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321 Jessi Slaughter

This is the sad tale of Jessi Slaughter, a girl caught up in one of the nastiest mud-slinging contests on the Internet. May she stay out of trouble after all the harassment and the parental abuse she has suffered.

Source of "You done goofed", "Internet Police" and "Consequences will never be the same".

This girl is worse than Percy Inglis. - ThePwoperMuser101

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322 SaiyanPrinceVevo

Worst channel on YouTube. Who gives a damn if you hate a damn band A7X? You should rather go get a life. He's 24 but acts like an immature 6 year old idiot.

You mad? Come at me bro, come at me bro. You mad?

323 TheBajanCanadian‎

Remember when Mitch used to be good? Yeah I do but it seems like so long ago because he changed very quick from the guy who cares about his fans to the egocentric who scams his fans with overpriced not lasting long enough Nexus ranks. - Aguythatpeopleignores

Abandons his old fans for profit. Shame as he used to be really good

His videos suck. All he does is play Minecraft, an overrated game. My real name is also Bajan and I'm from Romania and he puts my name to shame. Plus he appears on search results when I search my real name on Google!


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324 CultOfDusty

It's good to see that some rednecks are thinking for themselves instead of just accepting what their communities tell them. If you are in a community or family like that you have every right to be angry and choose whatever path you want. Moreover you have every right to make cool shirts and complain about sunday school.

A stupid, uneducated redneck who believes that being atheist automatically makes him smart. His "arguments" against Christianity consist of ridiculous stereotypes which only apply to religious fanatics. He wants his viewers to believe he is logical and intelligent, but always sounds whiny, emotional, and angry when speaking. It sounds to me like he throws tantrums instead of giving convincing arguments.

He just is completely anti-religious. - cachu

Total retard. Good on the person who put him on the list.

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325 JaclynGlenn

She claims to not be Christian and to not believe, so why does she feel a need to bash those who are?

Preaching atheism like preaching religion. Annoying.

Anti-Feminist, an "Atheist" who going too far, what can I say more?

DHHH sHE hAZ dA bET cHANNCEL ever u jWZ xddd (jk she sucks :D)

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326 Bratayley Bratayley

I know Caleb died last year (and I feel very sorry for that) JUST GET OVER IT! He's in all of our hearts. But onto Brataley, Why the heck do they lie about their names? Annie's real name is Julianna but I don't know Haley's and Caleb's. But they're last names are so fake (different) Like who's last name would be Nicole? Luckily, their real last name is LeBlanc. It's like the Shaytards but better than them.

Even though I feel sorry for the family for the fact one of their kids died, that still doesn't mean I like their video. They are all boring and have nothing special.

This channel is SO BORING! This channel only talks about family business and some silly children doing something stupid.

Cringiest channel on earth

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327 Videomaker

Pewdiepie shouldn't be number one, this guy should. At least pewds donates to charities and what does these people do? They make crappy songs and videos

Consists of tcproductionsx, thatsojack, alexownsufacex3, teenagecrime3, and many more (Those 4 mainly). They are worst YouTubers I have ever seen, meaning they are so bad that make you angry. Let me tell you something these "Video-Makers" mostly do music videos of songs worse than Justin Bieber, meaning they make Justin Bieber look like Led Zeppelin or Jimi Hendrix. Also they do videos of them doing other stupid crap like telling their fanboys to false flag people who tell them they suck for "cyber bullying", their videos suck no matter what. Another thing they do is in their music videos they jump-cut in every syllable of that song, also inducing seizure and over-increasing lighting effect to a point where it's so annoying and so bad that you will want to smash your computer. From all I said that makes them worse than CopperCab, Shane Dawson, Onision, RayWilliamJohnston, Craft Nation, WhatTheBuck, and PewDePie combined.

328 Jacksfilms

Why is he on this list. Too good for this list.

Jacksfilms used to make us feel like taking us somewhere, but instead of letting us hate The Emoji Movie with a passion, he demands us to love The Emoji Movie with a passion like those that bandwagon with him. Is it legitamate or just for entertainment purposes. Because of the half-strong animation and industrious soundtrack The Emoji Movie has, I cannot hate The Emoji Movie as much as others people do, but The Emoji Movie sure as hell does not deserve the defense it gets (I hope you get what I'm talking about). - The Ultimate Daredevil

Jacksfilms was a quality channel until as of a few years ago. His parodies were funny and his your grammar sucks series was gold especially with the drinking episodes. Now, it feels as if he is straying far from original character, his over personified characters that are very annoying not to mention pretentious and his ego has grown enormously.

