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261 Sargon of Akkad

Sargon literally thinks Capitalism is responsible for Saudi Arabian slave trafficking. Stick to the low-hanging feminist fruit, Carl.

Needs to be in the top 10. A million times worse than PewDiePie.

Why is uncle Sargon here? he put better content in here then most of the people on this list.

Sargon of Akkad was once one of my favourite YouTubers. He made good points on Social Justice and he was a very rational political commentator but in 2016 he gradually became a conspiratorial, clickbaity and vitriolic alt-righter despite identifying as a classical liberal. Today his videos consist of him attacking liberals, the left and the mainstream media whilst shilling for alt-right figures like Donald Trump. He is completely oblivious to the fact that alt-righters are just SJWs with a right-wing viewpoint which is pretty damn aggravating to say the least. This is the same Sargon of Akkad who in 2015 made a video titled "The Conservative Party is Your Enemy" but in 2017 told British voters to vote Conservative and yet the "sceptic" community still consider him one of their own. I think he went down that road for either 3 reasons:

1. He's doing it for the money.
2. He's trying to be cool.
3. He's afraid of triggering his boyfriend, Milo Yiannopoulos.

Sargon of ...more - WatcheroftheSkies

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262 RashadTheReactor

He's doing nothing just reacting to other people content that's all.

He's just another reaction channel, he's also just as stupid as the others - Sanicball

263 Denis

I LOVE CATS take him down - BraixenBreak

Yess so annoying - SushigirlO6

NOO NOT DENIS! He's like the only person I know that likes cats!

Some how I knew this channel is going to be here... I don't hate him ok

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264 HaiLedaBear

She looks like a my little pony doll. Other than that she is pretty decent.

WHAT THE HELL IS SHE DOING HERE!?!? She is one of my favorite YouTubers and she even stoop me from commiting suicide! You guys are stupid!

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265 Cameron Dallas Cameron Dallas

He isn't even funny, he tries too hard


Same with Nash, WHY IS HE HERE!

THE WORST YouTubeR ever!

266 Zoella

She just uses big make-up brands and challenge videos to get to 10 million subs and tries to make money in any way she can.

Definitely should be higher. She was gonna go to a gaming convention but found out she wasn't gonna earn money from going there so made her own one with her brother and other YouTubers. Selfish person.

What?! How on earth can anyone think that Zoella deserves to be on this list, no matter how far down it is?! She's a wonderfully caring person, and always provides a good laugh. I really think you ought to take her off of this list...

Zoella is overrated, to be honest. I, for one, don't really give a hoot about makeup (yes I am girl.)
But this chick keeps on clogging up my recommended box just because I watch IHazCupquake and GamingWithJen! (Two very good female Youtubers.) Plus, Zoella has a brand. Meaning she can lure little girls into subscribing to her just because they went on a shopping day in Superdrug with their mum.

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267 Ike Reviews

He hates the best game earthbound

His most hated dog is earthbound

He only likes halo and dbz

His top three most hated games:
Mother 3 - xandermartin98

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268 Cutiepiemarzia

That's horrible, Cutiepiemarzia is a funny,nice and beautiful girl and with or without her boyfriend she would still be the girl she is today.

She's nice and kind. Who voted for her

Talk about leeching of somebody else's fame.

I wish it wouldn't be so feminine - GigaDrill

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269 Lost Pause

Lost Pause is great. It's refreshing to see such an open "anime pervert". The rest of his kind keep pretty silent about that. This gut is so good.

He reacts to too much anime (not that there's any problem with that). - BadBoiDrummer

People these days add anything without thinking twice. Noble being the "anime pervert" is a running joke. His videos are funny yet cringey sometimes. But that the best part.

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270 Our Third Life

This channel is actually a very obvious troll channel.

The #1 troll ever

Somebody needs to take that girl to an insane asylum! What a crazy stupid girl...!

England is on Jupiter!
You must learn Americanish!
They are five languages!

Girl is a dumbhople

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271 JoeysWorldTour

I think that's his gimmick. People are supposed to hate him.

He is good asmr

He is so nice! - 445956

Joey may be fat, but inside his body is a fat heart.

Although the sounds he makes whilst he's eating... are... well... interesting, he's a really jolly person.

I found his channel after watching Leafy's videos about him, and, he's really cool!

I don't think he should be on here. He's good.

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272 ronaldOMG

He is being talking like her sister

He wears too many dresses he is either gay or transgender

Annoying - BraixenBreak

His sister is anarexic

273 MAD 10

MAD 10 videos are jokes and false information! - ChuckECheese

You are basically insulting yourselves - 445956

He put the R-zone at number 5 but he put xbox one at number 3!?

Here's why I hate mad 10,because he is an ugly idiot that makes top 10 things about the good things that he hates.i think he hates everything.also in my opinion,he is the worst youtuber ever!

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274 Toy Freaks

They aren't wrong

They are creeps.

275 Magibon

Uhh, I really don't have an opinion on this, she just sits there. Watching u

I jerk off to magibon

Why is it here?

She creepy

276 JaclynGlenn

She claims to not be Christian and to not believe, so why does she feel a need to bash those who are?

Preaching atheism like preaching religion. Annoying.

She hates all Christians and want them dead.

Hates Christians.

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277 GlitterForever17

The one who met shane dawson and goes crazy

Apparently she used to put p0rn links in her video descriptions and she only took them out because people complained. But she still waves her private parts in front of the camera (they are always covered but she's still trying to be sexual). Keep in mind most of her fans are preteens

She sucks vagina hole!

Foolish as hell. She needs a damn life! I can't explain this. She literally uploads useless waste of "DIYS" and all her fans go crazY.

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278 Mark Dice

Mark Dice is actually a fascist. I'm don't call everyone I disagree with a fascist, but he views liberalism as a "curable disease". - Fiend

Just looking at him he that type of dudes who will spend their money on hookers and cocaine. Pretty to be mini Fox News but just another gritty ass who want your money.

He says he's Christian yet he wants to kill

Worst YouTuber in history - LJJ207

279 Elvis the Alien
280 MTV News

Filled with a bunch SJW cucks that always hate on white people and males.

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