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21 Dawnpelt

She accused jayfeather for killing flametail, her brother when he didn't

Dawnpelt needs to get evidence before she accuses anyone of anything. Did she see Jayfeather drown Flametail? No, I didn't think so

Why dawnpelt? Just WHY! What did you think Jayfeather... BLIND JAYFEATHER... kill your brother? Did he slit Flametail's throat under water. No! Cats can't do that!

Uhg, I HATE this girl :( - ZZZOLO

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22 Onestar

He was sweet and kind when he was Onewhisker, the name was even cute. But as he turned into the leader of Windclan, he kinda started to get crazy, attacking Thunderclan, for a not stable reason. He started to remind me of a less harsh Blackstar.

Onestar was a really good friend to firestar he turned into a jerk when he beach me leader. Attacking thunderclap whenever he had the chance. Ugh he is now a terrible cat.

Let's just say he is very unpopular because he was a awesome one whisker which I agree with but there's more to hate! It's the fact he's always trying to attack thunder clan non stop

He was a good cat- BEFORE he was leader, Onefart- I mean, OneStar was a good, Nice cat. And when he becomes leader, this runs through his head: "Oh thunderclan must think they are better because they help us all the time! NO, THUNDERCLAN IS NOT EVIL BUTT HEADED MOUSE BRAINS! (Acting just like one of those 2 year olds on lps videos saying "Oh I like this.. wait, you used a new one that looks adorable? UNSUBSCRIB REpORT BLOC U DUM DUM! ) You can't say "He saw his leader die so traumatizing! " Because he didn't, It wasn't because of a suprise because he was a STABLE, NON ANXIETY OR ANYTHING cat. I don't recall anything that makes him have a hatred of leaders being killed by thunderclan or something! The change was undeveloped, Out of character, and just plain stupid.

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23 Hawkfrost Hawkfrost

Hawkfrost is the best character in the book to be honest. Hate Brambleclaw for murdering him. ThunderClan is full of traitors.

His half brother killed him, and tigerstar influenced him AND I think he saw Ivypool looking at the plans for the battles in the trees for some reason! - Catsarah123

Hawkfrost was good and evil. He did kill Hollyleaf and planed to kill Firestar, but, he was only trying to impress his dad. Brambleclaw did kill Hawkfrost twice. I hope he learned his lesson - Hawkclaw

I know he's bad but come on! He was loyal above else loved his clan maybe even Ivypool a bit. I kinda wish he killed Firestar. I would've loved him even more. - Windd

He may be evil, BUT I LOVE HIM

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24 Socks

He is as stupid as a creeper trying to hug some guy

Him and his sister Ruby caused Scourge to even go bad, but he didn't mean it really, he was a typical kid bully. I think he shouldn't be on this list, really. Maybe if he was nicer to Scourge though, then the warriors series may be full of less bloodshed, less warriors would die... But really, why is he on this list?

He has no point In Warriors. He was mean to is brother Scourge and only loved his Sister.

Honestly, Ruby and Socks should switch places on this list because Socks was just doing what Ruby was doing.

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25 Appledusk Appledusk

He was the reason why Mapleshade became a killer. He two timed and blamed the death of their kits on her; what kind of "loving mate" is he?! He doesn't even care about their kits either since he never cared to ask what their names were or even grieve for them and he didn't let Mapleshade grieve for her kits and he was like "well their dead now, so get out" like the oh so loving mate he is! That's unforgivable!

AppleDusk is the worst character ever, or at least the worst mate.
His actions are the reason that MapleShade turned corrupted and cats got killed. Why? Well, after MapleShade was betrayed by her clan mates, exiled from her clan, lost her kits, AppleDusk was traitor who abandoned her, not comforting at least once or feeling any guilt. He treated her like an object, something he threw away so his leader wouldn't find out and possibly exile him. Not even caring about the drowned kits.Whats worse is that he decides to become mates with Reed, which must hurt MapleShade more. He should never wonder why MapleShade became evil. If he had admitted to his clan that MapleShade was her mate, maybe exiled he could have gone to have a great loner life with his love. But many instead had to die. I am glad he is on this list and was killed. And I am glad that his offsprings and future generations will be cursed.

Appledusk. He ignored Mapleshade, who was carrying his kit's pleas. And that eventually led to Mapleshade AND the kit's demise, after they had been cast out of the clan. Appledusk doesn't deserve to be in StarClan, Mapleshade doesn't deserve such hate! After all, he was the one who committed greater crime!

