Top 10 Worst Things That Could Happen While at the Beach

The Top Ten

1 Someone stole your money while swimming

Oh Great! Now I can't go to the snack bar! - nintendofan126

You should have kept the money in a safe place. - cosmo

That's why you don't go to the beach alone! - Turkeyasylum

That would've been a crazy situation - JaysTop10List

2 You get a horrible sunburn

SPF 30 sunscreen, first-degree burns everywhere. Just switch to SPF 50 while you have time.

I have the strangest phobia of getting sunburned. I'm just so paranoid about skin cancer! I put on sunscreen excessively. It's like... An obsessive compulsive tendency of mine. I admit it's a bit strange! - keycha1n

This happens to me all the time. My only solution is sunscreen. Does it work? Heck no. - RockFashionista

I have always got sunburns when I was 5 but now I'm really tan

3 You get sand all over your sandwich

That is why they call it a sandwich students. - CartoonsGirl

And that's how the term sandwich came to be - Neonco31

Sand in your buns!

4 You find a hermit crab and keep it as a pet but it dies shortly
5 You get eaten by a shark

Just like Jaws. - egnomac

Creepy - Neonco31


6 The food gets expensive to buy and you're starving to death

Or you can just find food elsewhere. - PositronWildhawk

Don't forget to bring your own lunch! - venomouskillingmachine

Meh. I bring my own food. - Turkeyasylum

7 Too much trash gets all over the sand


8 Someone ruins your sand castle

I like making sand castles, so I'd be pretty much annoyed if someone did that. - Kiteretsunu

This would be an issue if I could make a sand castle. But I can never build one! - Turkeyasylum

That is a terrible thing to do

My sand isn't solid enough.

9 You have to go to the bathroom but you are swimming and you can't hold it anymore and just pee in the ocean

I always do this, it's the ocean you can pee in it - simpsondude

There's one issue: I live by Lake Michigan, and peeing in the fresh water would be horrific. - Turkeyasylum

I do this almost every time at the beach. - Minecraftcrazy530

Yea people are nasty when they do that

10 You drown

That's delightful

Terrifying - Neonco31

The Contenders

11 They played a Nicki Minaj song and people are singing or dancing through the whole thing

My anaconda don't like that song so change the station! - Turkeyasylum

You know some people are going to dance. - JaysTop10List

I'd rather get eaten by a shark than listen to Anaconda.

12 You get embarrassed in front of a lot of people

Being embarrassed in public is horrifying.

13 You see Justin Bieber at the beach

Members of TheTopTens just can't shut up about Justin Bieber.

Again with the Justin Bieber. - egnomac

Really? He's on ANOTHER LIST? Gosh. - Minecraftcrazy530

Not again! - Neonco31

14 A hurricane hits
15 A tsunami happens
16 Your trunks fall off
17 You wave for help and people just wave back
18 A wave hits you & you almost drown from it

This happened to me when I was ten. I walked in the water and fell two feet and a small wave almost pulled me under.

19 A war starts

Lol. How is that possible? - Neonco31

I've seen it happen. IT COULD HAPPEN AT ANY TIME!

20 Get pinched by a crab

Yes! This did actually happen to me while I was boogie boarding. I stepped on a crab and next thing I know, my little toe gets pinched. It drew a little blood and, of course, it hurt!

21 You rip your pants

Spongebob squarepants

22 Your shoes get taken away by the tide
23 You get buried
24 You get stung by a jellyfish

This happened to my brother in Myrtle Beach. - Connor360

This happened to me one too many times. So, I stopped swimming when I go to the beach. It hurts!

25 Your boyfriend dies

This happened in a book serie that I love, and this scene made me cry. I feel bad for the main character that loves the death boyfriend - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

26 You find a dead beached whale


27 You eat the ocean

I always fear this happening

28 Lightning hits
29 You poop

The sea would be brown, a shark drinks it, and it would taste poopy.

30 It gets windy

It gets annoying when it is windy

31 A gunman attacks
32 Spontaneous combustion of your body

This is number 27? But this is the worst by far!

33 A sand dune collapses on someone

This would be a matter of life and death, and many people sadly are buried and die, so...

34 Get sea water in your eyes or mouth

I hate when this happens I went to the beach a got hit by a wave and water got in my eyes

It burns your eyes and it tastes bad

35 Getting sand in your underwear

Hate that because when it stay there for a while it feels icthy

36 You get arrested

For horseback riding - Neonco31

37 Someone steals your clothes
38 You cannon ball and a tsunami comes
39 You die
40 Your principal is there
41 A baby cries
42 Your ex girl-friend is there while you're with your side chick
43 You die and then come back
44 Everything that you own gets stolen
45 You die and come back from the dead
46 You get a spanking
47 Flesh eating bacteria
48 You get stranded
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