Top 10 Worst Things That Could Happen While at the Beach


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1 Someone stole your money while swimming

Oh Great! Now I can't go to the snack bar! - nintendofan126

You should have kept the money in a safe place. - cosmo

That's why you don't go to the beach alone! - Turkeyasylum

That would've been a crazy situation - JaysTop10List

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2 You get a horrible sunburn

I have the strangest phobia of getting sunburned. I'm just so paranoid about skin cancer! I put on sunscreen excessively. It's like... An obsessive compulsive tendency of mine. I admit it's a bit strange! - keycha1n

This happens to me all the time. My only solution is sunscreen. Does it work? Heck no. - RockFashionista

I have always got sunburns when I was 5 but now I'm really tan

There's nothing worse then getting a sun burn on your back. - nintendofan126

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3 You get sand all over your sandwich

That is why they call it a sandwich students. - CartoonsGirl

And that's how the term sandwich came to be - Neonco31

Sand in your buns!

4 You find a hermit crab and keep it as a pet but it dies shortly
5 You get eaten by a shark

Just like Jaws. - egnomac

Creepy - Neonco31


6 The food gets expensive to buy and you're starving to death

Or you can just find food elsewhere. - PositronWildhawk

Don't forget to bring your own lunch! - venomouskillingmachine

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7 Too much trash gets all over the sand


8 You have to go to the bathroom but you are swimming and you can't hold it anymore and just pee in the ocean

I always do this, it's the ocean you can pee in it - simpsondude

There's one issue: I live by Lake Michigan, and peeing in the fresh water would be horrific. - Turkeyasylum

I do this almost every time at the beach. - Minecraftcrazy530

Yea people are nasty when they do that

9 Someone ruins your sand castle

I like making sand castles, so I'd be pretty much annoyed if someone did that. - Kiteretsunu

This would be an issue if I could make a sand castle. But I can never build one! - Turkeyasylum

My sand isn't solid enough.

Just why it takes so long to build then, boom! Goodbye sandcastle. O-O

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10 You drown

That's delightful

Terrifying - Neonco31

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11 They played a Nicki Minaj song and people are singing or dancing through the whole thing

My anaconda don't like that song so change the station! - Turkeyasylum

You know some people are going to dance. - JaysTop10List

I'd rather get eaten by a shark than listen to Anaconda.

12 You get embarrassed in front of a lot of people

Being embarrassed in public is horrifying.

13 A hurricane hits
14 You see Justin Bieber at the beach

Members of TheTopTens just can't shut up about Justin Bieber.

Again with the Justin Bieber. - egnomac

Really? He's on ANOTHER LIST? Gosh. - Minecraftcrazy530

Not again! - Neonco31

15 A tsunami happens
16 Your trunks fall off
17 A war starts

Lol. How is that possible? - Neonco31

18 Get pinched by a crab

Yes! This did actually happen to me while I was boogie boarding. I stepped on a crab and next thing I know, my little toe gets pinched. It drew a little blood and, of course, it hurt!

19 A wave hits you & you almost drown from it

This happened to me when I was ten. I walked in the water and fell two feet and a small wave almost pulled me under.

20 You get buried
21 You find a dead beached whale


22 Your shoes get taken away by the tide
23 Lightning hits
24 You poop

The sea would be brown, a shark drinks it, and it would taste poopy.

25 You get stung by a jellyfish

This happened to my brother in Myrtle Beach. - Connor360

This happened to me one too many times. So, I stopped swimming when I go to the beach. It hurts!

26 Your boyfriend dies

This happened in a book serie that I love, and this scene made me cry. I feel bad for the main character that loves the death boyfriend - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

27 It gets windy

It gets annoying when it is windy

28 A gunman attacks
29 Spontaneous combustion of your body

This is number 27? But this is the worst by far!

30 A sand dune collapses on someone

This would be a matter of life and death, and many people sadly are buried and die, so...

31 Get sea water in your eyes or mouth

I hate when this happens I went to the beach a got hit by a wave and water got in my eyes

It burns your eyes and it tastes bad

32 Getting sand in your underwear

Hate that because when it stay there for a while it feels icthy

33 You wave for help and people just wave back
34 You get arrested

For horseback riding - Neonco31

35 Someone steals your clothes
36 You cannon ball and a tsunami comes
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1. You get a horrible sunburn
2. Someone stole your money while swimming
3. A hurricane hits
1. Someone stole your money while swimming
2. You get a horrible sunburn
3. You get sand all over your sandwich
1. Someone stole your money while swimming
2. You get a horrible sunburn
3. You get sand all over your sandwich

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