Worst Things About the 8th Grade

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1 Everyone is freaking out about high school

Uh, in my school, 8th grade is high school because we never had a middle school, and I am in the 8th grade now. Ugh people get on my nerves, all the time be waking so slow! Get out my diggety gawsh dern way!

Luckily my mom is letting me continue 8th grade and go to high school next year.

Yep, even me since I'm in 8th grade currently.

2 You get so many projects and tests, you think you'll explode

Especially if you lack the energy and motivation to do the project/study for the test and all you can physically do is play on your phone while laying down in bed for hours. School is pretty exhausting.

3 Your teachers start rushing through lessons
4 Everyone is still a jerk and immature

I believe that this is the worst part of 8th grade. Most students don't care about the other things listed on this cite. They mostly gety poor grades and don't even try in school. But, there are those small minor groups of scholors that do care and associate themselves with some of these. Moth 8th graders, especially boys are so immature and inappropriate. It is not seen as much in girls but one thing that is definitely seen is the level of profanity that these students are speaking at. It is so bad and all of this is making the innocent minded students; non innocent! So, this is why number 6 is the worst part of 8th grade. Take it from me. I am an 8th grade boy. But, I am not like the others.

As a 10th grader, I can confirm this is true. I was constantly bullied, and the bullying was worse than it was in 7th grade. Some of my bullies didn't even try to hide the fact that they hated me, and keep in mind that this was back when I was still wearing normal clothes. I was picked on by 8th graders when I was in 7th grade, and again when I was in 8th grade a few months later.

5 Fearing you might end up going to a high school you don't want to go to
6 You and your friends start drifting apart

The truth.

My best friend and I have been together since pre-school and we love each other like sisters. But now she's got so many other friends and I'm not a fan of all of them. I can no longer say we're best friends and we usually ignore each other during recess.

This is happening to me right now in 7th. I have only about 3 or 4 people I talk to regularly and most of my friends rarely talk to me to not at all.

Here is what happens when mostly the same people are forced to be together this much a day, this many days a week, for 9 years:
Best friends: go down in rank
Normal friends: mostly talk to other people
Acquaintances: Start getting annoying
Enemies: Become even worse

7 Fearing your friends might go to different high schools

I just want to chill

8 Your GPA, all of your school history, and all of your grades are sent to local high schools
9 The sudden realization that the teachers really don't care if you pass.
10 Trying to decide what you'll do in high school
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11 You become more self-conscious
12 People give you crap for still liking cartoons

Started in 6th grade for me. I am a freshman now. They give you crap for liking ANYTHING they find "childish". This is why I am introverted in school. I also have best friends younger than me and they are my family friends.

I'm moving on to 8th grade, but my friends says that they still watch cartoons.

It happens in 6th grade.

13 Knowing you'll go from the oldest grade back to the youngest grade

This is how it'll be for me, exept I was in sixth, going into seventh.

14 All you want to do is leave middle school

Middle school is so boring and hard.

15 Depression

Grade 8 is where all my depression started. And I blame my classmates and teachers who are ignoring me so they were traitors to me back then.

It makes life suck

Sad all the time

16 Boys get more annoying and immature

I'm an 8th grade guy, and I'm finally recovering from being that one super annoying class clown no one likes. Two of my friends just broke up, and the guy is my best friend, because he has stong atheist beliefs and is a jackass about it

17 Nobody cares about your opinion

I try to share my concerns of school, but it feels like no one listen to me.

18 Algebra

If anyone is reading this, don't do it. If you do, you will be bombarded with homework and filler will cover up tracks of working on it at school.

Since when does the alphabet get involved with math?

Dang that was hard

19 You consistently want to die
20 Mood swings

Definitely. This was terrible, emotions are a mess.

21 Two faced people
22 The deep thought that the person you like will never like you back

I went out with this boy, we broke up, and now I want him back. But he keeps saying he's working on "something new" so now everyday I think that he will never want me back and that he doesn't like me anymore.

23 Have more responsibility

Yes. I was in 8th grade last year, and it was a LOT of responsibility. That was when my depression increased.

I still hate having responsibilities now at age 15 and in 10th grade.

Need higher grades

24 Bullies

Especially if they blackmail you for telling on them. I told a teacher that this girl was being extremely annoying, and she told the principal that I said "n," even though I didn't. Profanity is banned in my school. Also, any words that can make people feel bad and/or cannot make people feel good, are also banned. I almost got expelled until I got "witnesses."

This one is extremely true. This is this year where you have the highest chance of either bullying someone or getting bullied by someone. But after this grade, bullying starts to reduce really fast for the rest of your school carrer. Thank God for that.

When I was in 8th grade, the people around me were either my friends or they were my bullies. I had a LOT more bullies than friends when I was 13 years old.

25 Your bodies start changing

My body just flat out turned against me! WHAT?!

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