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241 LispyJimmy

Grand Theft Auto 6 gameplay video right here totally legit. No scam

He is the example of that cancer comes in all forms.

A guy who either clickbaits about Grand Theft Auto 6 or steals other people's videos, makes all of his videos over 10 minutes so he can put around 7 ads in each one and does fake giveaways. Enough said

To be honest, I don't really like LispyJimmy. He thinks that Grand Theft Auto VI has been released, which is not true since its release date hasn't been revealed. He also clickbaits on his videos.

Once, I was thinking "a five year old arrested for stealing a car". I was curious and started watching the video. It was a news report saying that a seven year old boy had stolen a car. I've gotten suspicious. Lispy said he was five years old, when he was actually seven, worse that he didn't get arrested, he was just grounded for the weekend. The worst part is, he's shown the video again. It most other clips, it shows a tween-aged Indian boy driving safely.

I saw the video "autistic boy banned from Xbox live". Guess what, he wasn't even banned, he was just had 'cheater' on his gamer tag.

On two videos where people get arrested for doing everyday stuff, it shows that they got arrested for something worse. They were trespassing. All of his videos are ...more - SamHalls2015

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242 Grav3yardgirl

He shouldn't be on this list

The girl u see in a mental intutute

Stop hating good youtubers even though I never watch her videos

DOES THIS THING REALLY WORK!? - emeraldfennekin

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243 Kidz Bop Kids

Well no duh it's Kidz Bop. However my sister and I remember a time when Kidz Bop was actually good however this was when it first came out so long before the company decided to make 80 million albums a year and when they did have better singers (no offense to the current Kidz Bop children). - Anonymousxcxc

Seriously, they literally ruin the whole song! I hate it!

They ruin every single song. They should get defunct. - Jliby30

I don't like this band - BraixenBreak

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244 Sir Puga

Laughing, I'm worse than LispyJimmy - Puga

Who is responsible for this? I will rise like a phoenix from the ashes. - Puga

245 Ryan ToysReview

My little brother watches this channel CONSTANTLY, the back round music is terrible, they never actually review the toys they just play with them, do I even have to mention how his parents talk? If they play a game together Ryan always wins, guess who gonna be a brat in the future? - American_Toast

He has no clue what he is reviewing and he never "hates" a toy.

My youngest brother loves him. Guys, his channel is for kids. - BraveCrumb

Annoying Dumb mild spoiled Cringy Cancerous my sister Watches this like every morning At breakfast and I don't look at the T.V. But I just wanna break the T.V. - BraixenBreak

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246 TheAtlanticCraft

Ever since Joe left it's been ruined - NightmareIsHere_

Say what they are awesome

Stupid horrible and doesn't even have good gameplay they where good at first but then they totally ruined they're channel by filling it with stupid good for nothing roleplay and stupid dino facts that are not even true


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247 RoosterTeeth

What the hell is Rooster Teeth doing on this list?

Why is rooster teeth they are very cool

Shouldn't be on here

They have stupid series like rwby and canp camp which both have annoying whiny unlikeable characters and crap anmation - Lunala

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248 Meatsleep (Meat)

You know, he posted a video saying it's over. They were making a little story that the viewers had to figure out (like a story about a stalker or something, I don't know) but I guess people don't like to figure out stories and instead like to call the police on guys who were just having fun going along with the story the viewers were making.

IT'S A SERIAL KILLER RUNNING THE CHANNEL! The videos are really disturbing and he cooked a person and recorded it.

Y'all realize It's not real, right?


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249 TheRichest

Let me guess. This channel SHOULD NOT EVEN EXIST. Other channels do a better job than this piece of s*%#!

Makes weird videos that scares us.

Made a video with naked people. That's disgusting. PERIOD. - njalabi63989

They scare me.

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250 Guava Juice

Is super stupid and the guy is an idiot

Nah, Guava Juice is cool, get him off the list. - scarmark

Guava Juice Is Not The Worst Youtuber

CRINGE - BraixenBreak

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251 Deathbattle

bad setups, potato quality animation, and they do about enough research to warrant writing a blog post. Not animate a video. They have a boner for cartoon-logic and 9/10 times you can call out who's gonna win their death battle before the video begins by just remembering that cartoons beat video games in their minds. The battles themselves are uninspired (like how the TF2 Scout held still for the whole battle), and they include like 5 minutes of advertised padding in the middle and at the end of every video.

