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241 LispyJimmy

Grand Theft Auto 6 gameplay video right here totally legit. No scam

He is the example of that cancer comes in all forms.

A guy who either clickbaits about Grand Theft Auto 6 or steals other people's videos, makes all of his videos over 10 minutes so he can put around 7 ads in each one and does fake giveaways. Enough said

To be honest, I don't really like LispyJimmy. He thinks that Grand Theft Auto VI has been released, which is not true since its release date hasn't been revealed. He also clickbaits on his videos.

Once, I was thinking "a five year old arrested for stealing a car". I was curious and started watching the video. It was a news report saying that a seven year old boy had stolen a car. I've gotten suspicious. Lispy said he was five years old, when he was actually seven, worse that he didn't get arrested, he was just grounded for the weekend. The worst part is, he's shown the video again. It most other clips, it shows a tween-aged Indian boy driving safely.

I saw the video "autistic boy banned from Xbox live". Guess what, he wasn't even banned, he was just had 'cheater' on his gamer tag.

On two videos where people get arrested for doing everyday stuff, it shows that they got arrested for something worse. They were trespassing. All of his videos are ...more - SamHalls2015

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242 Logan Paul Logan Paul Logan Alexander Paul is an American social media entertainer and actor. He first gained fame through videos shared on the internet video service Vine, in which the athletic Paul engages in physical comedy, including slapstick pratfalls and public splits.

Arrogance in it's natural habitat. - naFrovivuS

Jake is clearly trying to steal the spotlight, it's obvious that Logan has more subscribers.


Jake is worse - ParkerFang

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243 Kwebbelkop

All he does is makes basic observations in his videos that people can clearly see for example- "i'm passing this car" yes we are not retards
Also not only does he scream into the microphone his voice is so obnoxious

He's just an annoying wannabe.

His voice is killing me

Screams And arrested Twice - BraixenBreak

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244 TheRichest

Let me guess. This channel SHOULD NOT EVEN EXIST. Other channels do a better job than this piece of s*%#!

Makes weird videos that scares us.

Made a video with naked people. That's disgusting. PERIOD. - njalabi63989

They scare me.

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245 Grav3yardgirl

He shouldn't be on this list

The girl u see in a mental intutute

Stop hating good youtubers even though I never watch her videos

DOES THIS THING REALLY WORK!? - emeraldfennekin

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246 Liza Koshy

For those people who thinks liza koshy copies or makes videos like lily,lily never made a haul or a driving with lily and lily never even made funny diy hacks like liza and lily collabed with her already lily makes skits and liza makes skits like her but there are no way that there videos are similar

Comedy for 13 year olds, kinda of content that's already been made 1000x times, it is a Lily singh 2.0

Lilly singh wanna be..
don't like how her videos keep getting Recommended to me when I don't wanna watch her channel


247 Sir Puga

Laughing, I'm worse than LispyJimmy - Puga

Who is responsible for this? I will rise like a phoenix from the ashes. - Puga

248 TheAtlanticCraft

Ever since Joe left it's been ruined - NightmareIsHere_

Say what they are awesome

Stupid horrible and doesn't even have good gameplay they where good at first but then they totally ruined they're channel by filling it with stupid good for nothing roleplay and stupid dino facts that are not even true


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249 RoosterTeeth

What the hell is Rooster Teeth doing on this list?

Why is rooster teeth they are very cool

Shouldn't be on here

They have stupid series like rwby and canp camp which both have annoying whiny unlikeable characters and crap anmation - Lunala

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250 Meatsleep (Meat)

You know, he posted a video saying it's over. They were making a little story that the viewers had to figure out (like a story about a stalker or something, I don't know) but I guess people don't like to figure out stories and instead like to call the police on guys who were just having fun going along with the story the viewers were making.

IT'S A SERIAL KILLER RUNNING THE CHANNEL! The videos are really disturbing and he cooked a person and recorded it.

Y'all realize It's not real, right?


