10 Worst Things About Life


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21 Sadness
22 Haters

Haters are one of the worst things on the planet.

23 Bullies

Henshin! Ijeme Ikenie Ja! (Transform: Anti Bully Ranger! ) This was a quote from Akari Akaza from YuruYuri.

24 Church

WHAT NO but the Catholic Church has heresies (no offense after all I am Catholic but I realized the Truth)

The Catholic Church is evil (I am Catholic but I realized that the Catholic Church is serving Satan)

Why is church so bad? All you have to do is sit in a pew... not that hard, you are not forced to pray, sing or dance. At least... Not in my religion. o, o (Apostolic Pentecostal :3) - CloudofMercury

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25 Greediness

Greed should be second, it is that thing in which all hate and suffering arises from. think about it.

26 Dead Parents

It's sad when it is the death of your parents even though they may annoy you at times

Well I lost my dad but it is not the worst that can happen - morgs

27 Copyright

But if you had your own franchise, but no copyright, someone might steal your idea.

28 Love

How is this one of the worst things in life! - SammySpore

Loveing some1 is a sin. When we don't get it...

Love is the stupidest thing in the world

Love is lame, there are sure a lot more awesome-r stuff - GriffinDoge

29 Hate
30 Rape
31 Being Dumb
32 Cancer

How is this, AIDS, and murders not higher up? - Anonymousxcxc

33 Illness
34 Not Getting Your Own Way
35 STDs
36 War
37 Constipation

Life without constipation would be easier

38 Bugs

Those little buggers always bother you. They buzz in your ears, they can bite you, and they are everywhere. Possibly the most annoying creatures ever.

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39 Loneliness

It's hell on earth. No one knows you're alive

40 Autism

I have autism and I wish to kill myself

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