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321 AmazingPhil AmazingPhil

I am upset Phil is on here. He is a charming, funny, kind person who always makes me smile. He swears a lot less than Dan, though I do like Dan as well!

Are you kidding me?! - Iamcool

Yes the phandom can be scary but that is just because they are expressing themselves and being who they are!

I hate that phil is on here he is the sweetest and most adorable yet relatable youtuber I've ever watched

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322 Ali-A V 1 Comment
323 MattHossZone

Is it cool to ruin someone's life?

324 Sorsha

How is this racist vegan not on this list yet? - UselessName

Oh mon dieu, oui! Elle est le plus pire Youtuber.

325 Dorkly

Pointing out flaws in video game logic does not automatically make your jokes funny. - DikkunDiniandTwiTheAwesomeLinx

I like his videos with Pokemon

Um... why is Dorkly on here?

These animations look good but when I hear and see the actions the charecters do I am partially turned off from the channel

326 ReformistTM V 1 Comment
327 Brave Wilderness

So brave - BraixenBreak

Gross videos Bruh enen though I watch gaming this appears in the recommended kist

Anyone who goes on here.
The title doesn't always mean the real thing.

It's about a guy named Coyote Peterson, who just hurts himself for attention and viewers.

He forces wild animals and insects to bite him and sting him so his videos can get more viewers.

He covers himself with nasty stuff, like slime, poop or blood for views.

He suffers horrific pain from them, and starting from the bearable creatures, he moves on to the worst creatures.

He hurt himself with an alligator and leeches. (warning: blood)

And not to mention insects, where he forces himself to feel the worst wrath of pain from them to get attention.

From the puniest stings, like fire ants, and moderate stings, like bees and typical wasps, to big stings, like the Harvester Ants and Cow Killer, to the most gut-wrenching, hellish and traumatic stings, like the Tarantula Hawk and the Bullet Ant, whose sting feels like a gunshot(hence its name).
I thought bee stings hurt, ...more

328 Haedox

Fun Fact, This Jerk literally only made a Dark Spyro account to harass everyone there. Please just stop already Haedox.

This idiot can't get over losing his place in the Nintendo Ambassador's Program and thinks that Nintendo doing away with fan projects makes them a worse company than EA or Activision, not to mention his false bull about the Rise and Fall orf Rare where he gave false information and would get all defensive every time someone would correct him, he's just a complete moron.

This JERK! Let's see what motherhecking poop he did shall we? 1st off, we get it Haedox, you hate Skylanders. But, maybe there are some people that LIKE the game, so just...SHUT UP ABOUT IT! Also, he called 1, 2, switch TRASH! He pretty much just hates everything that he sees just because it's new, and I'm still waiting for the time when he finally stops being such a negative jerk.

329 D&B Nation

Bianca is so annoying she breaks up with d and change her mind like this was fake and for views

330 drakeVEVO
331 Brendan Barney

I saw one video by him a while ago where he was literally forcing people to attack someone just for liking Thomas the Tank Engine. You can't just attack someone just for having an opinion like that. - izackak

Barney sucks,

Not just for being a baby show - GigaDrill

332 Jojo Siwa Jojo Siwa

The only good thing about Jojo Siwa is that she called Jacob Sartorius ugly.

Why is a girl that is 43 years old still young as a youtuber

If Satan and Hitler had a child this would be the doppelganger. She's so rude, not to mention her stupid songs that mean nothing, and doesn't care about anyone's feelings but her own. Abbys right. She is a greedy monster. If I were Jessalyn I'd be ashamed to have her as a daughter.

333 Tessa Brooks

She smells bad - izackak

She is fat


334 Ruby Rube

I can't stand this little girl. Her voice is annoying as crap. Her forehead is do big it's uncomfortable to look at. Her videos are mostly click bait. A good example of this would be her mailing myself to the north Pole video. Where she mails herself in a box to see Santa. First off, Santa doesn't exist. Secondly, you can't mail anything to the north Pole. Third of all, the clothes she was wearing were too light for her to survive a fee minutes in the North Pole. To top it all off, Santa's workshop was just a slideshow of Christmas wallpapers and Santa was just s dude in a costume. - izackak

The only reasson why I don't like her is that she fakes a lot

She made a video called:

335 Chris Stuckmann Chris Stuckmann

I actually really enjoy his movie reviews

336 Kidbehindacamera
337 Diggin Up Cringe

She's actually really selfish. Not only is she a ripoff of pretty much any Leafy clone, but she's really just a kid trying to look cool. Where are her parents? They must be drunk. I guess her mother was drunk while she was pregnant, too. It would only make sense.

She pretends that everyone but herself is cringy, but she doesn't realise how cringy she is herself. Her new intro is one of the many cringiest things I've seen. Her weird OC thing is crying blood! How is that not edgy and cringy? She should stop making cringe comps altogether, because she is probably cringier than some of the things she's hating on. - RaccoonCartoon

27k subscribers. kinemaster. uses mobile to make videos. thinks everyone is cringe. a kid. I think I know now

338 Conor Dooley

Well, it's about time that he made it on this list. - EllyMacaroni

He is one of these VGCP People who has bad content on his videos - AshtonJean

HE IS THE WORST - JerryTheBest


339 Mario Undertale Kid
340 BijuuMike

He is just so cringey and annoying. Tries so hard to be funny but he's not. - felispasta

He is such a tryhard

Aah, Bijuu. Remember the whole thing about DanTDM and him being brothers? Well, BijuuMike sent his cancerous fans to spam Dan with 'dan noteece your brother or I unsubs'. Ugh, I hate this guy.

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