Top 10 Worst Warrior Cat Characters

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1 Tigerstar Tigerstar is a villain in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Son of Leopardfoot and Pinestar, former mate of Goldenflower and Sasha, and father of Bramblestar, Tawnypelt, Mothwing, Hawkfrost, and Tadpole. This brown tabby cat almost causes the downfall of the clans. But is killed, firstly by Scourge, more.

Tigerstar is terribly misunderstood. First, with his hatred for his kittypet-turned father, and then Mapleshade urging him down the wrong, dark path. Just one thing- before anyone bombards me with nasty comments about Thistleclaw "turning Tigerstar evil," I'd like to have some proof that Thistleclaw didn't transform him into the evil tyrant he is completely. In Bluestar's Prophecy, Goosefeather acted like an insane madman by hissing with terror whenever Tigerkit was around, and majorly pointing out that he should not have lived. I believe there was prophecy about him. Anyway, onto my explanation!

Obviously, people rank him as number one because he was the major villain in the first series. I mean, if you've read Tigerclaw's Fury, you'd have seen how he acted upon mentioning Fireheart at Blackfoot and another exiled warrior. He believed that no matter what, even with a warrior name, Fireheart would still be a kittypet, as of the saying, "Once a kittypet, always a ...more

I can't believe Tigerstar. First I couldn't believe that Bluestar would choose him to train Ravenpaw! I mean really. And another thing. Tigerstar killed : Redtail, Runningwind, Brindleface, he made Darkstripe and Blackfoot (at the time) kill Stonefur cause he was Half-clan, *SPOILER! * AND he killed Firestar! Lord, I was angry when he hurt that poor little black kittypet. Thistleclaw told him to! I would've killed Tigerclaw myself! That's all I have to say.

He killed himself also. ( by attacking tiny who turned into scourge having a grudge on him who killed him ) - Catsarah123

Me: And the winner for dumbest mouse brained fox-heart of all time...Tigerstar!
Tigerstar: Thank you, thank you. And perhaps our little Firestar here *waves his tail at Firestar who's in the audience* will win the most mouse-brained and weak leader ever award.
Firestar: *Growls*
Me: Knock it of Tigerstar.
Tigerstar: You're almost just as weak as Firestar, Firemist, if that's even POSSIBLE.
Me: Well that's just sad 'cause if the Faded Dark Forest EVER hears that you've been beaten in battle by some weak female Firestar, they'll NEVER let you hear the end of it.
Tigerstar: Is that a challenge?
Me: Duh.
Tigerstar: *Yowls and throws himself at me*
Me: *Kicks him away and slashes his muzzle* You can't forget that FIRESTAR is the reason you're in the Faded Dark Forest. And soon, you'll have to join the Faded Faded Dark Forest because of ME.
Firestar: Yeah! *Fires (oh, no pun intended) a blow a that sends Tigerstar skidding*
Me: Well I guess he won't be ...more - Firemist

I have not yet read the series but I am voted for my friend who absolutely despises this character

2 Rainflower

Really? Rainflowers just stupid. She hated her own CHILD just because his face was... Broken... I mean, she loved him before, right? WHAT CHANGED BUT HIS FEATURES! Then she got his name changed to Crookedkit, which is cruel, then she ignored him. Great Job. Ruin you're sons life then forget about him.

She was so mean when she rejected poor awesome little stormkit then she re named him crookedkit how mean is that! Then when crookedkit tried to please her she was just more mean he had to try so hard hopefully when he proved his awesome destiny Rainflower was finally pleased with him the poor guy!

I mean really? Can't she see she how much Crookedstar is going through? I was so angry at her when she didn't even give Crookedstar a life in starclan! What did he ever do to her? AND SHE NEVER EVEN SAID SORRY TO HIM AT ALL! Poor Crookedstar, he didn't ask for his crooked jaw, didn't he?

I actually like Rainflower. She abandoned Crookedstar because she thought her would die. Unlike other cats who get hearts broken, she just neglected him instead of killing him. That shows that she showed some mercy for him and still wanted him to live. - girly-dog-girl

3 Ashfur

I feel great sorrow for this character. As an apprentice his best friend was captured and his mother was killed, leaving him, his adopted brother, and his sister to fend for themselves. His sister had found love at a young age and his adopted brother had also found happiness with Brightheart, leaving him to be the awkward third wheel of the trio. Squirrelflight never had compassion for Ashfur in the slightest. She had used him to make Brambleclaw become jealous.

She hadn't taken a moments worth of her time to consider how this had damaged him. He was in a state of anger with nobody to help him. His silent cries were unnoticed and his anger got to his head. He snapped like a twig as it all became too much for this poor tom to handle, being left officially broken. Calamity struck as his anger was unsheathed from what had held it back for so long, striking with all of the hatred that Squirrelflight and her uptight impression deserved.

He didn't have time to post up when his ...more

I agree with you. It's not very often when you see a comment that actually sympathizes with Ashfur. People love to hate on him. And for what reason? He never killed anyone, he only threatened to. And if he was that willing to let the three go when he found out Squirrelflight wasn't their mother, who's to say he would actually kill them in the first place. It could have been an empty threat to scare them all a bit. Unlike Hollyleaf, who did commit murder, Ashfur never did anything that was really bad. - Pebblepaw

Ashfur was fine in the beginning, especially when he helped with bribing the dogs in "A Dangerous Path" with Ferncloud to the gorge. But when Squirrelpaw and Brambleclaw came back from the journey to the sun-drown place, he just suddenly seemed to love Squirrelpaw. His character just kind of became weaker for me, when he became over-bearing in Squirrelflight's perspective. He just wasn't a good match for her anyway. If Brambleclaw had never came back to Squirrelflight at the end of the badger battle in "Twilight", Squirrelflight would still need to tell him sometime that she just wanted to be friends. Ashfur just wasn't right for her, which is my main problem with him: It's not like Brambleclaw stole her from him. Yeah, he was hurt, but they were never mates, or in love. It was one-sided, and Squirrelflight still wanted to be friends. Of course, he could've chosen not to be friends, and still just avoid her.

But it was made obvious a LOT he didn't have the same ...more

Ashfur is himself, I absolutely hate it when people compare him to other cats, I mean like, guess what? He's not a reincarnation of Thrushpelt, and so even though he COULD'VE been like him, he chose not to, and then he's not like Mapleshade since not only did she also love too much, but she also despised two of the clans. Also, my point wouldn't be that "he loved too much" even though that's partly true. He tried to let Squirrelflight know how much she hurt him when she straight out said "I don't love you". She could've said it from the beginning that all she wanted was a friend, and then Ashfur could've been more aware of it before it became a solid thought that he loved her. Ashfur thought that the only way to make her feel the same loss he felt was to take her loved ones away. At least he didn't kill any of the cats though he tried to, so it's not as bad as Mapleshade's case, in which she DID murder a cat, more specifically, a medicine cat.

Hey! Don't go hating on mapleshade! She despised both class for a better reason! - Catsarah123

I really don't like him AT ALL, PERIOD. You could tell Squirrelflight just wanted a friend while she was waiting for Brambleclaw to come back. Look guys we all have to face the ugly truth that Ashfur sucks! I don't hate him I just think that he was stupid to get in the way of real love to have Squirrelflight to himself. Especially if Jayfeather Hollyleaf and Lionblaze were her kits he would of killed them, then Brambleclaw then Firestar Sandstorm Leafpool. And anyone close to her so that she could suffer what he went through? Squirrelflight never loved him he was just a friend. I'm glad Hollyleaf killed him before he COULD do something evil.

Sorry not trying to be snappy just saying my opinion!

4 Millie Millie is a character in the Warriors series. She's a small, short-furred light gray tabby with blue eyes and a torn ear. Also current mate of Graystripe and mother of Bumblestripe, Blossomfall and Briarlight.

