Top Ten Worst Things About Wearing Eyeglasses

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1 Being bullied during your childhood for needing them

In sixth grade I had glasses that were sometimes lopsided because of my different ear sizes so id get bullied for that all the time.

I have Lazy Eye. Everyone always says that I'm blind, when I'm not. I just have some issues with my left eye.

Came into this list without needing glasses. I feel so out of place.

2 Your parents giving you dorky or ugly glasses to wear as a child

I wear glasses, and they don't look dorky at all. They're a sharp, round-rectangular orange frame with transition lenses, which really make me look more sophisticated and more intelligent. So nerdy, but a stylish, smooth kind of nerdy. I look better with than without. You just need to find the frames that are right for you.

When a kid kicked a soccer ball at my face and broke my glasses, my dad blamed me and got these really ugly pink ones.

3 Accidentally touching the lenses when picking up/adjusting your glasses
4 The struggle to keep the lenses clean

I can't even get through a single day without needing to clean my lenses.

5 Cooking while wearing glasses

Considering that I cook a lot of spicy stuff that spits from the pan, and chop a lot of onions, the glasses act very well as protection goggles.

Lol, because they get steamed up?

6 People assuming you look more attractive without them
7 People taking your glasses off your face without permission so they can try them on

That's horrible. I don't do this, but its not a good idea because it spreads eye dust and bacteria

8 When people don't understand you don't want to wear contacts

I was born with astigmatism and severe far-sightedness (+7.50) that had the side effect of one lazy eye. Not only did I start wearing glasses when I was 4 years old, but I also had to wear a patch (like a pirate's patch, yes during the day). Apparently, contacts just didn't exist for my prescription. Luckily, my eyes have gotten exponantially better, and despite all of the resentment I harbored when I was young, those are what healed my eyes and allow me to see without glasses now.

Some people just can't where contacts. My dad couldn't wear contacts because his eyes were too dry and they were uncomfortable.

9 Having to constantly take them off whenever you eat

I hate having to do this, because for my eyeglasses, they always droop down whenever I bend down to eat my food, so I have to take them off whenever I eat.

I eat with my glasses on

10 Looking nerdy

Man, guys with glasses are, like, 10000000000 times more attractive than guys without them. I don't even know why is that here!

I had both glasses AND braces when I was in middle school. I was DEFINITELY 1000% a true nerd :(

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11 Your insurance giving you a limited amount of options for free glasses frames
12 Not being able to afford new glasses because your insurance no longer covers it
13 The existence of metal frames
14 Swapping between sunglasses and regular glasses

Just get transition lenses. They adjust perfectly to the level of light entering your eyes.

15 The cost of transition lenses
16 Running out of eye glass cleaner
17 Forgetting your eye glass cleaner supplies at home and hoping your shirt won't ruin your glasses
18 Being unable to remove a scratch or a certain dirt spot on your lens

The only thing that well and truly annoys me about having glasses.

19 Glasses fogging up when wearing a mask
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