I like that video With the worst flags and olympics - BraixenBreak

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329 Prageruniversity

Right wing authoritarian propaganda.

Consists of Conservatives saying muslims are bad, democrats are the equivalent of satan, and how they hate the enviroment.

330 sirdanik

This channel has the most amount of dislikes per video for a small channel.

331 Trisha Paytas Trisha Paytas

If anyone saw her new post eating chicken with a shirt that said "vegan" on it, you'll understand why we hate her

She just see to crazy and talks about people to many much

People only watch her because she has big boobs.

She is the worst youtuber ever! She is disgusting, rude, and unentertaining! She sucks and is ugly!

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332 PrestonPlayz

Hey guys here with another factions episode. Today all were gonna do is kill blazes and then maybe go look at someone with our $200 rank that give you absolutely nothing.

Preston is the best he should not be on this Stupid list

Preston is bae he shouldn't be here

He;s a great youtuber. And he's swag over 9000 - EXPLAINdis

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333 Exility

(Continuing my old comment accidentally posted it early)... talk. And the other 3 minutes are pure speculation. 90% of his videos are like this. Exility is cancer and represents everything wrong with the Youtube Call of Duty community.

A perfect representative of everything wrong with a lot of the Call of Duty youtubers nowadays. Outright misleading thumbnails, titles that repeat the same sentence at least 3 times, 30 seconds of gfuel codes and advertising Call of Duty point scam websites before each video, at least 1-2 minutes of talking about giveaways and repeating themselves. And then we get to the actual content, which is outright misleading. One example is PPSH IN BLACK OPS 3 MULTIPLAYER!? with the thumbnail being a ppsh photoshopped into the create a class screen. The video end up being 3 minutes of sponsored ads and giveaway

He is a terrible person to his fans.

334 Atheism-is-Unstoppable

He shames me and all other atheists, atheism is broad it may be not believing or lacking faith that there is a god or deity not just one thing

As an atheist, I think atheism as a consept is most likely unstoppable, but this YouTube channel and its racist ideas are very much stoppable

Very racist and sexist

This neckbeard is well know for saying he's not a sjw but adopts the same tactics and battle plans as them (like curtsibling from the) like useing his fanbase as a private army to shame anyone who doesn't 100% agree or like him and know to use his fans to help dox people he doesn't like

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335 Sedona Pecucci
336 MyLifeAsEva

She is not the best YouTuber, but she does not deserve to be on this list.

337 kanadajin3

She is a racist woman who has absolutely no idea what she's doing with her life. She refuses to teach her kids English when she had made fun of others for only teaching their children one language. She has done black face before. She has created sock puppet accounts to harass other youtubers. The list goes on and on. Her videos are unoriginal and basically consist of the same thing: (blank) IN JAPAN! It can be anything even simple things like "socks". She claimed she forgot her English after living in Japan for a year and a half.

Why would somebody who moved from Canada to Japan convert to Islam? It does not make any sense. It is also strange that she now has a Japanese accent, even though English is her native language.

Incredibly ignorant. Manipulates others. Refuses to teach her kids English. Became Muslim in under a month after drinking frequently and even making jokes against Islam.

She reuploads her videos and turns one old video into three new ones.

338 SkyVSGaming

No who's your daddy is awesomeness

Just don't k

EDIT: Thanks for the downvotes, butthurt Sky Army.

A pointless channel that an already terrible YouTuber never uses, because he's too busy uploading his next Minecrap video.

The "Sky Army" uses this channel as a defense for those that say that he never plays any games other than Minecraft, with literally three to six videos of crap there isn't much you can do when it comes to defending your "Budder God". - KennyRulz244444

339 React

Copyright strike...

Trade Marked

340 JosephCastello

He needs to be around 20th, whoever enjoys this guy's content is messed up in the head.

I HATE this guy... so annoying. Thinks he's better than the other fake pranksters just because he does "real pranks."

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