I really don't like Millie. I mean, I kind of taking this personally because I don't really approve Greystripe's choice of her being his second mate. I thought he loved Silverstream! Millie showed A LOT of favoritism after Briarlight got hurt. I don't mean Briarlight is evil or anything, I like her, but Millie is one cat I can't stand. I got really mad when Millie scowled Blossomfall when she got lost in the tunnels, though Blossomfall isn't my fave cat, but she had no right to say that Briarlight would do a better job than her as a warrior. Millie, if are Blossomfall's real mother, you would just say: Than StarClan you are not still in the tunnel. " Or something nice. Instead, you said: "Briarlight will do a better job than you! "

Look, My Opinion Is Not Maybe What You Silver/Stream Lovers Think, But Hear Me Out! I Just For One, Think Silver/Stream's Death Was Horrible And, Not To Mention, Heart Breaking. But For Me It Wasn't Grieving On Silver/Stream, It Was Mostly For Grey/Stripe. I Think Silver/Stream Is Your Typical ' I Saved Your Life Now You Have To Love Me' Stories. I Think That Is So Cliche That I Was Some What Glad Silver/Stream Died When She Did. Also The Drama With Fire/Heart And Grey/Stripe Was Annoying As Hell. Then Millie Came To Town. I Like Millie, Because She Helped Grey/Stripe More Than Once. I Can Feel Why Grey/Stripe Loved Her And Cared For Her. I Admit, She Was Whiny At Points, But Don't Forget. She Was A Kitty/Pet For A While. Then You Bring Up ' She Is Replacement.' I Think Not. She Didn't Cause Conflict Between Fire/Star And Grey/Stripe. She Did Become His Mate, But She Helped Him Find His Home, Not Save Him From Drowning. She Saved Him In A Totally Different Way. Then, The Kits. I ...more - T4ffyM0nst3r

Oh my gosh I hate Millie! First of all I ship Graystripe and Silverstream so this really bothers me. It's almost like Millie stole Graystripe, I mean, I guess once Silverstream died he's free to get a new mate but he's getting old and who's he going to choose in StarClan? He'd better pick Silverstream or I will be really mad. Plus, Graystripe's amazing and he's way too good for Millie, and Millie never got a warrior name thumbs up me if that bothers you. I mean rusty joined the clan and let Bluestar give him an apprentice name meaning he's ready to accept being a true member of ThunderClan, while Millie just won't accept to be a true Clan cat which means she needs to leave ThunderClan so Graystripe won't be able to have three kits with her. And Graystripe only likes her because she looks like Silverstream but what about Silverstream herself, as in her personality? That's what matters! And she never cared for her kits, not after Briarlight's accident. Like, I understand, your kit's ...more

Why is the picture look like Jayfeather! SHE HAS BLIND EYES, A GRAY AND STRIPED PELT, AND EVERYTHING JAYFEATHER HAS! I hate millie she is trash

5 Brokenstar

This one was bad from the beginning. Sure, he felt depressed and alone, and very angry. I can appreciate that. The thing is, dude, he needed to learn to move on with his life. Lizardstripe hates you? Your siblings reject you? Well, you have the elders, the medicine cats and your deputy/leader who would happily care for you.

You were given chance after chance to do good, but you end up being one of the most evil cats ever known. You killed loyal warriors, including your father, in order to satisfy your ambitions. Your thirst for blood doesn't even end there. You kill kits, expand territory, expel WindClan. Then, when your finally stopped and even given a chance to redeem yourself, with cats who would actively defend you, you still screw up.

I'm sorry, you might have been an interesting character, but you're the greatest sociopath the Clans have ever known.

#24? That's way too nice! He is worse than tigerstar! Vote for him to be #1! He was a spoiled kit, too! Evilness was in his blood! At least tigerstar was a cute kit!

Spoiled? Please remind me what the other kits treated him like. SPOILED?!?! - Catsarah123

Brokenstar really had a hard life. He was hated on, neglected, teased and insulted by his adopted mom, siblings and Clanmates. He started off being a tiny helpless kitten who was the target of a lot of anger. He was mistreated and had to grow up not knowing who his real mother was, just like his father had. Not only that, Raggedstar spolied him and teached him to be cruel and ruthless from a very young age. I think that he just snapped at some point and believed that by wounding his Clanmates he would earn their respect. When he started abusing him apprentice, a lot of cats looked up to him and he started doing it more to other cats. He was evil and insane, but there was a good reason to it. - Pebblepaw

He's filled with hatred and rage.

I believe he trained kits to death because they represented his foster siblings for him. I think he ruthlessly murdered them to unleash all his rage and hatred on them.

I believe he also banished Yellowfang and tried to ruin her life because she represented Lizardstripe.

You remember when Brokenkit was born, Yellowfang saw an angry expression on that kit? It's because Brokenstar is literally rage fusioned in a cat. All he does is because of his rage and hatred and violent, brutal, savage ways of expressing it.

Another thing about Brokenstar. It's his lack of concern for anything. He doesn't care of his clan starves, he doesn't care of the elders die, he doesn't care about the kits, he doesn't care about anyone. That's because he's so blinded by hatred and anger that his only purpose is to torture and kill.

I think Brokenstar never wanted to rule his clan or the forest for the sake of being leader. No. I think he ...more

6 Thistleclaw

I personally did not believe he was such a bad cat till I read Spottedleaf's Heart. To be honest, I thought he was ferocious and violent cat, very ambitious and rebellious, but not anymore than that. Here's why:

Thistleclaw is NOT to blame for Tigerstar's actions in my opinion. Thistleclaw trained him to be ferocious and strong, but it was Tigerstar who had dark ambitions of ruling the whole forest with pure blooded cats and make himself king of literally the whole forest. Proof: his idea of pure blooded cats and his execution of all of them came from his deep hatred for his father turned kittypet. Also, his desire to become king of everything comes from a deep narcissism that Tigerstar had since his childhood.

Thistleclaw was a bad cat. He was violent, did not listen to anyone but himself, and he was arrogant and jealous. But he did not do anything wrong. He did not commit any crime. He trained Tigerstar to be ferocious, but any cat who is ferocious is not necessarily ...more

Without Thistleclaw, Tigerstar wouldn't be a murderer, Scourge wouldn't be evil, because thistleclaw made tigerstar hurt Scourge, swiftpaw, brindleface, stonefur, and all the cats Tigerstar murdered would be alive, maybe bluestar wouldn't feel the urgency to become deputy instead of thistleclaw and mosskit would be alive, hawkfrost wouldn't be evil, actually hawkfrost might not even exist because when tigerstar was on exile, he met sasha and if Tigerstar didn't get exiled he never would of met Sasha.

I really can't stand him. He turned Scourge and Tigerstar into what they became! I don't know what Snowfur thought of him, but really, he's like my least favorite cat. The impact he had on so many people... Wow. He's just bad. No completely evil like Brokenstar, but just terrible. I really don't like him, and the way he treated Whitestorm.

Hey, Thistleclaw isn't that bad. I know I sound like an idiot but you gotta think: Sweetpaw died in Bluestar's Prophecy which probably got him upset and when Snowfur died that hit him hard too. (Yeah yeah, Crookedstar's Promise, I'm getting to that! ) and Thistleclaw got jealous of Bluefur/star teaching him and all and playing with him and all that. And seriously, people, you're just blaming Thistleclaw for everything that Tigerstar/claw/paw had done! People, read Tigerstar's Fury! Its stupid Mapleshade that all of a sudden, she can kill Crookedstar's entire family when Tigerstar can just kill Firestar but for some reason, Firestar died of a falling tree... And in Crookedstar's Promise, yeah he was training in the Dark Forest but Ivypool trained in the Dark Forest. Tigerheart, Birchfall, Blossomfall, and even Crookedstar for Starclan's sake! They were all in the Dark Forest. Why they all wanted to go to the DF? Because they thought they were being loyal to their clan! Says it right in ...more

MAPLESHADE DID NOT KILL HIS FAMILY! šŸ˜” can you people STOP saying that! She just knew and manipulated. - Catsarah123

7 Hollyleaf Hollyleaf was one of the rare, strictly loyal cats of ThunderClan. She cherished the warrior code as a kit and came back to her clan in a time of need to fight-- even though she was cast out for killing Ashfur.

Hollyleaf is the best warrior ever! I'm not stupid- I know about all the bad things she did, but you are missing the point of the part where she came back. Not many cats would have the courage to came back when there is a chance that no body would like them and they wouldn't be accepted. But Hollyleaf did because she was determined to do the right thing even after she had done the wrong thing. She admitted her mistakes and apologized for everything and wanted nothing but forgiveness. Most importantly she realized that all she really needed was right there all along- her family including leafpool loved her and Hollyleaf did all she could to shoe she lobed them back

Hollyleaf is so not evil! She killed no one except for Ashfur and that was because he was about to kill her and her brothers! So why is she on the evil list? Come on, people, seriously!

