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141 Hutch V 4 Comments
142 Copperpaw

I like this name to be honest, but I don't think warrior cats know what copper is. Do they? Anyways she is in the books I'm reading right now, but if you look into the omen of the stars books she isn't alive. How did she die!?

No, Vicky said that by Copper they meant the color, not the metal!

Actually copperpaw mifht have not died but ran away or got lost 'cause Graystripe did. When I saw he wasn't deputy in omen of the stars I didn't know he got lost but he did and he is just a warrior now.

Cats don't know what copper is. FAKE!

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143 Whiskernose

I name you Whiskernose after the Whiskers on your nose.

Whiskernose who is Whiskernose

Like seriously? this is obvious sign that erins ran out of names -Firestorm

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144 Finchstar

I am a finch. This name makes me think that she is really small. Yeah and I added the name to the list laugh out loud

First of all, Finches are birds, and second, this is the same as calling a cat Hawk- or Crow-

I like it! -Night blossom

Finchwing is best artist ever

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145 Shrewfoot

A shrew is prey. Maybe Shrewfoot caught prey really well with just stepping on it.

Makes me think the cat has no fur!

I swear, some people on here are complete idiots

So he has a shrew for a foot or he is a shrew's foot?

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146 Goosefeather

I don't know much about what happened because I haven't gotten to those books yet. That is probably my next book I'm going to read. But I don't think its terrible. It's just weird.

It just.. Sounds wrong to me. Plus, he went crazy. :P

He did not go crazy, he had a curse. He could see dead cats and talk to them. - Spottedtail


Goosefeather: SWACK, I NEED TO MIGRATE FROM THUNDERCLAN. Bluestar: NO WAIT don't GO, *Flies away* Bluestar: well we need a new medicine cat. Spottedleaf: can I be next medicine cat? - UrsastarOfForestClan

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147 Kinkfur

Just because her fire is messy does not mean you name her after it. And who would name a kit kink kit.

My god I think of bad things when I see this name. Does she have a fur kink?

What, is her fur kinky?

Kinktail is worse. - IcetailofWishClan

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148 Scorchwind

Yeah yeah it IS okay but.. It makes me feel like the wind scorches me.

I love this name!

It seems like his farts scorch the earth!

To the people who don't know who he is he is Raggedstar's brother in Yellowfang's Secret.

Yeah I agree when I read his name I think of a cat set on fire, and is running like the wind.

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149 Rainflower Rainflower

I love this name! Rainflower is beautiful - she may not have been a great cat but her name is lovely.

Rainflower reminds me of rainwhisker witch was also on the list and I don't know why!

What's wrong with it? Rainflower= a flower with raindrops on it. Not bad at all.

I only voted to comment. Rainflower is a beautiful name, but she doesn't deserve her name.

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150 Hopkit

Hopkit was named for his twisted paw. I think this name is really cute though

What kind of a kit is named after hopping?!?

What's his Warrior name, then? Hopscotch? - Animadness

Hopkit is Deadfoot because of his twisted paw...

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151 Shorty

Wow Leafstar where do you get these names you made shorty sound weak.
Why I don't want this name
1) I sound weak
2) I would be made fun of
3) Bad name

I would eat deathberries if I had this name *facepaw*

Actually he was a rogue at first. It wasn't Leafstar who named him. - HollyleafOfThunderClan

This cat was a rogue. So all you people who hate him know.. HE. WAS.A. rOGUE/LONER. GET OVER WITH HIS NAME

Poor shorty. Don't listen to the other person.


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152 Boulder

Sounds like a rock

Probably poops boulders

Excuse me, but Boulder WAS from BloodClan.

Hey! Idiots...I LOVE BOULDER! -Sharpclaw_Scratch_Skyclan

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153 Appledawn

It sounds like the sun is coming up, but instead its not the sun, its an APPLE.

It's raining apples, from out of the sky, apples, don't need to ask why, just close your eyes, and open your mouth...

Haha! Apples rising in the sky. What did she do?

Well, this reminds me of Appledusk, and he is a TRAITOR CURSE YOU APPLEDU

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154 Onewhisker

Wrenflight: "Well I had one kit so I guess I'll just call him Onekit, perfect."
Good thing she didn't have more kits. Onekit, twokit, threekit... - MoonShine00

Personally, I like this name because it's really cute. It doesn't make sense though

What, so does he just have like, one whisker or something?

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155 Pinenose

You know names have meanings, right? Read the books before you comment.

I think it's a good name, just kind of weird if you try to say it out loud.

His nose is made of pine needles! Ouch!

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156 Littlecloud

Littlecloud has nothing wrong. The prefix is because he's small, which is good, because he can fit into a smaller medicine den. Second, cloud is a great suffix, which was name after his eyes, which are like the sky, who has clouds?

I LIKE THIS NAME. HOW IS THIS BAD, PEOPLE? It's not offensive. ITS COOL. There's a Littlecloud Mountain in the Appalachians.

Makes me think that he is a very small cloud also sounds like a midget she-cat

His name was...Littlekit :P

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157 Fireheart

Fireheart is a great name. He has the determination of his heart, and fire because of his fiery pelt! There's really nothing wrong with this name at all. - Ambergaze

HIs heart is not fiery, she named him for his pelt!

Fire is for his pelt. Heart is for Oakheart.

He is the soul of fire, so he is the heart of fire. - Spottedtail

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158 Gaystar

Oh my gosh I feel so bad for him but it's so funny I think I'm going to die!

Erin hunter must really hate sky clan because she gives them the dumbest names ever!

That is really wrong just wow why this name!

! If there were a new leader cat named Gaystar, his mate would probably be a tom named Stupidface.

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159 One Thing

So does any one notice there are more likely to be bears and skunk in the wood thank badgers?

Really? You can CLEARLY tell this isn't a real name.

Yeah. Why aren't there more skunks


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160 Duckpaw

Seriously, what was Erin Hunter thinking this time? - IcetailofWishClan

Duckface when he was an apprentice.

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