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41 OneDirectionVEVO

Fan girls that are so lame want this down. One D is awful and cliche.

Highly derivative "music" garbage forced down out throats by the music industry. Sure, they can sing, but it's always the same shtick with their "innocent boy" look, trying to woo teenage girls and party in the most generic way possible. Backstreet Boys had (and still have) more street cred than these folk-pop-rock sellouts, although comparing the two is not doing much...

Some of their songs are copying other artists from a long time ago

Got told to kill myself for hating 1d once, not joking. - Lunala

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42 DaddyOFive

All this guy does is yell at his kids, cuss at them, force them to do chores, and take all their toys and break them. He is the most abusive youtuber on earth. He constantly lets the kids fight and does nothing when they're hurt. Why hasn't this dumbass been terminated yet!? - johntheaddictive

I wish Cody was my brother. Cody will get all the love here in my house. His parents are the worst! Screw them and I hope they get sent to jail for a long time! HOW COULD YOU GIVE YOUR OWN CHILD A BLOODY NOSE?! THAT'S ABUSE! - TheLoudHouseSucks

Such a disgusting channel, don't know why he's got such a loyal fan base. Just cause he can't get a real job because of his anger issues, he needs to film his family's dysfunctionality to make money.

Just because you act like the kids like it when they get "pranked", doesn't mean that it's morally right.

The downside is he's completely not relevant anymore. He hit that high negativity point, then faded after justice was served. - idklol

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43 Jake Paul Jake Paul

I don't get why dead channels like Fred and Annoying Orange are so high but channels like this are so low. - izackak

His rap music was the worst exist. America was doomed!

When your ego is that much bigger than your IQ, you really need to stop. His fame is from preteen girls that watch his stupid Disney show. Someone on twitter said he used to bully them at school! Why would you want to support/watch this?

Back in my day, we listened to real music... now we all listen to... this...

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44 super minecraft kid

He is an 9 year old fanboy of Minecraft, FNAF & Microsoft he always swears by saying f or n & he has terrible quality in his videos & screams all the time & he says that Minecraft was the first game ever made & that Zelda is a ripoff of Minecraft & he hates TF2 for the cartoony graphics he also thinks that metroid is a ripoff of halo he hates terraria because it's a "ripoff" of Minecraft but he likes roblox & that rips it off even more & he also makes terrible animations that are like woof-woof & lemmy but with added screaming & he only thinks that real games are Minecraft, (I like Minecraft fanboys like him just ruins the game) FNAF, (I hate the fanbase but I like the game) Call of Duty (Some jack right there (Please don't get angry at me for saying that)) & Halo


If you don't believe me search him up then you'll see how bad he is

He's the best troll ever, I genuinely believed he acted like this idiot of a child.

SMK is the WORST thing that has ever been created. He rose from the pits of hell and forced YouTube to make him money! So they made SMK his own show and he is now rich. He tortures people by making them watch his show. The hideous demon can't be stopped now!

He is grounded and I'm happy about it

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45 PrankInvasion

First of all, this channel is fake, second, he made up a program that is supposedly supposed to help guys get girls of the streets, basically just scamming them for money, third, he probably has already broken every youtube community guideline, its time to stop

Comment prank GONE WRONG GONE SEXUAL IN THE HOOD! 1! This sums up his intelligence level. He's a guideline violator who shouldn't even belong on YouTube.

I hate channels which are fake content and this channel is full of it, no one on planet earth will make out with you if you win a game of rock paper scissors.

Just videos about a pervert kissing "random" girls. He also made a video asking parents if he could kiss their daughter. But of course, since this channel is fake, the parents will nonchalantly look at their daughter being kissed and groped by a random man. - Catacorn

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46 Behind The Meme

He sometimes takes a meme and ruins it like biggie cheeze

The worst channel of all time

bad norm YouTuber that has become an epidemic and needs to be exterminated along with the rest of his norm fans. The Meme Review is better.

Hellloo internet and welcome to behind the meme.

today we will be talking about the funny internet meme dat boi, as you walking dollar signs in the comment section have requested.

here. we. go.

(insert Know Your Meme/Wikipedia description of dat boi here)

thanks for watching. subscribe to behind the meme, and never feel left out again.

That's actually how every video of his plays out. Go watch EmpLemon's video on him if you don't believe me. I know that video is controversial, and there's even some points that I personally don't agree with, but it's one of the best videos on his channel by some margin. He gives a much more accurate review on this channel and what it has done than I ever could. - idklol

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47 Tobuscus

Why is he so low?