Thank you! I never early beloved she did that on purpose. That's not her character. And plus, it could have been an accident. Like she wasn't actually there, like wasn't knowing what she was doing till afterwards. Because she was not insane. And that is totally not her character. - Catsarah123

I'll admit, there are some things I like about her, but when it comes down to it she did a lot of terrible, cowardly things, and her story wasn't even completely resolved as Brambleclaw lied for her and made Ashfur's death seem like an accident. It wasn't - Jayfeather saw her memories of stalking him and biting into his throat! She also had flashbacks about the same thing in her novella. So I don't believe she's fully redeemed as long as her Clan thinks she didn't even do it on purpose, which she totally did. Also, she wasn't "cast out," she CHOSE to leave because she couldn't face up to everything she did to her Clan. She abandoned her brothers during the most trying time they had faced up until that point, leaving them to deal with the aftermath of what she'd done. And she only came back because Lionblaze saw her. She also had a SCARY over-the-top obsession with the Warrior code; she scared her brothers several times with her intensity. People claim she was "just being loyal" but no ...more

I probably wrote a comment here before, but whatever. I have so many reasons to hate her. First, she's a stuck up brat who only cares about the warrior code and thinks everyone has to follow it. (Except her, of course.) Then she finds out about her parents, flips out and throws a big tantrum. Then she kills Ashfur because she doesn't want him to tell her secret. I mean, your shouldn't kill people, but I guess that's not so bad. But then, at the next Gathering, she tells everyone! So basically, she killed Ashfur just because she wanted to have the pleasure of telling people the secret. Then she tries to kill her own mom with death berries. And, before, when they where trying to find out who killed Ashfur, all she thought about was how rude Ashfur was being by going and dying on them and how she was wasting all her time trying to find out who killed him. Then she went into the tunnel...bla, bla, bla...and saves some cats to make her look better before going back to ThunderClan AND ...more - Pebblepaw

8 Scourge Scourge is a villain the Warrior Cats series . He's the leader of BloodClan . He was bullied by his siblings, Socks and Ruby, in the past because he was the smallest out of his kin . One of his most notable features is his collar of dog teeth .

This is annoying. You guys don't appreciate the best villains. In my opinion, cats who held a grudge through almost their entire life aren't that impressing. This is proof Scourge is not mentally strong, nor is he the most intelligent cat. I'm not saying he is stupid, but let's think about it: Let go of your past. What happened, happened. Don't let it change you. Don't put all the blame on Tigerstar, Socks and Ruby. Scourge could've let go of the memories, but no... he didn't! Everyone, he is NOT the strongest cat, either, physically. come on, he is a tiny cat. The only reason he beat Tigerstar is because Tigerstar fell. There was no air action. Plus, he had dog teeth attached to his claws.
By the way, "revengeful" is not a word. The correct term is "vengeful".

Scourge overreacted. Oh, your siblings bullied you and you got beat up once? Sure, it's traumatizing, but you don't go MURDERING PEOPLE because of it. But that's exactly what Scourge did. He isn't really the worse ( Tigerstar earns the reward... ) but he's pretty bad. Although he's supposed to be on " Top 10 Most Evil Warrior Cats " not the worst. I suppose that someone else poorly delivered and annoying would deserve here.

To be honest, I don't think Scourge was evil. He only murdered two cats, both were evil, he did try to kill Firestar, and Bone killed Whitestorm, but his cats need food, and the forest would've had great amount of resources. He shouldn't have invaded and try to take over, but he was doing it for the good of his clan. He seemed like a good leader, and he also seemed to be a prodigy. The only thing that I did not like about his whole story is that he lied his way through, he said he killed dogs, but he only scared away one, the rest of the dog teeth are from his clan cats that always brought him bones.
Anyways, he was supposed to be a villain, but with the knowledge of his story, I can see he was doing everything for his sake and his clan, he's not completely evil.

Yes I get he maybe misunderstood but he is still a complete idiot. - UltraLunalaX

9 Firestar Firestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar. He's mates with Sandstorm and has 2 kits: Squirrelflight and Leafpool. He was formerly a kittypet named Rusty.

Firestar is in the spotlight, but that doesn't make him a terrible cat. Besides, he was the first main character of the series. Of course the Erins would give him a lot of attention! AND KILLING THE ANTAGONIST AS IN WHAT ALL HERO STORIES DO DOESN'T MAKE HIM A BAD CAT. Of all stupid excuses to say that Firestar is a pretty bad cat, killing Scourge is probably the worst. Of course the main enemy has to die, unless the enemy IS actually the protagonist of their story. I can understand how people can hate him for being a Gary Stu, but then why isn't Lionblaze on the top 10? Lionblaze was more Gary Stu than Firestar. Not saying that I think Lionblaze is bad, just putting it out there that his powers were NOT DYING. Also, "tainting" the Clan with Kittypet blood doesn't seem that bad. Blood is blood. Now that I think about it, wild cats insulting kittypets because they are kittypets is like white people insulting black people because they are black. Also Tigerstar tried to KILL to ...more

This is so true! I feel like, even though Firestar made a couple if mistakes, he doesn't deserve to be bashed and mistreated. If he was the cat in the prophecy, so be it. But don't go and say he is terrible, because he is better than a lot of cats out there, including TIGERSTAR and BROKENSTAR. - Firefan

I personally usually don't like cats like Firestar, but you bashing him just makes you seem like a real idiot. Yes, he didn't like bloodshed at all, Firestar was a peaceful cat, But then again, What happens to all the cats that declare war with other clans all the time? They're called "Crazy" And "Insane". (Bear with me, sorry this is so long) Also, Without Firestar Leafpool, Squirrelflight, Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf wouldn't have been born, So that would have meant no "Power of Three". Not to mention, when Scourge came into the forest, he was gonna take all the clan's space! To the people who hate Firestar for saving the forest from random strays like Scourge are stupid. plain and true. So you wanted the series to end with "Oops, well half of the clan cats are dead and the rest were taken as slaves to Bloodclan. Sorry! "

Ok Firestar lovers, we don't just hate Firestar for killing Scrouge. Here's some other reasons:

Firestar did broke the warrior code MANY times. He brought in kittypets,

He made many enemies and caused a little battle other a little bit of land, causing the death of a shadow clan deputy. The writers at Erin Hunter (which is an alias) made it look ok, like 'Oh she's old she was going to die soon anyway! ', 'Oh Firestar was persuaded by Ivypool,' BUT FIRESTAR MADE THAT CHOICE. He caused Ivypool to resent the attention he GAVE MORE THAN TO A LOT OF CATS. Rip

Heck Spiderleg would of made a better leader! White storm would of made an AMAZING leader! But no Firestar had to make Tigerstar hate Thunderclan more by accepting the offer of joining Thunderclan.

If Firestar was still Rusty, Bluestar would of been smart enough to eventually figure out Tigerstar was evil or if she died the clan would of rebelled against him.

Firestar would do something then that ...more

He is overrated for sure, but don't hate him, think of the good things he has done. - Oliveleaf

One word: Moron. He murdered Scourge! And the word "stupid" is much too vague to describe this little twit excuse for a cat. He's: Insolent, idiotic, retarded, inferior, impudent, mediocre, and overall the worst Warrior Cat in history of characters. He let kittypets take over ThunderClan, tainting it with impure blood. What a fool! I had imagined his death scene much more gory and gruesome. But, really!? Struck by a falling tree?! (actually Erin Hunter confirmed it was the pain inflicted on him by Tigerstar that caused him to die). I loved the daily basis of Darkstripe, Tigerstar, and Scourge opposing him. Hmph. What a shame it is he won against them. Especially Scourge, leader of BloodClan, seeing the small black tom is my favorite Warrior Cat. My favorite cat killed by my least favorite-I was simply outraged. Firestar (firefail) should have never restored glory and triumph to the forest Clans. BloodClan should have driven 'em all out, eh? Anyways, Firestar is just a meer ...more

Well, if he hadn't murdered "poor" Scourge we would say bye bye to the clans. Besides if he was "retarded" do you think he would have lasted almost the whole series and become leader and rebuild SKYCLAN??? - TheAlbinoWolf

10 Bone

He killed Whitestorm. Whitestorm was so nice, wise, and I think he deserved to live longer than he did. I dislike Bone for killing him. ): It was also implied he probably has killed other cats in the past.

Listen: some people will hate me, and I don't give a F... Bone is the most loyal cat of all the series. He depended on Scourge. If Scourge wasn't evil (I know he is not very evil for me), Bone wouldn't be. He was just following his best friend blindly. He obeys to Scourge at everything. He is also very strong. He killed Whitestorm, a very powerful senior warrior. Bone is one of my favorites forever! Everybody loves Scourge, saying thta he was misunderstood, bullied, which is true. But Bone? Everybody hates him! Because? He killed a noble warrior. How the Dark Forest would he know that Whitestorm was "so important? " Really people? You don't make any sense and you just look for the actions the cat did before, not the cat itself. Ridiculous. And the worse? Your "amazing Scourge" couldn't do all of his plans without Bone... Think about it, and hate me, I don't care.

Oh my gosh! I am starting to use, "How the Dark Forest", now! Thank you!

