Worst Types of People to Be Friends With at School


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21 Crybabies

From my experiences with crybabies, you have to be extremely patient and very very very very careful with them because one wrong move causes a catastrophe - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

22 Emo Kids

I'm friends with some. They're pretty school people. Although Screamo isn't my cup of tea, I'll still listen to it with them. I try to introduce Death Metal to them but they don't like it. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

They can be annoying. Always asking for sympathy and trying too hard... Of course they're still nice people, but sometimes I get quite annoyed at them. Although I'm friends with someone who calls herself an 'emo', and she's quite nice. - Flowersocks2137

Take them off this list! They don't deserve prejudice!

I used to know someone who cut their arms open on purpose and put it on Discord,.

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23 Morons
24 Disrespectful People

They deserve to be high on this list. Anyone who disrespects me ought to get clobbered.

25 People who treat nice people awful and bad people good

I love these guys!

Why did I accidently click the like button I meant to click the thumbs down button. - Anonymousxcxc

What is people who do PDA? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

26 Conformists

Many users on this site (both popular and unpopular) are nonconformist, me included by far. Too bad I don't know any TopTenners in real life.

Conformists are boring people. There isn't much exciting stuff about them. - drdevil

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27 People who can't keep a secret

I made a huge mistake telling one of my secrets to them, but thank God it's not my biggest secret - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

I am not one of those people. I keep secrets.

Like my sister. I told her I hated a grl and the next day she approached me and was ready to chop my face off. - AnonymousChick

28 Boys who get bad grades on purpose

Last year I had the highest grades in my class because I was the only one who cared about learning while the boys were too busy eating hot cheetos, having the latest Jordan shoes, having sex with girls, farting, et cetera. Then here are the girls, they only care about twerking, enlarging their breasts, beating someone's behind, et cetera. - PrincessKiana

I remember at my school a bill proposed by the board said that if a kid failed the class the teacher could get sued or fired. Thank the heavens it did not pass

I used to get terrible grades, but now I have all A's. The secret? Actually turning in your work. It shouldn't be that hard. - Flowersocks2137

I don't try to get bad grades but I'm with their group,in fact,I get medium grades - Nateawesomeness

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29 People who study hard

This shouldn't be on the list. People who study hard are good influences in your life and would make good friends. Whoever added this is probably a bully or a dumb, arrogant jock. - ethanmeinster

Its not me for sure. But the dumb arrogant person who added this needs to start studying! - Catacorn

Who added this? It's so mean to those kind of people! - SamuiNeko

Friends who study hard keep me on my toes. Just to remind me I'm not ever working as hard as I could be. I personally like that! - keycha1n

I actually don't study but everyone thinks I do. But it's still not a bad thing. - AnonymousChick

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30 Sluts

Those are the girls who even bother to like me. I always say no cause I don't want to get herpes or some other STD from them - SirSkeletorThe3rd

They won't be friends with you. It's either you be like them or you'd do it with them.

I don't mund them, but I'm not friends with them. - Therandom

31 Posers
32 Girls that say they're nerdy and shy for attention

Very annoying these ones.

33 People who bawl their eyes out every day

What does that mean? - Iamcool

34 Kids who ask you who you have a crush on and then when you tell them they tell everyone

One of my friends is like that,but we're still buds

35 People who don't know what Anime is

Even worse is people who think Anime is cartoon porn.

This is stupid. Very few people know what anime. Whereas other people watch Big brother, the bachelor/bachelorette. You do realise that getting married is the biggest mistake of your life

36 People who stick gum under tables

I did that once last year - and I felt so dangerous! Like, a school super villian or something! - Flowersocks2137

Once I stuck my gum under a lunch table. I'm the most wanted criminal, for littering. - Catacorn

37 Kids who think they're so cool
38 People who do PDA in the halls

When people make out in the hallways they are so..nasty! Especially it sucks when they are RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR LOCKER AND YOUR REALLY LATE TO CLASS. I usually tell them "Excuse me but I really need to get to my locker." And they roll their eyes and say-"Annoying much? " I WAS JUST GETTING MY DAMN BOOKS! - Catacorn

It is my PET PEEVE when people make out in hallways. Hello, this is a school, not a love nest! - TheMeaningOfLifeIs42

And next is they have s** on the hall...


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39 People who play Bubsy 3D

I heard this game sucks - Goatworlds

Basically, no one does. - drdevil

40 Bronies

These guys suck. - Goatworlds

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