1. He completely and totally blamed Gray Wing (who is his own BROTHER by the way) for the death of his would-be mate even though there was nothing poor Gray Wing could have done (also, by doing this he scarred Gray Wing's feelings forever). 2. He got mad at Gray Wing for killing Fox even though it was a form of self defense, and I believe he strengthened Petal's hate for Gray Wing by reminding her of this. 3. He stayed away from Storm SO LONG that he wasn't there when she died, and Gray Wing had to try and save her for him. 4. After Gray Wing managed to take Storm's only surviving kit, the only memory of her that was left, HE DIDN'T WANT IT. 5. He got pissed and wanted more territory so he sent all of his cats to fight the moor cats, which resulted in a bunch of deaths (I'm not going to read that part again to tell you how many cats that died in that battle), and the first battle ever in the forest. 6. By the way, during that battle he killed Rainswept Flower and said "I'm not greedy. ...more

He killed misty because she was on the territory he wanted so he killed her. Then he realized that she had kits. He wanted to kill them but petal saved there lives because she doesn't want them to end up like her and fox. Fox was killed by accident. Gray wing did NOT mean to kill him. But he had him pinned down and there was blood in his eyes and he couldn't aim strait. But back to clear sky. Clear Sky almost killed Gray Wing for yelling at him abou the kit named thunder who becomes the first leader of thunder clan. It is not Gray Wings responsibility to care for Clear Sky's kit and then have him taken away. This gets me thinking that clear sky will kill more if he doesn't get what he wants when he wants it.

You killed a cat that help your mom raise you, and you repay that kindness by killing her. You realize your mistakes when your mom comes to see you. Your brother deserves better that you. You are a pathetic bastard that needs other cats to help you so that you would realize your mistakes. You stole your own son's possible mate, and now your mate is held hostage by her dad. Clearsky, you are miserable, pathetic, and you deserve to die, and you dragged your mate into a situation that led to her death.

Clear Sky was a really annoying prick of a "brother" and "parent". He flipped out on Gray Wing when he accidentally killed Fox, and said "I have no brother". Okay mister icy-pants, take it down a notch. He was a crappy parent to Thunder but still wanted him back later when Gray Wing did all the work...not to mention stealing Storm and Star Flower...He was super selfish when it came to Slash stealing Star Flower, and he begged for the other groups' help when he NEVER had helped them. Micah x Moth Flight os one of my favorite couples (even though Micah is a heck of a Stu, I still like him), and he is COMPLETELY responsible for his death.

Clearsky is a total idiot and a jerk. How can someone keep taking your brother's crushes and then not care for your own son. He rejected thunder, rejected jagged peak, and killed innocent cats. Sure he got a tiny bit better but that doesn't matter. Acorn and Birch will forever remember him as the guy who killed their mom.

What a brother. He ignored Gray wing, sent off Jagged peak, completely ignored thunder and kinda was weird with Storm, and fell For Star Flower, when his SON loved her! (Honestly, that just creeps me out))

He :
1. Blamed his brother for killing a warrior even though he's a murderer himself.
2. He killed cats (Bumble, Misty, suggested killing kits, RAIN SWEPT FLOWER of whom I loved, and so many more).
3. Stole Bright Wing and Storm from Gray Wing, and stole Star Flower from Thunder (do you always steal she cats from your kin? )
4. Rejected his only son.
5. Kicked his injured brother out of the group.
6. Starved Jackdaw's Cry.
7. Mistreated Falling Feather for saying she might want to leave.

This cat is evil I mean he was bloodthirsty and greedy and a murdderer and did really stupid things like almost killing his brother, who is awesome, sending thunder away and making jagged peak break his leg and blaming every body for the stupid things he did. In my opinion, he is the worst cat ever even worse than tiger star and broken star and scourge and sol put together!, I know I'm ranting about him but he is evil! He should be number one.

Clear Sky is the only realistic cat in warriors. A male cat wants to reproduce, just like Clear Sky. He stole Storm from Gray Wing because he liked her, but if this was real life, all he would want is to reproduce, which is kind of the way he acted around most female cats.

" I just want to keep my cats safe so I'll kick out hurt cats and steal mates from my brother and exile my son. Oh, I'll also lead my cats to battle and keep my old friend hostage and lie to my only son! Then I'll steal HIS mate too! " Really, Clear Sky

He worries about every single tiny little thing, like falling feather leaving with thunder. Falling feather should be Tall Shadows cat than clear sky's!

Fighting his own kin! Wanting more territory! He starved jackdaws cry when he said he does not want some cat to die from starvation! Your a liar clear sky

I like to call ClearSky the Donald Trump of Warriors. He keeps talking about war, borders, and death. I mean, you can't be that heartless! He kind of killed fox, and storm, but really killed so many cats in the third book! Ugh! I hate him.

He is literally the worst cat ever. I think that he could easily be number 4 or 5. When he finally got over his thirst for power, he just kept trying to get everyone to do what he wants!

I honestly didn't like clear sky until the sixth book in dawn of the clans. In that book he had a caring heart for his mates and kits. He didn't want them to be hurt and he felt bad about what happened between thunder and him. That makes me think of how good of a guy he is in that book. But, I do have some bad things to say about him to. I don't agree how he treats thunder and storm and her other kits and how he treated Graywing and Jaggedpeak. I also don't like him in the super addition with Moth Flight, just because Miach's death made me cry. I honestly hated him so much at that moment because of how he didn't even care about Micah's death or when his son got killed either. I really hated him in that book and I feel he only was a good cat in one book, which makes me think why the Erin's even made Clearsky. It just made me really really hate skyclan.

He's not the worst cat ever. He's not greedy he only cares about his cats. What if your sister and 2 mates? He just didn't want everyone to die of hunger like his sister.

Most people only hate him in the first half of Dawn of The Clans, but I think he was annoying the whole way through! Seriously, who thinks "Grow and Spread" means they should untie? - Stormyblaze

I'm serious how is he not in the top ten he is one of the few cats that if you like I will try to smack some since in to you

Gosh he only cares about his mate Star Flower and him... He rejects thunder! Go and fall off a cliff Clear Sky!

CALM DOWN GUYS. Stop bashing him. I have to admit that I hated him at the first three-four books in DoTC, but he goes through GODLY character development on the fifth and sixth book. From the sixth book, I started to like him a lot and the reason for me to hate him disappeared.

I used to hate Clear Sky, but now he's changed! He's trying to be a better cat now, but no cat trusts him.

Blames brother for mates death.
Says he has no brothers.
Kicks brother out of his group to die.
Takes his brothers mate away.
Rejects his only kit.
Steals his kit back from his brother so bro gets emotional.
He's so bossy.
Kicks useless cats out.
Kills bumble.
And is a jerk about territory!

My name is Clear Sky and I'd like it if you just minded your own business and shut up.

I was starting to like him but then he just had to start being so arrogant again -.-

To many things to say. I mean, what is with his BORDERS? He almost let many cats died and killed a lot!