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Smosh is an American sketch comedy YouTube channel created by Ian Andrew Hecox and Daniel Anthony Padilla. Anthony Padilla created a website called in 2002. He was later joined by his friend Ian Hecox.


Back in the day they were funny! But then some other crew was good at first maybe they needed some more people...but then the videos just focused on the other crew not Ian and Anthony! Then, the worst thing happened...2016. That year every Smosh video was just political and not even funny! Every video they just were hating on Donald Trump cause that's funny...not. Then more crew came, Anthony left, and 2017 happened with more political---WAIT! Hold it for a second what did I just say? Oh yeah...ANTHONY LEFT! He was like the Co-owner of Smosh! He even admit Smosh was going downhill and he wished it was like a couple years ago. Anthony was smart as hell to get out of Smosh. I bet soon Ian is going to leave in the next year or so then Smosh will be owned by a company which means bad...sorta sounds like FRED! Why does this happen!? Anyways this channel is going downhill and isn't good at all anymore. - tacoperson

It's really depressing seeing what Smosh has become, Ian and Anthony used to be so full of passion and excitement in their videos, and the videos themselves were often extremely funny, as well as original, now in terms of jokes and video plots the 2 of them just seem so worn out, it's like they've lost the motivation for wanting to do what they do, Ian and Anthony themselves feel like 2 totally different people now, almost like they just don't want to act comedic or silly anymore and just slog through the filming process and upload the video just to get it over with. I don't neccicaraly blame them, they've just simply gotten too old for this. I feel like these 2 should just come out and finally admit how exhausted they are, that they had a good run and just announce their retirement instead of forcing themselves to make videos every week

Smosh is awesome. Why is this on the list - just2comment

Smosh started out pretty good. Most of their videos were funny and quite original. But everything started going downhill after 2012. Their videos now are not very funny and they have resorted to sex, fart, and poop jokes instead of making clever, original content like they used to. And Smosh the movie just took it way too far. I actually saw it and it was one of the worst movies I've ever seen - I didn't even laugh once. I'm not even kidding. Plus, they're what, like 32 now? It was fun while it lasted, but they just need to throw in the towel and retire before they do anything truly embarrassing to try and stay relevant. - Spark_Of_Life

This channel used to be so great, up until they started getting rid of characters such as Antoinette. Seriously, I wish they still used these characters in some of their videos, and I definitely don't understand why they even considered getting rid of them. Even Ian and Anthony feel like two completely different people, compared to how they were eight years ago. Now these videos are just full of bland characters. I think these two have lost their creativity. I just find it so sad that their videos aren't funny anymore, especially since it was only a few years ago that I was still eager to watch their next upload. Whelp, it was fun while it lasted.

I used to adore Smosh, then my brain started to work properly

Unnecessary channel mad with one goal in mind views, fair enough if they made an original channel but a gaming channel, really? They aren't good at games so they come under comedy gamers which makes up so much of YouTube that when a big channel decides to make one of these channels as a secondary/tertiary etc... channel you can tell that it's just a way to bring in more views and therefore more youtube money

The reason they suck are more deeper than many think, after they become more of an industry, with the larger crews and office buildings and stuff, they had flipped there company to appeal to a more easy to real in age range and that was there downfall, because compared to the rate at which their channel wasn't growing in the past and the rate at which other channels of their size are growing the smosh brand is slowing coming to a stop.

I used to love Smosh until I started to watch YouTubers like I Hate Everything and JonTron, who's humour is more intelligent and not just fart jokes that ten year olds would find funny, their content isn't necessarily bad, it's just aimed at a younger audience. The only thing I like about them now is their Honest Game Trailers which are pretty good.

I'm not a real smosh fan, but does that mean I wish smosh ceases to exist? No. You people can watch whatever you want and enjoy it a lot. I mean what more do you want? I'm just sharing my opinion in a calm and honest manner and I don't hate you guys just because you like a different subject.

I agree nice to see someone who thinks that everyone has an opinion and will to like and dislike what they want

They are greedy immature losers, and by now neither of them do their own work, they hired a cameraman, editor, and even people to run their other channels.

Used to be good long, long time ago. Now I don't laugh at all at any of there videos. The only funny things that they can think of are the racist jokes, but they overdo those too much that even those are ruined. Other than that, the channel consists just of yelling and forced humor.

These guys make well produced content. They're not all that funny, but they're obviously funny enough to pander to a semi-large audience. Their channel is dying, and they are now being exposed for how greedy they have become, but let's be honest: far from the worst channel.

Smosh is awesome. Seriously. This is my opinion so please don't hate. They have 18 million subscribers which is pretty awesome actually. I love their silly skits, funny songs, crazy costumes, cute haircuts, and loads of charm. Yes they have fame and fortune, but they deserve it. Some of their videos are scripted and some are improvised which is pretty impressive if you ask me. They are mostly harmless, but there is a lot of bathroom humor in their videos. I don't like that. I also don't like how much they have to bleep out swears. No one should swear that much. Now that's out of the way. There is one thing I love the most about Smosh. THE PARENTS SUCK VIDEO! I LOVE THAT VIDEO!

Honest game trailers was the only thing they had going for them, but it is getting stale and repetitive. For example, after the first Pokemon trailer, their jokes felt rushed and lazy.

Stop saying that smosh is "awesome" there video's aren't even funny and will never be. Plus they are stealing money from there fan's.

Smosh was decent before they kept using the same old overused formula over & over & over again. Not to mention they kickstarted a mediocre ios game made by them and asked for $250K. Couldn't they have just spent their OWN money made from YouTube instead of grabbing dollar notes from their fans? They've lost their talent a long time ago and I no longer support these frauds anymore. - LordWeegee

People, you shouldn't hate someone just because he/she doesn't like what you like. That's gonna get you nowhere in life because if you hate something, it'll pull you right in. Let people enjoy what they enjoy and let them express their opinion in a calm and honest way. I know not all of them do that but there are some people who are nice whenever they are sharing their opinion and then there are those who are not nice when they're sharing their opinion.

I hope you people learn to be more tolerant and accepting of other people's opinions. If you live your life being hateful to others just because they don't like what you like, then you're in for a pretty miserable life.

Smosh is one of the PERFECT examples of bad YouTubers. Just do the following: Scream like crap, Make unfunny videos and have 5,000,000,000 channels, Try and look so cool, Try to act like they're know it alls.

Smosh is a prime example of a channel that's running out of ideas, they used to be good but now their videos just have stupid uninventive plots that they scrap together just to make a quick buck

Smosh is the most unfunny group of YouTubers, the amount of originality they have... is none

It's just a bunch of perverted jokes and guys dressing up as girls

Smosh used to be a pretty good channel back in 2011 or so. Now, their videos are unoriginal and bland. They also scammed their fans by asking for donations they didn't need at the time.

I think Smosh has fallen off a cliff in the past few years. Ever since they added all the other random people into the mix their videos have gotten more bland and worse.