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61 Oscar

He was such a jerk in Firestar's Quest.

Everyone almost forgot who he was

I hate him he said sparrowpaw what kind of a nam is that come get a nice cozy house ugh - Wolfpelt

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62 Crookedstar

I don't even know how he ended up om the list. HE IS AWESOME PEOPLE. Rainflower is the ugly one! Oh and maplesyrup destroyed his life. She should re-die a very painful death. Because crookedstar is awesome.

What did Crookedstar do?! He was an amazing leader and was very loyal to Riverclan. He should not even be on this list! His kit hood was horrible! Rainflower did not even care about him only because of his crooked jaw. So sad! Tell me a reason why he is even on this list! If you read Crookedstar's promise you would fell the same way. His mate (The amazing Willowbreeze) Died just a little bit after giving birth! She was the only one who really cared about him. Then, the only thing he had left was his daughter Silverstream then she died of blood Loss! His back story is heartbreaking. There are no reasons why he should even be on this list! #Crookedstar for life

I hate you so much! Crooked star is my second favorite cat of all time. He is the father of my favorite cat, and I love his mate too! He is very loyal to his clan, and is so nice! HOW DARE YOU!

WHY?! - Kittykat-Shinobi

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63 Dappletail

How could that stupid cat mate with another cat who already has a mate?!?
Moonflower was one of my favorite characters! Poor Bluekit and Snowkit.
I can't believe she didn't ask Stormtail to stop mating with her!
She tore a family apart!

The crow food eating grumpy old elder! She was so dumb when she tried to eat the rabbit when her med cat told her not to! Ok I get it, she was starving but she has to have some self control if she wants to flippin live!

She was nice as an elder, not as a Warrior

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64 Lionblaze Lionblaze Lionblaze is a character in the Warrior Cats series . He is part of The Three, along with Jayfeather and Dovewing, and has the power of being undefeated in battle . However, the power if removed from him after the Clans are saved from the Dark Forest .

Oh jeez, here with the power of three fans here. He is a complete Gary Stu! I mean, being INVINCIBLE? After he lost his powers he was COMPLETELY obnoxious! Ugh, this cat deserves at least number 35!

Whoever said he is a big fat murderer is wrong. He killed Russetfur to save a Clanmate. Besides, Russetfur was in Yellowfang's secret and lived until the fourth series. She had to die at some point!

Why is Lionblaze on here he is such an awesome cat it was Russetfur who called her own death whoever put him on here is a moron

I hate lionblazee! Seriously, invincibility? That's the worst power possible! It's way to overpowered, and he is waaay to perfect. This cat should be at top ten because he is sooo annoying! I wish he dies an horrible death

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65 Skystar

Why is Clear Sky so mean?! I loved him in the sun trail but he banished his own brother because of Jagged Peak's leg and wouldn't except Thunder, his own kit, into his camp. I also thought he would be so upset about Bright Stream that he would never love again but apparently Storm was the most 'beautiful cat in the world' and he probably totally forgot about Bright Stream after Storm's death. WHY?!

He's such a little prick. At the beginning of the sun trail I liked him and wondered why he was hated. Then he exiled jagged peak and denied any relation to grey wing. He stole storm from grey wing and almost let one of his rouges kill his own brother

Skystar is okay because he changed. This is the version of Clear Sky getting nine lives. Good job! (NOT sarcastic) - Sumwantin

One word for him: Pathetic.

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66 Badgerfang Badgerfang

Badger fang was AWESOME WHO PUT HIM ON HERE (grabs chainsaw)- Silvermist

Badgerfang is a jerc

67 Blackstar

Cats of the clans clearly explains why shadowclan is very greedy for territory. They had the smallest portion and the least amount of prey. It's natural they'd want more.

Blackstar was a well developed character, once used as a slave for killing, to a loyal leader, holding his clan above anything, like a true warrior should, he's a bit greedy, yes, but he's extremely loyal and only kills traitors or those he's commanded to. - Mewbosses

He's just so rude and greedy for more territory.

Not sure why but I really hate black star. To me he seems like a little kid talking like a gangsta

It seems that nobody is talking about how he killed rosetail, an elder, stonefur, and he was brokenstars allies, and he was very greedy, yet he lived a long life (one of the oldest cats ever) and he got to be a leader and went to starclan.

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68 Snowtuft

I thought mapleshade killed spotted leaf...

Snowfur didn't kill Spottedleaf!

Um, Mapleshade killed Spottedleaf, not Snowtuft.

No claw face

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69 Echosong

Wit she was so nice

Cutest cat I wanna hug her

How could you hate Echosong?

WHAT?!? Echosong is literally my favorite! She was a great medicine cat, even though she was an kittypet.. - WatchItBurn

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70 Whitestorm

Why is he on this list?! Seriously!

Whitestorm shouldn't be on this list! He is a loyal, wise, amazing cat. He shouldn't have died so soon.

He was a wise cat.

Why is he even on this list? He was loyal and one of the only cats who didn't mind that fireheart was made deputy, plus he never even expected to be made deputy himself

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71 Sasha

Just because she was in love with tigerstar doesn't mean she's automatically evil!

She wasent that bad


I love sasha!

72 Billystorm

Bad name nice guy

Worst name best cat ever

He has a dumb name but that's Leafstar's fault.

HATE his name but common, dude, he's a great cat!

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73 Heatherpaw

She's cute as an apprentice but when Lion Blaze stops hanging out with her, she becomes the worst character ever. Let it go!

DIE heathertail die

Bad cat very bad cat, traitor back stabber showed wind clan the tunnels to invade. I wish lionblaze's vison of ripping her to shreds was true.

She turned into a phyco

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74 Bumble

You know that cat who you get annoyed at for no reason. Yeah that's Bumble for me.

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75 Mosskit Mosskit

Did someone just randomly put cats on this list?

I don't understand why moss kits on here. Nobody ever really got to know her

What is she doing here? No one really knows her personality.

The person who put Mosskit on had Tigerstar in their username! #Veryevil
Mosskit was a KIT, for Arceus' sake! She died at a very young age! #Veryevil is a NICE way to say it, I'm serious!

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76 Bright Stream

I'm unsure. She wasn't around long and I do agree she kinda ignored gray wing. She's probably quite a sue if she had lived much longer like star flower

She's randomly on this list. If I see gray wing I'm gonna die

"Oh Clear Sky! Good job taking down that eagle! "
"Um... Gray Wing helped..."
"Oh he did? Well, still, you can take all the credit! "

At least Clear Sky was sort of modest...

I don't care if this was exaggerated.

Her death was terrible...

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77 Feathertail

She died for a tribe stop being stupid she rules!

I love you feathertail

What feathertail is noble and pretty


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78 Turtle Tail

Why is she on the list? She awesome!

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79 Gray Wing

Some body is randomly putting innocent cats on this list... - Sumwantin

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80 Pebbleheart
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