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221 TheHeatedMo

Why is Mohit on this list now? He is super lit lol

Take him of the list

222 Durv

He is such a liar. He called trump and it sounded nothing like him. He should be higher. - TeamRocket747

This kid turned my kids liberal using his weird giveaway warlock powers.

He used to be good but now he should be number one here

This kid makes the most fake giveaways. he gives the free gift cards to bots.

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223 AnimeUW

This channel provides a huge archive of underwater scenes in Anime series. It's pretty useful.

It looks like someone has a weird fetish

224 TechRax

HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT if you were an iPhone and someone put you in a volcano or a pot of melting crayons?

I love his videos but in his How to Solve Your Pokemon GO Addiction video where for no reason, he drops a bowling ball painted like a Poke Ball ONTO THE PHONE'S SCREEN IS STUPID. Seriously, how can someone solve their addiction to that app BY SMASHING A PHONE WITH A POKE BALL BOWLING BALL? I don't get it! - Jliby30

After seeing his Coke pool video, I'm convinced that he's doing all this deliberately to piss people off.


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225 TheNostalgiaCritic

I do enjoy the critic very much. The only thing I can't stand is that he screams a lot in some of his videos and that gets really headache inducing. But besides that, the nostalgia critic is a smart, energetic critic who shares a passion for film.

I like his videos. They're so addicting and his channel is one of the only three channels I go to on YouTube. I mean I guess I can understand why some people don't like him but come on I'd rather watch Nostalgia Critic than oh I don't know Modern Disney Channel. (Also I can relate as to why he hates the show Doug because it's similar to my personal main reason of hating that awful show I like to call Jessie). - Anonymousxcxc

Wut why is he even on this list?

My thoughts on the Channel Awesome members

The Nostalgia Critic is great, the rest of them are just his lackeys

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226 LispyJimmy

Grand Theft Auto 6 gameplay video right here totally legit. No scam

He is the example of that cancer comes in all forms.

A guy who either clickbaits about Grand Theft Auto 6 or steals other people's videos, makes all of his videos over 10 minutes so he can put around 7 ads in each one and does fake giveaways. Enough said

To be honest, I don't really like LispyJimmy. He thinks that Grand Theft Auto VI has been released, which is not true since its release date hasn't been revealed. He also clickbaits on his videos.

Once, I was thinking "a five year old arrested for stealing a car". I was curious and started watching the video. It was a news report saying that a seven year old boy had stolen a car. I've gotten suspicious. Lispy said he was five years old, when he was actually seven, worse that he didn't get arrested, he was just grounded for the weekend. The worst part is, he's shown the video again. It most other clips, it shows a tween-aged Indian boy driving safely.

I saw the video "autistic boy banned from Xbox live". Guess what, he wasn't even banned, he was just had 'cheater' on his gamer tag.

On two videos where people get arrested for doing everyday stuff, it shows that they got arrested for something worse. They were trespassing. All of his videos are ...more - SamHalls2015

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227 Kwebbelkop

All he does is makes basic observations in his videos that people can clearly see for example- "i'm passing this car" yes we are not retards
Also not only does he scream into the microphone his voice is so obnoxious

He's just an annoying wannabe.

His voice is killing me

-Has a fanbase worse than the average cult
-Almost every one of his videos are completely clickbait (I couldn't find any recent videos by him that are not complete clickbait)
-Constantly lies and/or deceives his viewers
-Only creates videos designed to follow popular trends and gain views
-Pumps out low-effort videos multiple times a day
-Screams, yells, and spouts repetitive and obnoxious comments
-Generally just an all-around terrible channel that is growing like wildfire

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228 Grav3yardgirl

He shouldn't be on this list

Stop hating good youtubers even though I never watch her videos

The girl u see in a mental intutute

DOES THIS THING REALLY WORK!? - emeraldfennekin

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229 Kidz Bop Kids

Well no duh it's Kidz Bop. However my sister and I remember a time when Kidz Bop was actually good however this was when it first came out so long before the company decided to make 80 million albums a year and when they did have better singers (no offense to the current Kidz Bop children). - Anonymousxcxc

Seriously, they literally ruin the whole song! I hate it!

They ruin every single song. They should get defunct. - Jliby30

I knew this channel will be on the list! - BraveCrumb

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230 Sir Puga

Laughing, I'm worse than LispyJimmy - Puga

Who is responsible for this? I will rise like a phoenix from the ashes. - Puga

231 TheAtlanticCraft

Ever since Joe left it's been ruined - NightmareIsHere_

Say what they are awesome

Stupid horrible and doesn't even have good gameplay they where good at first but then they totally ruined they're channel by filling it with stupid good for nothing roleplay and stupid dino facts that are not even true


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232 RoosterTeeth

What the hell is Rooster Teeth doing on this list?

