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1 Windows 8

Do I honestly have to say what a fail this operating system is? It's not mouse friendly at all! Can't support many apps and is an unfinished mess. Sure They added the start screen in 8.1 but the main problem is still there. Get your act together Microsoft! Lean from your mistakes and impress me with windows 9.

It's not that bad. They said it's faster than 7. 8.1 makes it better, and you can get used to the start screen. (if not, use Classic Shell)

Was it for laptops or tablets? But they failed at both it's buggy the user interface is crAp and metro sucks - Blankguy

Windows 8 looks like its made on MSPAINT! The things that are nice, are nice because they are recycled from Windows Vista. The start menu is absolutely abomination and is completely unusable! Though it is better than Windows 10!

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2 Windows Me

The only thing why people voted for vista or 8 is because they TRYED IT. Me was the shortest lived windows ever it was slow had more bugs lots of crashing and it slowly faded from Microsoft I bet this will be number 3 soon anyway - Blankguy

The only good thing about Windows ME is it's logo.

Haven't you noticed that Steve Ballmer made all the bad windows versions?
Windows 1.0-98: Bill Gates mainly
Windows ME: Steve Ballmer
Windows Neptune (Alpha XP) and XP: Bill Gates
Windows Vista: Ballmer
Windows 7: Bill Gates
Windows 8: Ballmer
Windows 8.1: Ballmer, Gates and the new CEO
Windows 10: The new guy - Harri666

3 Windows Vista

It was a memory hog took five years to complete it came out buggy. It was stupid - Blankguy

I'm typing this from a vista computer. Trust me it should be number one.

Windows vista is evil

4 Windows 95

More like win blows 95 it was revolutionizing but it was slow and 16 bit - Blankguy

Not everyone had amazing graphic cards back then. I repeat, NOT! - Mii24

5 Windows 8.1
6 Ms-dos 6.0

I simple command was lost and they had to rush 6.22 later - Blankguy

7 Windows 1.0

WITH A CLOCK! Yeah, Windows 1.0 didn't include anything. NOTHING. Okay, I understand that this is 1985, but there were MUCH better operating systems. End of story

Yeah plus with the annoying commercial - Blankguy

8 Windows 98
9 Windows XP

Like a old chair that's what it is - Blankguy



10 Windows Neptune

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11 Windows 2.0
12 Windows 3.2

Oh, that Chinese version. - BorisRule

13 Windows 2000

It Ripoff the the startup sound from windows me

Are you stupid? Windows 2000 was released in 1999, Windows ME in 2000. It didn't "ripoff", it just used the same startup and shutdown sounds.

14 Windows 7

My windows 7 crashes a lot - Minecraftisawesone

Overatted, it takes away ultimate extras, there's nothing great about it.Higher System Requirements then Vista. I like vista a lot thoguh.
More Reasons to.

15 Windows NT 3.1
16 Windows 3.1
17 Windows N.T 4.0
18 Windows NT 6.1

That's 7 - BorisRule

19 Windows RT
20 Windows Mobile 6.5
21 Windows Longhorn Build 4029
22 Windows Whistler
23 Windows XP Professional x64 Windows XP Professional x64
24 Windows Server 2003
25 Windows 3.0
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