidences in many of the debates, especially on the Internet.

3 They think they know everything about everything

They think they are so smart, I am A Christian & I know my Bible fairly well. It drives me crazy when they incorrectly quote "bad or sexist" verses from the Bible to try & prove that Christianity is bad when they do not even have a clue what there talking about. I got into a debate before with an atheist who thought he was so clever, he'd never read 1 single page from the Bible, but thought he knew it all, He thought The Bible was just a book of rules saying do this or don't do that or you will burn in hell. How little he actually knew made me laugh, I said Go & read the Bible before you talk about it. I hate how they think all believers of God are backward retards & stupid when actually we are not we just have a thing called Faith.

No. We admit we know nothing of the world around us. Religions all claim to have the one true answer, even though their are over 6,000 religions on earth. - Caleb9000

I don't pretend I know everything because I don't. - Ace_of_spades

So, while Atheisim seems logical, keep in mind, this belief is based on information that we "think" we know. We still have not understood possibly even half of the science of this world.

4 They are bigots

I don't agree with everything Christopher Hitchens is saying ( some things are really stupid and insulting ) but his view of a god-concept being a totalitarian belief that will destroy individual freedom has some truth. I mean, if you should give political ruling power to religion it's for sure that individual freedom will be condemned and therefore live in a totalitarian system ( just look what happened in the middle-ages ). Maybe we should in the first place stop insulting ( from both sides ) someone beliefs and let everybody live his life like he want to ( including his thinking ). This doesn't mean that arguments and discussing topics on beliefs should be banned. We can do it with without insults.

Maybe you should stop insulting atheists! By the way, is that a religious concept? Insulting people?

Internet atheists yeah.

5 They think religious people are inferior

All atheists hate religious people. That is in fact a true statement.

Katekat123, I have all A's and I'm a christian Moving along

I don't hate religious people

6 They are stubborn

Well you cry baby internet atheist came to the list.

Well, it seems you're doing the very thing you hate by picking on atheists. - Songsta41

7 They say "oh my God" despite not believing in God

The expressions of languages has nothing to do with beliefs. It just proves the beliefs that were in the origins of this languages in a certain time. Expressions are just words and the contexts are not objective meanings and often not very realistic in context. It's a vey lame argument and even stupid if you ask me to Judge atheists by some expressions they're saying. Let me point out also that NOT every atheist use that expression. I never say or use the expression that is described here!

Thi is a common expression nearly everyone uses it is in pop culture a lot and they were raised probably hearing that from friends, family or even strangers. - Ace_of_spades

It's an old expression that everyone gets used to because it is ingrained in society. - Caleb9000

I totally agree with this item. It's just too ironic for them to say this.

8 They say atheists aren't terrorists but all religions have had terrorists

First of all. Atheists are not a community or a religion of non believers of a god. Atheism is closely related to a individualistic conceptions. So, if you say that atheism organized as communism were responsible for millions of death you are wrong. Communism was responsable for a fact like that but communism is a political movement in the first place. Their rejection of organised religion who at that time were not separated from the political structure is part of the communist ideal and has nothing to do with the theological aspects of religion. An atheist is not a communist and a communist is not a true atheist in the sense of the word ( Communist reject religion in organised form ).

They seem ignorant of a horrendous reality: Atheism, organized as Communism, was responsible for 300 million untimely deaths in the 20th century.

That doesn't mean that we think that all religious people are terrorists. - Caleb9000

Every religious/non-religious group has its own sub-group of terrorists and extremists.

9 They have nothing better to do than to make fun of religious people

Listen, I don't care what religion anybody affiliates with because we all have free will and can make our own choices. But in my school and community it's a 50-50 split between Christians and atheists. One kid I know had to move away, do you wanna know why. It was because a bunch of Atheist kids were making fun of and beating up this little 6th grader because he was Christian. This kid was so nice, smart, and kind, the most good hearted kid you would ever meet and he had to switch to another school. One day it got so bad that the kid had a concussion. All the atheists in my school and community are all a bunch of douchebags because they think their so superior to everyone else there. But they're the ones getting bad grades, getting into trouble all the time and the only ones who use drugs. Not saying all atheists everywhere are like that but I think that not having any faith or morals whatsoever can lead to bad things. Also most of these kids are a bunch of whiny crybabies who think ...more

Laws such as, no stealing, no murder etc... are not related with a god or a religion. It's the basics to keep a civilization together. It used to be related with religion for a long time but organized religion is separated from the political structure because history has proven it's meaning of unrelation in that fact As for making fun. I like to quote Socrates : " What you don't know will not harm you ". Meaning, why should I bother about god or religion? There's no proof of existence ( that means that nobody have to proof his non-existence ). Why should I care? If people wants to believe, I don't care because it doesn't bother me or doesn't harm me.

We have lot of things to do instead bothering with religious crap. I like to live my life like I want and do what I want to do. I don't want follow orders or laws out of a stupid book that was written thousands of years ago. I believe in myself in the present and really don't care about a afterlife or a crappy god that was made up ( who I should fear if I had to believe those religious crap? ).

Actually most of the laws stated in the ten commandments are still laws today. Such as no stealing, no murder and stuff like that. - peashooter

Majority of greatest scientists were Atheists, they did nothing? they don't bomb people for believing in gOD

10 They accuse Christians of shoving religion down people's throats but they make fun of anybody religious

This is a huge problem with Atheists these days. In today's world, it is far more likely that an Atheist will get right in your face, scream at you, and belittle you even if you did nothing more than giving a nice greeting like "God bless you", and even if that greeting was to somebody else, they will stick their nose right in.

Mostly the problem with the hardcore Atheists on YouTube when you state a bible verse in the comments.

They also accuse Muslims not only Christians. - njalabi63989

I’m fine with Christianity, but people always SHOVE IT DOWN MY THROAT ABOUT HOW IF I DON’T BELIEVE IN THEIR RELIGION THAT I’LL GO TO HELL! Leave us alone and we’ll leave you alone! Simple as that!

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11 They think without religion there would be world peace

Imagine - John Lennon - Alkadikce

Atheists don't think that because they aware that the world is made of good and bad people. It's just the other way around. Religious people think that if everybody should be respect their religion there will be eternal peace. But because they see that this is impossible they're thinking that this is the work of satan and that people or some people has choisen or are tools of the devil. In other words, this argument isn't true. Atheists never think something like that but I agree that maybe some stupid atheists are thinking that just because like there are good and bad people there are stupid and smart people ( whatever they believe ).

Come on we wouldn't have Christmas or Easter.

Only under God we can achieve world peace. Without God we just fight tons of pointless wads

12 They don't like Donald Trump.

Yeah I'm an athiest I hate trump because he's a racist bitch and makes promises he can't keep - Ihateschool

Racist? I don't think so. Making promises he can't keep? I can agree with that. - aj2005

13 They are annoying

Usually the internet mocking, there is no respect anymore.

Depend if they are Liberal atheist of conservative atheist. There are different types of atheist.

14 They celebrate Christmas

It's a ritual from their childhood... - Qryzx

Chrimbo? Giftmas? Happy Holidays?

15 The word "Respect" is dead.
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