Oh, and if you haven't read Barely's story...Bone isn't that loyal to Scourge. - Pebblepaw

I can put aside that Bone killed Whitestorm. Sure, I was deeply affected by his death but Bone was, in my opinion, the most loyal cat. He was just following Scourge, even when it came to killing. If he had been a clan cat I'd bet everyone would love him. Heck, even in the Ultimate Guide, on Bone's page it says "No cat could have doubted Bone's loyalty to his cruel leader, and perhaps it is a tragedy that he never had the chance to live the life of a true Clan warrior" Do I need to explain?

Bone is a stupid poobum. He killed whitestorm who was one of my favourite characters! When he died I was like 'Hell yeah! ' How embarrassing to be killed by a couple of apprentices HA HA

The Contenders

11 Sol

One of the only villains who doesn't just scratch and bite his way out of things like the other villains. The only interesting villain besides Mapleshade and Thistleclaw. (Spottedleaf's heart is not canon no matter how much people shove it in my face I am not accepting it.)

Guys think of Loki from the avengers and warrior cats. You combine those two together and you get this mysterious villain. He's different from all the other villains in warrior cats. His main weapon is manipulation and using an enemies weakness to his advantage. Which is exactly like Loki. He also ruled a clan and manipulated another. I don't think there is a cat like him who could manipulate the clans like he can. If he ever returns I hope he does an even better plan.

I like Sol. I love how he's the only villain in the whole series who does his deeds by TALKING. He's what every villain should be, manipulative, vengeful and original. Name one other villain who is as lazy but succeeding as Sol is. Sol is just one of the more creative warriors villains in the series, and I wish he'd return. He's my second favorite villain. - Mewbosses

Sol is evil Sol is evil Sol is evil (I'm doing this for Firestar's sake! I mean, who would be dumb enough to put FIRESTAR in?!? ) Sol is evil Sol is evil Sol is evil Sol is so evil evil evil evil evil sol is evil sol is evil soon he will die
-Lord Dale or Wolfbane

12 Daisy

I love Daisy.
Read Bramblestar's Storm she starts to have a better personality and develops a really sad life.

Honestly, the people who hate Daisy for "staying in the nursery the whole time" and "only caring about her kits" are wrong, because she showed that she cared for the Clan later, and she really does grow as a character in Bramblestar's Storm.

I completely agree. Daisy was okay at first, of course that was until I read Bramblestar's Storm; that's when I really got to know her personality. I really don't understand what people have against her, just for her staying in the nursery to LOOK AFTER THE KITS! - iiOccamy

I actually like daisy I really don't understand some of you people you say bad things about daisy who fell in love had to leave fell in love had the other not love her I mean really and then I ask about ferncloud and you say she was awesome when she was in the nursery half of her life

She's so protective over everyone and her kits and lovely. (How could you hate this kind-hearted cat? ) - Sofiaaaaaa

I agree she can be a bit precious sometimes but she really does have a great role in the clans and didn't mean to try and steal Cloudtail from Brightheart, Cloudtail was just helping her settle in. When people hate on her it's kind of like people hating on Bramblestar for being Tigerstar's son, there's not really much she can do to change her background and she totally grows into an awesome well developed character in Bramblestar's storm. If she's not a fighter then oh well, she found something equally as important to do in the clan. - Songwind

13 Goosefeather

But I like him for being cray cray :(


He did it for the prophecies, and was driven mad by knowing the future but not being able to change it. He didn't deserve it.

He's mad and stupid, but he was also clever in the end. I do have respect for him.

14 Hawkheart

So if you are a medicine cat, your clanmates are battling against a another clan, and a cat attacks your store. You know the rival clan started it for no reason clearly, and your herb store is precious for healing the cats injured in battle. You attack them. Yes, it's harsh to kill, but Hawkheart doesn't even really qualify as a villain. Yeah, he killed a cat, but does it make him evil? No. It was defense, not like Tigerstar's way of killing. And I was really only sad not because of the character getting killed, but because of Bluepaw's reaction. (There, not the whole nine yards one. )

Killed Moonflower, Blustar's mother.

Hawkheart had no real need to kill Moonflower. She was destroying his herbs, so he of course had the right to attack her, but he didn't have to kill her. Lionblaze killed Russetfur, yes, but he was GUILTY about it. He hadn't meant to kill her, and he was shocked when he found she was dead. Hollyleaf was guilty about killing Ashfur. She did it on purpose, but she was GUILTY. Was Hawkheart guilty even a little bit? It doesn't appear so. The book says NOTHING about Hawkheart appearing to feel any sort of guilt after killing Moonflower, and he even taunts poor Bluepaw afterward and says that "she deserved to die." Later, he calls her a "kit-warrior" at the Gathering. I wouldn't say that Hawkfrost is EVIL, exactly, I just really don't like him. And it's too bad... I liked him in Yellowfang's Secret. He was nice then. But I hate him now. That's my opinion.

I hate him! Poor excuse for a medicine cat. Medicine cat's aren't supposed to kill, like he did to poor Moonflower.

15 Sharptooth

Uh, Sharptooth isn't a cat. He is a MOUNTAIN LION.

Sharptooth was really gory! Like he threw a cat on the wall! I understand that he wasn't a cat, but still, I felt sorry for Tribe Of Rushing Water! They felt unsafe in their own territory! - TheYogurtKid

HE WAS HUNTING! I bet whenever a cat hunts a mouse, their like Sharptooth. Stupid you call him evil, really. He had to eat to survive, and he didn't understand the ways of the tribe. - Leaftail

He was probably dumb like a dog and didn't know what he was doing either! He's just a animal who didn't understand the cat ways. Like cats eat mice, voles, whatever, he needs to hunt to survive just as much as cats do! - Sofiaaaaaa

You can't blame him just because he was hungry. Firestar ate voles as food. I HATE FIRESTAR WHY DID HE EAT THAT VOLE THAT VOLE DIDN'T DESERVE TO DIE. But seriously, there is something called a food chain...

I completely agree, Feathertail didn't deserve to die!

16 Foxheart

Her name suites her.

By far the most annoying character in the entire series. She was such a brat! I found her to be super annoying,

Foxheart tried to steal Raggedstar from Yellowfang! And she really is a fox-heart so no surprised there.

Foxheart is probably one of my least favourite cats in the series. Arrogant and melodramatic, she's just plain snobby.

17 Darkstripe

Ugh there is something creepy about Darkstripe. The way he dotes on Tigerstar and how the book hints strongly that he loves Tigerstar. How he fed Sorrelkit deathberries and the way he acts. He had no mate and he is always getting under Hawkfrost and Tigerstars feet in the Dark Forest, seemingly lusting after them. He's just wrong, so wrong.

Tigerstar and other villains were evil, but at least they were brave and believed in something. Darkstripe is nothing but a coward who flocks to Tigerstar, not loyal to Thunderclan or anything at all.

I hate how even AFTER Tigerclaw/Tigerstar was banished, he STILL kept his treachery! - l9me

He was in love with Tigerstar

18 ClearSky

HE LITERALLY MADE SIBLINGS KILL EACH OTHER! He's a cruel cat, and he had THREE mates, AND he stole Storm from Gray Wing and Star Flower from Thunder. Terrible cat honestly.

"You left Bright Stream outside, even though your leg was hurt and you couldn't help her! "

"You killed Fox! Even though he was gonna kill you and I was gonna do nothing! We're not brothers anymore! "

"I'm stealing Storm from you! "

"You take that kit. I don't want it! "

"I'm gonna go mad now and kill everyone! "

Worst brother ever. That pretty much sums it up.

You mean Gray Wing, plus Gray Wing still tried to help Bright Stream. - Walla

Clear Sky annoys me so much in the 5th series ( You might know Clear sky if you read Dawn of Clans ). For one he killed Bumble for no reason, he let his second mate, Storm die, and exiled cats in his camp/clan. Clear Sky ANNOYS me so much, I wish he could die already in a slow, and painful death.

He is a JERK who wants more territory, nearly killed his own brother, killed his old friend Rainswept Flower and a TON of other cats (indirectly). He also rejected his own brother Jagged Peak and son, Thunder. He also got extremely petty over small things like Falling Feather saying that she wanted to leave with Thunder. He also starved Jackdaw's Cry when he was being kept prisoner. How is he even a leader? (-. -)

19 Mapleshade Mapleshade is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is a tortoiseshell she-cat with a white tail and mistakenly described as ginger-and-white.

