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101 Fuzzypelt

This name is so cute but... It's a little weird for a warrior cat

FUZZYPELT IS NOT A BAD NAME! The first time I saw Fuzzypelts name in Bluestars prophecy I just fell in love with the name! Its so awesome and cute

Fuzzypelt will never be respected. "Warriors, to battle! " "Oh no, Fuzzypelt, you can't come. You better groom that Fuzzy pelt while your at it." They will treat him like he still has kit fuzz around his ears.

He's named after Victoria Holmes's favorite toy as a kid, Fuzzy Felt. - Naphtali

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102 Tumblekit

I like this name for a kitty pet name, or for a kit, but if I were leader I would either rename the kit, or have a hard time working on his warrior name... - Night blossom

How many times does this cat fall.

Cute name. I just wonder what her warrior name would have been.


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103 Snookthorn

Wow, Leafstar. That's all I'm saying. Wow, Leafstar.

LeafStar, you are a failure at naming cats. -. -

Leafstar is the worst leader when picking names. Seriously, SNOOKTHORN?

Am I the only one who likes this name..? - Naphtali

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104 Stick

Stick... Are you kidding me? That is a park of a tree. REALLY, A TREE, MIGHT AS WELL NAME THEM TREE ORR BARK FOR THE MATTER.

When I saw this I thought of Jayfeather's stick...

I, leader of star clan, name this future warrior, stick. For he is skinny, brown and very sticky.


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105 Snowtuft

Do not diss her names. No one will bow to your wishes and you making fun of Erin Hunter is unecessarily cruel. You do not just name a warrior after its color. It's personality and the way it acts can be an indicator of names. The way you are making fun of the names is rude and childish. Get over it.

I do feel bad for him, but he was part of the dark forest, and he should be respected because he was not evil until some unfair thing happened to him, he was summoned to the dark forest, and was killed forever in a training session. TRAINING SESSION!

I LOVE this name, I feel sad for this cat... cause his belly was clawed open by Hawk frost in the dark forest - Night blossom

Bro, person who said calling
Snowtuft a she is sexist, no,
It's that they don't know
Snowtuft is a boy!
Also, not a bad name!

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106 Talltail

It sounds like he's an ACTUAL "tall tale". A tail can't be "tall", it can be long, Longtail, oh wait, taken. Too late Talltail.

I have good reason to believe this is tallstar as a warrior, let me know if I'm wrong, but I think this is a cute name for a loyal cat.

Haha tall tale

Also, tall tales are notoriously not true. No one would trust this cat.

This name is good for a cat that have 2 tails

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107 Snaketail

Am I the only person who actually really likes this name? It's actually one of my favorites, there's absolutely NOTHING wrong with it... I don't know why you guys are against it! - tigerstar908

I thought the warriors hated snake?

I'm pretty sure they call snakes adders, so I'm not sure that this name makes any sense.

"I,leader of skyclan leadstar will name you snake tail because of-Your tail is really a snakešŸ˜³

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108 Goldenflower

This is a really pretty name! She got the suffix -flower for being really caring and kind

I love her name it's beautiful! Why it's on here I don't know but it must be a stupid reason. Oh! I got an idea, let's put Goldenflower and Dirtface together! Who do you like better now!

Goldenflower is an awesome name why is she on this list

I love this name! - Spottedtail

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109 Squirrelflight

Flying squirrels exist.
It makes me think of Ray the flying squirrel.
What was Firestar, Sandstorm, and Erin hunter thinking?!
Ray the flying squirrel: rip-off! - commits suicide! -
Me:-explodes on Firestar. -
Sandstorm:- temper fit-
Erin hunter:...

Everyone died the end! - meows

I picture a squirrel being shot out of a slingshot, not a ginger she-cat

What is wrong with this name it's fine

Squirrelflight sucks I wish she would die.

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110 Milkfur

She had pure white fur enough said

Its an awesome name people, stop making FUN! - Night blossom

Night blossom needs to shut up...

Stop haters! - Spottedtail

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111 Jayfeather Jayfeather Jayfeather is a character in the Warrior Cats series . He is part of The Three, along with Lionblaze and Dovewing, and has the power to read other cats' minds . He is blind .

This name is fine? Also, just because you like the cat doesn't mean you have to freak out, Night blossom. It's the NAME, not the cat, idiot.

This name is pretty cool to me..

I think it's perfectly fine

I LOVE MY jay-jay

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112 Pieface

"Pieface has a pie face."

This isn't a real name in the series but if it was... We can all blame Leafstar.

I would say its leafstar name but its not a real name -Firestorm

Another fake. Come on people stop it -Icefire

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113 Foxdung

This wasn't a name in the books...

This was a Insult not a name

This wasn't a name in the books


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114 Willowbreeze

OFFENSIVE! This is one of my favorite names EVER! - Spottedtail




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116 Flametail

Why would they put FLAMETAIL on here it's an awesome name!

They had so many opportunities with a prefix like 'Flame'. Flamefur? Flamepelt? Flamestorm? Flameheart? Flameblaze? Nope, they wasted the prefix on his name: Flametail. Well, I guess medicine cats who aren't gonna hurl thenselves at other warriors can't be named too cool. Plus the name Flametail becomes of relevance to the plot

117 Halftail

Why remind him of his horrid tail poor cat

I thought better of you bluestar.

I, bluestar, leader of thunderclan, will cut your tail in half.

He was named halftail because a badger got his tail. Bluestar constantly reminds him he will never climb a tree again. I feel sorry for halftail...

Half tail is such a cruel name

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118 Raggedstar

So wants to be called ragged kit? Or ragged star? Or ragged pelt? What was cedar heart thinking?
I, Cedarstar, leader of ShadowClan, call you Raggedpelt, in honor of your Ragged Pelt.

It's a cool, amazing name... I don't care if u guys don't agree. - Night shade

Hey his name is cool! He had ragged fur wasnt his fault! -Sharpclaw_Scratch_Skyclan

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119 Shellheart

I thought that would be a female's name, but nope. It is Crookedstar's dad. That is actually quite weird. Usually I would think Shellheart would be a female's name.

Yeah, It sounds like a female. When I first saw this name I thought of a shell-coloured long hair she-cat.

Hi sir would you like to sell your heart?

Oh man, his heart is stuck in a shell.

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120 Sunstrike

Sunstrike is an awesome name for a she cat with a white mark on her forehead, what the heck is it on a bad name list for?

I love the name sunstrike, it makes her sound tough

I love the name Sunstrike! It is awesome! I would want that to be my warrior name!

This is a good name - Lunala

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