God, he is my least favorite character

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26 Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She one of the leaders of ThunderClan. She is mates with Oakheart of RiverClan and her kits, Stonefur and Mistyfoot, live in RiverClan

Okay. Woah, why is Bluestar here?

1. Yes, she made Thistleclaw's life worse by sending Snowfur on a patrol to her death, but Thistleclaw was messed up anyway. He was still blood-thirsty, even when Snowfur was alive.

2. Thistleclaw being chased out of StarClan isn't really bad. He played a part into influencing Tigerstar to become power-hungry. At least he should spend many years in the Dark Forest as punishment, and I wouldn't mind if he stayed there forever.

3. No cat knew that Tigerstar was evil except Firestar and Graystripe (I think? ) so it's the other, more experienced warriors to blame the same amount as her. And, making a cat a warrior doesn't make them better at defending themselves. They still have the same experience in battle. That's like saying a 13-moon-old apprentice (let's just call them Nightpaw) who died from green cough would've survived if they changed their name to Nightpelt or something.

4. Clearly Thistleclaw would've become deputy if ...more

Bluestar is an amazing leader! She has suffered so much. She lost her mother, Moonflower, and her sister, Snowfur. She took a RiverClan mate and had to give up her kits to stop Thistleclaw from being deputy! And if it weren't for her, Firestar wouldn't have been in the Clans! Sure she was insane at her last few moons of her life, but you should have some compassion for her. She has truly suffered a lot and has done many good deeds.

This has to be a joke! What did Bluestar do to be on this list? She is an amazing cat. She saved her clan from a pack of dogs, then died! Spoiler sorry.

I hate Bluestar, like, seriously, I hate her. She accused a cat of being evil with no proof at all. In TPB, she was just like "Oh, Tigerclaw, you are such a good deputy" when, in her book, she knew he had this prone to be evil. And then he tries to kill her and she decides to become depressive and not trust anyone because of one cat. She is not only depressive, no, everyone has to be depressive with her. That's why she just REFUSES to make Swiftpaw and Brightpaw into a warrior, causing her death. Although, having her best friend killed to protect her in front of her eyes and losing part of the face was not enough punishment to Brightpaw according to Bluestar (punishment for being a happy cat before that happened while Bluestar required everyone to be depressed), so she names her Lostface. Altruistic as always, Bluestar.
This was not the only thing. I've already spoke about the Thistleclaw factor, but yeah. She forbid her sister to be with Thistleclaw, the cat she (Snowfur) loved. ...more - Ivystar

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27 Breezepelt Breezepelt

Breezepelt isn't only mean and a jerk, but he's also STUPID! He blames Jayfeather for what Crowfeather and Leafpool did. He also tried to kill a queen and a medicine cat! Who does that!? I know why he tried to kill Poppyfrost though, because she was BERRYNOSE'S mate.

My least favorite cat. In the whole universe of Warriors.

I KNOW he had family problems. I KNOW Crowfeather didn't really like him. I KNOW that a bunch of people love him.

I JUST DON'T CARE! Jaypaw saved his life, and then 6 books later he tries to kill him! He's a jerk and a rotten piece of moldy fox dung! Someone needs to torture him!

If he turned good I would like him.

Breezepelt, to me, is the stupidest character. Not the meanest, but seriously Breezepelt? He blames JAYFEATHER for Leafpool and Crowfeather. Not Lionblaze or Hollyleaf. He dislikes them, but mainly blames Jayfeather! Why!? He's never fun to read about either. And I used to have sympathy for him!

Why is he number 27?

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28 Berrynose

Berrynose wasn't exactly evil, but he had a terrible personality. He loved Honeyfern at first. When she dies, he instantly takes and impregnates her sister. HER SISTER, OF ALL CATS! They might as well have had mated on her grave. And I can't believe Poppyfrost took him as a mate, soon after her sister DIES. That's like Berrynose saying right to her face: "You're a replacement. And you're almost as hot as your sister." I don't know how both of these cats even fell in love with a cat like him!

His name is just so... What
And he loved honeyfern! (she should have ended up with lionblaze) then when she dies he goes ahead and gets her sister pregnant! Wow, what a nice dude. not to mention he is a total jerk to everyone, he should have been bitten by that darn snake that killed honeyfern!