Why is rooster teeth they are very cool

Shouldn't be on here

Needs to be higher

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233 Meatsleep (Meat)

You know, he posted a video saying it's over. They were making a little story that the viewers had to figure out (like a story about a stalker or something, I don't know) but I guess people don't like to figure out stories and instead like to call the police on guys who were just having fun going along with the story the viewers were making.

IT'S A SERIAL KILLER RUNNING THE CHANNEL! The videos are really disturbing and he cooked a person and recorded it.

Y'all realize It's not real, right?


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234 MsMojo

WatchMojo decided not enough of their videos appealed to women, so they made a new channel for them. It's almost hilarious how stereotypically feminine some of the topics they count down are. - SomeRandomGuy9001

Occasionally we get a good list from her, but her channel is mostly just a feminist version of WatchMojo

Basically the same crappy channel except it's the feminist version

I am a gay t teen, and really dislike feminism. Youtube should just be shut down for a month or two o help clean all this crap up. - GigaDrill

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235 TheRichest

Let me guess. This channel SHOULD NOT EVEN EXIST. Other channels do a better job than this piece of s*%#!

Makes weird videos that scares us.

Made a video with naked people. That's disgusting. PERIOD. - njalabi63989

They scare me.

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236 FuNNel Vision

Just came from ranting on the FGTeeV.

Welp, time to look at their non-gaming channel.

And look what I see, a lot of LOOK WE HAVE MONEY, CHASE VIEW FARM, AT THEME PA RK! s orts of videos. Thumbnails, do I need to mention that, so many have already commented on that.

First, their look we have money videos, these are usually their shopping videos or birthday parties. WHY in the world can people bear watching them SHOP. SHOP! Shopping to me is one of the most boring things I have to do a week, watching people do it is even worse. Then birthday parties, all I saw was one, but it seems like they are just saying "We spent hundreds of dollars to throw our daughter a birthday party! ", ok, I can see 1-300 dollars for a party, but this looked closer to 800. On one party. This just shows that they are buying your views now.

Next is my pet peeve. The Chase view farm. If you haven't noticed, Chase is a goldmine of views, and FuNNel Vision knows that. Get some ...more - Royal521

These are the same people from FGTeeV. Same obnoxious acid trip thumbnails, same FGTeeV cast, and same moments of Chase being a dumbass. - Jliby30

Oh and by the way they made a new channel which is called the FUNkee bunch, which a terrible name for a channel. All of the names oof the channels on this thing is terrible. Absolutely awful...

The perfect recipee for an awful funnel vision video.1. the idiotic rich dad screaming and spoiling his kids like crazy.2. hundreds of unfunny jokes.3 advertising things that are better than the Chanel.4. over saturation of chase and the dad.And finally and worst of all,millions of views and subscribers for no reason.

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237 Dashiegames Dashiegames

Why mah boi dash on here? - drageromb

Dashie is the best you tuber he does not need to be on this list

Dashie's Swearing Always Makes me Laugh, He's Great

I agree

238 Ryan ToysReview

My little brother watches this channel CONSTANTLY, the back round music is terrible, they never actually review the toys they just play with them, do I even have to mention how his parents talk? If they play a game together Ryan always wins, guess who gonna be a brat in the future? - American_Toast

He has no clue what he is reviewing and he never "hates" a toy.

My youngest brother loves him. Guys, his channel is for kids. - BraveCrumb

Cringeworthy toy channel and Ryan is a spoiled brat - Cartoonfan202

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239 Guava Juice

Nah, Guava Juice is cool, get him off the list. - scarmark

Is super stupid and the guy is an idiot

Guava Juice Is Not The Worst Youtuber

He's the best

240 Northernlion

What?! Why is Northernlion on here? He doesn't deserve to be on a "worst" list.

The tangents he goes on may or may not keep you entertained, but there is very little variety in his content. Nowadays, it's usually just Binding of Isaac, Nuclear Throne, Europa, and the occasional "Let's Look At" videos.

Why is he on here? He's pretty funny and he's a nice guy. Unlike YouTubers such as PewDiePie, Markiplier, JackSepticEye, and UberHaxorNova, he doesn't need to have over-the-top reactions over everything and appeal to the lowest common denominator.

He really shows no skill whatsoever in any other game than BoI and rages like a preteen when he fails.

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