Top Ten Worst Types of Girls

Girls lets face it, there are some types of girls we just can't stand. Some are merely annoying, while some need to just be quiet.

The Top Ten

1 Extreme Feminists

A man can't do anything without being called sexist!

No matter what u say. If u even mention just something involving guys, they'll be like "You need more girls! We exist too! Waaah! "

Not all girls are annoying.

We said girls. not obese, hairy pigs. - dankmaul

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2 Popular Girls

I hate the way some girls try to become popular

The popular girls in my school aren't mean they're creepy. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

I hate them they get way to much credit unless their nice to others then I have no problem.

Girly girls

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3 Mean Girls V 1 Comment
4 Attention Seekers

Some are tomboys but are usually Girly girls

5 Sluts

Girly girls

There are such things as sluts, just like there are such thing as gold diggers. The only kind of girl that I consider a slut, is the type to cheat, and have affairs with guys who they clearly know are already taken. They're far different from a woman who just has a healthy sex life. A woman would not go fooling around with other's men since they have respect for relationships and themselves.

There's no such thing as a "slut". - Swellow

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7 Racists
8 Girls Who Spread Rumors

Those are the girls who have nothing else better to spread than their legs. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Girly girls

Mia:Hey have you heard that Zoe beaten Meggy up?
Angela:I know right? Haha,Zoe,what a total loser! How dare she beat a popular girl like Meggy?
Zoe:(overheard and wondered)Why would I be brave to beat up the popular but snobby rich girl,Meggy?
Anyways,i'm thinking of a new high school story about a loner girl named Zoe who always have to face bullies like Mia(who I first named into Mika,but I made a revising about her name)I'll try to upload some details about the characters in my Homepage soon😄 - MLPFan

9 Sexists

Girly girls to men and masculine women

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? Hypersensitive Girls

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11 Gangster Wannabes

These kinds of people in general scare me out of my poo. - keycha1n

I can beat people up; I'm not a gangster wannabe however.

Now there’s nothing with wrong with girly girls now what iam trying to say is girls that look like girly girls and there really hot but they act really aswome and cool and they like anime and like clubbing and more but girly girls that look like and act like girly irks are the worst - Jada

12 Girls Who Cause Drama

Girly girls

13 Girly Girls

Tomboys are better because they don't gossip, listen to garbage pop, and cause drama.

Ugh, Girly girls!

I'm kind of girly, but I don't cause a lot of drama. And I listen to other music besides pop, you know! (I listen to J-Pop and other stuff :P)

Every time I look at them, I usually get flashbacks of war. I was part of a war against those creatures. I always hear "Like, O-M-G" in my nightmares. God help us all

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14 Bitchy Girls

Some can be tomboys but usually Girly girls

15 Hillbilly Types
16 DeviantART Girls

Not all of them are bad, but there are annoying ones. Best tip is to avoid the annoying ones. - Swellow

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19 Fangirls

Especially Girly girls.

I'm one of those, but I fangirl over anime. - Pegasister12

20 Tomboys

They're better than girly girls because they don't gossip and have those high pitched screams.

Swellow do you have a serious problem with tomboys?

I can't stand these hoodie-wearing dykes. - Swellow

They're annoying. Not because I'm a girly girl, I'm neither of these. But because they always use "ew" when some girly girl talks. That just shows their girly side as well.

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