I feel incredibly bad for Maple shade, she was a mate of a River clan warrior, then when she had kits in thunder clan and she had told them... they kicked her out... when she tried to get to River clan clan camp by going through the river (This all happened in leaf bare) her kits were washed away. When she got to River clan camp, her mate already had a NEW mate... then they sent her away, she lived a life as rouge... and was starved to death... her river clan mate was Shell heart's father, Shell heart's kit was Crooked star... so that's why when she entered the Dark forest, she set out for revenge on river clan with Crooked star... then got revenge on thunder clan by corrupting Thistle claw and Tiger star... that's why I feel bad for Maple shade... - Night blossom

I agree! Like poor Mapleshade! I cried when the kits died. It wasn't Mapleshade's fault that she became very mad. I feel empathy for her. Surely a mother would do that for her children, right? - TheYogurtKid

I do not believe she is evil, unlike the other people here, she had a tragic life, and had walked the wrong path. Not a lot of people understand the anger and hatred of her life and just look at what she did to Crookedstar/Spottedleaf

I think Mapleshade was a mother looking for revenge over her children's death, but she turned evil, and does not deserve forgiveness. Her story was sad, she mated with a enemy, and suffered the price. I think it was wrong for her clan to throw out her kits, or her in the first place. Cats should be able to love who they truly think is best for them. Mapleshade was betrayed by her mate, and her kits were drowned. She was broken hearted, but her choice is where she went wrong. The clans broke her, she turned to killing. She killed three cats, one for each of her dead kits. She thought this was the only way to avenge her kits deaths. She had no heart anymore. She then went on to making Thunderclan and Riverclan pay. She manipulated cats to turn against their kin, their clan. She was truly evil in the end, her innocence and love torn apart by her mate, her trust torn by her clan, and her heart torn by her kits' deaths. I do not think Mapleshade deserves any pity though, it was her choice ...more

She should be number 1! Ruined crookerstars life by killing all his loved ones, made thistleclaw evil who killed cats who passed this onto tigerpaw/claw/star who killed SO many cats, who passed this on to darkstripe and hawkfrost, darkstripe killed 1-2 cats tried to kill sorreltail/kit hawkfrost was ambitious as his father, well planned mapleshade! Now over 50 deaths YOUR FAULT! DIE IN DARK FOREST... AGAIN! As you did to spottedleaf, OH BECAUSE A DARK FOREST IS YOUR FAULT! Know why shes worse than tigerstar? First of all, this was all her fault, second of all, dark forest would be dead without her! So really all the cats tigerstar killed were her killing them...i don't like scourge but well done killing him

20 Dovewing Dovewing is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She has light grey fur with Amber, green, or blue eyes. Her first appearance is in the fourth arc, know as Omen of the Stars, in the book The Fourth Apprentice. She was part of the Power of Three, and her power was to hear and see things more.

Bratty, annoying, whiny. She's not a mary sue, and her flaws make her even worse.

Dovewing is a complete brat. She should honestly be at the TOP of the list. I mean, she has THREE toms going after her, count-em THREE. She replaces dear sweet Hollyleaf. She's "better" than poor Ivypool. I honestly hate Vicky for creating her because she couldn't give Hollyleaf a power! I could come up with a hundred powers for Hollyleaf. I would've chosen the power to persuade anycat, with amazing skills. I was disappointed when Hollyleaf didn't become a Hollystar. The next thing you know, Dovewing will take over ALL the clans. Mary Sue 100% to the soul.

The things you listed- having three toms going after her, replacing Hollyleaf, being "better" than Ivypool- Dovewing didn't really have control over those things. Although I don't like her either because she's a Mary Sue, she always meant well, even if she was/is a little oblivious to some issues. - Heathersong

Okay, grab your pitchforks and torches, I'm defending Dovewing. I found her naiveity as an apprentice to be really adorable, and I feel that her presence was necessary in the Omen of The Stars books. She saw the beavers and relieved the Clans of the drought(although I do admit her power doesn't get used to it's full potential). Without Dovewing, Ivypool would have no one to be jealous of, and wouldn't have a reason to be an awesome Dark Forest spy. Without Ivypool's knowledge of the Dark Forest, the Dark Forest could have easily won the final battle in The Last Hope. Dovewing tried her best to support her sister, and Dovewing was struggling as well. Basically half of ThunderClan was pressuring her into a relationship with Bumblestripe. Both Dovewing and Ivypool went to kin of Tigerstar at night, seeking validation. I'll admit, in Omen of the Stars, the love triangle was poorly written, but Tigerheart and Dovewing's relationship got a lot of development in Tigerheart's Shadow. I also ...more

Hm... She's a brat, a mary sue, gets everything she wants, she thinks she's the best cat in the world, she treats every one like her servants and the GO ALONG with it, and she my least favorite warrior cat. Ivypool is so much better than her.

She's not a brat. She tries to do what's right for everyone. Nobody is her servant, where did you think that? Everyone has an opinion, Ivypool has her own flaws. - RisingMoon

21 Onestar

He was sweet and kind when he was Onewhisker, the name was even cute. But as he turned into the leader of Windclan, he kinda started to get crazy, attacking Thunderclan, for a not stable reason. He started to remind me of a less harsh Blackstar.

Onestar was a really good friend to firestar he turned into a jerk when he beach me leader. Attacking thunderclap whenever he had the chance. Ugh he is now a terrible cat.

I'm saying this again:
Onestar is a liar to his Clan, cares to much about what people think of him and his leadership, he's rude to his mates and his kits, a danger to all the Clans and so much more. - Pebblepaw

Let's just say he is very unpopular because he was a awesome one whisker which I agree with but there's more to hate! It's the fact he's always trying to attack thunder clan non stop

22 Hawkfrost

Hawkfrost is the best character in the book to be honest. Hate Brambleclaw for murdering him. ThunderClan is full of traitors.

His half brother killed him, and tigerstar influenced him AND I think he saw Ivypool looking at the plans for the battles in the trees for some reason! - Catsarah123

Hawkfrost was good and evil. He did kill Hollyleaf and planed to kill Firestar, but, he was only trying to impress his dad. Brambleclaw did kill Hawkfrost twice. I hope he learned his lesson - Hawkclaw

I hate hawkfrost he needs to die! Even though he actually already did die I'm still mad he was horrible he killed and manipulated cats!

I know he's bad but come on! He was loyal above else loved his clan maybe even Ivypool a bit. I kinda wish he killed Firestar. I would've loved him even more. - Windd

23 Appledusk

A piece of fox-dung he deserves to be in the Dark Forest more than Mapleshade.

He was the reason why Mapleshade became a killer. He two timed and blamed the death of their kits on her; what kind of "loving mate" is he?! He doesn't even care about their kits either since he never cared to ask what their names were or even grieve for them and he didn't let Mapleshade grieve for her kits and he was like "well their dead now, so get out" like the oh so loving mate he is! That's unforgivable!

AppleDusk is the worst character ever, or at least the worst mate.
His actions are the reason that MapleShade turned corrupted and cats got killed. Why? Well, after MapleShade was betrayed by her clan mates, exiled from her clan, lost her kits, AppleDusk was traitor who abandoned her, not comforting at least once or feeling any guilt. He treated her like an object, something he threw away so his leader wouldn't find out and possibly exile him. Not even caring about the drowned kits.Whats worse is that he decides to become mates with Reed, which must hurt MapleShade more. He should never wonder why MapleShade became evil. If he had admitted to his clan that MapleShade was her mate, maybe exiled he could have gone to have a great loner life with his love. But many instead had to die. I am glad he is on this list and was killed. And I am glad that his offsprings and future generations will be cursed.

Appledusk. He ignored Mapleshade, who was carrying his kit's pleas. And that eventually led to Mapleshade AND the kit's demise, after they had been cast out of the clan. Appledusk doesn't deserve to be in StarClan, Mapleshade doesn't deserve such hate! After all, he was the one who committed greater crime!

24 Breezepelt

Breezepelt isn't only mean and a jerk, but he's also STUPID! He blames Jayfeather for what Crowfeather and Leafpool did. He also tried to kill a queen and a medicine cat! Who does that!? I know why he tried to kill Poppyfrost though, because she was BERRYNOSE'S mate.

My least favorite cat. In the whole universe of Warriors.

I KNOW he had family problems. I KNOW Crowfeather didn't really like him. I KNOW that a bunch of people love him.

I JUST DON'T CARE! Jaypaw saved his life, and then 6 books later he tries to kill him! He's a jerk and a rotten piece of moldy fox dung! Someone needs to torture him!

If he turned good I would like him.

Breezepelt, to me, is the stupidest character. Not the meanest, but seriously Breezepelt? He blames JAYFEATHER for Leafpool and Crowfeather. Not Lionblaze or Hollyleaf. He dislikes them, but mainly blames Jayfeather! Why!? He's never fun to read about either. And I used to have sympathy for him!

