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As seen in PewDiePie's "PEWDIEPIE IS DEAD" published on April 9, 2016 (click to view).

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1 PewDiePie PewDiePie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian and video producer, best known for his Let's Play commentaries and vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, earning over 50 million subs.

As a person, PewDie isn't so bad, apart from his yelling and screaming, which can get really annoying, but I hate hate HATE his fanbase, which consists of annoying kids who pretty much worship him and have a massive go at anybody who doesn't like him or supposedly "copied" his videos (Pewds himself has even said "They haven't copied me", but they just won't listen)

For anyone who thinks that a bad fan base is only made up of kids, you're delusional. - Lmrpirate

When your kid grows to a certain age where he no longer enjoys watching Teletubbies, you should let him watch PewDiePie. It's the next step on the intellectual ladder.

Has the WORST fanbase on youtube. In fact they're the reason he gets most of his hate.

Pew dude sucks

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2 Fred

Is listening to a 14-year old tell pointless stories about stuff no one cares about only speeding up his voice to sound like an ear-raping 5 year old on crack with a helium balloon stuck in his throat supposed to be considered FUNNY? Wow... 2,000,000 retards who have no taste in comedy whatsoever...

Fred is an annoying, insolent waste of oxygen. My six year old brother is more educated than him. Fred or "Lucas Kruishank" is nothing more than an elementary school drop out who thinks he's funny talking in a voice that everybody can make. The first video I watched on his channel was kind of funny. But then I see all the videos like that and I'm thinking to myself, "I can't believe they let these people breathe. " He should just grow up. It's a shame that most YouTubers aren't as good as they used to be. They're running out of ideas so they use the same topic for eight videos but just change the words. And in talking about ALL Youtubers that we know. I'm going to start YouTube in the summer and I'm going for comedic videos and skits. Wish me luck. I won't beg people to like or subscribe though because only fat ugly girls do that. I'll let people do what they want. Anyways, I wish you all best of luck with your lives.

This guy's not actually as much of an idiot as he makes himself out to be. I hope that you know that. - poncho531

Fred has to grow up. In the show, he's meant to be a 6-year old with some kind of health problem. But in the movies, he's way past that age. I can't believe he even has his own SHOW.

OFF-TOPI This list is totally inaccurate. But I do agree that some of them here deserve to be in the top 10.

1) WHY THE HELL IS NIGAHIGA HERE? He's really funny.
2) Shane Dawson? No, don't put Smosh next.

He just annoying

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3 Onision

A narcissist, sociopathic hypocrite who is so full of himself and bashes on anything that he dislikes. He makes videos mocking obesity, emos, and meat eaters. And don't get me started on him videotaping his wife having a seizure.

I used to be subscribed to him until I saw his offensive videos over obesity, self-harmers, meat eaters, and people of religion. He shoves his beliefs down people's throats and is hypocritical towards almost everything. He tells his viewers to "keep being you," yet that's after a video of offensive jokes over very touchy subjects. And yes, he is extremely full of himself, he basically thinks he's God's gift to the world (or a "higher power" in his eyes. ) He used to not really be so offensive, or so I thought, and I actually enjoyed his videos, but that changed quickly. It's annoying after awhile when the only thing you do is defend yourself over what you did on your main channel, not to mention your little movie over your wife having a seizure. What's wrong with this guy? How is he NOT higher on this list!? He deserves to be number one, not PewDiePie. It's not because I'm a fan of Pewds, it's because Felix actually helps people out, such as raising money for charity and such. What ...more

But, Onision is for the bigoted, hateful, insensitive and antisocial people - Flamesofsilver

Without a doubt, the worst 'YouTuber' I can possibly think of. He has offended practically every human out there, from ones who self-harm, to the mentally disabled, to the pregnant. Don't even get me started on 'onision speaks. '

Cuckboy onion

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4 JustinBieberVEVO

Should not even exist. The humanity of the souls lost to his terrible and horrendous music have left many in tears.

Gangnam Style is now the most viewed video on YouTube instead of Justin's crap!

"JustinBieberVEVO" is far from the worst channel on YouTube.

Here's why:
1. "JustinBieberVEVO" or any other "VEVO" channel is corporate run, and only serves to match popular songs with their artists. Justin Bieber probably has next to no involvement with this "channel" (if you can even call it that).