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251 Evalion

She might be an actor. If not then she is sexually attracted to hitler

She was racist, I am more than happy that she is banned from YouTube. - Catacorn

It is the worst youtube channel that I have ever seen

Don't understand how Game Theory is higher than this horrifying channel. Some people may call MatPat egoistic, but at least he's not a RASCIST NEO-NAZI!

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252 Guava Juice

Is super stupid and the guy is an idiot

Nah, Guava Juice is cool, get him off the list. - scarmark

Guava Juice Is Not The Worst Youtuber

CRINGE - BraixenBreak

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253 Reaction Tea Time

In some day this fake reaction channel will get reported for copyright strikes

This guy just sits and saying nothing.

This channel have a guy that sits on a chair and saying nothing also are 2 people there a guy with glasess and a girl and they say nothing just like him.This channel steals other people content videos.

This channel is a troll because these guys pre-recordet their reactions and they may have recordet 12 or 50 different reactions, This channel steals content from reaction channels and his second channel Reaction Faction that is his first channelis even worse because he steal content from pewdiepie and others youtubers and this channel deserves to be terminated

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254 Vailskibum94

All his theories are stolen from other social media without any credit. Then when he finally makes his own theory, it's incredibly stupid.

His channel was still bad back when Gravity Falls was on, but now that its over, it's getting worse and worse.

You can tell he puts no effort into his videos, he just shows a random picture while he mumbles in the background

Sometimes... - BraixenBreak

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255 BlastphamousHD TV

I don't like statues

Gives face reactions that are good, but his videos, that's another story. Needs more Randy. - Redhotfilmpeppers

Without a doubt the fakest, most unbearable, most unoriginal reaction channel ever. His reaction are so staged and forced it's painful to watch. - Spark_Of_Life

not a fan.

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256 Mother's Basement

The only thing this nutjob ever had going for him was his "What's in an OP? " videos. Other than that, those kinds of videos are as poorly constructed, biased, and infuriating as any MatPat video. And even so, I hate every single one of them. First of all, who judges a show based on its opening/intro? Heck, I bet the so-called "research" his fans claim he makes is just him nitpicking on the littlest of things in an OP. It also doesn't help he can't take criticism from his detractors and has to rely on his crappy fandom to step in and defend him. Second, his content is as unoriginal as you can get. All he does is make unoriginal SAO hate clickbait videos in a cheap attempt to rake in views and subscribers. Don't get me wrong, while I do love the show and everyone has a right to their own opinion, praising such content and eating it up mindlessly is almost as tiresome as making a cliche TTG hate video and expecting that to rake in views and subscribers (I don't like Teen Titans Go!, but ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks

257 Nick Crompton

Heard this guy made another guy do sexual favors for him so he could join Team 10. Strange. - djpenquin999

England is my city - izackak

England is my city

England is my city!

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258 Northernlion

What?! Why is Northernlion on here? He doesn't deserve to be on a "worst" list.

The tangents he goes on may or may not keep you entertained, but there is very little variety in his content. Nowadays, it's usually just Binding of Isaac, Nuclear Throne, Europa, and the occasional "Let's Look At" videos.

Why is he on here? He's pretty funny and he's a nice guy. Unlike YouTubers such as PewDiePie, Markiplier, JackSepticEye, and UberHaxorNova, he doesn't need to have over-the-top reactions over everything and appeal to the lowest common denominator.

He really shows no skill whatsoever in any other game than BoI and rages like a preteen when he fails.

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259 teamfourstar

These guys are awesome. Why the heck are they on here?

Who put these guys on the list? They make good stuff!

Who put these guys on the list?

I think they are great and funny!

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260 hotdiggedydemon

Typical "adult cartoonist": always base his animations on shock value, tries to be edgy, but is just boring and unfunny.

He is an offensive jerk and he mocked the Steven Universe fandom and offended the creators of the show.

I liked it better when he did animations and not criticize my favorite movies

Hate him after his zootopia review

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