He used to be great but he sort of sold out/cleaned up for kids.

I used to enjoy Toby but he just got to the point where every video I watch is just him doing the same garbage impressions and voices over and ocer again. It gets old REALLY fast and isn't funny. If he stopped doing the voices all the time then I would love to watch him again.

The reason he sucks now is because of Keemstars lies. - DragonHarrier

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48 MrBeast

He won't be giving a crap if he sees himself here to be honest. - Epicsauce45

He's actually a nice person, but his humor can sometimes cross the line. But this is quite rare now. - isaaonrtdmtr

I don't have a problem with him until he started doing the counting videos. They are just obvious cash grabs, and people still click on them.

He is the embodiment of clickbait formulaic crap designed to make the most money.

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49 ThatsSoJackā€Ž

ShaneDawsonTV is awesome, Onision sucks and is an ass, but thatsojack is one of the worst YouTubers along with the other "video-makers" I've ever seen. He is annoying and sends his stupid 12 year-old fan-girls to go troll, dislike, put hater-comments, and false flag videos of anyone who opposes him. Don't get me started on his music videos, they suck all they are is just a bunch of terrible (most of them) songs where he increases the pitch, and does trillions of stupid jump cuts to the point of seizure. Also his non-music videos suck even more, all it is him talking about same pointless stuff over and over and again. He sucks. All "video-makers" suck equally to be honest.

I hate Onision, and I think he's a complete ass, but don't even get me started on thatsojack. He is such a jerk who sends his little fanboy jerk-offs after anyone who opposes him. He looks stupid and makes the worlds worstt videos. He's in the category of YouTubers who call themselves "video-makers". Isn't that what every YouTuber is? Someone who makes videos. Further more, he makes incredibly lame videos where he basically lips syncs to songs and then fills them with a million goddam jump-cuts. Then there's his other videos where he just does pointless stuff while talking about the pointless stuff he's doing.

This sends his fanboys to attack anyone who has a differing opinion about his videos meaning anyone who dislikes it. He just can't take criticism

ThatsSoJack is one of the worst YouTubers I've seen. Instead of taking criticism, he tells his idiotic fangirls to dislike videos. Look at the remains of PMRants video on him. - CantFigureAUsername

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50 Craftnation

Profits from people dying. Worse than Onision

Biggest Tool on YouTube, worse than Onision and ThatSoJack combined in my opinion

Way worse than onision

Disrepected the king of pop.

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51 Shaytards

Imagine what his kids would say when they saw all the videos on YouTube posted by their embarrassing father.
He earns so much money for POSTING HIS PERSONAL LIFE ON YouTube!
Fat childish fool.

Another thing that bothers me about this channel is the name. Are you implying that your wife and children are retarded?

I'm not really fan of Shaytards, because the families are are acting ridiculous and wanted to blog on their young children. He wants to care of making money but not those children. I doubt that when the children are growing up and they'll do same action as their father.

It has been revealed that Shaycarl is cheating on his wife. I'm serious.

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52 DanTDM

His content's not my cup of tea, but it's really not bad. The only problem I have with his channel is that his fans are pretty cancerous, but that's not really his fault. As for Dan himself, he's generally a nice person and just tries to entertain people. As I said before, I'm not a big fan of his videos, but he really shouldn't be on this list. You can't blame a YouTuber for what their fans do.

His videos are annoying repetitive and he complains constantly about lag and says "how was I so stupid" a lot the worst part is his fans are so obsessed that whenever people talk negatively about him they rage about how stupid you are

I like the guy, but ever since October of 2015 he started to go down, he stopped the Mod Showcases, he stopped The Sims 4 without even telling us (Bring it back.), and started playing hell (A.K.A Roblox) and is just downright dumb. If I have children I'll let them watch the guy but only his old videos.

I hate dantdm he could just put his own ass in his face and choke to death

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53 03bgood

He's pretty much the Chris-Chan of the animation industry.

Mr Enter fanatic, uses autism as an excuse - Neonco31

Chris chans lost lost brother.