2. The content produced by "JustinBieberVEVO" is far from the worst out there. I personally find them painful to view, but at least the videos featured aren't scummy and appear to have SOME degree of effort put into them.

3. There are channels which steal content from other YouTube channels and consistently violate YouTube regulations with their videos. Reaction channels are cancer. VEVO is a corporation.

Justin Bieber is the best singer in the world he has millions of fans and if he wasn't alive we would not be the same(the fans)
I love Justin Bieber

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5 DramaAlert (KEEMSTAR)

How is this 50?!

The guy's a racist, abusive. I honestly hate the guy, from his condescending voice to his absolute hate to his fanbase, hoping that his fans die of the slowest death imaginable, forcing them to gasp desperate breaths before they finally succumb to cancer.

There are two types to people that make me want to believe in Christianity or Judaism; the types where they can be forever praised in Heaven, or to be forever scorched in Hell. K-k-k-k-keemstar is the latter category.

The guy's a psychopath. He's threatened people that he would strangle them to death. He's called people "n*" live on camera. He's said he's glad someone's mother died of cancer, etc.

Makes false and incorrect info on channel, blocks people on Twitter for no reason and caused Lizard Squad (an infamous hacker group) to basically cause more DDos' and more death threats to well known people (thank god that the group is on the news though)

He is such a liar! Don't trust the things he says about other youtubers!

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6 LeafyIsHere

While being complete garbage, Leafyishere's channel consists of him making fun of children or other people who isn't perfect. Basically, if you have/are a mental disorder, eating disorder, obese, skinny, ugly, autistic, young, old, have had a stroke, or otherwise slightly weird, and you make YouTube videos, he and his "fanbase" will harass you until you stop. "Ain't nobody ruinin' his perfect world," I imagine his fans saying.

Also, he spams the same crap everyday; finds a random YouTuber who does something weird (such as walking), "comments" (harasses) on the video, fans send death threats to said video's owner, owner makes a video calling Leafy out, Leafy makes more video on said person, rinse, repeat. Lack of effort, plenty of quantity, Leafy's videos may very well be the absolute worst on YouTube.

He is considered to be a cyber bully because of his "content." He calls his works "satire," meaning that he believes that his "content" helps, but in reality, it only ...more

He should have his chin slapped off oh wait I just remembered he doesn't have one - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Absolutely the worst YouTuber I have ever seen in years. He manipulates his fans to do things for him and his fans don't realize that because they're a bunch of weaklings that believe anything he says. Afterwards, they go and attack other channels even if the video was a joke. He's like an infection spreading through YouTube. His fans don't even answer to the comments properly while responding using garbage such as "who? ", "nice shirt" which should not be acceptable on YouTube. Above all, he always acts innocent while ironically claiming that other people try to act innocent. He is the reason why there's so much negativity on YouTube.

Usually people say "it's a joke". Sometimes jokes can go a bit too far and they can cause people to get offended, which happens a lot on his channel, but he doesn't care. Those ranting videos cause nothing but wars.

A YouTuber who started out making Minecraft videos then moved to life experience story's who is later betrayed by his own satire and Malice fan base and videos. If you ever saw the original Leafy you would know that his original intentions for his YT channel was for pure harmless entertainment, but since his fan base enjoys bashing those with disabilities (usually mental) he gets more views, likes, and subscribers for those disturbingly inhumane videos. The "Hiss" was originally for use of identifying other Leafy fans. This was when he had a semi-small fan base that took this out of hand as it grew. Most likely consisting of middle-class 12 year old Americans who think their Justin Beiber tier material. His channel quickly turned to a bullying 101 where he "roasts" people, who are awkward. Realizing he makes EZ money on these type of videos, he abandons life story videos and Minecraft for videos about how he is above all and he can do no harm. (Aka never gets ...more

RIP LEAFY 2014 - 2018

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7 NicoleArbour



*attention/fame hungry

*slut shame


*vegan shame

*obesity shame

*feminist shame



*ego the size of the galaxy


*block happy

*too big of a coward to admit she messed up

What she sees of herself:

*badass [no ]

*funny [no ]

*disabled [claw hand is not a disability, everyone gets that if you cut off the blood supply in your arm in your sleep]

*God [blasphemy ]

*comedian [immature jokes that only boys in 5th grade would find funny. Not stand up, T.V. good]

*the sexiest woman alive [hot but not the sexiest. Anyone dating her would run after getting to know her. Matt for example]

Why is Felix #1 on the list? He's loud, but he helps people. What has Nicole ever done other than bring people down, constantly boasting about how "perfect" she is?