Breezepelt is over-rated by the fandom! It's not Crowfeather's he's like this! He chose to be an annoying jerk!

25 Berrynose

Berrynose wasn't exactly evil, but he had a terrible personality. He loved Honeyfern at first. When she dies, he instantly takes and impregnates her sister. HER SISTER, OF ALL CATS! They might as well have had mated on her grave. And I can't believe Poppyfrost took him as a mate, soon after her sister DIES. That's like Berrynose saying right to her face: "You're a replacement. And you're almost as hot as your sister." I don't know how both of these cats even fell in love with a cat like him!

His name is just so... What
And he loved honeyfern! (she should have ended up with lionblaze) then when she dies he goes ahead and gets her sister pregnant! Wow, what a nice dude. not to mention he is a total jerk to everyone, he should have been bitten by that darn snake that killed honeyfern!

Berrynose might be arrogant and stupid, yes, but he can be serious when he wants to, just like in Bramblestar's Storm. He's basically a Jerk With a Heart of Gold. I can see him developing his maturity a little bit in Bramblestar's Storm because he talked about such a serious thing without letting any pride show.

Idiot cat. When lionblaze was an apprentice he kept mocking him. Ugh I wish Lionblaze had slashed his face. Poor Poppyfrost! He doesn't even care about her and her kits

26 Socks

He is as stupid as a creeper trying to hug some guy

Him and his sister Ruby caused Scourge to even go bad, but he didn't mean it really, he was a typical kid bully. I think he shouldn't be on this list, really. Maybe if he was nicer to Scourge though, then the warriors series may be full of less bloodshed, less warriors would die... But really, why is he on this list?

He has no point In Warriors. He was mean to is brother Scourge and only loved his Sister.

Socks was just a child? If you guys want to find someone to bash, bash his mother. He was doing wrong things to Tiny, but then again, he was a kitten. It was his mother's fault for not getting it into his head that he wasn't behaving.

27 Dawnpelt

She accused jayfeather for killing flametail, her brother when he didn't

Dawnpelt needs to get evidence before she accuses anyone of anything. Did she see Jayfeather drown Flametail? No, I didn't think so

Why dawnpelt? Just WHY! What did you think Jayfeather... BLIND JAYFEATHER... kill your brother? Did he slit Flametail's throat under water. No! Cats can't do that!

Dawnpelt, had you ever heard the saying 'If you got nothing nice to say, then don't say it' or 'Think before you speak', if not, then it explains why you accused Jayfeather of murdering your brother. For god's sake Jayfeather is blind, and he tried to SAVE Flametail. Quit picking on innocent cats.

28 Squirrelflight

How can you hate Squirrelflight? She let Ashfur down

As gently as possible and she didn't cheat on Bramblestar or anything. She's fiery and intelligent and bright and energetic and loyal and strong and adventurous and determined and brave and she truly did love Bramblestar. She didn't stab him in the back; she was just being loyal to Leafpool and keeping her secret. SHE NEVER PLAYED WITH ASHFUR'S FEELINGS; IT WAS ASHFUR'S FAULT WHEN HE DECIDED TO HATE HER. She wanted to be friends with him and never tried to maniuplate him! She doesn't pick fights with everybody- she stands up for herself and others and was a fantastic foster mother to Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf. So what if she was

Stubborn and rude as an apprentice? She matured and anyway lots of awesome cats like Sandstorm were also rather mean as apprentices. Seriously, Squirrelflight is one of the coolest she-cats. And she never mated with Ashfur. It's his fault he feels like he has to kill his exes' father ...more

She should've understood the consequences of her actions. She actually is responsible for Ashfur's death, Hollyleaf running away, and almost getting her own father killed. She deserved it anyway because she was such a stubborn character. This overshadows the fact that she helped her sister. Because, honestly, WE ARE TALKING ABOUT HER SISTER! OF COURSE SHE WOULD HELP! - Nayan2003

A brat and I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT when she threatened to spill the beans when Brambleclaw wouldn't bring her along.

I don't have too much against her, its more brambelstar's fault but... I CANNOT BELIEVE she became the new deputy! I just think she's going to become like lepordfur when she was young...BUT FOREVER. I think star clan it waiting for her arrival to come soon (hopefully ivypool or lionblaze become the next deputy).

Started off as clan nuisance then became a bit rude to bramble claw because he bossed her around a lot. She matured a lot as others have said and was just keeping leaf pools secrets. I think bramble claw was a bit stupid when he chose her for deputy. It's annoying about the whole kit problem though then she finally has some. She is a Mary Sue as some comments prove bellow

29 Spottedleaf

She hardly says anything to Fireheart but when she dies, Fireheart speaks of her like she was the greatest thing since slice bread. That threw me off so much. She had basically no personality up until her death, were she shows up practically everywhere in ghost form. Talk about bad character development. - Randomcrash

She is not THAT bad character to deserve number one on this list. And just because u ship fire and sand doesn't mean you should hate her. I agree that it is annoying for her to always end up in firestar's dream and the amount of praise Firestar gave her for no reason. I just think her character developement was poorly made. I feel like she should've lived longer so we would know more about her. The only thing she ever seemed to do was just guide Firestar.

I don't understand how Spottedleaf is terrible. She isn't a Mary Sue, she's just described as beautiful. That's all, really. And I don't think she would've gotten in the way of Firestar and Sandstorm because of these 2 reasons:
1. She is a medicine cat. Spottedleaf doesn't seem like the medicine cat that would take a mate. And I'm pretty sure Firestar is smart enough to realize that SHE WON'T TAKE HIM.

2. She's dead. Firestar isn't that stupid.

Also, since when did she only like Firestar because he was in a prophecy? She never said that directly, so you'll never know. She acted as more of a guide for Firestar than a disturbance between FirexSand. If Cinderpelt didn't get hit by a monster and became a warrior instead, I think that Cinderpelt would've been more of a rival to Sandstorm for Firestar's love! Not hating on her, though.

Why do people hate her just because she fell in love with a cat?! What?! Shes not a mary-sue it makes me sad how people judge her! ;-;

30 Clawface

Honestly, Clawface is such a minor character that he really shouldn't be on the list. I get he killed Spottedleaf, but really, none of us know enough about Clawface to hate him so much.

I hate him! He killed Spottedleaf! I loved her! Firestar x Spottedleaf forever!

I'm going to get killed for this.

He has more character development than Spottedleaf.

I love Clawface so much.

Good thing he is on this list! He killed my fave cat spottedleaf! Of course he is on the list, he is so evil!

31 Leafpool Leafpool is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She's the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, mate of Crowfeather, and mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf

I don't really know why Leafpool is on this list... She is one of my favourite characters, but I'm trying really hard not to be prejudiced.
If I'm being honest, Leafpool made a LOT of mistakes in her life. Running away with Crowfeather, having kits, lying to her clan. But in my opinion, she's made up for this- at least a little bit. Now she's a loyal ThunderClan medicine cat (Or so we think). She also is very caring and helps whenever she can, even for cats in other clans. Leafpool is definitely not a Mary Sue, but I do not necessarily think that she is "evil" or "bad" enough to be on this list. I'm sure not many people will agree with me on this, though. - Heathersong

It took me way too long to find her on the list. Still don't like how she got to be a medicine cat a second time and hardly anyone is mad at her while her kids are looked at awkwardly because their parents shouldn't have gotten together. I also found it very insensitive of her when she gave Jayfeather his warrior name. "I'll give my child a permanent reminder that his father is from another clan. That's exactly what he needs! " Also, her personality annoys me. "'STARCLAN, HELP US! ' Leafpool pleaded, for the 50th time."
Between her and real jackasses like Rainflower and Breezepelt, who do I think is worse? Definitely not Leafpool. But I really, really dislike how she is painted in a completely good light and never scorned by anyone other than her kits and her Crowfeather's kits, who eventually either get shafted or forgive her anyway

Maybe nobody was mad because her forbidden romance saved the clans. - Juni

Leafpool. Is. An. Idiot. I'm actually making a comic about this, and so far I have 3 issues and 2 others planned. I hate her so much! She's a bad medicine cat, and let Honeyfern die, while saying "stay back! " and not letting her family be near her in her last moments. Then there's the whole Crowfeather thing. She just couldn't help herself, could she? Then she went and had kits. "Oh no, I had kits! Well, it's not my fault, and there's NO WAY I could have NOT gotten pregnant." Then she's SO OBVIOUS about it, and then she admits it and quits her dream job. People make mistakes, Leafpool, maybe none as bad as yours, but now you're just showing them that you're a pathetic little wimpy cat. Sure, she gets punished, but that doesn't make it better. Also, in Leafpool's Wish, she literally ONLY uses Whitepaw to do apprentice tasks. Poor Whitepaw. And she can be a jerk to her sister. Squirrelflight: Okay, Jaypaw, once you've finished, you can get something from the fresh-kill pile. Leafpool: ...more

Leafpool is one of my favorite cats! And don't blame her that she gave away her kits to Squirrelflight, she had to! Leafpool really enjoyed being a medicine cat. She had no choice but to give away her kits. Leafpool is very caring, kind hearted, and nice. She would help everyone in need! - Silverlily

32 Frecklewish (TC)

Since when does a cat know what a freckle is, and why freckle WISH?!?! - Moonwhisker

She broke the warrior code. She didn't save kits in danger. Sometimes when I need a laugh, I crack open Mapleshade's vengeance and read Frecklewish's death. So yeah, she might not have died but it was great when she gets bitten by that adder. Ha, I hope she went to the Dark Forest and died a slow, torturous death.

