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41 Scorchfur

Makes me think the cats fur is on fire

This is the exact same as Fireheart/star and Flametail but no one complains or makes fun of them. Scorchfur is a perfectly fine name, and it sounds majestic and honorable.

This isn't a bad name. It's the same as having the name cinder-.

Sometimes I don't understand why people don't like these names.

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42 One-eye

I know she can see out of one eye, but seriously! People? Do you think she loves it when every time someone talks to her she gets reminded of her poor disability?

One-eye got her name once she became an elder, but her old name was White-eye, which is also pretty bad

Such an offense to the old elder

At least Leafstar didn't name her this. Actually, Leafstar does much worse than Sunstar or Pinestar. - Fuli201

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43 Harveymoon

I LOVE the name Harvey, but I think Leafstar's getting a little lazy with the naming, here...

He's a daylight warrior! And harveymoon always did like is twolegs, and later in the books he goes back to them completely. I'm sure he liked his name Harvey and I think it's a fine kittypet name.

The first part of his name must change. I don't agree with daylight warriors. What happened to"you can't live with a paw in each world"

What's a Harvey? This name sounds goofy. - Lunala

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44 Primrosepaw

Primrosepaw is a beautiful name, what's wrong with it? It.Is.A good.Name.

Primrosepaw is a good name but honestly its a mouthful and heart to think out as a warrior name without a mouthful like... Primrosefur, Primrosetail, or Primroseeye. PRETTY BUT TOO LONG

Come on I really like that one.


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45 Antpelt

I would politely ask for name change. If they say no, I would visit my medicine cat and ask if my leader was still sane. Depending on the answer, maybe I would go kill the leader and ask the new leader for a name change after everything settles down. I CANNOT LIVE WITH THE NAME ANTPELT.

Eww! I would demand a change of my name. And I could of thought of a better name.

Yes it sounds like there are ants in your pelt, and if he's mad, cats will say who put ants in his pelt?

I actually like this. There's not much else that goes with it. Like Antfur, Anttail, AntFLOWER? Yeah they don't make sense. I think the suffix -pelt gives any name a rough personality. He was also an yellowish ginger color so kinda like ants. He had a bunch of scars on his back. And also it fits with almost anything. Crow -pelt, Ice -pelt, Ginger -pelt etc. Antpelt is pretty cool.

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46 Wee Hen

Sounds cute at first but then...

I was like "what?! What name is that! " But she was a loner.

What are you a small chicken or something?

Wee means "little"but still it sounds weird - Lunala

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47 Onion

Onion? Oh yes, let me introduce you to Tomato and Lettuce! Oh yeah and I am Mayo! The name is just... wow

I'm laughing so hard. Onion!?

Ok... This is a cat from Skyclan's destiny and I just have to say... Akward. ~Blizzardstar

Onion. Is this shreks cat? (Not puss in boots just if shrek decides to adopt some random cat and call it onion) - Lunala

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48 Firestar Firestar Firestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar. He's mates with Sandstorm and has 2 kits: Squirrelflight and Leafpool. He was formerly a kittypet

There is nothing wrong with this name and if anyone remembers anything from the books they get star as a suffix when they become so get your facts on board! Firestar is a great name for him, everyone is voting this JUST BECAUSE he died in the last hope! Dude! It's his name were talking about! Not his death!

What the heck is wrong with Firestar!? That is a great name for him? Put Ratscar in there! That's a bad name!

He is awesome people how dare they kill him in the last hope it should of been bramleclaw of tigerstars spiret

Firestar deserved to die. He was a PIECE of fox-dung. Obviously, he really made a mole hill into a mountain ( cough midnight cough ) he is so mean! ! Oh and Brambleclaw is amazing and loves Hollyleaf even after she supposedly killed a cat! - Catsarah123

It's fine. His prefix is fire, and he is in a fire prophecy, so he is the heart of fire! - Spottedtail

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49 Blackbee

It would make sense to name this cat Bumblebee, but Blackbee? Awkward.