Nicole acts like she's a hood bitch, ...more

She is not a good person, she tries too hard to be funny, cool, when people say she needs to tone it down, even by legit comedians she gets defensive and says "you just hate it because it's coming from a woman, if it was a man, you'd laugh", I have found evidence that she lies, scams her fans. A fan won a contest, three years later, Nicole never sent the prize to the winner, just made up excuses for it. She's abusive too. She says people that don't see her as perfect should have been aborted. All together she's just a spoiled rotten rich girl that runs her mouth on camera, whines and has a block spree on Twitter all the time. She is never going to stop if people keep watching her videos to see what she says next because of her immaturity. I honestly have not seen her newest videos, I refuse to watch them. She can flap her mouth all she wants, we just need to stop giving her what she wants, not give her our views. The more people that stop watching her videos, the less money she will ...more

The only way this excuse for a human being could lose her true spot as the worst person on YouTube is if Hitler rose from the dead and made an account. She makes one-sided videos that shame people over issues such as weight. She is manipulative and abusive. She ignores/deletes criticism. She is literally EVERYTHING I despise. If she were to suddenly die, I'd want Anonymous to hack her account and upload a video of "Ding Dong, The Witch is Dead."

Body shaming b*tch

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8 Sam Pepper Sam Pepper

Makes me confused that this guy isn't number #1 but instead it's pewdiepie or something? Even if you don't like pewdiepie and find him annoying that's totally fine with all the screaming and stuff but he puts effort in his editing and donates to charities and he's an overall good guy it seems. How has the top spot not been taken by a possible rapist who has filmed sexual harassment it as an 'experiment' when he gets called out and not getting put in jail for it. How do so many people still support this guys channel? He's the worst.

How is Sam Pepper not #1? There is actually a valid reason to hate him.

Sam Pepper uploaded a video of him touching random girls asses which he quickly took down. I don't know why he still uploads videos and people still watch him.

He's actual acum as a SEXUAL ABUSER!

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9 RealAnnoyingOrange

When I first saw it I actually thought it was a funny thing. Now it's just this stupid stuff that people still think is funny! Also it got from a YouTube channel TO A FLIPPING T.V. sHOW! And even worse it now has stupid dumb toby turner on the show!

That orange ignoramus maybe gone, but worst of all he appears on Cartoon Network with his own show. Yikes!

Meh, I'm glad this smut is gone. Definitely wasn't the thing I went onto Youtube for as a kid... No, I looked at all the crazy TYP.

Those who hate annoying orange that’s ok but even though I love him I guess it makes sense why you hate him.😶

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10 WatchMojo

Ugh, I cannot STAND WatchMojo. All of the choices for their top tens are either obvious, redundant, stupid, or all of the above. They never really give any insightful or thought provoking opinions; they just give what the people want. For example, any #1 spot for a list revolving around Zelda games/Nintendo games in general will ALWAYS be Ocarina of Time. Any gamer will tell you Ocarina of Time is a good game, we don't need WatchMojo for that. Another example, their top ten Broadway Show list put The Phantom of the Opera as the #1 spot. Again, we don't need WatchMojo to tell us how acclaimed TPOTO is! As for stupid choices, they put Gravity Falls on a most hated Disney Channel cartoons list. Yeah, because that's SO hated on (Hint: Obvious Sarcasm. ) I think I've said enough.

I agree with the entire thing except for the bottom. I'm surprised you didn't realize how loathed Gravity Falls is. There are a LOT of people who hate that show-- dig a little deeper. - Stormskies

It's such a BS channel. 10 reasons why...

10. No talent is involved in these videos. It is really just them making a list.

9. They always do some lazy research on the topic thinking they know everything already.

8. Their lists are redundant

7. ^ If not, incorrect in any regard

6. You can't take their "serious" videos seriously. After hearing several videos based on video games, movies, T.V., music, and pop culture, do seriously expect to agree with their videos on religion and politics? I know I don't.

