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261 Cameron Dallas Cameron Dallas

He isn't even funny, he tries too hard


Same with Nash, WHY IS HE HERE!

THE WORST YouTubeR ever!

262 Zoella

She just uses big make-up brands and challenge videos to get to 10 million subs and tries to make money in any way she can.

Definitely should be higher. She was gonna go to a gaming convention but found out she wasn't gonna earn money from going there so made her own one with her brother and other YouTubers. Selfish person.

What?! How on earth can anyone think that Zoella deserves to be on this list, no matter how far down it is?! She's a wonderfully caring person, and always provides a good laugh. I really think you ought to take her off of this list...

Zoella is overrated, to be honest. I, for one, don't really give a hoot about makeup (yes I am girl.)
But this chick keeps on clogging up my recommended box just because I watch IHazCupquake and GamingWithJen! (Two very good female Youtubers.) Plus, Zoella has a brand. Meaning she can lure little girls into subscribing to her just because they went on a shopping day in Superdrug with their mum.

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263 Ike Reviews

He hates the best game earthbound

His most hated dog is earthbound

He only likes halo and dbz

His top three most hated games:
Mother 3 - xandermartin98

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264 teamfourstar

These guys are awesome. Why the heck are they on here?

Who put these guys on the list? They make good stuff!

Who put these guys on the list?

I think they are great and funny!

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265 hotdiggedydemon

Typical "adult cartoonist": always base his animations on shock value, tries to be edgy, but is just boring and unfunny.

He is an offensive jerk and he mocked the Steven Universe fandom and offended the creators of the show.

His reviews on Zootopia, Sausage Party, and Power Puff Girls made me want to smash my computer

Hate him after his zootopia review

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266 Cutiepiemarzia

That's horrible, Cutiepiemarzia is a funny,nice and beautiful girl and with or without her boyfriend she would still be the girl she is today.

She's nice and kind. Who voted for her

Talk about leeching of somebody else's fame.

I wish it wouldn't be so feminine - GigaDrill

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267 Lost Pause

Lost Pause is great. It's refreshing to see such an open "anime pervert". The rest of his kind keep pretty silent about that. This gut is so good.

He reacts to too much anime (not that there's any problem with that). - BadBoiDrummer

People these days add anything without thinking twice. Noble being the "anime pervert" is a running joke. His videos are funny yet cringey sometimes. But that the best part.

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268 Whitney Wisconsin

She should have been higher on the list

Promotes animal abuse

she is hot


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269 Denis

I LOVE CATS take him down - BraixenBreak

NOO NOT DENIS! He's like the only person I know that likes cats!

Yess so annoying - SushigirlO6

Some how I knew this channel is going to be here... I don't hate him ok

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270 Mother's Basement

The only thing this nutjob ever had going for him was his "What's in an OP? " videos. Other than that, those kinds of videos are as poorly constructed, biased, and infuriating as any MatPat video. And even so, I hate every single one of them. First of all, who judges a show based on its opening/intro? Heck, I bet the so-called "research" his fans claim he makes is just him nitpicking on the littlest of things in an OP. It also doesn't help he can't take criticism from his detractors and has to rely on his crappy fandom to step in and defend him. Second, his content is as unoriginal as you can get. All he does is make unoriginal SAO hate clickbait videos in a cheap attempt to rake in views and subscribers. Don't get me wrong, while I do love the show and everyone has a right to their own opinion, praising such content and eating it up mindlessly is almost as tiresome as making a cliche TTG hate video and expecting that to rake in views and subscribers (I don't like Teen Titans Go!, but ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks

271 ronaldOMG

He is being talking like her sister

He wears too many dresses he is either gay or transgender

Annoying - BraixenBreak

His sister is anarexic

272 MAD 10

MAD 10 videos are jokes and false information! - ChuckECheese

He put the R-zone at number 5 but he put xbox one at number 3!?

I hate MAD 10! - PeeledBanana

Here's why I hate mad 10,because he is an ugly idiot that makes top 10 things about the good things that he hates.i think he hates everything.also in my opinion,he is the worst youtuber ever!

273 Logan Paul Logan Paul Logan Alexander Paul is an American social media entertainer and actor. He first gained fame through videos shared on the internet video service Vine, in which the athletic Paul engages in physical comedy, including slapstick pratfalls and public splits.

Arrogance in it's natural habitat. - naFrovivuS

Love him

274 Magibon

Uhh, I really don't have an opinion on this, she just sits there. Watching u

I jerk off to magibon

Why is it here?

She creepy

275 GlitterForever17

The one who met shane dawson and goes crazy

Apparently she used to put p0rn links in her video descriptions and she only took them out because people complained. But she still waves her private parts in front of the camera (they are always covered but she's still trying to be sexual). Keep in mind most of her fans are preteens

She sucks vagina hole!

Foolish as hell. She needs a damn life! I can't explain this. She literally uploads useless waste of "DIYS" and all her fans go crazY.

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276 JoeysWorldTour

He is good asmr

When he eats food,he sounds like he is having sex.He is doing weird voices and he is very annoying,I can't stand him and I think he should stop doing this.That food will kill him one day,no one deserve that.

I know people like to make fun of him, but he ignores that and still pumps out videos. Leafy once tried to bring him down but his chinless body wasn't able to. Joey is the god of food reviews and will one day rise above Leafy in subscriber counts.

And as Luke Skywalker once said: "WoooOOOooo WoooOOoo wOOOoOOoO! "

Joey may be fat, but inside his body is a fat heart.

Although the sounds he makes whilst he's eating... are... well... interesting, he's a really jolly person.

I found his channel after watching Leafy's videos about him, and, he's really cool!

I don't think he should be on here. He's good.

277 Elvis the Alien
278 MTV News

Filled with a bunch SJW cucks that always hate on white people and males.

279 lalinsky

That guy only lives to subscribe and getting subscribed.

280 ZoominGames

They call this a gaming channel?...
If I wanted to look at Porn I would go to Red Tube!
"Video-game" channel that does NOT focuses on actual game-play or other game related stuff, no, instead it focuses on character boobs, butts and all that.
Every single time a female video-game character is mentioned on this channel, has something to do with either boobs and/or butt.
Extremely sexist and disrespectful!
This is what brings bad reputation to us gamers.

Nobody wants to see your sexist channel. I hope the makers of this channel are put in jail.

Women everywhere are disrespected.

*in a robot voice* the reason I hate this is cause the person sounds like a robot!

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