Unfunny pointless garbage. It's pretty obvious which character will win a death battle considering the fanbase they may have. Facts are purposefully left out to please fanboys and fangirls and fights are heavily scripted. Some fights are just stupid. Why the hell would you put Superman or deadpool in a fight? They can't die so what's the point of having them in a fight to the death.

They're baised towards comics you can't combine every superman timeline its like me saying that sonic and archie sonic are the same cannon - ikerevievs

This channel does do their research in charecters because I never knew some facts before watching some episodes also the fans send in ideas for fights

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252 BlastphamousHD TV

I don't like statues

Gives face reactions that are good, but his videos, that's another story. Needs more Randy. - Redhotfilmpeppers

Without a doubt the fakest, most unbearable, most unoriginal reaction channel ever. His reaction are so staged and forced it's painful to watch. - Spark_Of_Life

not a fan.

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253 Liza Koshy

For those people who thinks liza koshy copies or makes videos like lily,lily never made a haul or a driving with lily and lily never even made funny diy hacks like liza and lily collabed with her already lily makes skits and liza makes skits like her but there are no way that there videos are similar

Comedy for 13 year olds, kinda of content that's already been made 1000x times, it is a Lily singh 2.0

Lilly singh wanna be..
don't like how her videos keep getting Recommended to me when I don't wanna watch her channel


254 Northernlion

What?! Why is Northernlion on here? He doesn't deserve to be on a "worst" list.

The tangents he goes on may or may not keep you entertained, but there is very little variety in his content. Nowadays, it's usually just Binding of Isaac, Nuclear Throne, Europa, and the occasional "Let's Look At" videos.

Why is he on here? He's pretty funny and he's a nice guy. Unlike YouTubers such as PewDiePie, Markiplier, JackSepticEye, and UberHaxorNova, he doesn't need to have over-the-top reactions over everything and appeal to the lowest common denominator.

He really shows no skill whatsoever in any other game than BoI and rages like a preteen when he fails.

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255 Vailskibum94

All his theories are stolen from other social media without any credit. Then when he finally makes his own theory, it's incredibly stupid.

His channel was still bad back when Gravity Falls was on, but now that its over, it's getting worse and worse.

You can tell he puts no effort into his videos, he just shows a random picture while he mumbles in the background

Sometimes... - BraixenBreak

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256 Sargon of Akkad

Sargon literally thinks Capitalism is responsible for Saudi Arabian slave trafficking. Stick to the low-hanging feminist fruit, Carl.

Needs to be in the top 10. A million times worse than PewDiePie.

Why is uncle Sargon here? he put better content in here then most of the people on this list.

Sargon of Akkad was once one of my favourite YouTubers. He made good points on Social Justice and he was a very rational political commentator but in 2016 he became a conspiratorial, clickbaity and vitriolic alt-righter despite identifying as a classical liberal. Today his videos consist of him attacking liberals and praising alt-right figures like Donald Trump. He is completely oblivious to the fact that alt-righters are just SJWs with a right-wing viewpoint which is pretty damn aggravating to say the least. This is the same Sargon of Akkad who in 2015 made a video titled "The Conservative Party is Your Enemy" but in 2017 told British voters to vote Conservative and yet the "sceptic" community still consider him one of their own. I think he went down that road for either 3 reasons:

1. He's doing it for the money.
2. He's trying to be cool.
3. He's afraid of triggering his boyfriend, Milo Yiannopoulos.

Sargon of Akkad (real name, Carl Benjamin) is by no means the ...more - WatcheroftheSkies

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257 RashadTheReactor

He's doing nothing just reacting to other people content that's all.

He's just another reaction channel, he's also just as stupid as the others - Sanicball

258 Nick Crompton

Heard this guy made another guy do sexual favors for him so he could join Team 10. Strange. - djpenquin999

England is my city - izackak

England is my city

1)You creep england is a COUNTRY not a city.
2)You are just a teenage wannabe fat creep
3)don't EVER make up "Slang terms"

259 Reaction Tea Time

In some day this fake reaction channel will get reported for copyright strikes

This guy just sits and saying nothing.

This channel have a guy that sits on a chair and saying nothing also are 2 people there a guy with glasess and a girl and they say nothing just like him.This channel steals other people content videos.

They just record themselves in different video
They not make money because they dus last year they stop making videos and they upload videos in 4 days that will stop making videos and they gonna quit YouTube for stealing other people content

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260 HaiLedaBear

She looks like a my little pony doll. Other than that she is pretty decent.

WHAT THE HELL IS SHE DOING HERE!?!? She is one of my favorite YouTubers and she even stoop me from commiting suicide! You guys are stupid!

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