Top Ten Worst Ways to Hurt Yourself

In this list, I will be counting down the worst things, physically and emotionally, a person can do to him/herself.
Please don't do any of these things. They hurt, they scar and they are bad for you.

The Top Ten

1 Cut

Cutting, I can't deeply cut myself and also I won't hurt so much as it use too

Always cut myself on purpose

I actually do a lot of thing to hurt myself and cutting is my top one

Do this one a lot. Prefer bluntened knife on a sharp edge of a soda can. Physical pain distracts you from mental pain

2 Tell yourself bad things about yourself

They are all true you just have to make yourself admit it.

I've noticed for some time now that this has been something I've been doing to myself quite a lot and honestly this takes over so much of what you do in your life, than you think it would. Everyday it feels like the negative things that you keep telling yourself are true and slowly you even start to even accept those negative comments as part of who your are. With each new thought, the harsher you get with yourself, and the more you do it, the worse you would feel about yourself, which would personally lead me to feel emotionally, mentally and physically drained almost everyday. This is definitely something that hurts even more when your trying to think from the perspective of another person, like someone you're talking with or a friend, or even a family member. It feels like someone is restraining you every time you make a decision or are doing something, like there's a voice in your head telling you that you can't do it or points out your flaws, which makes you constantly doubt ...more

Unfortunately, I used to do this a lot. - Userguy44

This happens to me all the time. No matter what happens to me, I’m always gonna end up saying awful things about myself - Manlypants

3 Burn

It feels great and the scars at beautiful. The pain feels amazing.

Never done it but would like to try it

Sure cutting stings but burning will stay and hurt your nerves for so much longer, at least to me

This is the one self harm I will NEVER do because it involves burning yourself. I hate heat and self harming. But mostly heat. - AnonymousChick

4 Starve yourself

When you can feel your stomach begging for something to feed on it feels great to tell it no. When it starts to cramp up it amazing.

Haha - Manlypants

In my opinion..I don't think it causes pain or agony like other ways mentioned here. - Ananya

I have done it for so long and it is actually good instead of cutting

5 Pinch/scratch yourself

I do this now purposely as a coping thing for anxiety, like self harm. Now I start to do it using rings with a sharper edge, it's makes the marks stay a few more hours than regular scratching

I still do this oop - Manlypants

I might try doing this. I've been looking at these. And I tried out the burning method, I now burn myself with my sleeve of my sweatshirt. I have been just trying to hurt myself lately because I have been in a really dark place. Thank you for this website, I have now found new methods to hurt myself.

I doing it lately to avoid cutting. And it help a bit. I'm not doing until it bleed though.

6 Pick at scabs

I do it because I hate myself and I hate how I am because I get picked on in school

Or disrupt any healing process in general. It causes nasty, never leaving scars. - AnonymousChick

7 Alcohol on open wounds

I love the sting and it makes me feel so clean.

Not bad. It just kills germs.

Ouch! - XxembermasterxX

It hurts. Seriously. - AnonymousChick

8 Snipping skin off

You have to have sharp scissors to do it.

This what Jews do

Bruh same I didn’t know others did it too?!

I don't know if this hs a different name, but it'ss real, it hurts and it's where you just take scissors and chop your skin off - AnonymousChick

9 Crying yourself to sleep

For me, crying to sleep is relaxing because well, it makes me think that I'm weak and useless, a waste of life, and more, and it happens every single day, so I hate gotten used to it.

I do this every night

Better then all the other ones

I do it all the time

10 Hang yourself

Great option. I’m gonna do this.

Ok boomer

The Contenders

11 Hit yourself

I lost at Madden so I want to beat myself to death

Are you serious? People out there are starving, struggling with depression, being abused, etc., and you wanna die because of a VIDEO GAME?! - RoseWeasley

Blame commercials that have the "Do not attempt" text at the bottom of the screen. Disclaimers usually make people do it more.

I don't understand how people just abuse them self with their own hand/fist

Where they hit themselved until they are bruised - AnonymousChick

12 Stab yourself

That hurt a bit don't do that!

Done that. It’s dangerous because it can get infected.

Stabbing yourself makes u feel stronger like u can take on anything if u can survive the pain

13 Overdose medicine

There is a big chance that you will die in a painful way. - Userguy44

Makes me fall asleep when I’m sad

Ye ik but I'm getting bullied and this is my fourth time now getting bullied and I'm still at the same school but I just feel like I don't belong here no more and I just want to say goodbye and go

You may fall into a coma and die

14 Purposely make people hit you

I really want to do this I just don't want drama

I've done this, if you're craving for a fight, you're sure to leave with some bruises, broken bones, wounds, etc.

I have done this I mean I have gotten into fights on purpose just so they would hit me.

I will do this, thank you

15 Drink acid

Very efficient

16 Isolate yourself

Left my friends because I need to be alone for a while

17 Stab yourself with a pen

Um okay - Manlypants

I love it

I do this quite often I just grab my ball point pen and push it into my skin until it bleeds then add hand sanitizer

Sounds great I didn't know about this one :]

18 Cut off circulation

It make you feel so dizzy and you can do it anywhere.