There is a species of bee that is known for stinging for no reason. You know what it's called? A black bee. Basically, it's saying that Blackbee is hot-headed. But then a black bee could also be a fly, in which case your leader is saying you are annoying.

Stupid, stupid, stupid!

It's not a name! - Spottedtail

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50 Onestar

It sounds like I'm playing an internet game and I only give it Onestar. Seriously, I mean Onewhisker was cute and all, but Onestar? I don't think so!

Isn't Onestar a shoe brand?

This also makes sense. Onestar. Onestar. Onestar. There's Onestar in the sky. Think about it.

I'm pretty sure his mother named him Onekit because he was her only kit. She had only one kit. Onekit. They mention that he was her only kit in Tallstar's Revenge, at least...
But what warrior name do you give a tom with a prefix like One?
Yeah, I think Onewhisker was the right way to go. And Onestar isn't actually that bad of a name.

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51 Rainwhisker

Cheese?! Seriously? And don't insult my Rainy's name, its perfect! :(

It made me think of rain, and I love rain, if you look up pictures of cats with rain in their whiskers it's actually pretty cool.

Rainwhisker sounds cool in my opinion. It reminds me of a cat drinking water and having fun, for som reason.

It's fine! but I like Rainfall, and Rainstorm, and Rainpool. - Spottedtail

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52 Redflame

I really like the name.

It's actually a pretty good name. Reminds me of how in Jungle Book, they called fire the red flower.

I shall name you Redflame in honor of the red flame following you everywhere

I'm not sure this is a name! - Spottedtail

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53 Pigfarts

Umm...if you're going to put stuff on here for a joke at least make them funny and not immature and stupid

That is not a real name in the Warriors books...

Stop being immature and stupid this isn't even a real name. I really hate people on here.

Hehe lol but it is pretty immature

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54 Bellapaw

Leafstar, did you REALLY have to give Violet's daughter this name? - IcetailofWishClan

It's a cute name but REALLY Leafstar?! I mean Its not Bellapaw's fault I feel sorry that she has to walk around with a name like that At least change it to Bellpaw or something. This should be on the same list as Billystorm - -AppleLeaf-

Leafstar, go back to leader school. Or just naming school. You have the worst names ever

Worse than Billystorm's name. - Lunala

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55 Kinktail

This is so mean like you don't have to change her name

Medicine cat from Code of the Clans. Her name is just mean. Just because her tail is crushed doesn't mean changing her name is nessacary! - IcetailofWishClan

56 Tawnypelt

I love Tawnypelt, and I felt so bad for her, when everyone questioned her loyalty. :(

I thought she was a brown/amber color. Tawny pelt sounds like its for a cat with brown fur but I still think it suits her just fine

Tawnypelt means having a yellowish-brown pelt. Tawnypelt's fur is not yellowish-brown, it's calico! So the name doesn't suit her!

I think this name suits her.

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57 Fartflight

Um... FARTflight? You have serious problems to come up with this.

This is a terrible name, and some random idiot must of put this name up here because it wasn't even in the books, and never will be

I now name you fartflight, because your farts are so strong they push you off the ground.

Um... ya no

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58 Mountaindew

If this name wasn't a drink it would be a nice name

I am definitely making a funny comic about mountaindew now!

This name is possible! Lol

Oh God I just heard a guy saying on Warrior cats speedpaint live stream that he'll make a fanfiction about a She-cat named "Mountaindew" - cassiabez

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59 Mousefang

Mouse is the regular prefix the mother names her kit, and then fang is a suffix to describe fierce fighting, arrogance, or sarcasm

The suffix fang means the cat is good at fighting... And names in Warriors don't have to make sense like Leafpool she was named after Leafstar and the moon pool.

It sounds like they thought the first part of her name was lame for they tried to make her sound scary

This name couls be good for cats that has sharp teeth

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60 Greenflower

Blah. Hate this one.

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