Berrynose might be arrogant and stupid, yes, but he can be serious when he wants to, just like in Bramblestar's Storm. He's basically a Jerk With a Heart of Gold. I can see him developing his maturity a little bit in Bramblestar's Storm because he talked about such a serious thing without letting any pride show.

He's one of the last REAL warriors left in Thunderclan. Firestar turned his clan into a bunch of kittypets and softies. I hate Bramblestar but hopefully he'll make Thunderclan back into how it was before Firestars leadership. Anyway, Berrynose wasn't afraid to fight. Ever. I admire him for being so loyal even if he doesn't have Thunderclan blood. He is one of the last REAL thunderclan cats. Every cat seems to be white and small and scared these days. Whatever happened to the cats like Lionheart and Tigerclaw, Adderfang and Thistleclaw. I'm giving up all hope on thunderclan by now. - Windd

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29 Ruby

Nobody can make you go evil. Its his poor decision. He's not mentally strong if he can't understand that. Nobody really cares that socks and ruby hated tiny they really care that he went insane. But that was his choice. Did ruby say "go crazy And oil every cat" no. Ruby and socks are just like childhood bullies, get over it tiny. Imagine a good life you could've had if you were mentally strong. Most cats would shake this off. Its not like they kept killing you.

She was so mean to tiny, and caused him to become evil!

I agree, she was one of the main reasons why Scourge was evil, but I don't get how Socks is at Number 19 when Ruby was actually bullying Tiny/Scourge and Socks' number was closer to Number 1 than Ruby's Number. Socks was only following along with his sister.

Socks and Ruby got what they deserve in the end. Well luck is against them because of karma.

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30 Squirrelflight

How can you hate Squirrelflight? She let Ashfur down

As gently as possible and she didn't cheat on Bramblestar or anything. She's fiery and intelligent and bright and energetic and loyal and strong and adventurous and determined and brave and she truly did love Bramblestar. She didn't stab him in the back; she was just being loyal to Leafpool and keeping her secret. SHE NEVER PLAYED WITH ASHFUR'S FEELINGS; IT WAS ASHFUR'S FAULT WHEN HE DECIDED TO HATE HER. She wanted to be friends with him and never tried to maniuplate him! She doesn't pick fights with everybody- she stands up for herself and others and was a fantastic foster mother to Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf. So what if she was

Stubborn and rude as an apprentice? She matured and anyway lots of awesome cats like Sandstorm were also rather mean as apprentices. Seriously, Squirrelflight is one of the coolest she-cats. And she never mated with Ashfur. It's his fault he feels like he has to kill his exes' father ...more

She should've understood the consequences of her actions. She actually is responsible for Ashfur's death, Hollyleaf running away, and almost getting her own father killed. She deserved it anyway because she was such a stubborn character. This overshadows the fact that she helped her sister. Because, honestly, WE ARE TALKING ABOUT HER SISTER! OF COURSE SHE WOULD HELP! - Nayan2003

Started off as clan nuisance then became a bit rude to bramble claw because he bossed her around a lot. She matured a lot as others have said and was just keeping leaf pools secrets. I think bramble claw was a bit stupid when he chose her for deputy. It's annoying about the whole kit problem though then she finally has some. She is a Mary Sue as some comments prove bellow

She should have never been chosen as deputy. She played with Ashfur's feelings. She always had feelings for Brambleclaw, she just used Ashfur to make Brambleclaw jealous. Stupid cat.

I'd kill stupid, stinking Squirrelfail with my own claws if I had the opportunity. It's her fault Ashfur died alone...

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31 Spottedleaf

I don't understand how Spottedleaf is terrible. She isn't a Mary Sue, she's just described as beautiful. That's all, really. And I don't think she would've gotten in the way of Firestar and Sandstorm because of these 2 reasons:
1. She is a medicine cat. Spottedleaf doesn't seem like the medicine cat that would take a mate. And I'm pretty sure Firestar is smart enough to realize that SHE WON'T TAKE HIM.

2. She's dead. Firestar isn't that stupid.

Also, since when did she only like Firestar because he was in a prophecy? She never said that directly, so you'll never know. She acted as more of a guide for Firestar than a disturbance between FirexSand. If Cinderpelt didn't get hit by a monster and became a warrior instead, I think that Cinderpelt would've been more of a rival to Sandstorm for Firestar's love! Not hating on her, though.

