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321 React

Copyright strike...

Trade Marked

322 JosephCastello

He needs to be around 20th, whoever enjoys this guy's content is messed up in the head.

I HATE this guy... so annoying. Thinks he's better than the other fake pranksters just because he does "real pranks."

323 DarkSonic180

Don't even try arguing with this guy. It will go nowhere.

324 Ali-A V 1 Comment
325 MattHossZone

Is it cool to ruin someone's life?

326 Theneedledrop

Lol some extreme Kanye fan probably added this. - djpenquin999

He's still smart and he isn't entirely unintelligible, but as some reviews prove he's pretty nitpicky. - WonkeyDude98

The Meme review is better

327 OfficerPoop247

"GoAnimate" is the only word we need to describe how bad this channel is

328 Deku Gamer V 2 Comments
329 Poppy

Remind me again what is entertaining about watching a twentysomething act like a five year old, make inane, pointless vidoes, and stare into a camera with no emotion at all. - Spark_Of_Life

330 Haedox

This idiot can't get over losing his place in the Nintendo Ambassador's Program and thinks that Nintendo doing away with fan projects makes them a worse company than EA or Activision, not to mention his false bull about the Rise and Fall orf Rare where he gave false information and would get all defensive every time someone would correct him, he's just a complete moron.

This JERK! Let's see what motherhecking poop he did shall we? 1st off, we get it Haedox, you hate Skylanders. But, maybe there are some people that LIKE the game, so just...SHUT UP ABOUT IT! Also, he called 1, 2, switch TRASH! He pretty much just hates everything that he sees just because it's new, and I'm still waiting for the time when he finally stops being such a negative jerk.

331 Eugenia Cooney

If Eugenia's videos weren't of her living skeletal remains, I think she wouldn't be here.

Her weight is not a reason to hate Eugenia or her content. She is genuinely one of the nicest people on youtube, and it's a shame she gets so much blind hate for an eatung disorder she can't even control. - Lollipopz

Is she still alive?

332 Tessa Brooks

She smells bad - izackak

She is fat

333 Kidbehindacamera
334 Alexownzurface3
335 Graser88

He's always dieing. Is he a Penguin or a Cat?

V 1 Comment
337 BensGamingAdventures

Not good at all he try s to be like other gamers on YouTube 2 much and fails

338 VideoBrinquedo

This was a video company that made money by making knockoffs of popular animated movies. I think they went bankrupt.

This Isn't A YouTube Channel

Video brinquedo is a horrible, cheap company from Brazil that makes rip offs of successful animated films. Ex. "The Little Panda Fighter" is a ripoff of Kung Fu Panda. They are both the same thing except video brinquedo's version is 99999x crappier than the movie that it ripped off.

They sued TheWMEForever for giving a very well-deserved, harsh insult to its movies. >:(

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339 AngryAussie V 1 Comment
340 Luke Sucks

This 5 year old eats poop in his videos

Luke really does suck!

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