Shane Dawson used to be awesome. His jokes just continued to be more disgusting and the same topic. I used to watch him everyday, starting from the first video to the latest video. I've grown apart from him now. He honestly has changed and I don't know if it has been for better or for worse.

A lot of people commenting on this think he is trash but he isn't. If you don't like how he makes his videos then you shouldn't complaining about them. He is the first channel I have ever subscribed to and first channel with videos that I watch daily. How would you feel if someone was saying this kind of stuff about your channel and he has over 10 mil subs

Once upon a time, Shane use to make original content. Whether you liked them or not, they came from his own creativity. After he starred in "The Chair", a show in which he showcased that he is a total brat and won only because of his fan base, Shane spiraled into the role of a washed up YouTube vlogger. His videos now consist of click bait titles (often milking his sexuality), circle jerks with other talentless vloggers, and spending his winnings on wasting food and pretending that he is a director. I lost faith in Shane after he posted a video "trying" Subway. My advice to Shane, get away from YouTube, find yourself, and get a real job. This could have saved us from the turd that is "Not Cool", and the career downfall of poor Anna Martemucci.

People need to stay away from his channel, along with many others, they're too harmful and should not be entered on at any cost, even as adults, these channels will rot our brains and pollute our minds with such trash stuff, it's like taking a bath in a mixture of lava and poop.

Shane Dawson does exactly just that, he curses, talks about sex, and makes up these stupid "challenges", a lot of other stars are doing that stuff these days, and it's just a huge disgrace to all of the internet and society.

Please guys, Stay away from YouTube at all costs.

P.S. YouTube's golden years ended before 2012, So sad.

Everyone just eats Shane Dawson's crappy content up and his freaky obsessed fangirls with hunt you down and shoot you if you say anything remotely bad about him. His books (trust me, I've read them) are unfunny and are obviously a giant cash grab. - Spark_Of_Life

I've watched a few of his videos, and that's all the videos I need to watch. Shane tries way too hard on his "jokes" and they aren't funny. His videos are twice as boring as Smosh's modern videos and they get repetitive. Plus, Shane is such a greedy bastard. He literally ask for subscribers and money to keep his channel going. Am I the only person who thinks Shane's favorite word is f***? He uses it about 5 times a video!

I can't watch his videos for ten seconds without getting annoyed. He's just one of those YouTubers that need to be wiped off the face of the Earth.

This guy went from good, to plain disgusting, like I don't know what makes him think being gross and racist is funny, it's not, it is just terrible, he isn;t funny or clever, he just makes a lot of perverse, disgusting skits that make even adam sandler films look oscar worthy. I don't know who finds this guy funny

I use to watch ever one of his videos but now I find him very annoying and attention seeking. And what the hell is with these food eating videos? they're so dumb like hasn't he got any decent ideas anymore?

Now *this* is an actual trash channel with a fanbase. Not funny, all he makes now is food challenge videos, he puts little to no effort into his "content" anymore, and he has an awful fanbase. What the hell?

Shane is awesome, but then you start getting sick of hearing the same jokes over and over again. His humour is just noting but toilet humour, racism and jokes about sex.

Shane Dawson always talks about porn and sex and always acts a lot of sex stuff... His jokes aren't even funny

Corny asf but he thinks he is brilliant. I can't believe he has followers. He is deeply insecure and is a loser. The only "friends" he has are his troll bought subscribers. He was a loser in high school and hates women because he wants to be one. Just gross!

Shane could be funny but he's just so vile! The thing about youtube, is that there really aren't any restrictions unless you do something like threaten someones life, and even that goes unnoticed...

Too obsessive! I cringe every time I watch his videos exceptionally his new ones! I his hate books I've read them both of them. He shouldn't of ever pick up writing! Just trash.

His "golden years" (if you would call them that) was 2008 - 2011. his so crap now in 2016. He should just end YouTube career and take up teaching.

Hey, he may not be the best YouTuber, but he's a pretty good guy. He's changed over the years, and at least his channel isn't consisted of bullying or bashing others. His jokes may be slightly inappropriate, but it's all for harmless entertainment. He doesn't brag or lie like that, like Leafyishere does. If you really think about it, there are much worse people and channels (ahem, I'm talking about YOU Leafy! ) Shane DawsonTV may not be good, but his conspiracy theories videos are really good. I'm not bashing other people's opinions or anything, just voicing my opinion.

This retard makes Fake Thumbnails and Misleading Titles.

His zombie fans stormed the comments on one of Taylor Swift's videos which was really annoying and bratty

His jokes are offensive to the minorities.

Onion and Tyler Oakley just annoy me. Shane dawson, on the other hand, burns my soul every time I watch his videos.

He is actually funny and at least has a good stream of quality videos and there's definitely worse you tubers

I like shane but I think he tries to hard to sustain his "i'm perverted and weird" image.

Don't get me wrong I have watched many of his videos, but frankly he goes overboard on the cussing and the perverted/offensive jokes.

He fails at making sex jokes, he fails at life, (I think so) and he fails as "comedian".