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241 Dashiegames Dashiegames

Why mah boi dash on here? - drageromb

Dashie is the best you tuber he does not need to be on this list

Dashie's Swearing Always Makes me Laugh, He's Great

I agree

242 Ryan ToysReview

My little brother watches this channel CONSTANTLY, the back round music is terrible, they never actually review the toys they just play with them, do I even have to mention how his parents talk? If they play a game together Ryan always wins, guess who gonna be a brat in the future? - American_Toast

He has no clue what he is reviewing and he never "hates" a toy.

My youngest brother loves him. Guys, his channel is for kids. - BraveCrumb

Cringeworthy toy channel and Ryan is a spoiled brat - Cartoonfan202

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243 Guava Juice

Nah, Guava Juice is cool, get him off the list. - scarmark

Is super stupid and the guy is an idiot

Guava Juice Is Not The Worst Youtuber

He's the best

244 Northernlion

What?! Why is Northernlion on here? He doesn't deserve to be on a "worst" list.

The tangents he goes on may or may not keep you entertained, but there is very little variety in his content. Nowadays, it's usually just Binding of Isaac, Nuclear Throne, Europa, and the occasional "Let's Look At" videos.

Why is he on here? He's pretty funny and he's a nice guy. Unlike YouTubers such as PewDiePie, Markiplier, JackSepticEye, and UberHaxorNova, he doesn't need to have over-the-top reactions over everything and appeal to the lowest common denominator.

He really shows no skill whatsoever in any other game than BoI and rages like a preteen when he fails.

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245 CookieSwirlC

Sure, everyone loves her but seriously, she's like a 15 year old girl who plays with my little pony blind bag toys (I'm a pegasister but still it's annoying.) monster high, Ever after high, webkinz, LPS, and even play dough. She also often speaks in this squeaky voice that aggravates me and she obviously things everything she does is exciting. It's ridiculous how many people love her. I'm so thankful my sister has grown out of her, but now she likes others which I'll rant about later.


She is way too overrated, - NotYoursTruly

: WARNING : People who like playing with LPS or Animal Jam might get offended so please take it easy.
Dear God I cannot stand her anymore. There are so many things wrong with this person
1. SHE IS 16 YEARS OLD AND SHE PLAYS WITH SHOPKINS AND OTHER CRAP. Girls her age do vlogs and stuff BUT SHE JUST PLAYS WITH HER STUPID SHOPKINS. I'm 13 And I'm into South park and other things like that.
2. I Cannot take her voice DOES SHE GET HIGH BEFORE SHE PLAYS WITH HER TOYS AND RECORDS IT? Is she using that voice for little kids and girls or is she doing it on purpose.
3. Her lets plays ARE TORTURE. She did an Animal Jam Lets play And ALL SHE DID WAS THIS...


The real Mystery is why she has so many fans
Some of them are little kids and some of them are girls my age
i'm a girl And Lets put it ...more - YoshiApple

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246 Vailskibum94

All his theories are stolen from other social media without any credit. Then when he finally makes his own theory, it's incredibly stupid.

His channel was still bad back when Gravity Falls was on, but now that its over, it's getting worse and worse.

You can tell he puts no effort into his videos, he just shows a random picture while he mumbles in the background

Really Vail is on here He should be taken off. I actually get really good information off of him. If you really want a channel that is bad then check out Calobi Productions His thumbnails are clickbait and all his animations and stuff is cancer - YoshiApple

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247 Deathbattle

bad setups, potato quality animation, and they do about enough research to warrant writing a blog post. Not animate a video. They have a boner for cartoon-logic and 9/10 times you can call out who's gonna win their death battle before the video begins by just remembering that cartoons beat video games in their minds. The battles themselves are uninspired (like how the TF2 Scout held still for the whole battle), and they include like 5 minutes of advertised padding in the middle and at the end of every video.

Unfunny pointless garbage. It's pretty obvious which character will win a death battle considering the fanbase they may have. Facts are purposefully left out to please fanboys and fangirls and fights are heavily scripted. Some fights are just stupid. Why the hell would you put Superman or deadpool in a fight? They can't die so what's the point of having them in a fight to the death.

This channel does do their research in charecters because I never knew some facts before watching some episodes also the fans send in ideas for fights

I hate whoever put this on here

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248 RashadTheReactor

He's doing nothing just reacting to other people content that's all.