5. They keep calling good stuff bad

4. They keep calling bad stuff good

3. They have over 9,000,000 subs (as of August 2015). I'm OK with a YouTube channel having a lot of subscribers, normally. I really am. But if you can make over 9M people like you just by making amateur top 10 lists, than that's borderline crap.

2. They don't have opinions. You know how in the comments below, people are like "Respect these ...more

They always pick the most popular and obvious choice, like Smells like Teen Spirit for best Nirvana song - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

Remember how I said a few times that I kind of like WatchMojo.com? Well, just recently, I finally started to lose most, if not, nearly all my respect for them. While I did already know about many of the criticisms that people have pointed out about the channel ranging from its dull and boring narrators that absolutely have no personality to the redundancy and predictability of every top 10 list they pump out daily, one reason in particular is the main reason why I suddenly started to develop a dislike for them: their inconsistency in opinions. Now we all know that WatchMojo gets a lot of flak for making lists based on popularity rather than quality. However, what really strikes me is that they sometimes try to do anything it takes to minimize the hate they get in their comments section by expressing what looks like the popular opinion at the time. For example, they once placed Gravity Falls on their Top 10 Hated Disney Animated Shows. Due to the widespread hate of Gravity Falls' ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I saw a comment parodying what watchmojo does and it was funny so go read that

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? EdukayFUN
? Girl Buu

The Contenders

11 The Game Theorists (MatPat) The Game Theorists (MatPat) The Game Theorists is a YouTube channel that centers around gaming. They have shows such as: Game Theory, The Science of, Sidequesting and Digressing, Crossover, Game Change, Culture Shock and a Brief History. This channel is mainly argued against for their game theory content.

Why is the game theorists on here

Because matpat specifically has an ego the size of our galaxy! - Lmrpirate

How is this guy below "leafyishere"? Don't get me wrong, I hate the guy, but matpat is ruining the lives of everyone in the entertainment industry, not just a few channels.

Besides dose anyone still fall for leafy's crap to nearly as much of a scale anymore? No, he has lost most of his popularity thanks to YouTube and other social media sites.

Matpat is a worse version of leafy by a long shot. He does pretty much everything leafy dose but is somehow more psychotic and egotistical than leafy could ever be (at least only a small group of drama alert fans do the crap they used to do). How? Here's a list:

#1 his retro theories (which is what he calls his theories about YouTube) is extremely similar to drama alert. Where he lists all these different thing that could have broken YouTube even though it could just be traced back to Google's corruption.

#2 matpat and his 8,000,000 and counting fans harass people he doesn't like, wether it's because those ...more

Arrogance at it's finest! He thinks that he is the only one who is correct about the lore of the games and movies he talks about. His videos about YouTube are as follows:

1: A way to get more recognition on his videos by talking about another more popular YouTuber, or 2: A way to get YouTube drama by claiming that other channels and commenters are ruining YouTube (added points for one of the reasons he thinks are ruining YouTube are kids, adults can be just as bad if not WORSE).

Not like his "theories" on other assets of the entertainment media are any better. Why? Well here is a list:

#1 He uses faulty evidence and lies to his fans.

Whenever matpat makes a theory, he ALWAYS screws up at crucial and critical points. At best, he says something that he ends up disproving either by theories he makes down the line or by the SAME VIDEO FOOTAGE he's using in the video. (ex: in his no is mental theory, when he's talking about Mario dating Pauline, he ...more

A bigger douchebag than Keemstar was when he was on BlogTV, and still gets away with it since he controls the minds of thousands of 11 year olds. Every time you disagree with him, he'll write it off as nonsense. But he always believes he is right, nobody may disagree with him.

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12 ShaneDawsonTV

His "jokes" are inappropriate and just plain disgusting. I felt terrible and slimy after I first watch some of his videos.

You are right. His jokes are getting really racist for no reason. I don't understand why he always uses black people for his skits. It's really not funny. - GrayHat

some of his videos are fairly entertaining now although he does make me chuckle every now and then his jokes are never original there just about toilet humor and sex. he never says any jokes that I haven't heard before.