Why do people hate her just because she fell in love with a cat?! What?! Shes not a mary-sue it makes me sad how people judge her! ;-;

Haha this is a joke I hate you claw face if I were a cat I would kill you

She is THE WORST CHARACTER EVER! no not because she is evil, but because she is a bo dimensional character. I would like it if she stayed dead and never came back after the second book, but no. Erin hunter screwed her up by making her stalk firestar the rest of the series. I adore clawface and mapleshade for killing this stupid character. And Spottedleaf lovers, and worshippers. Stop attacking me. Just leave. Leave.

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32 Clawface

Honestly, Clawface is such a minor character that he really shouldn't be on the list. I get he killed Spottedleaf, but really, none of us know enough about Clawface to hate him so much.

I'm going to get killed for this.

He has more character development than Spottedleaf.

I love Clawface so much.

Good thing he is on this list! He killed my fave cat spottedleaf! Of course he is on the list, he is so evil!

God bless the Erins for this character. Sometimes I crack open Into The Wild just to read Spottedleaf's awesome death. Haha you dumb mary-sue. My poor Clawy shouldn't be in the Dark Forest, Spottedleaf should - Spottedleafsucks

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33 Leafpool Leafpool Leafpool is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She's the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, mate of Crowfeather, and mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf

Leafpool. Is. An. Idiot. I'm actually making a comic about this, and so far I have 3 issues and 2 others planned. I hate her so much! She's a bad medicine cat, and let Honeyfern die, while saying "stay back! " and not letting her family be near her in her last moments. Then there's the whole Crowfeather thing. She just couldn't help herself, could she? Then she went and had kits. "Oh no, I had kits! Well, it's not my fault, and there's NO WAY I could have NOT gotten pregnant." Then she's SO OBVIOUS about it, and then she admits it and quits her dream job. People make mistakes, Leafpool, maybe none as bad as yours, but now you're just showing them that you're a pathetic little wimpy cat. Sure, she gets punished, but that doesn't make it better. Also, in Leafpool's Wish, she literally ONLY uses Whitepaw to do apprentice tasks. Poor Whitepaw. And she can be a jerk to her sister. Squirrelflight: Okay, Jaypaw, once you've finished, you can get something from the fresh-kill pile. Leafpool: ...more

Leafpool is one of my favorite cats! And don't blame her that she gave away her kits to Squirrelflight, she had to! Leafpool really enjoyed being a medicine cat. She had no choice but to give away her kits. Leafpool is very caring, kind hearted, and nice. She would help everyone in need! - Silverlily

She should be first on the list! Oh I broke the warrior code now I should mope around and blah of somebody asks me if I'm okay I'll just say I'm fine and then mope around feeling sorry for myself as if they didn't ask ma at all! Oh I choose to be a warrior but I still act like I want to be med cat and I hate being a warrior and if anyone asks me if I want to be med cat I just say no but then, again, mope around feeling sorry for myself as if they didn't ask!


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34 Frecklewish (TC)

She broke the warrior code. She didn't save kits in danger. Sometimes when I need a laugh, I crack open Mapleshade's vengeance and read Frecklewish's death. So yeah, she might not have died but it was great when she gets bitten by that adder. Ha, I hope she went to the Dark Forest and died a slow, torturous death.

Frecklewish could have saved Mapleshade's kits, maybe then Mapleshade wouldn't have lost her mate along with the kits. She had to add more to Mapleshade's burden. This cat is truly the bad guy that caused Mapleshade to the way she is.

Why did the clan cats even have a cat NAMED Frecklewish? A freckle is an obvious human trait. So, you've gotta think about that...

I hate her! She's the reason Mapleshade became evil! Well, pretty much. Also, she hurt Mapleshade which was her clanmate.

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35 Leopardstar

Like all leaders it needs a sappy back story (parents) like all these cats had: bramble claw, Scrooge, fire star, tall star, crooked star and loads more! I give her all my sympathy but she started as a spoilt brat. All the cats are catching her fish and fussing over her when she never really new her mother and litter mates. All of a sudden the little orphan who got too much attention just happened to be great at hunting and fighting and had great leader ship skills. She then was immediately appointed deputy then leader and the first thing she does as leader is ally with shadow clan and kill their half clan deputy just because poor leopard lover tiger. Misty forgives her immediately and becomes deputy and some battle stuff. She is really quiet until the forth series where she is unwilling to cooperate with the clans who are trying to save her and the lake. Yes I know she's crazy at that point but maybe she should have made one smart decision in her life. She orders grey stripe to ...more

What was bad about Leopardstar? I think that she was a great Riverclan leader.

