I Hate Everything


IHE is amazing; been subbed to him since 10k. His editing and style has really improved over the years. "I Hate Dolphins" and "I hate Sleeping" were joke videos, you moronic pieces of slime.

He won't make I Hate Mars Bars wow cringe

I like your content so much that my vote for the worst YouTuber on this list is you.

This is not a legitimate review of him. You really wouldn't want to read this. There's no point in reading this. You're basically wasting your time.

I really don't know why I'm still typing this. I could be typing "blah blah blah", but yet, I'm sitting on my couch on my iPad 2 from Apple with a bite in it. I'm going to find a random quote from The Amazing Bulk. Let's see how you all like reading garbage.

"Well it ain't Barney the Purple Dinosaur! "

Yeah, I went there. Barney. I've been binge watching the hell out of that show. I would blame my niece because she's a baby (not really, but whatever), but in reality, I really like the story telling from that show. Each character struggle so much in each episode that it adds on to their character. Did you know that Selena Gomez was one of the kids on Barney? That green dinosaur is so annoying. And that orange ...more

Alex is the best, Everyone vote for him to be #1

IHE is not that bad. Sure a name like "I Hate Everything" reflects him negatively but I actually find he is quite likeable, even though he dislikes certain anime or aspects of Pokemon which I do like. He also makes sure to let people know it is his opinion or a joke and doesn't force it upon you. For example after watching his video on Minecraft, I still like Minecraft.

Claims that he "hates everything" but has never posted a video on hating "Mars Bars". Needs some back bone to progress on the YouTube scale.

The funniest thing is the only reason IHE is on this list is because butthurt little 8 year old can't comprehend satire and get mad because he made a video on Sonic.

The other reason why he's on here is because of all of his fans finding it very funny to call him bad over not hating Mars bars - kempokid

Hey, Daddy Derek here. I Hate Everything is the worst channel on the youtube. He is nothing but a lying, stinking punk, and I feel sorry for you if you watch him. Cool Cat loves you.

I don't think you're actually Derek. And if you are, you're just mad cause he fairly reviewed an awful creepy ass kids movie that you created. - LordDovahkiin

Horrible person. Won't make an I Hate Mars Bars video no matter how much his audience ask for it. Truly a money grabber.

Personally, I don't think he should be on this list. I don't think he is the best youtuber ever but I don't think he's the worst either. However I still really like him. He's different, original, and a refreshing channel to watch when you get bored of other channels. What I really like about him is how unique he is from other channels, and how fresh his personality and dry humor is. Sure, other channels may be a little better than his, but once in a while it's nice to watch something new, after watching the same old over and over again, so much that you eventually start to get bored. That's what this channel is for, to spice up your day with his new ideas, and because of this, I think he's brilliant!

How is he not higher on this list? He is well-spoken, he puts too much effort into his videos. I mean, who does that? That's so uncool.

He makes valid points, deals with issues like an adult (he behaves like an immature only on JAR Media), has a good sense of humor. And don't get me started on his heavenly voice.

How do people even put up with that?

Lol. After pointing out this list on YouTube, his spot jumped like five videos in one hour. Oh well, guess I'll add to it.

This list is the stupidest thing I've seen all week. Might as well bring Alex to the top spot.

He never did "I Hate Mars Bars" so he deserves to be number 1 on this list.

He wanted to have a different number

He doesn't deserve to be on the list. He's a very rational human being; not everyone always agrees with him, but people sure damn respect him. Good channel

Congrats you idiots are now on his channel.

He won't make the Mars Bar video (a video his most loyal fans have literally been requesting for years), which in all honesty, should place him at number one.

To be honest, I don't really hate or like this guy. I'm not subbed to him or anything. Although I do agree with him entirely on Toy in Japan deserving a spot on here. The Pewdiepie dinosaur five finger family song takes the cake and I thought the Trump dinosaur five finger family was bad enough. They literally piggyback off of everything and everyone popular enough. They're disturbing and disgusting. I'll never forget the first time I accidently click on one of their videos. I wish I never did. - SilverJ17

Who put him on here, he is the last person I would expect to be on this list

This guy's a little punk troll who doesn't understand what copyright infringement is. I'm getting my lawyer team on this website if he doesn't make it to #1 by the end of the day. I've been having many mothers complain about this!

I'm pretty sure the only reason he's so high up on the "worst youtube channels" list is because everyone clicked the vote button so they could leave a comment about how great he actually is and how much they were triggered they saw him on this list. You guys, if you want to comment WITHOUT voting (and bumping up the name in the process) MAKE A DAMN ACCOUNT ON THIS SITE. - Lollipopz

I Hate Everything is sexist, has soggy knees and loves to watch loli porn. That fact that he uses his bad channel to hide these traits should be criminal. Furthermore, he associates with that Canadian A Dose of Buckley. This is proof that HE is into bestiality, more specifically, he would like to be mounted by a moose and be covered in maple syrup. If you ever wondered why he doesn't show his face it's because of all the moose facials he's received. Overall I give his channel a solid an eight out ten.

Yea...I used to hate him...I added him to the list...I hated the channel cause I disagreed with his opinions...I am that stupid >.< But I have been wanting to say this for months now I regret adding him to the list and regret making the hate comments on him and he is actually a decent YouTuber. I was stupid for hating this channel just cause my opinions were different. - spodermanfan1000

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