Frecklewish could have saved Mapleshade's kits, maybe then Mapleshade wouldn't have lost her mate along with the kits. She had to add more to Mapleshade's burden. This cat is truly the bad guy that caused Mapleshade to the way she is.

excuse my language but her name is awful and she deserved to die I loved when she got bitten

33 Ruby

She sucks like a vacuum cleaner! I mean, poor little Tiny had a decent life, as a kittypet and with his mom. But no, she goes and scares her brother to death with this needless story she made up. What is wrong with her? Then she and her brother go scooch their sorry little butts over to their newly strong brother, Scourge. You do know that the entire BloodClan problem is cause of you Ruby, RIGHT?!

Nobody can make you go evil. Its his poor decision. He's not mentally strong if he can't understand that. Nobody really cares that socks and ruby hated tiny they really care that he went insane. But that was his choice. Did ruby say "go crazy And oil every cat" no. Ruby and socks are just like childhood bullies, get over it tiny. Imagine a good life you could've had if you were mentally strong. Most cats would shake this off. Its not like they kept killing you.

She was so mean to tiny, and caused him to become evil!

I agree, she was one of the main reasons why Scourge was evil, but I don't get how Socks is at Number 19 when Ruby was actually bullying Tiny/Scourge and Socks' number was closer to Number 1 than Ruby's Number. Socks was only following along with his sister.

34 Bluestar Bluestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She was one of the leaders of ThunderClan. She is mates with Oakheart of RiverClan and her kits, Stonefur and Mistyfoot, live in RiverClan. She has a deceased kit named Mosskit, a sister named Snowfur, a nephew named Whitestorm, a mother named Moonflower more.

Okay. Woah, why is Bluestar here?

1. Yes, she made Thistleclaw's life worse by sending Snowfur on a patrol to her death, but Thistleclaw was messed up anyway. He was still blood-thirsty, even when Snowfur was alive.

2. Thistleclaw being chased out of StarClan isn't really bad. He played a part into influencing Tigerstar to become power-hungry. At least he should spend many years in the Dark Forest as punishment, and I wouldn't mind if he stayed there forever.

3. No cat knew that Tigerstar was evil except Firestar and Graystripe (I think? ) so it's the other, more experienced warriors to blame the same amount as her. And, making a cat a warrior doesn't make them better at defending themselves. They still have the same experience in battle. That's like saying a 13-moon-old apprentice (let's just call them Nightpaw) who died from green cough would've survived if they changed their name to Nightpelt or something.

4. Clearly Thistleclaw would've become deputy if ...more

Bluestar is an amazing leader! She has suffered so much. She lost her mother, Moonflower, and her sister, Snowfur. She took a RiverClan mate and had to give up her kits to stop Thistleclaw from being deputy! And if it weren't for her, Firestar wouldn't have been in the Clans! Sure she was insane at her last few moons of her life, but you should have some compassion for her. She has truly suffered a lot and has done many good deeds.

Bluestar deserves to be number one, here is why:
She constantly hated Thistleclaw just because he was 'arrogant' despite the fact that they barely ever talked to each other.
She would argue with Snowfur about Thistleclaw just because Snowfur had affection for him.
She chased Thistleclaw away from StarClan, despite the fact that he NEVER killed any cat, or did anything extremely wrong, yes, he did train in the Dark Forest, but many other cats have, so, should Ivypool go to the Dark Forest?
Bluestar was mates and had kits with Oakheart, yes, they do have some very nice kits, BUT, she makes Thistleclaw go to the Dark Forest, despite the fact that she actually committed a very bad crime.
She was way to dramatic after Tigerclaw's betrayal, and she basically abandoned her clan, causing Swiftpaw's death, and Brightheart's injuries, she was an unstable mess, and couldn't care for her clan. - Straubree

This has to be a joke! What did Bluestar do to be on this list? She is an amazing cat. She saved her clan from a pack of dogs, then died! Spoiler sorry.

35 Leopardstar

Like all leaders it needs a sappy back story (parents) like all these cats had: bramble claw, Scrooge, fire star, tall star, crooked star and loads more! I give her all my sympathy but she started as a spoilt brat. All the cats are catching her fish and fussing over her when she never really new her mother and litter mates. All of a sudden the little orphan who got too much attention just happened to be great at hunting and fighting and had great leader ship skills. She then was immediately appointed deputy then leader and the first thing she does as leader is ally with shadow clan and kill their half clan deputy just because poor leopard lover tiger. Misty forgives her immediately and becomes deputy and some battle stuff. She is really quiet until the forth series where she is unwilling to cooperate with the clans who are trying to save her and the lake. Yes I know she's crazy at that point but maybe she should have made one smart decision in her life. She orders grey stripe to ...more

What was bad about Leopardstar? I think that she was a great Riverclan leader.

Why is Leopardstar on here? She had diabetes so that's why she was a bit crazy before she died. Other than that she was a good cat.

I'm wondering why Leopardstar is on this list at all. Yes, I admit she made mistakes in her time as a leader (Like every other cat), like temporarily allying with ShadowClan. But she had many other traits that a lot of cats in the Warriors series don't. She was compassionate, responsible, fair, and patient. For example, when Sasha stayed in RiverClan, Leopardstar gladly took her and her kits in, and understood her decision to not have a warrior name for awhile. Leopardstar was also very loyal to her clan and truly cared for them. - Heathersong

36 Bumblestripe

Bumblestripe had good intentions, but I personally dislike the way he treated Dovewing. It just started as an innocent crush, but he got out of hand. At some points the way he acted sort of came off as harassment. He basically pressured Dovewing into a relationship with him, convincing other cats such as Whitewing and Cinderheart to push Dovewing into Bumblestripe's paws. He even chooses Dovewing over Blossomfall as his training partner, when Blossomfall needs emotional support and is training in the Dark Forest. She couldn't go to Briarlight since Millie was fussing over her, and couldn't go to Millie because... y'know, Briarlight. I don't despise Bumblestripe, and I'm glad he didn't become the next Ashfur, but I don't like how uncomfortable he made Dovewing feel while she was in ThunderClan.

I hate Bumblestripe. He just annoyed me, especially in Dovewing's point of view. Like when they are practicing tree climbing.

Clingy and doesn't deserve Dovewing. Give her some space mouse-brain! His character was just ruined by how he acted around her. - RisingMoon

You're right, he doesn't deserve such a torturous and pointless relationship with an annoying she-brat! - Juni

Bumblestripe is a sweetheart! - Stormyblaze

37 Tigerheart Tigerheart, now known as Tigerstar, is a fictional character created by Erin Hunter for the book series named Warrior Cats. He became more important to the plot after gaining his own book, Tigerheart's Shadow. He was one of the cats to have worked as a spy on the Dark Forest. Now he currently is the more.

Tigerheart was kind and very friendly. But was he loyal? No. Poor Dovewing fell for him. And anyway, he's like Tigerstar clone number 10. We have enough Tigerstars already. Tigerheart betrayed his clan. And then there's Tigerheart's Shadow *spoilers* Dovewing has HIS kits! And many people say Dovewing is a Mary Sue? She also betrayed her clan. I love Dovewing, but I always thought she'd be better off with Bumblestripe. I just despise Tigerheart for that.

She'd be better off with Bumblestripe, but he'd be a hell of a lot better without her - Juni

Ugh, he ruined the books...

I hate tiger heart, Dovewing shouldn't even have a mate, I would prefer one of my favourite cats mate less. Tiger heart is a coward who try's to get Dovewing back when she already said no! I also love Dovewing! - SeeU

Dovewing deserves better, this cat is BORING. The only moment he wasn't boring was when he betrayed Tigerstar. Other than that - pfft.

