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81 LifeInATent

What a psychopath. He acts like he's struck gold with youtube, and that when he comes back he will somehow become the best person on youtube, and everyone who dislikes him will go kill themselves. The fact that he refers to his miniscule amount of fans as campers just makes him worse. Because all of his videos these days are about how he will get his revenge on everyone. He needs to get over himself.

It's worth mentioning that he also did sub4sub at some point before he was a big thing on YouTube. What a pathetic idiot. So glad he's long gone.

What a monster he was! It's great to see he's gone for good.

Such an idiot if I see him I punch him on the face REALLY ON THE FACE.

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82 April and Davey

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83 ExplodingTNT

Same thing over and over and over again. PopularMMOS is another minecraft youtuber. He has been doing something known as the "lucky block challenge games" for almost 4 or 5 YEARS, and is still a successful channel. How? Not only because it is a gaming channel, but they at least tried to switch up something to make the video different than the last, and they have other videos besides that as well. ExplodingTNT, however, DOES NOT. His videos are funny, but now imagine that one video being the entire channel. It gets boring and possibly even annoying. Okay at first, gets annoying after 2 or 3 videos. His videos consist of "What if..? " vquestions relating to minecraft, for example, "What if you could break bedrock? ". Sounds interesting at first, but it really is not.

The channel is the same repetitive. IF "something that came out to please kid audiences basically a dimension or hunger bar something like that" WAS ADDED TO Minecraft! Then there's the thumbnails... do you really need to put old meme faces? Rage face, derp face, even pepe? Stop with these 2009 - 2011 memes. They're dead and they belong dead. The videos themselves follow the recipe: add "noobs", herobrine, himself, notch, the sheep guy, someone adding or deleting a new dimension/item with notch's computer, text to speech programs. To people who want to rage about this post and can't take my opinion.

Stop it. Get some help.

Repetitive. I hate the ones where he says "I ate a screwdriver" because there are no screwdrivers in Minecraft anyway. Or the ones where he just adds the pink sheep and I hate the fact that he's always putting memes on the thumbnails. Hate. Hate. Hate.

Use to like him,now he is trash,boring,and very unfunny now.also it's the same unoriginal "if minecraft" videos.

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84 GradeAUnderA

He can dish it out, but he can't take it.

This guy is just a major hypocrite and deletes constructive criticism from anyone who tries to improve him. Think about that. - Mumbizz01

He used to be good when he made videos on pretty trivial subjects. Once he started getting into Youtube drama, he went on a major decline.

This whole "YouTube drama thing" is done. So that's not really a bad thing. And mostly the drama that he did were to expose racists and help YouTube.

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85 Sxephil

Sxephil Is Another Youtube Whore who got his popularity by using Fake Thumbnails And Misleading Titles and tries way to hard to be funny & crass. He is like a crappier White version of Craftnation, And he has a Huge Lapdog Fanbase is some what likr TobyGames & Benthelooney's Fanbase (Even Benthelooney has less than 6,000 Subscribers) And The Fanboys who would Protect their God (For Example TobyGames) And start spreading hate around People who don't Like What they like. And Of Course Profiting of People dying and tragedies just like Craftnation who pretend They have met the Victims Familys But I don't see him doing good for the situation. And That is all I Need To Say

He started out as an actual human resource channel. News and such. But now it's just misdirection and failed attempts at humor. Plus the selling out train happened very quickly for him. Not smosh levels yet, but he'll get there.

Why is Phil being called a) irrelevant and b) a sellout? He gains like 100k subs a week, gets one-two million views on every video, and STILL speaks his mind even though he works for a huge media company. I can see why people are calling clickbait, but making money off of tragedies? Come on. He's a NEWS channel.

When I saw his channel back in 2008 the content quality was different. over the next few uears it got better, but now I feel like he truly has sold out, fake thumbnails of girls, lack of interesting content.

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86 topelled
87 MsMojo

WatchMojo decided not enough of their videos appealed to women, so they made a new channel for them. It's almost hilarious how stereotypically feminine some of the topics they count down are. - SomeRandomGuy9001

Occasionally we get a good list from her, but her channel is mostly just a feminist version of WatchMojo

Basically the same crappy channel except it's the feminist version

WatchMojo has a feminist version? Well, that's something you don't see every day... when you're not on the internet. - Swellow

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88 Da Bezd Chanl

This Guy is Probably the Worst YouTuber ever, He Disrespects others opinions and likes Things that get a lot of hate and Hates Things that get a lot of likes, He is also a generic Call of Duty fanboy.

He is a troll not meant to be taken seriously - Myname2

Plus his intro can burst your eardrums! - The Ultimate Daredevil, willing to seriously murder the RFAA

2005 called, it wants it's typos back. - ChibiDaFox

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89 Birdman

Let me catch my son putting Birdman on the list

EH I don't know

90 SuperGgangster

I love how you called him racist yet called him white, hypocrites

Well, he's white trying to act black, what do you expect? They're just trying to snap him back into reality, because he's WHITE. And you white people call us black, so what is your problem? You're the hypocrite. - Hurp_Durp_Slurp

Annoying troll that is extremely white, racist, and has incredibly inappropriate thumbnails.

