He is clearly a horrible Youtuber. He's so rude about people, like he bashes everything he dislikes. He's such a hypocrite. He's so full of himself. Ugh, I hate onision. And he screams and yells a lot in his videos, its so annoying. And WHY did he video tape his wife when she was having a seizure. He's sick.

For 1 he was suicidal once upon a time and realized that it was because he was being stupid. I did the same thing. 2 he has defended people who are medically obese and couldn't help it but made fun of the people who are forcefully shoving junk down their throats. 3 he never tried to make anyone become agnostic as he is. The only thing I kinda agree with you on is the religion cause he tends to say that all Christians are mean or whatever. But other than that you should probably just shut up

See, the thing with Onision is he always hides behind "Well if you don't like my opinion why don't you just leave? " Simple, Onision. People aren't free from criticism. When you constantly make videos ridiculing other people for having problems you don't understand, don't be shocked when so many people start (rightfully) calling you names. I don't believe you one second that you're not a sociopath or psychopath, you have proven to us multiple times that you completely lack all empathy for other people. And I also don't believe that you ever actually had depression, because if you really did have it you would never ridicule other mentally ill people the way you do. You make video after video shaming people for something that is completely out of their control, you mock people who probably have to go through mockery all day long, you treat those who don't know how to deal with stress poorly. That's what really appals me. You shame people for how they feel, just like a ...more

He presents himself as such a rude, unlikable, "I'm right, and anybody that says anything about me in a negative way is automatically wrong." kind of dude. Even if he wasn't a narcissistic sociopath, his videos are still very boring and not funny beyond any form of entertainment. And while he has great filming equipment and great production for YouTube standards, he doesn't have the talent to back it up. And the books that he has written suffer from the same things that his videos do; they are awful. I try to stay clear from his drama as much as I possibly can. But as much as I try, I just can't. I don't care if anyone likes and finds his videos funny, you can and should be allowed to enjoy anything you want (as long as its illegal).But please, don't take his advice, he's crazy.

I've been a fan of Onision for years. I always hated the fact that he got so much hate. But then you look at his Facebook page. And you see how much of a hypocritical douche he really is. He thinks he can say whatever he wants and no one will care. But when someone says something about him he goes on a whiny rant while claiming not to care about what people say about him. - TheStupidHobo

He once debated a SOCK. A sock.
End of story.

The sad part is, you're actually the most correct out of everyone on this list! Kind of funny, right? - bayleyharper

Honestly, I find his videos possibly the most offensive and triggering on YouTube. In his videos where he tells people to kill themselves, talks about self harm being for attention seekers, saying mentally Ill people should 'get over it' because there are starving children in Africa are so triggering to me and probably many other people. What's worse is that he didn't even bother putting a trigger warning in his video titles. Also filming his wife having a seizure was just down right inhuman. And yes maybe he does promote freedom of speech, but it's unfair and rude to shove his opinions in other people's faces as if they are right and no one question him.

As much as I hate everybody else on this list, as least they're not hateful. Onision, on the other hand, is hateful and spreads it like it's his right. To an extent, it's his YouTube channel, but have some sense. Onision is like a virus of bad intentions and messages that I hope isn't affecting the young minds of today (yeah, right). He should be banned, not just hated on. A quick search and I found a video on why he hates Asians, really? It's the 21st century, and he still has such a hateful, closed mindset. No talent other than hate. Guess the reason why he's even popular is because there are so many haters in the world; fitting.

He's a terrible person! This person is so insensitive and hypocritical that I think he should be number 1. He bashes people who have mental illness' and self harm issues everything and ugh! Just please he needs to go.

I hate onision. He is annoying and not funny

He is hypocritical, self-obsessed, hateful and illogical. He is a coward and a liar. He doesn't seem able to care about other people, only his well-being and this image of himself that he has to maintain. His content is usually completely offensive and/or misinformed. Whenever (rarely) he speaks with any kind of empathy or sensitivity on any subject, to me, at least, it's cancelled out by all the hurtful things he has said, and are still, usually, not very informed statements. So those rare moments mean nothing to me and I refuse to give any of his channels any more of my time or attention. He's also worryingly manipulative and hyper-critical. Very uncomfortable with the existence of his channels.

How the hell is Pewdiepie on top of the list if Onision is included in the list? Really, which one of these two is making YouTube worse? It is not even a question of personal taste with Onision. I get some people don't like Pewdiepie's content. But at least he is a decent human being.

I hate to make an assumption people based on their internet life but he, even by the internet community's standard, is just a terrible human being. I don't think there is anything that hasn't already been said about this waste.

Honestly, he is one of the biggest self-centered asses I have ever seen. He bashes people who are religious, people who aren't vegan, people who are fat (but he mostly trash talks the ones who are ruining their bodies themselves), and pretty much anything else he has a small opinion on. One of the worst things, though, is that he has abused several of the people who he has been in relationships with. He caused one of his ex's to miscarry their child, and filmed another while she was having a seizure. He spreads so much hate in the community of YouTube.

He's a narcissistic, psychopathic, hypocritical moron, who is against meat eaters, because he claims it kills the animal, when you totally don't see animals eating other animals in nature (sarcasm), also, he killed his turtle, therefore making himself a hypocrite, he supports abortions, which, guess what? Kills the baby, making him a double hypocrite, he recorded his wife having a seizure instead of calling a hospital. He's so full of himself, and he's a disgrace to the YouTube community.