P. S. the way his fans (I know this isn't all of his fans) but the way that many of his fans worship him is just annoying

People may be wondering why this is #1. Well, although I like his videos, it's his whoring and deception that makes him top of the list. He puts unrelated pictures and titles (with some exceptions) in order to get more views and asks everyone to comment and 5 star/thumb up his videos so he get to the front page. That's why he's #1. - InsertNameHere

I had a different opinion of him and his content years ago but at that point he definitely sold out. In my opinion, he makes too many videos talking about his personal life/selling his personal life for views which is just pathetic. At least his older stuff were entertaining, now his channel looks like a reality T.V. show.

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13 MattyBRaps

MattyBRaps is possibly the worst most annoying channel I have EVER encountered on YouTube. His fans are consisted of 9 year old girls. 10 year olds are not meant to be on YouTube. He doesn't rap or sing. His channel is pathetic just like his "rapping."

It isn't rap or singing. Just annoying

Wow, all his fans are just either pedophiles or crazy butthurt little girls

Because girls are obsessed with him and he is so fake and not even that good at rapping all the girls for is him because he looks and is so fake

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14 Feminist Frequency

This idiotic retarded person asked for moneyire for her video series which is her complaining about how the main protagonist is a male rescues a damsel in distress and she thinks it's sexist. 1. What the firetruck goes through your head while making this. 2. Usually males play the video games and they would prefer to play as a male and most video game companies consist of males. So basically what I am saying is that feminists like her want to be protected by men but you think it's sexist when a guy in high tech power armor and armed with guns use said equipment and use it to rescue the damsel in distress? What a load if bull. The damsel in distress "trope" is used because it's both a good plot that makes the male gamers want to play the game and it's easy to do. I am not trying to sound sexist here, but if she truly thinks that the princess is captured by a monster and the hero of legend rescues her and her kingdom is sexist then she needs to turn on get brain and realize how stupid ...more

This "pop culture critic" has been proven to be a fraud. She claimed that she's played video games we whole life, and then a video surfaced of her saying she doesn't like them. She raised $150,000, and the quality of her videos never increased (but she did tweet about buying $1,000 shoes), and she's taken 2 years to make just a handful of the videos she claimed she would. Her "research" consists of looking up info on Wikipedia and TVTropes, all of said "research" was only done to cherry-pick evidence to reaffirm her pre-conceived opinions, she stole let's play footage and art from others without permission, takes events from games out of context to fit her agenda, and has been shown to have never even played half the games she criticizes, since she gets basic facts about them wrong. That's not to mention the massive hypocrisy of criticizing the damsel in distress trope when she baited trolls and played the victim to get sympathy and more money.

Lol she thinks shoes is stereotypical then she says she bought $1000 of shoes, then she thinks pink on Lego Friends is sexist but during the video she was wearing a pink jacket? WHAT?! - lolololololol

Disgusting piece of crap, she plays victim all the time. She receives money for no reason from her stupid supporters and pretty much gets rich off of them. How the heck are you "oppressed" if you can get free money like that while there are homeless men, women, and children everywhere? If she were a girl born in a country like India or one of the poorer Middle Eastern countries, then she could complain about oppression specifically in those countries. But she has no idea how actually being oppressed feels like, and she's too ignorant to realize that she's not oppressed.

Small YouTuber benneh made a great response video lengthily detailing the incredibly shallow nature of her All The Slender Ladies "review", her claim female characters "need" more multifarious body types, and her ironic objectification of women(objectification seems to be her favorite word).

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15 RayWilliamJohnson

RWJ should not be the most subscribed person on YouTube. The people who he steals the videos from should. And it doesn't help that this guy is never funny, except when he has other people who ARE funny do a guest episode, like Gabriel Iglesias or KassemG.

He just steal videos and adds unfunny annotations, he makes the three videos he steals (without giving and credit to the person that uploaded them) less funny by doing this I mean shows like tosh.0 don't steal the videos, people send the videos to them. Glad he's not number 1 subbed anymore but he is still way too popular

The fact that youtube would rather promote a douchebag like RWJ, who uses other peoples videos and has a terrible sense of humor, rather than people that actually DESERVE it is sickening

Who? Just kidding! Ray reminds me of The Daily Show. But at least The Daily Show has JOKES! And even if Ray has jokes, they all suck! - toptentophat29

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16 Gligar13vids

He is without a doubt, the most obnixious and down right detestable troll on youtube. He has a series called "Bad Games" where the only games featured are Nintendo, Sega, and other Japanese games, and other games not considered mainstream. What's worse is that he doesn't even try to be a good troll; his reasons towards calling certain games "bad" are because of certain game mechanics and accessories he "hates". And of course, logic is nowhere in his videos.

