Worst YouTubers of 2016 and 2017


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21 Funnel Dog

He is terrible at making videos and thinks he's popular but he's not since he's so dumb and boring to watch!

22 Dillin Thomas
23 Morgz
24 Spookyguy1

One of the CLICKBAIT youtubers

25 Ruby Rube
26 Aphmau


27 undergirlx257

This is my channel,how could you guys ever do this?

28 endergirl125/dragonborn doggo

Just be yourself and I can relate because I'm undergirlx257 and my videos are way worse

"to be honest my videos suck and I need help on what others want me to do! "~endergirl125/dragonborn doggo

29 Logan Paul Logan Paul

Surprised to see Jake but not his equally annoying brother here

Terrible haircut and overall horrible

30 Austin Jones
31 Durv
32 TGN

TGN used to make good gaming videos, but the Overwatch came along.Now they've basically become the WatchMojo of Overwatch.

33 DanTDM DanTDM

The minecraft days were nice - Swiftflame

His early videos suck, but I like his Tomodachi Life series - TwilightKitsune

34 Kable10
35 BassamMike 12

He is not very good at his videos

36 Sernandoe

I could've added any other Grand Theft Auto 5 youtuber like LispyJimmy, but this guy is really bad and takes the crapcake this year.

37 Toys Channel

Clickbait Slimes She wants only us to waste things

38 Thepez Gang
39 Alex Coyne
40 Spencer Blockman

He is a great young youtuber he had 41 subscribers but needs to get better with videos

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