He's just another reaction channel, he's also just as stupid as the others - Sanicball

249 Nick Crompton

Heard this guy made another guy do sexual favors for him so he could join Team 10. Strange. - djpenquin999

England is my city - izackak

England is my city

1)You creep england is a COUNTRY not a city.
2)You are just a teenage wannabe fat creep
3)don't EVER make up "Slang terms"

250 HaiLedaBear

She looks like a my little pony doll. Other than that she is pretty decent.

WHAT THE HELL IS SHE DOING HERE!?!? She is one of my favorite YouTubers and she even stoop me from commiting suicide! You guys are stupid!

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251 Cameron Dallas Cameron Dallas

He isn't even funny, he tries too hard


Same with Nash, WHY IS HE HERE!

THE WORST YouTubeR ever!

252 Zoella

She just uses big make-up brands and challenge videos to get to 10 million subs and tries to make money in any way she can.

What?! How on earth can anyone think that Zoella deserves to be on this list, no matter how far down it is?! She's a wonderfully caring person, and always provides a good laugh. I really think you ought to take her off of this list...

Definitely should be higher. She was gonna go to a gaming convention but found out she wasn't gonna earn money from going there so made her own one with her brother and other YouTubers. Selfish person.

Zoella is overrated, to be honest. I, for one, don't really give a hoot about makeup (yes I am girl.)
But this chick keeps on clogging up my recommended box just because I watch IHazCupquake and GamingWithJen! (Two very good female Youtubers.) Plus, Zoella has a brand. Meaning she can lure little girls into subscribing to her just because they went on a shopping day in Superdrug with their mum.

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253 Ike Reviews

He hates the best game earthbound

His most hated dog is earthbound

He only likes halo and dbz

His top three most hated games:
Mother 3 - xandermartin98

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254 teamfourstar

These guys are awesome. Why the heck are they on here?

Who put these guys on the list? They make good stuff!

I think they are great and funny!

Seariously,this has created one of my favorite shows into a whole new world of enjoyment the worst I could rate them on this list would be 9001 (any body? )

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255 hotdiggedydemon

Typical "adult cartoonist": always base his animations on shock value, tries to be edgy, but is just boring and unfunny.

He is an offensive jerk and he mocked the Steven Universe fandom and offended the creators of the show.

His reviews on Zootopia, Sausage Party, and Power Puff Girls made me want to smash my computer

Hate him after his zootopia review

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256 Lost Pause

Lost Pause is great. It's refreshing to see such an open "anime pervert". The rest of his kind keep pretty silent about that. This gut is so good.

He reacts to too much anime (not that there's any problem with that). - BadBoiDrummer

People these days add anything without thinking twice. Noble being the "anime pervert" is a running joke. His videos are funny yet cringey sometimes. But that the best part.

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257 Sargon of Akkad

Sargon literally thinks Capitalism is responsible for Saudi Arabian slave trafficking. Stick to the low-hanging feminist fruit, Carl.

Needs to be in the top 10. A million times worse than PewDiePie.

Why is uncle Sargon here? he put better content in here then most of the people on this list.

Sargon of Akkad was once of my favourite YouTubers. He made good points on Social Justice and he was a very rational political commentator but in 2016 he became a conspiratorial, clickbaity and vitriolic alt-righter despite identifying as a classical liberal. He is completely oblivious to the fact that alt-righters are just right-wing SJWs which is pretty damn aggravating. This is the same Sargon of Akkad who in 2015 made a video titled "The Conservative Party is Your Enemy" and yet the "sceptic" community still consider him one of their own. I think he went down that road for either 3 reasons:

1. He's doing it for the money.
2. He's trying to be cool.
3. He's afraid of offending/upsetting his boyfriend, Milo Yiannopoulos.

Sargon of Akkad (real name, Carl Benjamin) is by no means the only "sceptic" to have gone down this road; SyeTen(Atheist), Dave Rubin, Shoe0nHead, Bearing and others have either become full blown alt-righters or have an alt-right streak to their ...more - WatcheroftheSkies

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258 Whitney Wisconsin

She should have been higher on the list

Promotes animal abuse

she is hot


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259 BlastphamousHD TV

I don't like statues

Gives face reactions that are good, but his videos, that's another story. Needs more Randy. - Redhotfilmpeppers

Without a doubt the fakest, most unbearable, most unoriginal reaction channel ever. His reaction are so staged and forced it's painful to watch. - Spark_Of_Life

not a fan.

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260 Liza Koshy

Comedy for 13 year olds, kinda of content that's already been made 1000x times, it is a Lily singh 2.0

Lilly singh wanna be..
don't like how her videos keep getting Recommended to me when I don't wanna watch her channel

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