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81 Duckface

I bet Duckface always makes a duckface. Get it? Ha..Ha

I like the prefix duck. It should be used more in the series. And face is used for a cat who has some specific feature on their face to match the prefix, or a really pretty/handsome look

What the heck? It sounds like this cat has an orange bill sticking out of his face, and he looks like a bird. I mean, where do these names come from. The name involving jay is OK but this, its just pushing it.

This cat takes selfies - Lunala

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82 Mousedung

Nope it is some one adding cats that don't exist

Nope. Stop it guys. This doesn't exist.

Is mousedung an actual cat?! :o

83 Cloversplash

Cloversplash? Okay, that is a weird name. Who even IS Cloversplash?

Nice - Naphtali

84 Purdy

Whats wrong with Purdy. I like that name. It sounds weird and all, but the cat was weird to, so it fits him

Purdy just means "pretty" in a kind of western accent. Cute name for a cat. Sometimes I think people put these names up here just to put a name up.

Purdy reminds me of someone straining milk and all the curds settle at the bottom

Whenever I hear this name, I instantly think old kitty.

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85 Tadpole

But, tadpoles are cute. - Jetmaster

I like this name!

I have a tadpole named tad

This name makes sense because he was born a rouge.

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86 Clawclaw

*moon moon the cat

Well it's a name for cats that has 2 claws

Does this stupid name even exist?

I give you the name Clawclaw because you claw too much - HollyleafOfThunderClan

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87 Thornkit

When thorn kit was born, did he have thorns in him/her?

88 Swoop

I shall Swoop down on this bird * kit is born* let us name him Swoop

poop - hydra

89 Toadfoot

Yeah Toadfoot is pretty weird but it's good for a warrior cat name I guess

Toadfoot. Is. Perfectly. Fine.I hate how most of you depend upon how it sounds. It doesn't matter how it sounds, you must pay attention to how it's describing the cat!Knock it off, and please learn about warriors and the traditional names before you rant about how it sounds.

Never name a cat after a toad. Honestly.

Toadstar? really? "I,Leafstar leader of skyclan will name you toad foot because your foot looks like a toads foot."

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90 Leafdapple

Leafdapple is a awesome name!

Leafdapple's a BEAUTIFUL NAME whoever put this on doesn't know what names are good and what names are bad.

I really like her, but Leafdapple looks like Leafed Apple sort of. It's kind of embarrising.

That's a cute name!

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91 Olivenose

Oh, my nose is an olive. Did Leafstar make this one? It's one of your worst, even for you darling

Do the forest cats know what an olive is.

Do cats even know what olives are?

Did Leafstar make this one?

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92 Yellowfang Yellowfang

Sounds like she has dirty teeth

She and Floss should meet up!

Love the character, but her name sounds like she has bad teeth. She and Floss should meet some time.

I don't get why she was named this. It literally said she had black teeth. Why not name her Blackfang? - HollyleafOfThunderClan

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93 Lizardfang

Again, what is wrong with Lizardfang?!Just from the name, you can assume that the cat has a brown tabby coat, and is excellent at using their fangs and jaws in battle! Seriously, it doesn't matter if a name makes sense or not, or if a name has a nice ring to it. The name of a warrior cat almost /always/ refers to their looks and to their skills, if not their personality!

Why does this publisher put up awesome names when this is called top ten worst warrior cat names?

Lizard is a regular prefix, and fang is a suffix used for arrogance, fierceness in battle, protruding canine teeth, and excellence in battle

Love this name a lot so screw whoever put it up here

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94 Curlkit

It's understandable if the kitten had a curly tail, but even so it's an odd name...

Some cats can actually have curly fur or whiskers. Nothing wrong

I shall name this kit curl kit in honor of this bag of curly fries

Is this leafstar's kit?

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95 Algernon

The name Algernon comes from "Flowers for Algernon." Still a mouthful of a name for a cat, though.

Algernon is an actual name, and this cat was a rogue, so there we go. Nothing wrong


Um I think Leafstar has a brain filled with bees

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96 Pale-eyes

Why would you call a cat pale-eyes?!

This name is just so... Ugh! I mean, Pale-Eyes! Just kinda gross sounding to me.

From True Colors the song: You with the PALE eyes

It's White-eye all over again...D: I feel so bad for Rock right now...anyone with me?


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97 Howard

Howard. the name Howard, for some reason reminds me of Elvis.

This name doesn't work for humans or cats.


Haya mah name is HOWARD

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98 Flamefrost

What's wrong with Flamefrost? The name does not have to make sense!

Impossible but cool -Firestorm

Flamefrost is a good name but if flame is hot how could exist a flame that frost?


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99 Buttpaw

This isn't a real name in the warriors series, but I wish it was. But only if it suits the cat, because if there was an innocent, non-mean, good-smelling cat whose name was Buttpaw, I would feel bad for them. Butt if the cat was mean, obnoxious, and smelled... um... interesting, then this name would fit them perfectly.

His paw looked like a butt.

I give you the name Buttpaw in honor of your butt-shaped face.

I can imagine a cat with paws shaped like butts - Lunala

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100 Pink Eyes

Pink eyes? Really Erin hunter why would you name a cat pink eyes? I mean the cat is blind but seriously? He probably doesn't even have pink eyes and if your naming a cat put some more thought into it.

This was a mean name ~ Goldenfeather

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