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81 Andyjraliw Bianchi
82 Pyrocynical

Good You tuber

Pyro is the best ever, go subscribe to his channel!

My name jeff


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83 Superminecraftkid

He sucks ass. He's the biggest troll ever. He gives me cancer. For the love of god die please.

He is like the Hitler of YouTube and he is also a racist that curses every second. And he also has no common sense at all and his screeching will kill people wearing headphones. He calls The legend of Zelda a ripoff of Minecraft just because you can HOLD A SWORD. He also thinks that Minecraft was the first game ever made.

I thought sammy classic sonic fan was bad...

Then I saw this and it's like torture

Welcome to the cancer show, today we have Superminecraftkid! - ChibiDaFox

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84 TheAmazingAtheist

I'm not one to judge another by their personal belief systems, but damn is this guy obnoxious! He's basically every SJW that has ever discovered the internet, and squished together into one being. He's rude, moronic, narcissistic, hypocritical, and over all, just thinks everyone's an idiot if they don't take everything he says as the truth. I don't hate because he's an Atheist; I hate him because he's a troll

I used to really like him, but the atheism thing is ANNOYING. I don't think making a big point of your channel that you are (Religion, Sexual preference, Gender, etc.) is a good idea. He really comes off as a massive jerk, so I packed my bags after that. Most anti-left channels do spew bogus anyways.

I really like this guy.

Sorry, but hell is not as fun as you think. Plus, if gods not real, then the devil is not either.

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85 SeanzViewEnt

Awful, annoying

I used to be a fan of him but his content is so repetitive and annoying. He is by far the worst wwe YouTuber.

Not only does Sean spout bull out of his ass, he gets defensive and angry. He claims to be a news channel but yet the news he talks about is absolute bull. "RUMOURS, NEWS AND GOSSIP" is his cover up every time someone calls him out on it ( ex. u ndertakerfreak1127 called his ass square out in a Google+ hangout)

He's just all around annoying and unlikab le. T hat guy.

86 Isaac Anderson Animations

I know most grounded videos aren't exactly the best, but Issac takes it to a whole new level. He has the troublemakers get flat out tortured for just simply not finishing their plate at dinner.

His GO! Animate videos are poorly made and very disturbing

His videos a disturbing. It is about s:ex and killing people

Oh my gosh, SO TRUE, his fanbase is worse than him.

1. He swears at me for hating his channel
2. His videos are Star Wars/Violent Anime hybrid
3. His fanbase
4. He hates the GoAnimate Community
5. He doesn't like kids on GoAnimate (by the way, there is a school version) - Maddox121

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87 Animat

Shut Up!
He Has The Right To His Own Opinion
I Like Hotel Transylvania 1 And 2 And I Still Like his Videos And Respect His Opinions

And I hate Disney's Frozen and I still love AniMat's videos and respect his opinion.

Gives me a good enough idea of what to expect from a movie so that I don't have to spend my money on a movie I won't like.

I love this channel he trys to make it good and fresh he also works hard on his videos and I respect his opinin

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88 LifeInATent

What a psychopath. He acts like he's struck gold with youtube, and that when he comes back he will somehow become the best person on youtube, and everyone who dislikes him will go kill themselves. The fact that he refers to his miniscule amount of fans as campers just makes him worse. Because all of his videos these days are about how he will get his revenge on everyone. He needs to get over himself.

It's worth mentioning that he also did sub4sub at some point before he was a big thing on YouTube. What a pathetic idiot. So glad he's long gone.

What a monster he was! It's great to see he's gone for good.

Such an idiot if I see him I punch him on the face REALLY ON THE FACE.

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89 April and Davey
90 ExplodingTNT

Same thing over and over and over again. PopularMMOS is another minecraft youtuber. He has been doing something known as the "lucky block challenge games" for almost 4 or 5 YEARS, and is still a successful channel. How? Not only because it is a gaming channel, but they at least tried to switch up something to make the video different than the last, and they have other videos besides that as well. ExplodingTNT, however, DOES NOT. His videos are funny, but now imagine that one video being the entire channel. It gets boring and possibly even annoying. Okay at first, gets annoying after 2 or 3 videos. His videos consist of "What if..? " vquestions relating to minecraft, for example, "What if you could break bedrock? ". Sounds interesting at first, but it really is not.

The channel is the same repetitive. IF "something that came out to please kid audiences basically a dimension or hunger bar something like that" WAS ADDED TO Minecraft! Then there's the thumbnails... do you really need to put old meme faces? Rage face, derp face, even pepe? Stop with these 2009 - 2011 memes. They're dead and they belong dead. The videos themselves follow the recipe: add "noobs", herobrine, himself, notch, the sheep guy, someone adding or deleting a new dimension/item with notch's computer, text to speech programs. To people who want to rage about this post and can't take my opinion.