38 Crowfeather

The reason why I hate this guy is because he had three mates that were written like.
Crow feather loved her so much. Aw cutie they just kissed. She died! Oh it's fine he found a new mate! Oh crap I've just been found out about my second forbidden love! Oh it ain't matter I'll make up for it with another Mate. If you think about it all his mates were a bit pointless. He loved all his mates because they would help him in some way apart from feather tail who he truly loved I think? Leaf pool and crow was crow being like aw leaf pool and feather tail are both gentle she helps me feel better after feather tail died then night cloud was used to prove to his clan mates he was a wind clan cat... Sad!

He's an idiot. My least favorite cat after Firestar. There were three ships with him- Feathertail, Leafpool, and Nightcloud. First one, Feathertail. Why did he love her?! She's a RIVERCLAN cat. Poor Feathertail, she fell in love with him, when Crowfeather didn't even love her. He moved straight on to Leafpool.. The poor thing. Honestly, all the three she-cats are just being USED. He convinced Leafpool to leave with him- He destroyed Thunderclan, literally. When he got Leafpool to leave, the badgers attacked Thunderclan.. And Cinderpelt died..Though they didn't know badgers would attack. Eh. Leafpool lost her place as medicine cat when she had kits, and Squirrelflight was mistreated. And what did Crowfeather do? Nothing! He pushed the kits away, didn't treat them as their own, and took Nightcloud as a mate. He was using her! He was just trying to prove himself loyal, WHEN HE LOVED 2 OTHER CATS! And he didn't like Breezepelt much either. I really hate Crowfeather. - WatchItBurn

No Crowfeather is a big hunk of junk, he sucks. He had 3 mates and did not give a crap about any one of them! And didn't even care about his kits!

I don't like him that much for picking Nightcloud as a mate but I don't see what he did wrong. Yeah he disobeyed the warrior code but how can you really stop love. He is nowhere near evil. He is a very loyal cat actually. - Windd

39 Tom

What idiot twoleg named this poor cat?! You might as well just name your son Boy. - Moonwhisker

He was a jerk to Turtletail after she was gonna have his kits and he attacked Bumble and he was just a jerk.

I agree! But his name is funny though.

His name would be funny if it was a she

40 Longtail

Long tail used to be my favourite character. I didn't stop liking him because he went blind. I was just upset that he just got trodden over and turned into a old man. I wish they written about him trying to hunt again and fight but they didn't. Bit of a shame how they gave up on poor long tail

Why is he on here? He was pretty sweet after he went's not his fault Tigerstar was cray cray and tried to lure him into the dark side! He has a conscious!

He saved firestar from drowning once

AWESOME CAT! -Night blossom

41 Reedshine

So much for "girls sticking together". Your man cheats on you, knocks the other girl up, then totally abandons her and you're still praising him like he's the hero? Reedshine was the worst, and had terrible judgment.

Psychotic idiot.

Which Reedshine? - Walla

Is this the same reedshine who had kits with appledusk? The one that I wanted Mapleshade to murder in Mapleshades vengeance? No offense to the reedshine fans, but something about her doesn't feel right. - SpyroZap99

42 Russetfur

Russetfur should not have died, and the battle shouldn't have took place at all (It only happened thanks to Ivypaw/pool and Tigerstar), but Russetfur bit Firestar's neck and Lionblaze wanted to save his leader. It was only being loyal to his Clan. Lionblaze was a powerful warrior at the time, and Russetfur was growing old.

Russetfur is my 2nd favourite cat, after Mapleshade. - Wolftail

Jeez Mapleshade was your favorite cat? (I can understand why you like her though, HER STORY IS SO SAD JEEZ)

How could you hate Russetfur? Sure she was mean in OOTS, but Brokenstar really changed the clan. She's a tie between Graystripe on best cat.

Lol it took me a moment to realize what OOTS was. I was like, what is an OOTS?!?! - Moonwhisker

Just stupid Erin's needed her to die so that they could Rowan claw as leader

43 Pinestar

Leopard foot and pine star is the stupidest couple ever! Pinestar was a leader with like two life's left and leopard foot was only just a warrior and they had kits

Is it just me but leopard foot and pine star is funny. It's like grandad x grand daughter

He abandoned his kits and abandoned his clan, he was the worst cat EVER

Thumbs down. Tiger star was evil because of this guy.

44 Stormtail


Stormtail practically just used Moonflower for kits and went straight to Dappletail. He didn't even show any real affection toward his kits or Moonflower. Then when she died, he acted as if he wasn't even close to her.

Hun, when a mate dies, you either grieve for no reason, or move on in life, You can't say she's "betraying" a cat who died. Humans do this all the time, and it's not bad.

Its like he didn't even care for Moonflower! He simply moved on from Moonflower and was close to Dappletail! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!?

45 Lizardstripe

When Lizardstripe had kits instead of thinking they were a blessing she was like, "I don't care about them." And her ignorance eventually led to Brokenstar thinking he was unloved. Seriously? Lizardstripe needs therapy. If only she was a kind and loving mother... DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH LIVES YOU HAVE WASTED?!

The reason brokenstars is evil I mean whos mean to a kit? ? ? ? Also she chanhed to a boy after she has "kits" I mean who "does that" serousoulsy don't be mean to a kit "or" look what happens. Brokenstar sent KITS into BATTLE!

Lizardstripe is by far one of the worst cats of the entire series. She mated with her mate, after she complains that being a queen is so annoying and exhausting. Not to mention how she treated her adopted son and her own kits...

Lizardstripe Is the worst mother ever besides Millie and rainflower she made brokenstar brokenstar she hated her kits and that is just rude

46 Palebird

She's always so miserable into sand gorse died then she's happy and all yay I'm pregnant

She annoys me I mean like she showed more love to her other kits sometimes I think she doesn't love talltail she never pays attention to him.

I totally agree with you shes ANNOYING

She shouldn't have let tallkit go out of camp by himself. And she had five kits?!

47 Mudclaw

Firestar was the only witness, a cat from another clan. Yeah, totally trustworthy. Not to mention Mudclaw was deputy this whole time, he deserved to be leader and only did what he did because of it. Onestar didn't' want to back down so he was going to make him. Also guess what, the very cat that spoke on Onestar's behalf, Firestar, Onestar turned on him. He became hostile toward Firestar, and ThunderClan, stealing their prey, and severing their the bonds Tallstar forged in the first place. He's rude, that's ungrateful and deserved to be crushed by that tree instead of Mudclaw.

He tried to kill onestar I mean would firestar lie he was the cat who saved the clans

Mudclaw is a rude idiot cat!

Mudclaw is a huge jerk

48 Star Flower

Annoying and probably one of the WORST cats ever. She practically manipulated Clear Sky into being her mate just because he was in a higher rank than Thunder. She also toyed with Thunder's feelings.

Star Flower is the WORST. When I read the books I keep hoping: "Clear Sky leave her! Kits die! Make her suffer! " I literally screamed out of pure anger during class when she survived and all her kits survived. I was happy though that the cats didn't like her. She's so rude to Thunder and such a fake and she thinks she's so great! I want to go into the books so badly and capture her inside a cat carrier, make her watch me murder her kits. Tell Clear Sky that Star Flower did it and then let Star Flower go when everyone hates her so she can rot in a pile of her own dirt. - bluetreeleaves

Yeah my family and class think I'm insane because I laugh, cry, scream, yell, and an obsessed with books - CloudyDaze

She reminds me of Dovewing...Selfish, has some many damn cats in love with her and rude

Star Flower: She plays around with other cats' feelings and manipulates them into doing what she wants with her looks.She's selfish and annoying and I HATE HER WITH CLEAR SKY.

49 Nightcloud

Her and Crowfeather used each other. How iconic. I mean Nightcloud wanted kits and Crowfeather wanted the clan to think he was loyal. So stop saying that Crowfeather used her and say Nightcloud did nothing. She used him as well.

Mother of Breezepelt, she is what convinced him that his father hates him. The only reason she became Crowfeather's mate is he wanted to show that he likes other cats but leafpool. She is terrible, and so mean to everyone.

Yeh I agree she used him for kits but that's fine. It's not really that bad but hard to explain why. Night cloud took the responsibility to look after breeze kit but he just turned into a whiny crying kit

I really liked her and her name UNTIL I read about her character. She is a she-demon! So mean I despise her

50 Jessy

How did she steal Bramblestar from Squirrelflight they were broken up Plus They do end up together and they have kits I mean Squirrelflight and Bramblestar do. And Jessy is nice!

She fell in love with Bramblestar but stayed away because she knew that Bramblestar and Squirrelflight love each other. She's not annoying or bad. Just bold.

Jessy makes me want to vomit copious amounts of blood. - mrsdewinter

My third favourite cat.

What!? She left!? :( - Wolftail

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