Worst Things That Can Happen In Gym Class

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1 People bully you for being bad at p.e.

I really have to agree with this. I'm not a really good free throw shooter - Antonio89

I hate kids who take sports so seriously.

Yes, this happens to me a lot

Not everyone is born to be athletic,so please stop bullying those who are bad at it. _

2 The teacher makes you run

Happens all the time

If you get late to class my P.E teacher makes you run a lap. If you cause trouble, he makes you take another lap. - Pegasister12

Once we need to finish 4 laps,then it started to RAIN,our gym teacher made us to finish those useless laps,turns out we had a natural shower for the rest of the class.

This happens ALL the time! :(

3 You brake a body part

I've never broke a body part before but I can imagine how much will it hurt. 8(

4 A basketball hits you in the head

Happened to me in the 7th grade. I was surprised that my glasses didn't fall off. Man, did that hurt! - Pegasister12

It happened to me twice in high school - Antonio89


Those rude guys were playing basketball,and the ball hit me in the head,they didn't even apologize.

5 You're picked last on team games

It feels like that people can't see your worth,just wondering,how can you call it a "game" while you can't enjoy it?

6 Your team loses

Sometimes they blame even when it's not your fault.

7 You're doing a sport that you hate
8 Someone dies

I know it's extremely unusual,but what if you die because of the pain?

9 You get injured

I sprained my pinkie in gym once

10 The teacher makes you go do push-ups

This happens to me a lot

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11 You have your period

, yes this is so gross and so annoying

12 You sweat more than usual
13 You rip your pants

One kid in my school did last year. In front of the whole school. He was playing sports that people can watch for indoor recess. I feel so bad for him.

14 You trip and fall
15 You collapse, all into a coma, then eventually die
16 You vomit
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