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141 Pyrocynical

Good You tuber

Pyro is the best ever, go subscribe to his channel!

My name jeff

What if Leafy had godhood content
Pyro is the answer - MarsBlast

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142 Kidz Bop Kids

Well no duh it's Kidz Bop. However my sister and I remember a time when Kidz Bop was actually good however this was when it first came out so long before the company decided to make 80 million albums a year and when they did have better singers (no offense to the current Kidz Bop children). - Anonymousxcxc

Seriously, they literally ruin the whole song! I hate it!

They ruin every single song. They should get defunct. - Jliby30

I don't like this band - BraixenBreak

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143 lohanthony

How the hell isn't he higher on this list

This 13 year old kid has nearly million subs even though he acts like he has 29 subs. I complete lost it when I saw this channel. Please remove the channel YouTube - Mumbizz01

This boy... Wow he's just terrible, the future of YouTube everyone

Absolute HIV. Nice, funny, kind, and great gay people have to bury themselves into the closet because of him. He is the reason why half of the gay community look like a bunch of hungry whores. He made fun of "basic bitches" while acting like one, all while BEING 12. He is contributing to the downfall of the LGBT rights movement.

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And of this moment, robarate knew there was no hope. There is no God. There is no joy. And the only thing robarate craved was the sweet release of death. Why must people like this flood the internet with this? Why must people be so stupid that they thought this was a good idea? Mankind's greatest enemy is itself. 3LAMESTUDIO maybe the worst, but if not, the worst, Five nights at freddy's related channel. This isn't art, this is physiological warfare designed by the Nazis to drive anyone to insanity. Save yourself. Don't watch there videos.

3LAMESTUDIO, a group known for abominable animations that are designed to sicken. Doesn't help that these people rip off anything they possibly could, and that they have a foul attitude based on the online conversations that they have been involved in.

He will take a fandom, and make it 10 TIMES worse.

This needs to be #1

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145 JennaMarbles‎

I was waiting to see her on this list. Why is she so low down? Her videos are so unoriginal.

People only like her because she sometimes wears a sexy bra and wears make up. That, my friends makes her a skank. - Duncan99

Almost positive you're a 12 year old boy. People like her because of her fantastic sense of humor, and wearing makeup & a "sexy bra" doesn't make her a "skank", you simple minded kiddo

Can often be seen parading her indifference about things as if most people give a crap.

I seriously don't understand how anyone could stand listening to this obnoxious little brat

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146 Devon Sweeney

The kinda guy who could get hit by a bus and no one would care

He looks like a potato

A human potato

great gy

147 Whatthebuckshow

All this guy ever does is gossip about celebrities! That's stuff you'd hear on the news we don't need to hear it!

My god this guy is annoying and very boring

I'm by no means homophobic (My best friend is gay), however why the hell are all these openly gay YouTubers so crappy!? What The Buck is pure irritating trash!

Stop gossiping about celebrities it just makes it worse!?

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148 MeghanTrainorVEVO

Do people actually call her content music?

The song "NO" is good, everything else sucks.

I really like this chicks music actually

I love Meghan Trainor this should be lower - Neonco31

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149 Sssniperwolf

She's okay, but her fan base is a bunch of 12 year old horny boys who looked her up just so they can post sexual comments when she already has a boyfriend.

The hypocrisy level on this channel is over 9000!

Just because a porn-star looks like her, she insults her! That's a dick move, right? - pokemonrater

150 Reaction Time

Boring and Mild - BraixenBreak

I don’t mind him. He’s fine in my opinion but he should really be at least in the top 50 because all “Reaction Channels” all really just rip off content without references but I believe he does. What I personally hate is how it is so obvious how he exaggerates his reactions. But...yeah...

He’s fine

151 teenageCrime3‎

I suffered a seizure watching her videos - Mumbizz01

152 PrankvsPrank

A couple prank on each other. Instead of love it should be hate.

How is this not scripted? They've been doing this for so long that they must see it coming every time, then fake the reaction.

Why are they here? They love each other a lot! They really do, it may seem like they don't just because of their pranks, but they are called pranks for a reason because guess what IT'S JUST A JOKE!

Their pranks are boring af.

153 W2S

Seriously? How do people watch this idiot over and over again opening packs on FIFA and watch him OVERREACT and completely fake reactions to get views? This kid gets millions of hits and paid to open FIFA packs? Anyone who subs seriously needs to rethink their choice!


Him and KSI have so much influence over 12-14 year olds now raising an entire generation of shouty, rude, unfunny idiots. They just shouldn't be on YouTube.

154 Percy Inglis

10 out of 10 would defiantly buy ears again

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155 Zoie Burgher

Dumb slag, and extremely hyprocritical about celestia - Hater

156 Milo Stewart

-Hates White People.(is white?! )
-Actually believes in 76 genders when there is only 2.(Try Again)
-Crazy beliefs on YouTube's terms of service.(Delete and flag her channel.)
-Disgrace to all Texans.(I know right?! )
-Can't take critisism or a simple meme.(Memes are the best thing on the website)
Feminism Combines with Mental Retardation=Milo Stewart. Don't get me started on anything else about her.

157 Adam Saleh

Huge victim complex with false stories.

158 Alexander4488 (A.K.A. Game Dude)

He talks with a mouthful of memory cards coming out his *bleep*!

His videos are parody videos

Another obsessive copycat of the well-known game review the Angry Video Game Nerd, has a self-egotism and not only copying AVGN but also stalking behind the characters (James and Mike). See here (I DON'T recommend to watch it - Just go, PAUSE IMMEDIATELY the video and look down the comments)

159 biglittlediscount
160 AdamzoneTopMarks

Worst Channel, should probably be deleted. I do not know how someone could listen to a fake accent and get any enjoyment out of it.

I thought their channel was good at first, but that was just the first couple of minecraft mod videos, all of the videos on the channel are now "BOOB MOD FOR (insert game here)! ".

The first time I heard of this YouTuber is when I was watching their Hostile Villagers Mod. Now they upload various lists of best Super Mario Maker levels and some of them go on for far too long. Overall, they're relatively okay. - SamHalls2015

They just show the same anime Minecraft mods that are .

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