54 PopularMMOs

His videos are SO REPETITIVE. They have milked Lucky Blocks to beyond death, and by now the Lucky Blocks Cow is about 1/2 an inch thick and is in pure agony. Very rarely do they introduce anything REALLY new, anything new is a spin-off of something they have already done. Oh yeah, remember the Crafting Dead? They did the SAME THING EVERY SINGLE VIDEO in that one. Fight clones, find something, or escape somewhere. How exciting! Also, the falling in holes thing and the 'Jen is a moron' thing seems like something they carefully orchestrated to get more fans and to have a catchphrase. So yeah, stupid.

What? This is one of the only good minecraft channels I know of! Pat and Jen are so nice compared to literally everyone else on this list, and watching them play minecraft together is fun. The only bad thing I can find is that maybe their content gets a little bit too repetitive and the comments section is filled with spam.

How is PopularMMOS on this list? He's one of the best! When was this put up? He's child appropriate for gods sake!

Well... at least he has a great voice so that when his channel dies, he could do stuff on radio. - ThatoneMetalhead

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55 Da90sKidShow

I just don't understand why he hates great games why does He (Da90sKidShow) do this, there are great games but some reason he hates them even if he has it. He makes lies for people who are gamers, what he thinks is the best for him, and he disable comments every video in YouTube just so he doesn't get flagged, and I like he doesn't care about games that people like for example "Grand Theft Auto V" people liked it but for some reason he hated the game because he think it was terrible, but in reality he never played it before making a video about it, but no he never does EVER!

You do know that's just the Fanboy Review videos right? He plays a character in those videos. - djpenquin999

This guy is too critical about EVERYTHING! I mean it's like he doesn't almost every game or system that comes out. His voice of his is irritating! And he never shows his face at all I mean what does he have to hide under that bandana of his? Some butt ugly lips? I bet he doesn't have any at all after they got cut off from cancer LMAO! And what of his eyes? Or they gouged or demonic looking? This guy needs to get off YouTube right away! He lacks experience in every way possible!

All he does is review games that everyone loves and make top 10 videos with poor arguments.

I don't get this guy at all. He thinks every franchise is a rip off (He said Devil may cry is a rip off of God of war, said Doom is a rip off of Wolfenstein, said Metroid is a rip off of Mega man and so on and so on.)
He constantly mentions about games being too "violent" he even said that a Wario game promotes terrorism and how only 80 year olds should play violent games... When do you see an old person play any kind of video game?
Every time he makes a countdown video he said stuff like "Mega man X is much worse than Super metroid and the next game he talks about is that game. He said Super Metroid is far superior than Mega man X and now mentioned similar t what he said about Mega Man X.

Says Mario, Sonic and Grand Theft Auto are unoriginal

Plays Call of Duty

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What the heck?! What is a store doing on YouTube?

As a person who has worked at walmart, naturally I have to vote for this. Literally the worst job a human being could ever have. And their advertising is so insincere, tacky, and flaky.

The people who shop there... You must've had headaches from that experience - MusicalPony

Why the heck does walmart have a YouTube channel and what the heck is it doing here!

I am laughing so hard at the comments right now - BraveCrumb

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57 Ricegum

Diss tracks do get old and still... Little kids watch him thinking their "hip" and "cool" but to be honest. It's childish, and it only teaches the new generation the ways of the present.

Too be honest I don't know why 13 year old kids are getting famous by musically too

He is terrible. He is known for doing things like bullying children.

Can't write a song without flexing. - naFrovivuS

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58 TET52
59 TaylorSwiftVevo

To the people who think she should have a song denouncing herself, go read a music site. It's clear she has only has 6 relationship songs. - Swellow

Porn for insane people

Now That Taylor Sellout Drift's Channel Is In Theo Top 100, I'm So Joyed! - VideoGamefan5


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60 Joey Graceffa

Joey actually isn't just what you saw in one video he always had problems with his mom as a kid imagine if you had a mom who got drunk and said kill me or your an ungrateful child. He might not say things in the best way because as a kid he ate some paint chips which gave him a learning dissability don't judge a person just by what they look like or say get to know them. Joey shouldn't be on this list at all. Joey has had terrible experience as a kid he would get bullied by people who called him gay. Before he knew he was gay he had a girlfriend and they told his girlfriend that he was gay so she broke up with him. Most of the people who hate him is because they are homophobic.

I like Joey. He is actually very funny. - CurtisHuberHMSNP

I love his videos I do feel really bad for him because of his problems with his mum and all but I hope he has a happy life with his friends family and his boyfriend

he's bad

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