Stop it. Get some help.

Repetitive. I hate the ones where he says "I ate a screwdriver" because there are no screwdrivers in Minecraft anyway. Or the ones where he just adds the pink sheep and I hate the fact that he's always putting memes on the thumbnails. Hate. Hate. Hate.

Use to like him,now he is trash,boring,and very unfunny now.also it's the same unoriginal "if minecraft" videos.

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91 Sxephil

Sxephil Is Another Youtube Whore who got his popularity by using Fake Thumbnails And Misleading Titles and tries way to hard to be funny & crass. He is like a crappier White version of Craftnation, And he has a Huge Lapdog Fanbase is some what likr TobyGames & Benthelooney's Fanbase (Even Benthelooney has less than 6,000 Subscribers) And The Fanboys who would Protect their God (For Example TobyGames) And start spreading hate around People who don't Like What they like. And Of Course Profiting of People dying and tragedies just like Craftnation who pretend They have met the Victims Familys But I don't see him doing good for the situation. And That is all I Need To Say

He started out as an actual human resource channel. News and such. But now it's just misdirection and failed attempts at humor. Plus the selling out train happened very quickly for him. Not smosh levels yet, but he'll get there.

Why is Phil being called a) irrelevant and b) a sellout? He gains like 100k subs a week, gets one-two million views on every video, and STILL speaks his mind even though he works for a huge media company. I can see why people are calling clickbait, but making money off of tragedies? Come on. He's a NEWS channel.

When I saw his channel back in 2008 the content quality was different. over the next few uears it got better, but now I feel like he truly has sold out, fake thumbnails of girls, lack of interesting content.

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92 topelled
93 Da Bezd Chanl

This Guy is Probably the Worst YouTuber ever, He Disrespects others opinions and likes Things that get a lot of hate and Hates Things that get a lot of likes, He is also a generic Call of Duty fanboy.

Plus his intro can burst your eardrums! - The Ultimate Daredevil, willing to seriously murder the RFAA

This is so obvious. He hates good things like mario and likes bad things. His intro is wayyy too long, infact the longest I've ever seen. So long that I always have to skip it. He already has over 9000 haters including ruby williams, palicon knight and me. He claims to be the first utuber ever, yet joined around 2015/2016. Lets hope he's banned. Why is he at the bottom of the list? He is the worst!

2005 called, it wants it's typos back. - ChibiDaFox

94 SuperGgangster

I love how you called him racist yet called him white, hypocrites

Annoying troll that is extremely white, racist, and has incredibly inappropriate thumbnails.

Nobody even knows they are... they're actually kind of friends of mine.

The name is to simmalar to supergurleygamer

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95 Birdman

EH I don't know

96 ArianaGrandeVEVO

Brought us many bad songs - VideoGamefan5

97 Edarem

Was a sex offender. also, he is creepy.

98 Verlisify

I used to watch his content, but lately his channel is annoying drama. Also the guy can't take criticism and will block you if you try to correct him.

This guy should be higher, he is always starting fights and causing drama and spread lies, he is so annoying

This guy should be higher clickbait up the ass, fights with everyone for no reason and stealing logos just to make someone pissed he deserves to be top 50

He hates other minecraft you tubers copying him aka most other of the 20000000 pokemon only channels that are in fact not copying him they are just doing pokemon things that anyone can do hid avatar I'd dor he only plays pokemon online no lps no nothing at least pimpnite does funmy videos of him doing pokemon online and lps and his videos aren't redundant

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99 PimpinMast3rDX
100 Yogscast

This is a brilliant channel! It doesn't deserve to be here, people just say they've changed cause they added some people who are different and because they stopped some series' it's an honestly amazing channel that doesn't deserve to be here.

I'm gonna guess the only reason this is on this list is because somebody was mad that they added new people or that a series they watched ended. And unlike a lot of YouTube channels, they've managed to stay funny and entertaining since the start. There's really never been a time where their content wasn't good.

Yogscast are amazing now! They are funny and have a wide range of different series they are now working on in 2016 like Minecraft - Whale Lords which I recommend as it contains my favourite members: Sjin, Sips, Simon, Duncan and Lewis. They should not be on this website as they are one of my many favourite channels in YouTube history.

Yeah Add to dictionary is really good but the only reason if don't watch it anymore or these people don't like it is because they don't really do Minecraft videos that are like the others

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