Top 10 Worst Things to Go a Month Without Doing

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1 Eating

If I haven't had bacon or chocolate for a period of time, I say I haven't eaten. And yes, I do eat other stuff.

Jesus did this. I'm not joking he actually did.

I would be dead in about 2 days.

Shoot! I'd be dead in 3 days.

2 Drinking

Crud, I just realized this may not be talking about water.

This should be number one because you can die so much quicker without drinking than eating

3 Bathing

Couldn't imagine not having a bath or shower for a day, let alone a month!

That would be gross, I wouldn't want to go a month without showering

4 Washing Your Hair

I don't wash my hair as often as I should because I hate getting my hair wet and ruining my flat ironed hair. My hair is literally so stubborn after washing it, so that's why I use dry shampoo sprays for as long as I possibly can.

My hair is really thick. So I need to keep it clean.

5 Using the Bathroom

You wouldn't last one day.

6 Sleeping

I guess the debt you owe to your shut-down state accumulates with time. According to some rough maths, I'm sleep deprived for a total of two months and a half over the course of a year.

I think this is a little more vital than watching your favorite show.

I would be so tired all of the time.

Oh man, if I'm impaired after one all-nighters... Its almost certain you would die!

7 Going Online

I could miss out on so much! As could anyone!

8 Watching Your Favorite Show

When Brooklyn Nine-nine season one ended, I longed and longed for season two to air. It was six too long months! I suffered immensely!

9 Hanging With Friends
10 Breathing

This is a little silly but it is true you can't even go without breathing for 3 minutes

The Contenders
11 Getting Out of the House
12 Listening to Music

This would really suck.

13 Brushing Your Teeth

I used to never brush my teeth, so I have gone a month without brushing my teeth

14 Going Outside
15 Seeing Someone You Love
16 Playing Video Games
17 Relieving Yourself
18 Masturbating
19 Having Sex
20 Shaving
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