Top Ten Worst Things About P.E. Lessons

I am glad to say that P.E. is behind me. Waste of my life and made me look like an idiot. But I still have horrific memories. Let all your troubles out here.

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21 You are the only one who's bad in class

Everyone at my school is a size 2 anorexic girl or a boy too obsessed in sports to have gotten anything done in life. I, on the other hand, am the only obese girl in our entire grade.

That's me! The horrible player who doesn't know how to hold a hockey stick! - lovefrombadlands

No, that's half and half for my class, so I can't relate.

Yeah... I don't try in that class anywyas - Lucretia

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22 If you are bad, it puts pressure on you

This list is getting repetitive - bjinmaro64

And that means more motivation for you! I'm actually thankful that PE exists because this is the only time I get to practice with certain sports!

23 They expect you to remember every single rule of the sport, and if you accidentally forget one rule, they yell.

Precisely. I'm holding the hockey stick wrong, and suddenly, I'm the worst excuse for a student in the history of education. Isn't that overstatement quite a big one? Considering that I do so brilliantly in maths and the sciences?!?! - PositronWildhawk

So at least you won't look stupid! Sports would always be a part of social life, though I don't exactly like it as much as others do!

Teachers sometimes come up with absurd rules. In floor hockey I got yelled at for clearing the puck out of my own goalie's crease.


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24 They act like math teachers while teaching in P.E.

That's good so you can learn and get better in math if you need help

P.E. teachers are not real teachers. They're extremely stupid. Go get a life.
I hope my P.E. teacher is reading this. I hope he cries! Muahaha
Okay, that's a little too much. But I hate P.E.

25 You are trying to be yourself and not "fit in" or being "cool and awesome" but by doing PE that's exactly what you are doing.

P.E makes me feel like I'm being forced to be or do something that I'm not

I'm putting this here so that this goes up

But isn't PE for being active, not cool and popular? - AnimeDrawer

i agree

26 Jocks

Not all jocks are rude, I know a jock who is not very popular in school since he is more quiet then some of the other guys, but is one of the nicest guys in the school. He is very good at sports, but is more quiet and likes different things than the popular jocks. - AnimeDrawer

The main reason people hate jocks so much and that there ARE jocks is because of PE. Luckily, my school has all the jocks in top set while I'm in set 2. It's still stupid though.

The smart, hardworking, kind jocks who do decent in academics and have common sense might be able to make it in life. However, majority of jocks are morons who get Ds and Fs. Those kind of jocks make fun of smart people when they make a mistake at PE. This happened when I used to be in Middle and High school. Now I am a young adult with a Master's degree, and the jocks that made fun of me are now being ordered around by me(I am the manager of a restaurant).

Well visitor,maybe because you don't try,and your classmates do - Nateawesomeness

27 Kids get too competitive

I cannot stand people discouraging others because they are not as good. The teachers never discourage, but the students do. Not everyone is good at making shots or skills in basketball. - AnimeDrawer

Ik this from experience aka my life rn! Kids get really mad if you miss but if there friend missings apparently there fine -.- but if a stranger can't do the sport people well roll there eyes at you and yell at you and most likely the p.e well give them a small talk and they wont change there behavior!

28 You can't take sick days

For my PE class, you can. - AnimeDrawer

29 Sport bras

I am glad I don't have to wear sports bras, that will suck. I am a tomboy and I hate wearing that kind of stuff. - AnimeDrawer


30 P.E. uniform makes you feel insecure

P.E is generally a large fecal matter.

Luckily I don't have to wear a uniform. - AnimeDrawer

31 You have to do it when it is freezing/boiling

We had to do netball while it thundered. No tracksuit bottoms either because it was 'not cold enough'. We got drenched.

We still even had to do rugby (I HATE SPORT SO MUCH) while it was hailing - Harri666

32 Racist coaches

We have exactly one African American in our grade.

I am now going to be a freshmen, so hopefully not.

My coach calls my Pakistanion friend cookie rohaughs

33 Favouritism of athletic people

Varsity athletes are actually separated from regular PE, giving more encouragement for the non-athletics since there is not much intimidating competition.

My teacher obviously hates me and my friends because were not a good a sport as them. It's not nice but the topic on how rude she is always gets us through the lesson

so true

34 You are forced to change in the locker room

I hate this. You have to change in front of all your friends and they can see your you-know-what. A girl once hid in our locker room. Bad times, bad times. - Tacocheese

Yes! You don't change in front of 18 people at home so why do you need to at school? - Lucretia

35 You get a Zero if you don't participate.
36 If they tell you to do pushups and you do them, they might tell you you're bad.

She could've at least told me tips to improve instead of telling me that my body wasn't naturally made for pushups..or that I'm bad at them! This made me depressed (not sad), angry, & now I believe that I can't do pushups for goodness sake! >:( No wonder why everyone hates her! I miss my old coach, he gives out tips instead of let us down. I would do ANYTHING to get him back as my coach. ANYTHING!

37 We feel like barfing after it

My gym teacher will not let us stop and if you do you run more

38 Physical Education is not only about Sports. It shouldn't be about who can throw the highest or run the fastest.

I'm generally what you would call an athletic kid. I spend a lot of time outdoors, I climb, I run and I participate in games such as Tag. But when it comes to PE in school, I suck. My eye-hand coordination has never been the greatest, and the chances of me actually catching the ball/frisbee are very low. I'm good at other subjects, but that doesn't seem to matter to my classmates. They constantly laugh when I fail to catch the ball or throw the frisbee. Often, they call out sarcastic suggestions. Basically, they try to humiliate me. My coach is in on it too. He knows that no one wants to be partners with me because of my limited ability, but yet he always asks us to pair up, even if the activity does not require us to. I feel that PE should be about keeping healthy and being comfortable in our own bodies. After all, It is called Physical education, not Sports. Instead of seeing who can hit the ball over the net, we should be jogging and stretching. It should not be mandatory, either.

I am very bad a throwing things at good coordinates, I am just not an organized person. Plus with people hogging everything and not giving people a chance, less. - AnimeDrawer

No, it's actually supposed to be about methods to be physically fit, while sports is simply a primary method to be one. Though it's a better option to do the straneous exercises and obstacle courses.

39 The P.E teacher that talks about doing one thing the entire class.
40 If your fat and garbage they make you pay for it in extra laps

Really? There are teachers at my school that do some pretty messed up things. The PE coaches at my school will actually let really fat kids stop if they have to

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3. P.E. teachers are always merciless tyrants



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