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41 The Critic
42 CGI Haters

The big example I keep coming back to is when the 2011 version of The Thing came out, I personally loved it, and I personally don't care if they use practical effects or CGI as long as it looks good, I just really hate it when people crap on a movie because "there's too much CGI"

43 Little kids

I've discovered in the last few years of going to the movies that little kids in rated PG movies are the absolute worst, they laugh obnoxiously loud at every stupid poop of fart joke, immdiently get bored whenever the characters are talking or having a slow moment, which results in having to hear the kid whine about it until the action comes back, think it's ok to talk whenever they want, and they don't even ATTEMPT to try and whisper, I'm serious, most of the time when I see PG movies the kids raise their voices so much whenever they start talking, I know PG movies are generally something you take your kids to but I'm sorry they just annoy the living hell outta me

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