I don't think pewdiepie deserves the no. 1 spot. He's really fun to watch. Who deserves first then, you may ask? Gligar13vids. He's the type of troll who doesn't just get in your skin, but tears it apart. He hates Pokemon, Minecraft, Luigi's mansion, Sega, Nintendo, mother 3, mlp fim/ all bronies, and possibly all life forms. What does he actually like? Call of Duty. That's almost all he likes. He has a series called bad games where he tears the supposed "bad games" apart, shows no mercy, and even makes stuff up about the game, like purposely playing badly and blaming it on controls. His other videos aren't as bad, but still pretty bad. He broke my heart talking badly about one of the first games I have ever played, Pokemon mystery dungeon: blue rescue team. He deserves more hate. - wolfythefree

He is the worst video game reviewer ever! He bad games that are good games like sonic, Mario and Pokemon

Troll... - NamiKazePants08

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17 Buzzfeed

This channel is designed for mindless idiots who just sit at home and watch buzzfeed all day. Just get off of the internet. Most disgusting channel ever just get it out of my face.

If sewage was a video it would be buzzfeed

Defiantly the worst channel on YouTube.

Should be charged for crimes against humanity.

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18 DSPGaming

He gives Let's Players a bad name. I heard he used to be semi-decent, before he started seeing dollar signs and his annoying girlfriend moved in with him.

Basically, he has the potential to become the next Chris-Chan.

Violating Copyright, and having low quality,racist videos, I would not recommend it.

Possibly the biggest hypocrite, racist, sexist, and horribly inept "gamer" and video creator on YouTube - HensilFilms

He is by far the worst gaming player like I mean yes pewdiepie said the n word but at least he acutully has fun and doesn't blame the game for his failure ever single time and he respects sad video game cutscenes

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19 IGN IGN IGN is a San Francisco–based games and entertainment media company operated by IGN Entertainment Inc., a subsidiary of j2 Global and wholly owned by Ziff Davis.

Reviews are biased toward anyone who pays them enough. Judgements are inconsistent. Makes sweeping generalizations based on personal opinions.

IGN reviews is total bull. Companies like EA pay them to give their games a good rating. If the companies don't pay them they get a low review. There is no way that games like FIFA 14 can get 9.1 if the companies did not pay. There is almost none difference between it and FIFA 13.

IGN is just unprofessional. About 90% of their reviews don't even make the 3 minute mark, they sometimes misspell game titles, however small the error may be, and when reviewing something, most of the time it's clear their opinions just come from the first 30 minutes of the game. Or they just straight up say things that aren't true based on how much revenue something will deliver. Don't take their opinions for granted.

yodel does

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20 SkyDoesMinecraft

Sky is good but I really hats how his fans have to be retards and correct somebody saying gold. Oh look at me I'm a fan of sky this guy said gold I'm gonna correct him its butter! That's what I hate about Sky FanBoys but although besides the butter his videos are pretty decent

I don't watch or care for Sky, but I'm pretty sure his fans pronounce and spell gold as "Budder." Which is even more stupid than simply saying butter. - LordDovahkiin

Why watch someone play Minecraft, when you can play it yourself? His videos are not interesting in the slightest! It is just a guy playing Minecraft and screaming. His jokes can be funny at times, but the butter gets old really fast. THE WORST PART: The fans. They say that Sky is the best YouTuber in the world. YouTube is about (or was about) creativity. People posted things that were creative, and nobody else did. Listen to this Sky fans; how many Minecraft videos do you see on YouTube? Thousands of them. The fans attack everyone who doesn't like Sky's videos. Sky's videos are very hard to sit through, and halfway into the video I click on something else. I never found him funny, and it is a total mystery why people like him. Same with Tobuscus and Pewdiepie, they get old very fast, too. Sorry, Sky fans, but that's what I think. (Note: I don't hate Sky as a person, I just hate his videos. )

I agree with you why watch someone play Minecraft when you can play it yourself for free. - BadBoiDrummer

Sorry, but I just don't find this guy funny. Actually, I don't get what's so enticing about ANY of those minecraft players, it's really boring to me. Playing the game yourself is way more fun.

Well, his channel is dead now, sooo... what now?

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