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1 I'll be right back I need to do number 2

I just said this to my girlfriend and she deleted our conversation history on her phone lol.

2 Can you time yourself while twerking

Ohh that's why she slaped me D: - Thump

Lolz she actually answered it without slapping meh

This is so hilarious lol lol

3 Do you like Creepypasta

Yeah, kinda, why? Something wrong with it? - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

My girlfriend loves creepypasta that what the first thing we ever talked abou when we were in... The friend zone

Haha wow then that girl would've break up right away. This is JaysTop10List but on my IPOD it's one of my greatest list and people should vote on it more. 😊

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4 Can I stalk you on Twitter
5 Hold on, I gotta crack my feet bones
6 What color is your underwear?

And then your life becomes hell for the next five minutes... - Kiteretsunu

Laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud and laugh out loud.

SpongeBob made me write it? - JaysTop10List

Tell this to a girl, then message me. I wanna know how it went for you. - RockFashionista

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7 You can come to my place sometime. I'll just need to lie to my wife.

No problem, Sara! It was totally awesome and I can't believe it either! Saturday was terrific. Thanks, my love. That's gonna be your nickname from me: my love. Can't wait to kiss you again tomorrow! It's so satisfying!

Wow, engaged already, Caleb. My life is a dream come true. I know I said I don't love s**, but I want to have it with you when we get married, do you?

AAAH, CALEB! I LOVE my ring. We're officially engaged! I can't wait to kiss you tomorrow. Love you, Cay. I can't wait for the wedding. Love, Sara.

Oh my gosh! Thanks, Caleb, for inviting me to your place for a date. We met last week, but I think we're already girlfriend and boyfriend. I can't believe that you work at Barnes and Noble when I work at the Starbucks right across from your job! All this time that I've been to Barnes and Noble, and I've never seen you 'cause you're new until last Wednesday! I like writing on here with you. It's like texting sort of. You don't mind it, do you? I know you gave me all your contacts, and you now have mine. Can we meet up at my place and then go to the movies maybe on Saturday night? I just have to lie to my husband. (JK! :D :P) I'd like that very much, Caleb. I didn't know love could work so fast! You're the cutest and most attractive and handsome guy I've ever met! I can't believe you're turning thirty-two on Thursday! Happy almost Birthday--again! Our date (if we have one and I hope we do :O) on Saturday can be our celebration! You seem like you're twenty-two! Love you, Cay. ...more

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8 How do you fit that bun in the oven through the doorway?
9 Can you massage my back?
10 You've gained weight

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11 Your sister's hot

Said it once. Her face was worth watching. Spent next few days apologizing. Totally worth it! - LordofL

12 Are you those typical girls that take selfies every hour?

If someone said that to me I would slap them, then walk away in disgust

You must have mistaken me for one of the girls in my class - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Nope. I almost never do those annoying pictures of yourself called "selfies". Unless I HAVE to.-Vestalis

13 Does your milkshake bring all the boys to the yard?

Yes please, someone do that now.

14 Looks aren't everything; I see you as a playful shaggy dog.
15 Want to play halo

Nah I want to play Smash bros and beat you up as Olimar when you are Captain Falcon lol - Lord28

16 Well, meeting you was nice. Is your sister hot?
17 Are those real?

Are WHAT real? Please be more specific. - RockFashionista

18 You're gonna eat ALL of that?!
19 Do you actually plan to marry them all?

Not a bad thing to say. If a girl flirts with every guy she interacts with online or in real world, then it's perfectly legitimate question. Funny or rather sad thing is such girls then lecture others on loyalty and morality. Bitches! - LordofL

20 Are you pregnant?
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1. You've gained weight
2. Your sister's hot
3. You're gonna eat ALL of that?!
1. How do you fit that bun in the oven through the doorway?
2. You can come to my place sometime. I'll just need to lie to my wife.
3. Looks aren't everything; I see you as a playful shaggy dog.
1. Want to play halo
2. I'll be right back I need to do number 2
3. Yo babe

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