You're saying that him saying that HUMANS (a much more advanced and stronger species) killing animals is just as justified as animals killing animals. If I said, "Well, it doesn't matter if humans kill humans! " I would get hate for it. Humans killing animals isn't any better. He's not full of himself- he actually makes videos saying his haters sometimes have good points, and doesn't try to defend himself against people who are right. Saying that the baby has no choice in abortion is ridiculous- where's the woman's choice? Just gone, because something that's not even supposed to exist has more rights than a grown American citizen. Him killing his turtle was an ACCIDENT. AN ACCIDENT, people. I should start hating people for killing ants. - bayleyharper

He is now very mean in his videos, in one I watched about ten things I hate about meat eaters, he didn't seem to bother checking his facts. Meat dose not rot in your stomach, it actually digests in about a good 2 to 3 hours. In my opinion, some of his videos are very repetitive and make no sense, 'Ten things I hate about showers'? I once commented on one with a funny joke, and did I get some backlash from fans. These people are kind of crazy. While they think his videos are some what true, and some are, majority of them now are kind of mean to a lot of people, and sometimes the facts he uses are not even real facts but misconceptions about said group.

I used to be a big fan of him until I saw what a whiny little prick he is. "Oh you have a religion?! YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR PEOPLE PROMOTE?!? " Get over it. I'd get into detail about the Laws of Christianity changing with the new Testament but I'm not here to discuss religion I'm here to discuss the biggest prick on YouTube. This guy calls emos sissies? Look who's talking. Other than that, his "Ten Things I Hate" videos (which introduced me to his channel) no longer feature characters like Rod Danger, Emo Charlie, White, Dale, etc (the whole reason anyone besides scene girls who worship this guy) watch him. Screw. You.

His views are very distorted and what he deems as acceptable is very worrying. I look at some videos, and yeah, I have laughed, but most are very extreme and are actually harmful to his viewers. I don't see any famous comedians, or YouTubers for that fact, going to his extremes.
And also, YouTube isn't one of those cheap, tarty, gossip magazines, stop plastering it with your break ups, and any other dramatic rendition.

I used to be a fan until he started coming out with more stupid and offensive videos. He's such a fake hypocrite who really needs to get over himself. He mocks religion, beliefs, people who self-harm, other YouTubers that have done nothing wrong to him, and is generally a salty ass. I can't believe that Pewdiepie is higher on the list than this is. Pewdiepie is a really kind person who donates a lot of money to charity, helps promote disease awareness, and appreciates his fans, as well as entertaining people with his, which is something that clearly someone such as Onision can't do.

He has an opinion on everything, and decides to share all his thoughts to the internet without remorse over who he's offended now. Mom abusing you? It your fault, I wouldn't care if your mom abused me. Self harm? There are starving kids in Africa, your problems are irrelevant. His advice really shouldn't be taken that seriously.

He is really full of himself and he never takes blame for any of his actions. He has repeatedly made videos body shaming people and then when he was accused of body shaming he made a video saying that it was their fault for sending photos in. He hates on channels like LeafyIsHere for hating on children, then turns around and does the same thing, as well as making fun of several other types of people. He videotaped his wife having a seizure, and that is literally appalling. He tells people to be themselves, then completely contradicts that when he makes videos insulting any people who aren't exactly like him. So many people like him that really shouldn't because he is an extremely hypocritical, narcissistic, horrible person. - pjo

I think omission is so bad. He deserves to go to hell when he dies, he makes fun of people's beliefs and religion. He a sick, offensive, ruthless, uncaring brat who only thinks about himself.

Looks like we have a hypocrite! By saying sick, offensive, ruthless, uncaring things about him- oh look! That's exactly the problem you say is from him! And by the way, if you really are going to be a major douche about Onision, the least you could do is spell his 7-letter name right. - bayleyharper

You just jelly because he will see Dean. And if you are going to hate at least have the decency to spell his name right. - gabgab194

He is such a egotistical ass who for some reason usually only gets with "women" who are straight outta high school, and he loves to manipulate people.

In my honest opinion onision shouldn't have even been born...its like some weird timeline why is he here I don't care what his stupid opinions are he offends people and is a bad influence not only on YouTube but on the entire planet I mean really he taped his wife having a seizure who even does that?! He's just a sick lowlife bastard who wants to hurt everyone's feelings to be honest his lil suicide streak should've taken its tole either that or I'd hang the bastard myself with barbed wire this guy is nothing but bad news and a quick message to the people who like him GET A GRIP!

Onision has only made one funny video in his entire life ("I'm A Banana") and it's the only reason that he's famous. All of his other videos consist purely of him spouting insults and offending people. He made a 10-minute-long video of him insulting people who eat meat, and has made light of some extremely serious issues in very unfunny ways. Not to mention the fact that he murdered his turtle and allegedly posted a video of his wife/girlfriend suffering a seizure. And those are just the worst of his crimes against humanity.

Totally annoying. He just edits his videos and tries to act cool, when he really isn't. Whenever he talks about things, he doesn't have a passion to explain his true opinions, in other words, he just cares about the amount of attention he gets. He's offensive joking about fat people is for kindergartners.

Joking about fat people? Maybe if people who didn't have actual medical conditions stopped shoving 10 pounds of food down their throats everyday, we would have less of a reason to mock people for their bad eating habits. - bayleyharper