Nobody even knows they are... they're actually kind of friends of mine.

The name is to simmalar to supergurleygamer

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91 Gamespot Gamespot GameSpot is a video gaming website that provides news, reviews, previews, downloads, and other information on certain video games.

I'm not sure why they aren't letting me put this entry on my remix. Either way, their reviews suck. Only IGN beats this review channel in sheer ignorance. - DCfnaf

Okay, can we try to get this into the top 500 now? I want to put this on my remix SO BADLY! - DCfnaf

Their just and IGN copy, and 10 times worse than IGN. - AlienKing

He sucks for rating Cave Story 8.5 oye ir ten just Line ign

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92 ArianaGrandeVEVO

Brought us many bad songs - VideoGamefan5

93 Edarem

Was a sex offender. also, he is creepy.

94 Verlisify

I used to watch his content, but lately his channel is annoying drama. Also the guy can't take criticism and will block you if you try to correct him.

This guy should be higher, he is always starting fights and causing drama and spread lies, he is so annoying

This guy should be higher clickbait up the ass, fights with everyone for no reason and stealing logos just to make someone pissed he deserves to be top 50

We away has drama every day. fan Fridays are so lazy.

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95 PimpinMast3rDX
96 Yogscast

I'm gonna guess the only reason this is on this list is because somebody was mad that they added new people or that a series they watched ended. And unlike a lot of YouTube channels, they've managed to stay funny and entertaining since the start. There's really never been a time where their content wasn't good.

This is a brilliant channel! It doesn't deserve to be here, people just say they've changed cause they added some people who are different and because they stopped some series' it's an honestly amazing channel that doesn't deserve to be here.

While I don't watch them anymore, they don't deserve to be on this list, they are a good channel

Yeah Add to dictionary is really good but the only reason if don't watch it anymore or these people don't like it is because they don't really do Minecraft videos that are like the others

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97 Dillon the Hacker

His user doesn't actually have the ' ' in it, but it just seemed necessary. He's kidding himself if he think people are afraid of him

He jokes about himself honestly children don't know how to take a joke

He's a hacker, he even managed to hack a channel once and on that said channel said he would hack Pewdiepie (he hacked Flippy, a saints row player)

This guy is an idiot, he makes all YouTubers look bad, one example is his video, "vanossgaming attacked me! " I mean, why tf would we believe that, for one, you don't own a hoverboard, second, your "scars" are just makeup, and third, how can he attack you in New York, if he lives in Canada ?!

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98 Miranda Sings

Miranda DESERVES worst channel on YouTube but before you get mad HEAR ME OUT! She is one of my favorite channels on YouTube by far and the hilarity in this character that Colleen expertly created is that she is so annoying which makes her so funny! She deserves worst channel because she is the best at being horrible if that makes sense.

Weirdest person I've ever seen. She needs to be higher. What was Colleen thinking? It's really and REALLY weird when she zooms her face WAY close to the screen. I love Miranda Sings but she sounds too weird (even the game)

I have never despised a person so much in my many years on this earth. Miranda Sings (or as I call her, migraine fuel) makes the WORST covers I have ever heard in the most annoying voice a human being could possibly make. Like, if you want fame, you should sound bad at least, because that's a big step up from your usual voice. I quite literally can't watch her videos without having to take an Advil for my bad migraine. I'm surprised she isn't #2, with Sam Pepper being #1. PEACE OUT, MIRANDA SINGS LOVERS!

She's so annoying though

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99 VeganGains

This guy shoves his bigoted opinions down your throat with the help of death threats, is happy when someone who eats meat gets cancer and has even made a video about how to kill people ("humanely"). This psychopath needs to go to a mental institution or find some form of hell to burn in for all eternity.

He is an arse that tries to force everyone to turn vegan or they die. Also, he laughs at good people like furious pete when he contracted cancer and is extremely biased towards vegans and says all non vegan bodybuilders take steroids and all vegan bodybuilders don't even though some admit to. He should be in top 5 worst.

This guy is an ass, enough said. I wonder why this isn't higher

He's a psychopath. - LemonComputer

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100 meta527ll

He likes Super Smash Brawl Sub Space Emissary over Super Smash Bros 64 better big deal it an opinion

What the dead pig why can't have an opinion

Come on guys, you are hating on him because he has an opinion? I don't agree on everything with him, but it doesn't mean I should call him a bad YouTuber just because of that. That is just like saying joshscorcher is a bad YouTuber because he hates Super Mario Galaxy 2. meta527ll is actually a pretty decent Countdown maker considering he has that few subscribers. Oh, and he never said he hates Pokémon Gold. - lite64

You guys seriously need to learn to respect opinions. He's one of the underrated youtubers category, considering he makes good videos but has a few subs. - Scarr442

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