I did this quite a few times until my limbs had went limp. You don't feel anything on that part of the body for a bit, then it is a sharp pain jolting through your limb for a bit until the blood flows again.

19 Banging your head

Love it

Stop that

20 Punch a wall

I love it when you punch so much that your knuckles bleed. The pain just feels so good.

It doesn't work I've been doing this for years, if your a masochist like me pain wears off really quickly and its really hard to break your knuckle no matter how hard you punch

Punching walls helps at the moment when you are angry, but after you could end up with a broken knuckle like I did. I don’t suggest doing this

21 Think bad things about yourself

I never think positive about itself - Manlypants

That's all I do

Let's say your crush doesn't like you back, Personally me, I always talk bad about my self everyday and I end up crying because it hurts and for my situation, my crush has his eyes on another girl😢He might think I'm invisible... I'm no one to the world😞

22 Drown yourself

Maybe this would work

23 Trichotillomania

I unfortunately have this disorder, and I will say that it sucks. it’s where you have a large urge to pull out body hair, and for me, it results for my hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes

24 Stabbing hands with needles
25 Stepping on legos

Kinda funny

26 Get hit by a train

I watch trains go bye sometimes, just to see how mush it wold hurt

I tried this but was stopped by some stoner who saw me :/

I want to do that but I would feel so bad for the driver

I feel down and I always wonder how it feels to die. This is the best way I think

27 Tormenting yourself into thinking physical pain is going to help cure mental/emotional pain

But when ever I think that I have done something wrong, or that I am not good enough because I think I am stupid and so on I just feel like I have to kill myself for whatever small or big mistake I made but I don´t really want to die so as a compromise I just hurt myself a lot.

28 Pour boiling water over your hand

I already did that once by accident. Might try it again, it hurts, but I think it’s easier to do than cutting myself

29 Hold ice until it is melted.

This will give you a burning feeling. I have done it many times.

30 Shoot yourself with a gun

Right through the side of the leg or hand

31 Dig and run your nails in your skin

Just dig them in, feels good and bad kinda

I love the feeling when I can feel my nails go into my flesh. It makes me think that I’m not as weak as I think I am.

It helps take away the pain

32 Cut your mouth from inside

Just a habit

Hurts after some time and makes eating terrible

33 Bite yourself

One of my all time favorite. I love when you draw blood and the marks that are left behind are so pretty.

The canker sores that occur afterwards are even worse

Um... I’ve done this before, and all it does is blead for awhile. It hurts but I felt relived JK

34 Tear the skin off your lips

I do this in place of cutting sometimes... - Manlypants

Biting/tearing the skin off my lips is an alternative to my cutting. my boyfriend doesn't like it, but I like to feel the tearing sensation and then the slight amount of blood. I usually do it when I don't have a sharp object/i'm in public and I don't have the chance to cut

35 Jump off a building

I just want to die honestly

I feel it helps because you could die or break a bone

Could break a bone, iv'e done it... it hurts

36 Self consumption

I actually do this one, I don't recommend it though go cut at least you won't eat Peace's of you hand

I couldn't even imagine this but it is self canniblism ( don't know if it is real but will later confirm in the comments).

It even isn’t that bad. I know so many people who eat the skin on their hands (including me)! 😑

37 Ripping your own nails

I don’t like doing this but have tried very painful do not recommend

38 Breaking up with your friends

They hurt me more than I hurt myself

I actually did this today. don't DO IT! IT WILL BE SO HARD FOR YOU! and don't do it at school. I've been crying all day. even in class.

39 Swallow glass


40 Choke yourself

Literally one of the best feelings in the world. The rush and the pressure are enough to make anybody relieved.

For me it's like everything stops and pain stops too

41 Slamming your fingers in a door

Did this earlier. Cried - Manlypants

42 Breaking something glass and stab yourself

I've done this a lot and am used to it

I actually have the urge to do this to myself

43 Over-shaving

This hurts so just don't do it have mercy. This will really make you regret.

44 Paper Cuts

Cutting yourself with paper hurts, but then again, that's the whole point, isn't it? I usually do this on my fingers, because it burns afterwards due to contact with other things. And it's a valid excuse. No one's going to question anything if you tell people it's a paper cut, which it is. I read books a lot, so it's not out of the ordinary either.

45 Cutting skin off

It’s not a good thing it’s hurts really bad😓🥺

46 Putting a rubber band around your finger until it is purple

I do it everyday. it makes a burning feeling when I take it off and let all the blood go in my finger

47 Take 4 Xanax at once
48 Cut your tongue
49 Get a badge and poke/scratch yourself with the needle

It hurts but this is for more younger people who are struggling, so they don’t actually rlly hurt there selves ❤️

50 Pouring alcohol in your eye

It hurts don't do it

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