Why is Leopardstar on here? She had diabetes so that's why she was a bit crazy before she died. Other than that she was a good cat.

Graystripe was a traitor to RiverClan. A good character, but a traitor to the clan nonetheless. - Emberleap

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36 Tigerheart

Tigerheart was kind and very friendly. But was he loyal? No. Poor Dovewing fell for him. And anyway, he's like Tigerstar clone number 10. We have enough Tigerstars already. Tigerheart betrayed his clan. And then there's Tigerheart's Shadow *spoilers* Dovewing has HIS kits! And many people say Dovewing is a Mary Sue? She also betrayed her clan. I love Dovewing, but I always thought she'd be better off with Bumblestripe. I just despise Tigerheart for that.

Ugh, he ruined the books...

I hate tiger heart, Dovewing shouldn't even have a mate, I would prefer one of my favourite cats mate less. Tiger heart is a coward who try's to get Dovewing back when she already said no! I also love Dovewing! - SeeU

For everyone that says he ruined the books, he brought books of excitement to the warrior series, he was the cause of a lot of battles and deaths but really he just made it more fun after he died he left Firestar to turn Thunderclan into a bunch of softies. If anything he ruined the books when he died. - Windd

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37 Silverhawk

"Hi, I'm Silverhawk! I only get mentioned once, and I'm annoying and pointless! " Seriously. What were the Erins thinking on this one? Then again, they are the same people who wrote seekers and survivors...

Hi I'm a random character who only got mentioned once but was the reason lots of cats died


Okay...stop hating on Silverhawk, he didn't even get wnough book time for you guys to form an opinion on him.

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38 Tom

He was a jerk to Turtletail after she was gonna have his kits and he attacked Bumble and he was just a jerk.

I agree! But his name is funny though.

His name would be funny if it was a she

He was not a good cat but, he died saving his daughter Sparrow Fur. If he did not give up his life for he Sparrow Furniture would have dindicated as a kit.

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39 Crowfeather

The reason why I hate this guy is because he had three mates that were written like.
Crow feather loved her so much. Aw cutie they just kissed. She died! Oh it's fine he found a new mate! Oh crap I've just been found out about my second forbidden love! Oh it ain't matter I'll make up for it with another Mate. If you think about it all his mates were a bit pointless. He loved all his mates because they would help him in some way apart from feather tail who he truly loved I think? Leaf pool and crow was crow being like aw leaf pool and feather tail are both gentle she helps me feel better after feather tail died then night cloud was used to prove to his clan mates he was a wind clan cat... Sad!

He's an idiot. My least favorite cat after Firestar. There were three ships with him- Feathertail, Leafpool, and Nightcloud. First one, Feathertail. Why did he love her?! She's a RIVERCLAN cat. Poor Feathertail, she fell in love with him, when Crowfeather didn't even love her. He moved straight on to Leafpool.. The poor thing. Honestly, all the three she-cats are just being USED. He convinced Leafpool to leave with him- He destroyed Thunderclan, literally. When he got Leafpool to leave, the badgers attacked Thunderclan.. And Cinderpelt died..Though they didn't know badgers would attack. Eh. Leafpool lost her place as medicine cat when she had kits, and Squirrelflight was mistreated. And what did Crowfeather do? Nothing! He pushed the kits away, didn't treat them as their own, and took Nightcloud as a mate. He was using her! He was just trying to prove himself loyal, WHEN HE LOVED 2 OTHER CATS! And he didn't like Breezepelt much either. I really hate Crowfeather. - WatchItBurn

No Crowfeather is a big hunk of junk, he sucks. He had 3 mates and did not give a crap about any one of them! And didn't even care about his kits!

I don't like him that much for picking Nightcloud as a mate but I don't see what he did wrong. Yeah he disobeyed the warrior code but how can you really stop love. He is nowhere near evil. He is a very loyal cat actually. - Windd

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40 Bumblestripe

I hate Bumblestripe. He just annoyed me, especially in Dovewing's point of view. Like when they are practicing tree climbing.

Bumblestripe is a sweetheart! - Stormyblaze

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